Lamb of God - Quarantine Session

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Lamb of God's self-titled album out now.
"Checkmate", "New Colossal Hate" and "Laid To Rest" recorded remotely in quarantine.
Mixed by Josh Wilbur
Video edit by Bryce Hall
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Watch the gears grind off their teeth
The screeching halt machine digging heels in disbelief
Two reactional identities, opposing policies
A bait and switch routine.
Double takes and double speak
Still scripting the facade
Asphyxiate and choke the truth
All hail the money God
Repeat, echo, refrain
It’s all the same, so deafening
Repeat, echo, refrain
A consequence, we asked for this
Repeat, echo, refrain
No, never again
The American scream.
A coup de tat on full display, a liar’s sick charade
A traitor’s grand parade
Narcissistic masquerades for those without a say
Systematic disarray.
Divide and conquer and close them in
And bury secrets deep
Make America hate again
And bleed the sheep to sleep.
Repeat, echo, refrain
It’s all the same, so deafening
Repeat, echo, refrain
A consequence, we asked for this
Repeat, echo, refrain
No, never again
The American scream.
You try to pick the lesser of
But evil doesn’t come in twos
Bellicose and balkanized
A sinking ship of fools
So kiss the hangman as you drop
The rotting corpse of decency
Just another casualty of the American scream.

New Colossal Hate:
The mother of exiles stands there weeping
As her children tear themselves apart
Knives are out, her thoughts are bleeding
Blood runs down her welcoming arms
Her feral brood has turned neglectful
The chains she broke are rusting closed
Imprisoned lightning burns forgetful
Spoiled blind to the light that she holds.
Lash the tired and kill the poor
The huddled masses ram the door.
The new colossal hate arises
Savage ways, old horizons
Hate arises.
Like brazen giants with conquering limbs
The herd manifesting all that she despised
Childish amnesia born of privilege
Selfish mob commits matricide
Her mild gaze gone stern, fire in her eyes
Watching her dreams turn into dust
The beacon dropped, her hand raised up to strike
Cast them homeless into the tempest.
Lash the tired and kill the poor.
The coddled masses slam the golden door.
The new colossal hate arises
Savage ways, old horizons
Out of one a warring many
A dirty mirror shows the enemy
New colossal hate arises.
Broken hope.
The melting pot is melting down
A pool of slag on poisoned ground
Choking from the venom’s sting
Pull the fangs, let freedom ring.

Laid To Rest:
If there was a single day I could live ... a single breath I could take
I'd trade all the others away.
The blood's on the wall, so you'd might as well just forget it
And bleach out the stains, commit to forgetting it.
You're better off empty and blank, than left with a single pathetic trace of this
Smother another failure, lay this to rest.
Console yourself, you're better alone
Destroy yourself, see who gives a fuck
Absorb yourself, you're better alone
Destroy yourself.
I'll chain you to the truth, for the truth shall set you free
I'll turn the screws of vengeance and bury you with honesty
I'll make all your dreams come to life, then slay them as quickly as they came
Smother another failure, lay this to rest.
Console yourself, you're better alone
Destroy yourself, see who gives a fuck
Absorb yourself, you're better alone
Destroy yourself, see who gives a fuck.
If there was a day I could live, if there was a single breath I could


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Jun 22, 2020




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Comments 60
J N 4 hours ago
That was fucking majestic. You guys are fantastic.
jkgramps 7 hours ago
Okay... I admit it... I've watched this COUNTLESS times... and enjoyed every...damn...minute!!!
Larry Einstein
that last couple o'riffs made me take my pants off
Ozzman Osgood
You get a very clean sound recording in a house with no PA or mixed effects. This is a very special kind of live sound. It could never be done in an arena.
yah Day ago
Bassist is legit as fuck
212 Day ago
Merci les mecs !
It doesntMatter
You guys still Fu***** own! AMAZING!
Joshua Campbell
I hope you guys keep doing these videos after we make it through all this COVID bullshit. Also John, you're my hero and inspiration as a bass player just sayin
Kainen 789
Kainen 789 2 days ago
This is seriously something special. like holy shit, live and right up close with LOG and feeling like they're in my fn living room.Imagine fans in say 1973 , loving led zep and thinking how something like this would be a pipe dream. i dunno lovin this shit. horns up
Eric Driscoll
Eric Driscoll 2 days ago
Art has got that swing!
andi mix
andi mix 2 days ago
now you've got something to die for!!!!
Carl Hart
Carl Hart 3 days ago
Cant stop watching this i love you guys seen ya 3 times in indiana
Νικόλας Σπανοβαγκελωδημήτρης
Arthur is a beast! Wish Chris to get well and hear from him again
Galang Sanitya Putra
mike stinger
mike stinger 5 days ago
How old is mr Campbell? granpa in a metal band...cool !!
mike stinger
mike stinger 18 hours ago
Thank's man, i'm in my early 50's and can't get enough
claire lynch
claire lynch 21 hour ago
Only 47 they are all pretty much the same age. I'm 46 you're never to old to listen to metal lol
Pantera 4u
Pantera 4u 5 days ago
Jeanfrancois Bergeron
Jeferson Carlos
Jeferson Carlos 6 days ago
Manuel López
Manuel López 7 days ago
Anyone know the exact name of Art Cruz vans?
Gl_Amorim 7 days ago
Speed up... it becomes something like Testament! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
jte0707 7 days ago
I guess we have more Metal Marxist.... It’s funny that you mention American Scream and you willingly “quarantine” the band.... what a JOKE! Everyone knows you’re just a cheerleader. It’s easy to complain about something....while abiding by its NON American authority!!! Does ANYONE stand for anything anymore? The NEXT American “scream” should be their last and not something a CHEERLEADER 📣 shouts into a microphone. SHEEP OF GOD is what you’re now know as!!
James Schweitzer
James Schweitzer 7 days ago
to the guy that said "randy your scaring the kids, go scream in the closet" do you have any idea how hurtful that is to randy if he sees that? There is a reason why he dont have a kid and why one of his songs does not have the lyrics posted> I understand you might not have known. But I know pain like that myself.
Mical Zoern
Mical Zoern 7 days ago
Everytime Randy comes on the screen my 3 year says " there's the zombie again!" And then proceeds to headbang. Parenting done well
Mudinmyeye 2
Mudinmyeye 2 8 days ago
Bass player rocking it
Mudinmyeye 2
Mudinmyeye 2 8 days ago
AndIscream!!! KEEPMETALALIVE!!!!!
TheDeviousDecoy 8 days ago
Ayberk Emre Şirin
Amy Nielsen
Amy Nielsen 10 days ago
I hope the bassist doesn't get arthritis. Damn good playing!
Juan Leon
Juan Leon 10 days ago
John seems like he is levitating, the man has stopped the universe and absorbed the power just to play his bass guitar. The man is in the highest mantra ever lol
V media productions
I was sad to hear Chris was leaving but I BEVER questioned who they would get. The candidate has to be able to play Lamb Of God songs just as good. They were gonna hire the best LOG drummer that existed I figured....
Marcus Honest
Marcus Honest 10 days ago
Thank you. I’ve been locked down for 2 yrs. been enjoying lamb of god for over 10+ yrs. loving the classics n new. Appreciation and hell fire
Tolongges Squad
Tolongges Squad 11 days ago
I keep listening to LOG during this pandemic i have a flu but when i listen to LOG my body wants to slam in the wall.... go LOG HAIL METAL MUSIC YOU KEEPING ME ALIVE!!!!!
Melphyx 11 days ago
Good video, But is Randy inside the closet?
Corz Illa
Corz Illa 11 days ago
This music makes me want to fight a fucking mountain and WIN.
Double G
Double G 12 days ago
Fuckin amazing , pure talent . Love this shit , I'll be rocking Lamb of God till my grave. Something to scare my grandchildren with in the future lol.
David Russell
David Russell 12 days ago
How stupid is this? Quarantine? Fucking sack up. Love you guys though.....
Scott Pomfret
Scott Pomfret 12 days ago
This is absolutely incredible metal! Well done guys!
Sumit Baruah
Sumit Baruah 12 days ago
Meanwhile Saruman with the bass staring at the camera and your soul 😐
Anthony Webster
Anthony Webster 13 days ago
Thank you!
Betet Balinese
Betet Balinese 13 days ago
Willie 🔥🔥🔥
Ayman Islam Priyo
Ayman Islam Priyo 13 days ago
11:00 That riff was awesome!
Knight 4Christ
Knight 4Christ 13 days ago
WHEN lamb of god played in Connecticut at mohegan sun MARK Morton flicked a guitar pick right at me I swear it was intentional because he saw how into it I was! So the pick bounces off my head and right over the other side of the barricade literally right infront of me i asked the security guard to please pick that up for me and he said Later! So when Lamb of god started playing NYGSTDF I was screaming the lyrics into the security guards face only breaking eye contact to head bang hahahaha he never got the pick for me he was LYING when he said "Later". A man is only as good as his word.
h4ckz1ll4 13 days ago
Every fucking time I try to see you guys live some shit happens. I think I made Covid happening just trying to see you guys live...last time some fucking idiot jumped on stage and ruined it for me but 512 happened and shit was epic as fuck. Then I went to vegas but my grandma died. Shit you guys are my unicorn. It seems I will never get to be blessed with the live set; my poor ears and soul.
Dalyn Christian
Dalyn Christian 13 days ago
You guys all rock can't wait to see you a 3rd time come back to Edmonton Alberta Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 🤘🏻☠️🤘🏻
Justin Schultz
Justin Schultz 13 days ago
We all miss Chris, yes. But I can’t think of a better replacement for him. This dude is a beast
7 lateralusaint
no disrespect to Chris. Bt i feel like this change did rejuvenile the band in a good way. Tbest replacment in music industry so far :p
Brian Dailey
Brian Dailey 6 days ago
Just a little shy that's all
Alicia Dunmyer
Alicia Dunmyer 8 days ago
That drummer is Fire!!!!
Amy Nielsen
Amy Nielsen 10 days ago
Proving he knows how to play! Awesome so far 🤘🤘
Marcus Honest
Marcus Honest 10 days ago
Guess your awake like me bro. I sleep about 10 hrs a week. Appreciate a quick response to my comment. Take care Of yourself mr. Justin n keep on rockin.!
Muhammad Irsyazman
Muhammad Irsyazman 13 days ago
Their guitar riffs never disappoint me
magno maceno
magno maceno 13 days ago
Jesse Lewis
Jesse Lewis 14 days ago
Chris Adler is my neighbor... he hasn’t left the band nor would he ever! He’s recovering from a hand injury. This video was filmed in his house! I assure you; I live next door to him
Jesse Lewis
Jesse Lewis 14 days ago
Well 3 doors down
Have a Nice Day
Have a Nice Day 14 days ago
Seen these guys live in 1997 with Anthrax
Chris Porter
Chris Porter 14 days ago
I miss seeing these guys live. Who else is gonna go ape shit at their first live metal show after covid is over?
William Logan
William Logan 14 days ago
Love the new changes!
Christopher Locke
Christopher Locke 14 days ago
Holy Shit.
Grant 15 days ago
Pure Power!!!!!
jackster28 15 days ago
Nick Dekker
Nick Dekker 15 days ago
Why did Chris leave the band?
Nathan Tumulty
Nathan Tumulty 13 days ago
He was tired of continually playing the same music format. He was ready for something different. I respect him for knowing when it's time to move on. When it's something you no longer enjoy doing, find something you do enjoy doing..
Simon Nicholls
Simon Nicholls 15 days ago
Why there is even ANY Dislikes on this video is beyond me!
IICHAZII 15 days ago
alot of people replacing their PC monitors after this shit, ONE MAN PIT! I had my dog doing a 1 on 1 wall of death with me.
clinton bennion
clinton bennion 16 days ago
Willie's picking at the very end is 🔥and love how stoked he was to fuckin nail it.
Warwick02 16 days ago
Sounding killer! Miss Chris though, not gonna lie.
Virdict J
Virdict J 16 days ago
Bro! Checkmate has that Masterpiece "Ashes" vibe.
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