Lamb of God - Quarantine Session

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Lamb of God's self-titled album out now.
"Checkmate", "New Colossal Hate" and "Laid To Rest" recorded remotely in quarantine.
Mixed by Josh Wilbur
Video edit by Bryce Hall
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Watch the gears grind off their teeth
The screeching halt machine digging heels in disbelief
Two reactional identities, opposing policies
A bait and switch routine.
Double takes and double speak
Still scripting the facade
Asphyxiate and choke the truth
All hail the money God
Repeat, echo, refrain
It’s all the same, so deafening
Repeat, echo, refrain
A consequence, we asked for this
Repeat, echo, refrain
No, never again
The American scream.
A coup de tat on full display, a liar’s sick charade
A traitor’s grand parade
Narcissistic masquerades for those without a say
Systematic disarray.
Divide and conquer and close them in
And bury secrets deep
Make America hate again
And bleed the sheep to sleep.
Repeat, echo, refrain
It’s all the same, so deafening
Repeat, echo, refrain
A consequence, we asked for this
Repeat, echo, refrain
No, never again
The American scream.
You try to pick the lesser of
But evil doesn’t come in twos
Bellicose and balkanized
A sinking ship of fools
So kiss the hangman as you drop
The rotting corpse of decency
Just another casualty of the American scream.

New Colossal Hate:
The mother of exiles stands there weeping
As her children tear themselves apart
Knives are out, her thoughts are bleeding
Blood runs down her welcoming arms
Her feral brood has turned neglectful
The chains she broke are rusting closed
Imprisoned lightning burns forgetful
Spoiled blind to the light that she holds.
Lash the tired and kill the poor
The huddled masses ram the door.
The new colossal hate arises
Savage ways, old horizons
Hate arises.
Like brazen giants with conquering limbs
The herd manifesting all that she despised
Childish amnesia born of privilege
Selfish mob commits matricide
Her mild gaze gone stern, fire in her eyes
Watching her dreams turn into dust
The beacon dropped, her hand raised up to strike
Cast them homeless into the tempest.
Lash the tired and kill the poor.
The coddled masses slam the golden door.
The new colossal hate arises
Savage ways, old horizons
Out of one a warring many
A dirty mirror shows the enemy
New colossal hate arises.
Broken hope.
The melting pot is melting down
A pool of slag on poisoned ground
Choking from the venom’s sting
Pull the fangs, let freedom ring.

Laid To Rest:
If there was a single day I could live ... a single breath I could take
I'd trade all the others away.
The blood's on the wall, so you'd might as well just forget it
And bleach out the stains, commit to forgetting it.
You're better off empty and blank, than left with a single pathetic trace of this
Smother another failure, lay this to rest.
Console yourself, you're better alone
Destroy yourself, see who gives a fuck
Absorb yourself, you're better alone
Destroy yourself.
I'll chain you to the truth, for the truth shall set you free
I'll turn the screws of vengeance and bury you with honesty
I'll make all your dreams come to life, then slay them as quickly as they came
Smother another failure, lay this to rest.
Console yourself, you're better alone
Destroy yourself, see who gives a fuck
Absorb yourself, you're better alone
Destroy yourself, see who gives a fuck.
If there was a day I could live, if there was a single breath I could


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Jun 22, 2020




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Comments 100
Mert 3 hours ago
white haired dude is so cool
Андрей Филипенко
Парни респект и уважуха вам !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patrick Eggert
Patrick Eggert 19 hours ago
Awesome way to watch a video
Fit Dad Cris
Fit Dad Cris 2 days ago
1.3 million views. Half of which were played on my account 🤣🤘
Tor Guy
Tor Guy 2 days ago
At least wear masks
Irakli_77 3 days ago
ნააადდდდირი ხარ, ნაადირიი!
Curtis Pina
Curtis Pina 4 days ago
Still jamming 🤘🏼
Red Beard
Red Beard 4 days ago
No one gonna acknowledge how awesome Randy's voice is in this? 🤘
Pedro 1111
Pedro 1111 Hour ago
yahhh, the days off did very well to his voice!
SrDeMaFp 5 days ago
I immediately want to break shit 20 secs in
Paman Negro
Paman Negro 5 days ago
Yeahggggg 🤘🤘🤘✊
Curtis Pina
Curtis Pina 6 days ago
Jeremy Peck
Jeremy Peck 7 days ago
Masterful...i jammed this lp from day one till my car shook apart literally
Jeremy Peck
Jeremy Peck 7 days ago
As a 20 plus yr drummer, buddy got it down solid
Packer Hiccups
Packer Hiccups 8 days ago
Not only am I disappointed as a fan but also that all of your music is meaningless to me now. You are complying with the very establishment that you claim to be trying to expose. My son has been gigging here in Wisconsin the entire year. Because they are their own label and not sell outs. They do not wear masks and play absolutely kick ass shows while you sell out bands are sluts to your labels and hiding in quarantines, lock downs and probably wearing masks like obedient pussies. I'm free and you are not, is how I got over this disappointment Good luck slaves
András Lőrincz
András Lőrincz 9 days ago
Goddamn you guys should do more of this stuff. It's actually better than the album versions
Molotov Bat Radio
I wanna see Mark bang that big drum clown style after every fill.
Molotov Bat Radio
This has been added to the Awesome Live Shows playlist, because it's freekin awesome that's why!!!!! \m/
ZAZoDRUMS 10 days ago
Curtis Pina
Curtis Pina 10 days ago
Still waking up to this 🤘🏼
Carlos Correia
Carlos Correia 11 days ago
i'm glad to see that 1 of my favourite bands respect this covid-19 problem and still do it perfectly, congrats guys!!!!
William Baker
William Baker 11 days ago
One and only.
Iván A.
Iván A. 11 days ago
Uff, that bass in Laid to Rest
Curtis Pina
Curtis Pina 12 days ago
Morning 🛌 people 🤬🤘🏼
Joe Gallardo
Joe Gallardo 12 days ago
Art, you always slay it, homie. Good stuff
Ryan Kersey
Ryan Kersey 12 days ago
Stand up and fight americans!!! We can not let them take our freedom!!! Please stand ☝ up!
mbboys _mbgirls
mbboys _mbgirls 13 days ago
That shit was badass my brother s. Sick as always🔥🔥🤘🏻🤘🏻
Lockshabaz 13 days ago
This is fucking fantastic
Curtis Pina
Curtis Pina 13 days ago
Keep up the good work 🤘🏼
Robert Hurst PureRiffs
Black label cover ruvid.net/video/video-Y_rx6PfUo3s.html
Curtis Pina
Curtis Pina 14 days ago
Still the best wake up songs 🤘🏼 thanks for 😷🤬
Boleh Music
Boleh Music 14 days ago
damn cool!!!!!
DanIel Gonzalez
DanIel Gonzalez 14 days ago
My only curiousity is was Randy Blythe's parts in this live since he prefers to his vocals separate from when they're recording off of tour...still love it either way!!! \m,/
Trace zach daniels
Trace zach daniels 15 days ago
aaahhh sooo shweeet much love.. sooo fun..!!!...''Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO the music world wide.
Jay Schroyer
Jay Schroyer 16 days ago
Bad azz boyz, can't stop, don't stop! Thanks for the covid rock. :)
José Jorge Vargas Martínez
Oh yeah! Light speed!
Neil Desai
Neil Desai 21 day ago
i dont comment much at all ever. im old, i mind my business, but i love these guys so much that i listen to his like its a fuckin lullaby everyday after work
Fit Dad Cris
Fit Dad Cris 22 days ago
I swear I have contributed hours of watch time to this video alone 🤣. Probably played through it 50+ times at the gym 🤘
Mike Greer
Mike Greer 23 days ago
That drummer.... PERFECT FIT FOR LAMB OF GOD!!!
GuadaluP MOrenO
GuadaluP MOrenO 24 days ago
Yea im not ok with this... And everbody shouldn't be neither! I dint wear masks or desensitize and nothing maybe cause our government lies like they have been or maybe cause i take care of myself and dont eat the food they feed us or BOTH!
Rodrigo Ponce
Rodrigo Ponce 24 days ago
laodem 6027
laodem 6027 26 days ago
Corona Hilanglah,kangen moshing ❤️
Effendy Guitar
Effendy Guitar 25 days ago
salam dari jawa timur
Curtis Pina
Curtis Pina 26 days ago
Merry Christmas everyone 🤘🏼
Pyue Gyi
Pyue Gyi 27 days ago
Your feeling for someone Your feeling for your fking self so bad Your feeling for somebullshit I 100% tall you. .... this metal art make you fucking 100% .....escape your own bad feeling away. ....100000000% There to many right? 🤘
Forrest Stevens
Forrest Stevens 28 days ago
Gotta hand it to randy. He's handling his midlife crisis quite well
Doktor Schösch
Doktor Schösch 28 days ago
Nice to see a band that ACTUALLY PLAYS LIVE in a live session video. There are so many so called live sessions out there which are produced like a regular release lol
Chagu inha
Chagu inha Month ago
man, it's so fuckin' awesome!
William Runner
William Runner Month ago
That is a recording for sure.
WASDxMerceless Month ago
This quality is amazing. Surely this cant be live recording, can it? Was never a LoG fan before but this album and these vids have made me one
Kushal Migi lama Gurung
I can notice willie Why he is sometimes fat sometimes thin???and missing Chris
Ritchie Russel Raymundo
What Happen to Chris Adler Anyone?🤘
sergbronn Month ago
Пярун мяне бярэ, гэта неверагодна
Heath Boyd
Heath Boyd Month ago
Heath Boyd
Heath Boyd Month ago
Killing someone is different from murder
Deadly Accurate It don't get much better than this 🤘🏽🤘🏽🍻🤘🏽🤘🏽🍻
Mike Beatz
Mike Beatz Month ago
Truly a great job!!!! Though shouts out to Chris Adler too but also much respect to the new bro as well!!! Thanks so fuckin very much !!!!
Dru Redler
Dru Redler Month ago
When you reach the level of Randy Blythes level you need a second house with an attic to go scream in.
Shane Shaw
Shane Shaw Month ago
Fuck yeah! Best isolation clip ever! You guys are legend! See you in Hell my Brothers! You changed the world! Know that!
Zocks Studio
Zocks Studio Month ago
404 dislikes... there was clearly an error.
Ryan Kersey
Ryan Kersey Month ago
Make a song for the men that are about to militia up and fight the 2nd civil war in our great country, and possibly invading Chinese troops. We CANNOT let ANYONE foreign or domestic take our freedom, rights, values, family values, PRIDE and HERITAGE!!! They have destroyed every single shred of our American and southern Heritage easily, why the fuck haven't we as patroits stood up and done something before now. Anyway here we are awaiting all kinds of HELL and I really think that we need a song from LAMB OF GOD pumping us up and hating the left for trying to make us accept their insane communist bull shit, FOR TRYING TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY AND WAYS!! I know you guys don't give a fuck about being politically correct or pissing any of those fucks off. I just wanted to ask you please make a songs for the real patriots that are ready to die to stop them communist fucks from destroying our home. Please. Thanks if you read my comment.
6AxellexA9 Month ago
6AxellexA9 Month ago
6AxellexA9 Month ago
6AxellexA9 Month ago
6AxellexA9 Month ago
We are Fighten , Blessd for Fun lieght...
Anderson Peixoto
De longe a melhor versão de live em termo de qualidade sonora comparada com qualquer banda e qualquer estilo que seja, pqp. parece o CD... Lamb of God é foda d+ \m/
Nigga Month ago
That "Woo" at 4:34 automatically makes this them best laid to rest performance yet.
Adam Month ago
The guitar playing is just so tight
frios011 Month ago
Is that a new drummer??
Gammi's Random
Gammi's Random Month ago
Laaaaaamb of goooood, you take away the seeeeeeeeens of the worrrld HAVE MERCY ON US!!!!!!!!!
Luthfi Zaennuri
Luthfi Zaennuri Month ago
Art Cruz is a BEAST
Joe Farren
Joe Farren Month ago
Randy recording in the closet is the cherry on top
Patrícia LX
Patrícia LX Month ago
still the best band ever \m/
Mochi Zang
Mochi Zang Month ago
I love how serene John looks the whole time while he's fucking killing it. OG assassin
Thomas Humphries
DyinRifs Blacksmithing
Vans shoes = best bass drum response ... lol
Delete Existence
You guys are 🔥
Erik Jeffery
Erik Jeffery Month ago
Sounds better than there studio recordings. Love lamb of god🤘
bruno francisco
bruno francisco Month ago
Big Up maximo grooovee, brazil play on"!
Marie Santos
Marie Santos Month ago
A cool new way to see and hear creative sounds👀👽👂💥
Алексей Нестеров
Lamb of God rulezzzz
Wan The Juri
Wan The Juri Month ago
Curtis Pina
Curtis Pina Month ago
Listen to it every morning 🤘🏼God rest the God 💔
Rebecca L
Rebecca L Month ago
Love it ! :) pls more
Chris Metcalf
Chris Metcalf Month ago
Well we know which members of the band manage their finances wisely #closetlife
arthur torres
arthur torres Month ago
we need more pls '-'
Kerstin Clemmons
Fucking awesome! So want to see them live!!
Richie Christopher
Mark, you can take about 20% off her there bud. The hair flipping is not necessary every 11 seconds but I'm bald so take that with a grain of sand huh?
Tuna Alp Aydın
Tuna Alp Aydın Month ago
Politis Dimitrios
Has Randy come out of the closet?!
Mattycakes Month ago
Our boy Randy dominating that closet.
AnbuProdigy Month ago
Please give us momento mori
Marlon Alvaro
Marlon Alvaro Month ago
I’m 44 years old still listening this 🤘🏼
Patrick Month ago
The Dissident
The Dissident Month ago
This is pure 🤘
HotakXvi Month ago
So Randy... when are you coming out of the closet???
keisublimation Month ago
my number one favorite band Cordero de Dios and had the good fortune to go to their concerts in Mexico. Greetings from Mexico
jenksy5000 Month ago
I could watch willie adler shredding all day. jeez that man can play...
Tyler Hammons
Tyler Hammons Month ago
Loved it guys y'all were on key 🗝️
kyle p
kyle p Month ago
F..k yea!!. I needed a lift Bros...
oliscar Month ago
2:11 POG
Martin Speters
Martin Speters Month ago
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