Lamb of God - Ghost Shaped People (Official Music Video)

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Feb 19, 2021




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Comments 2 277
Chris Lee
Chris Lee 57 minutes ago
Can't wait till August in Irving Tx! Hope to hear Laid to Rest!
Tashi X
Tashi X 11 hours ago
[Verse 1] A message in the bottle smashed right across your head All those years of screaming out the words you never read Sucking on a xenon tit, all hail the cretin king Apprentice to an idiot, a sycophantic dream [Pre-Chorus] They say jump, you ask how high And watch your freedom die [Chorus] What will you believe? Who will you betray? What will you believe? Who will you betray? What's the cost of victory? [Verse 2] You always took the easy road, you always compromised You never put the effort in to read between the lines Rutting in a garbage pit, еmbrace the weakеr breed Join the pack of rabid dogs and lick the hand that beats [Pre-Chorus] On the cattle car, full speed ahead Your ticket to regret [Chorus] What will you believe? Who will you betray? What will you believe? Who will you betray? What's the cost of victory? [Bridge] A screaming paradigm of dysfunction A superficial sea of reaction A violent passion surrogate You tied the noose around your own neck [Outro] What will you believe? Who will you betray? What is the cost of victory? What will you believe? Who will you betray? What is the cost of victory? The cost of victory
Randy’s vocals and screams sound better than ever!!! Favourite metal band hands down. Thanks for the sick tunes guys, metal af 🤘🏻
Broken Chains
Rocky Hartman
Rocky Hartman 2 days ago
BadAss!! Listened to whole song......rewound to 3:07.......rewound to 3:07......in hospital for fractured neck!🤘
Trail and Mx Enthusiasts
3:08 make me feel like I'm on a roll about to hit a big jump on my dirtbike
dungokunyet 2 days ago
this is sick \m/
Rajat Kanti Das
Rajat Kanti Das 2 days ago
This is Fucking Insane
Reganjaret 2 days ago
omg that drop 3:07
Beer Me
Beer Me 4 days ago
these guys are so old.... and still make the best metal in the world.
Karmic Wheel
Karmic Wheel 4 days ago
Greetings you fabulous Earthlings and Happy Saturday!! 👋👽I bring thin crust pizza to all you friendly Earthlings 🍕Don't mind me, just cruising by:::::::::::::::::🛸
Heisenberg Parks
Heisenberg Parks 4 days ago
Another all out assault on my eardrums, love it! Randy's voice has gotten progressivly better instead of deteriorating 🤘🤘
Guillermo Nuñez
Guillermo Nuñez 4 days ago
from Argentina!!! the best band of word
pat fussies
pat fussies 5 days ago
bring back chris, this dudes a glorified metronome
newlifelodge 5 days ago
great lyrics, waking up now
Bonés Top
Bonés Top 5 days ago
Algum Brasileiro curtindo esse Som, comenta aqui.
ʍøяɓɨđ øղҽ
Now that's some good stuff!!!
Philip Bernard
Philip Bernard 6 days ago
I understand why Chris left the band, all their new stuff sounds the exact same. Their last good album was resolution back in 2012.
H H 4 days ago
spoken like a true sheep.
ali fatani
ali fatani 6 days ago
That f***in breakdown broke my spine
ali fatani
ali fatani 6 days ago
:O i was about to sleep. Now im sweating with neck pain.
DKGXX85 6 days ago
Shit is fucking LiT
solar 7 days ago
My dad showed this to me I love it it reminds me of Larry from Sally face
Tenside 7 days ago
Boss 🔥🌪
Nancy Vaudry
Nancy Vaudry 8 days ago
Compositions incroyable, le sujet des paroles sont le reflet du monde dans lequelle nous vivons
Abishek Velan
Abishek Velan 9 days ago
Hey mae ko, are you there...? code - stranger. Help me to find her,
David Alan
David Alan 9 days ago
5 1 2 dislikes at the moment
Moon Peach
Moon Peach 10 days ago
Love it...L O V E u brothers.
Life is full of activities
I badly need the lyrics of this song
J_ dub
J_ dub 11 days ago
Randy sounds better than ever! Fuck yeah brother!👊🏼🙌🏼🔥🔥🔥
Justin Reed
Justin Reed 11 days ago
Funk I just can't get enough of this jam
Jason Bender
Jason Bender 11 days ago
This is an absolutely beautiful creation. Lamb of God is on fucking fire and Art Cruz is killing it!
Head Flat44
Head Flat44 11 days ago
Lamb of God is a good name but I will always think of them as Burn the Priest.
Julius S
Julius S 12 days ago
A message in the bottle Smashed right across your head All those years of screaming out The words you never read Sucking on a xenon tit All hail the cretin king Apprentice to an idiot A sycophantic dream They say jump, you ask how high And watch your freedom die What will you believe? Who will you betray? What will you believe? Who will you betray? What's the cost of victory? You always took the easy road You always compromised You never put the effort in To read between the lines Rutting in a garbage pit Embrace the weaker breed Join the pack of rabid dogs And lick the hand that beats On the cattle car, full speed ahead Your ticket to regret What will you believe? Who will you betray? What will you believe? Who will you betray? What's…
Daniel Malek
Daniel Malek 12 days ago
03:07 try not to headbang challenge!!!
Aaron Szczur
Aaron Szczur 13 days ago
Randy straight up aging like fine wine. sounds great.
Ignacio Saavedra Castillo
Mr Hellscream ima Kassadim
Ignacio Saavedra Castillo
Con un pipazo en la cabeza que nunca te voy a lanzar
Ignacio Saavedra Castillo
Y supremus estoy vivo macetero 4 hojas plata design
Paul Wright
Paul Wright 14 days ago
They call me p here in Dallas Tx. Compromise and easy roads I know nothing of. To walk predominantly alone is the least traveled and the hardest walk that there is. Great music though
Jeremy Martin
Jeremy Martin 14 days ago
I love the punk rock feel to this
Kris Topher
Kris Topher 14 days ago
The end reminds me of pantera
Jatin Parihar
Jatin Parihar 14 days ago
LOGs all songs sounds the same but i like em' all.
MeMyselfAndIUntilDeath 1
Dude... The drop at 3:07. I almost cried.
J Dawg
J Dawg 15 days ago
Ending almost as badass as Chimaira's-Pure Hatred, but that's hard to beat.
Charles Edge
Charles Edge 7 days ago
Real OG’s know dude. I got you.
MeMyselfAndIUntilDeath 1
Chris Adler. WHY?!?!
Alexander Davies
Alexander Davies 15 days ago
This is the one Ive been after...Now it's time to march again!
Brenda Woodby
Brenda Woodby 15 days ago
Inside the ribcage
Inside the ribcage 16 days ago
Thanks i needed this ... It's like oxygen .. i can breathe now
Ignacio Saavedra Castillo
Concert en Booty Bay inside of dungeon Orgrimmar
stephane vallee
stephane vallee 17 days ago
stephane vallee
stephane vallee 17 days ago
sa Grouve en Criss.
thopWAYS 17 days ago
3:07 the beast part, or should i say best part. yeah!
Vlad Volkov
Vlad Volkov 17 days ago
Dexter J
Dexter J 17 days ago
They still got it
Charles Edge
Charles Edge 18 days ago
“What will you believe Who will you betray What’s the cost Of victory” Shits getting me through a divorce.
Shekhar Pathak
Shekhar Pathak 18 days ago
After 3:07, my cat turned into a Tiger.
halph4s 18 days ago
I guess 90% at least of people wants the groove from 3:07 would roll forever
Andrew Bako
Andrew Bako 19 days ago
Randy in the Hatebreed tee...fuck that'd an awesome show!
pipe_from_hell 19 days ago
Darkstar8473 19 days ago
This is the groove we have all been missing
Brandon Darnell
Brandon Darnell 19 days ago
That breakdown. 🤯🤯
Maciel Schatten
Maciel Schatten 19 days ago
Balu Chaitanya
Balu Chaitanya 19 days ago
@3:06 best part of the song... i keep looping it back to this point of the song.. \m/
sixbrokeneggs 20 days ago
This song is better than the whole new album
Baros 20 days ago
Shit, my late grandma has woken up from her grave knowing this song premiered. Damn it!
oneonly xram
oneonly xram 20 days ago
Man they have such a thick sound, love it.
Noobchan Maria
Noobchan Maria 20 days ago
I want to see some monster like this monster in phasmophobia :D
Visca Barça
Visca Barça 20 days ago
One of the rare bands i can listen to the entire discography without skiping a single song.
Bode Cromado
Bode Cromado 12 days ago
me: Neck Deep, LoG, Iron Maiden and Gojira xd
The RealOne
The RealOne 20 days ago
This song is so good, after hearing it I thanked myself for randomly getting curious about Lamb Of God a while ago
Kjersti Andersen
Kjersti Andersen 17 days ago
Me 2
Mark Mac
Mark Mac 21 day ago
Add cobalt
James Mitchell
James Mitchell 21 day ago
L.o.g is one of those bands like slayer that just keep getting better. Success without changing for the worse.
EverSo Strange
EverSo Strange 9 days ago
Besides the dude Randy killed you mean shit happens though and I'm pretty sure he legit didn't mean to and he got clean now because he looks healthier and happier and I am glad to see it.
foresaken to none
On Tour??? Doubtful...Polis is our governor(baawawawwaahahahaha)...whom I heard lost his license...having to many rear ends!!!
starzinho 21 day ago
Metal is comig back!!!!! 🤘
Y1U9K7I6 21 day ago
I was having a bad day yesterday and needed something really heavy. I was drinking mead, it happens. And I wanted a video and song I couldn't remember the name or title of the song. All I could remember was this video and I held it in my mind and prayed for the song to come back to me. I turns on the chube of ewe and et voila! Sacre bleu! My prayer was answered. Hail Eris! 🍎
Manuel López
Manuel López 22 days ago
I'm fully sure that Art Cruz has 3 feet, cause ain't no way that's just a double pedal 😂😂😂
shawncc89 22 days ago
The drums killed the breakdown at the end. That dude is terrible.
Local Brand It
Local Brand It 22 days ago
Yeah Chris is sadly missed, not the same anymore.
Ariwakikilla 22 days ago
phantomas por todo los lados
Vlad Dominus
Vlad Dominus 22 days ago
I love it..but, I feel that in the end it needed more double bass fillings..like Meshuggah style would have been tremendous.......
Daniel Reinhardt
Daniel Reinhardt 23 days ago
Hope my neighbors like this!
Marcos Lucero
Marcos Lucero 23 days ago
Satan knows how to use Force Lightning ! !
Endgame7 23 days ago
That made me tear up a little I was so happy. Don't judge me, I'll still kick your ass =)
Lasse Risvik
Lasse Risvik 23 days ago
Extremly good 🤘
Hussam Azzabi
Hussam Azzabi 23 days ago
I am No Troll
I am No Troll 23 days ago
So hard hitting musical Riffs in the chorus & then this Bad Breakdown.. damn it.. songs could’ve been 100/10 but only gets 7/10 due to the shit breakdown
yor 23 days ago
Fucking breakdown
EMPORiO 5112
EMPORiO 5112 24 days ago
3:07 auto headbanging mode activated
joseph Giordo
joseph Giordo 24 days ago
Ive steadily watched this video go from mere thousands of views to now a 1M views. Fuckin A !!!
Luis Puente
Luis Puente 24 days ago
idk why this song just keeps reminding me of Arch Enemy lol.
Physionic 24 days ago
This makes sense to me. Definitely.
Michael landrum
Michael landrum 24 days ago
can't wait to see them live
WTF??!?!?!?!?!?!?!! @EGGVN WHERE?
Master 69
Master 69 25 days ago
My grandma sings this to me before I go to bed she realy knows metal vocals
Joseph Fairman
Joseph Fairman 25 days ago
This drummer sucks. He's just so weak and not very creative with his fills or breakdowns. Used to love this band 😔
Justin Burke
Justin Burke 25 days ago
This is Fire!!!
Rob Phillips
Rob Phillips 25 days ago
Never been a huge LOG fan, but liking this tune a lot. Now I'm looking forward to this and Gojira's new releases!
Admin 1
Admin 1 25 days ago
❤️ L o G 🤘🇷🇺
Soumya Pahari
Soumya Pahari 25 days ago
For a min I thought i was playing at 1.25x
Deathclaw 67
Deathclaw 67 26 days ago
rock on man!
halph4s 26 days ago
Best 3 things worldwide during covid times: LOG, Gojira (soon) and Testament’s albums ❤️
Jo Gos
Jo Gos 26 days ago
What a release that track is from all the shit going on right now
Sailesh Konsam
Sailesh Konsam 26 days ago
Randyyyyyy Fuckinnnnn Blytheeeeeee.
Eugene Pashch
Eugene Pashch 26 days ago
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