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Experience a Lakewood Service! Joel and Victoria Osteen will be delivering inspirational messages along with powerful uplifting worship with our Lakewood Worship team. You can also watch here: lakewoodchurch.com/Live
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Apr 26, 2020




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Comments 54
Daphnie C. Tristant
God has been blessed me spiritually for several years from the lake wood church. I love the sermons and the way God is using this church to bless people. I live in Haiti.
Leviticus Month ago
Wow, I love Joel and his family despite what people have said about them "They are a prosperity preacher or... they're this or that" He saved my life
Valeria Sowell
Valeria Sowell Month ago
God will do it again. We came too far by faith. Amen.
Aderlyn Andita
Aderlyn Andita 2 months ago
Hello from Papua New Guinea, I follow up on youtube , Very nice changes me God is Good
Luz Dumalagan
Luz Dumalagan 2 months ago
I thank God for what He is done. God give me the desire of my heart that I talk and pray to Him , saying God pls. bring back your Pastors to your church praising , worshiping and praying. Now I a.m happy and blessed for what HE is done. The way maker, miracle worker that is what you are my God.Break through is coming .i thank God for the deliverance, preservation for keeping His people safe from this plaque . To God be the glory.honor and power now and forever.
Manah Nyeusi Da Elemental
NEVER FAILING PRAYER TO ARCHANGEL MICHAEL There are no questions that are off-limits to the angels. You can ask for whatever it is that you want- whether it be healing, or blessings, protection, or other gifts from God. Set a time for every Tuesday (maybe set an alarm to go off on your phone to remind you) to say the following prayers: THE PRAYER: "St. Michael, I resort to your protection and in my faith offer this light {a candle} which shall burn every Tuesday. Comfort me in difficulties and tho lodging in the house of our savior, intercede for me and my family that we will be able to hold God close to our hearts and be provided for in all of our necessities. I beseech you to have infinite pity in regard to the favors that I ask of you (name them) that I may be able to overcome all difficulties as you did the dragon at your feet." Say 3 'Hail Marys' "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed are thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now until the hour of our death. Amen" Say 3 "Our Fathers": Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us of our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever, amen." Say 3 "Glory Be's" Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end. Amen." ~*~ This prayer is to be said for nine (9) Tuesdays in succession and each Tuesday a candle is to lighted and a copy of this prayer to left in the church to help another soul in distress and support the devotion to St. Michael. This miraculous saint grants everything, no matter how difficult, and before the end of the nine weeks of Tuesdays.
LaKecia and John
LaKecia and John 3 months ago
I needed this today! Thank you Lord
1DNETTA 3 months ago
Mr. Joel Osteen delivered and preached a strong message in this video😁💯!! Soo grateful for this inspiring message. 🎯with this message!
Mygdalia Fierro
Mygdalia Fierro 4 months ago
Living in China and dealing with a real situation, listening to Lakewood worship is keeping me positive and happy. God does have me in the palm of His hand! I SEE miracles daily!
Mygdalia Fierro
Mygdalia Fierro Month ago
J Kay Thank you 🙏🏻 for such a beautiful message. It’s Tuesday night here and your msg is blessing me. I will sleep knowing God’s love surrounds me. God bless you for your kindness.
J Kay
J Kay Month ago
Amen that must be really hard where you are. But God has you surrounded by his angelic hosts, and nobody shall harm a hair on your head. You will make it out of this strong blessed and amazingly abundant with your cup overflowing spilling over and blessing others with your amazing testimony. Much love and God bless you
Gloria Smith
Gloria Smith 4 months ago
I receive all. I am watching now. Wonderful. The spirit of Barnabas by grace is upon you, your husband and family. Greater works. PTL.
Brittany Jones
Brittany Jones 4 months ago
How do you get the music? I NEED the song from Cindy and Da’Dra!!!!!!! I think it’s called Speak The Name. I’ve literally been playing it over and over!!! 🙏🏾🤗😘
Titus Kiplagat
Titus Kiplagat 4 months ago
Pst. Osteen you have always been a source of inspiration to me. God bless you.
mariloutorres1996 4 months ago
Nicola Daisy
Nicola Daisy 4 months ago
Very blessed from Kenya. 🇰🇪
Alonia Galassi
Alonia Galassi 4 months ago
Sooooooooooooooo Gooooooooooooooood!!!! Thank You JESUS and Lakewood!
Parallel Plane
Parallel Plane 4 months ago
Blood Over Intent for Heaven on Earth ~ get out of the churches!!! Jesus is the sun above your head : ) ;*
Janel Bilal
Janel Bilal 4 months ago
God used Joel to deliver me from depression and Islam... Yes this is Jesus Glorifying . Thank you for helping me keep my Joy /strength. I love sharing what God has done in my life because everyday I remember the thoughts of suicide that have been replaced with lasting amazing peace...JESUS PEACE!!!
theelder91 4 months ago
Camille Casbadillo
Camille Casbadillo 4 months ago
God, thank You for working in our behalf
Dixsigns Romping Rock Dairy
Does Victoria even know how beautiful she is? She shines with the glory of God from the inside out!
Just Tonee
Just Tonee 4 months ago
The worship set 🙌 is 🔥! Praise God. The anointing is so strong even w/o people in the bldg.
bright eyes
bright eyes Month ago
Because Holy Spirit is there and a spirit of humility 🙏🏼🔥🙏🏼
Nyamushagi Bridget
Nyamushagi Bridget 4 months ago
Amen Amen, the music always sets my week going......
Mariela Soriano
Mariela Soriano 4 months ago
Be careful! Osteen preaches the dangerous doctrine of prosperity .. This does not correspond to the true Gospel of God!
Mariela Soriano
Mariela Soriano 4 months ago
@Kennieth Nelson , I'm not complaining but denouncing that this isn't the true Gospel of God! God has and demonstrates a sacred zeal for His true Gospel and vehemently rejects the different "gospels", as noted in this Bible verse: Galatians 1:8: "But if we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel to you than that which we have preached to you, let him be accursed." As I I said previously, I affirm this since Osteen's teachings are the same of currents as Metaphysics with its law of physical attraction and oriental doctrines all anti-christian, also the same of the anti-christian current New Age with the book "The Secret". This book was found in a best seller and teaches that "we can create our own happiness through the law of attraction." Be it cash, health, prosperity or happiness, everything can be ours if we only learn to use "the secret". The author finds: "The disease cannot live in a body that is in a healthy emotional state." These anti-christian teachings have been constituted and affected to the doctrine of prosperity (a movement that will have force from the 60s in the United States giving continuity to the sects that infiltrated the first-century primitive church, one of the precursors of this doctrine of prosperity was Kenneth Hagin). This doctrine is related to the movement called "Word of faith." As the title "Word of faith" implies, supporters of this movement believe that faith functions as a powerful force or power. Through faith we can get what we want: health, wealth, success or what we want. However, this force is released only through the spoken word. When we speak words of faith, a power is released to fulfill your wishes" Being biblical at all. For example, teaching to decree in the name of Jesus is a huge contradiction! The practice of decreeing is unbiblical, God is Sovereign and the God's creative power cannot be extrapolated to the human being.This is not the true Gospel of God, where Jesus, his salvific message and his grace are the center and not the peripheral as in the Osteen doctrine, where earthly prosperity is the primary (and for this purpose, obviously approaching God) and the exaltation of the human being!
Kennieth Nelson
Kennieth Nelson 4 months ago
@Mariela Soriano What exactly are you looking to accomplish here?
Mariela Soriano
Mariela Soriano 4 months ago
@Just Tonee , I am not at all surprised by this answer and the suggestion that if I don't like what he preaches I should not listen to him, for Osteen's followers often tell me that. Therefore, I will respond in the same way: If I were simply to pass by and not denounce first I would be disobeying Jesus Christ Himself who entrusted this mission to me and on the other hand, I would be imbued with the guidelines that prevail in this world such as individualism, lack of empathy and hedonism, which is not worthy of a true child of God! And for the love of my Lord, His true Gospel and therefore my neighbor, subject to the discernment of the Holy Spirit is that I'm raising my voice, so I do not mind submitting to public opprobrium in order to denounce! I do not like Osteen's preaching at all, for his doctrine is very dangerous because it seems to be christian but is not really so: As I mentioned earlier, the doctrine of prosperity is dangerous, because it seems to be" christian, "because it uses deliberately chosen biblical verses, grossly misrepresenting its meaning and subtly naming God continually not being biblical at all: As an example of this, I can refer the biblical verse of Ephesians 2: 10- "Because we are His masterpiece .." which has been widely distorted in doctrines of prosperity like this, for it is given a misrepresented meaning by exalting the human being in an attempt to be like God (for the rest, genesis of original sin.) In this misrepresentation a powerful sense of archetype is given to man created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand for us to walk in them. ” For example as well, teaching to decree in the name of Jesus is a huge contradiction! The practice of decreeing is unbiblical, God is Sovereign and God's creative power cannot be extrapolated to the human being. This is not the true Gospel of God, where Jesus, his saving message and his grace are the center! And Osteen realizes a syncretism between these biblical verses distorting its meaning and antichristian teachings of the New Age ( the same from the best seller book "The Secret") and Metaphysics with its law of physical attraction..
Just Tonee
Just Tonee 4 months ago
@Mariela Soriano dont like what he preaches then dont tune in...but i think secretly you like him b/c youre tuning in..if i dont like something then why give attention to it. Deuces to you!
F_ bash
F_ bash 4 months ago
@Mariela Soriano you are fake
K A 4 months ago
Even when I don’t see it or feel it, God is working....
K A 4 months ago
Late in the midnight hour God’s going to work in my favour, He is going to turn things around for me in Jesus name
yami G
yami G 4 months ago
Annointed musicians!!!!Glory!Glory!Glory!
Janel Bilal
Janel Bilal 4 months ago
Yes! and a spirit of excellence!
jlynncal69 4 months ago
Sooo beautiful!! Praise God!! Thank you for praising Jesus together. God bless you all and praying for everyone here🙏❤️🤗✝️🌺🙏
Robby Vandermark
Robby Vandermark 4 months ago
I don't respond like some to that football coach pep talk style and it doesn't seem real. If I am wrong I am sorry but a little more your and a little more reality would go along way with those like me. your are doing something right or so it would seem look at all those people. Thanks for your service and don't be weary in doing a Godly thing.
frank nyumah
frank nyumah 4 months ago
God’s love
frank nyumah
frank nyumah 4 months ago
From Wisconsin
RedEx 4 months ago
Tendo Tendo
Tendo Tendo 5 months ago
JBS MEO Class 2
JBS MEO Class 2 5 months ago
You are working behind the scenes for miracles in my life
Jacqueline Wu
Jacqueline Wu 5 months ago
Thanks your message, pastor Joel Osteen. Amen
Jacqueline Wu
Jacqueline Wu 5 months ago
I do love the song, speaks a better word, from Mrs. Cindy. Sounds like speaks a better word, the miracle appears. Amen Amen, praise the God.
Jacqueline Wu
Jacqueline Wu 5 months ago
Hello from Taiwan. I watch lakewood church from RUvid often. May the Lord blessing us all. Amen, Amen.
Rick O'Shea
Rick O'Shea 5 months ago
There is no-god and Joel Osteen is making hundreds of millions of dollars off you suckers why don't you Google to see the way he lives........ open your eyes and think for yourselves. I dare you Google the mansions that he lives in and compare it to the way you live just because he is spreading lies.
Emanuele Paulista
Emanuele Paulista 5 months ago
Sheree Jordan
Sheree Jordan 5 months ago
Thank you to the Osteen Family!!! We appreciate your life's ministry!!
atl andrew
atl andrew 5 months ago
John Black
John Black 5 months ago
To SATAN be the glory
ROSEY MALWANE 5 months ago
Strongholds are broken🙏🙏🙏
Rodee1 5 months ago
I miss John so much. This made me cry. I love Joel too but John talked me off the bridge a few times, unknowingly. Joel has kept me off the bridge maybe.
Deglet Noor
Deglet Noor 17 days ago
I just heard his message about getting out of dry places...amzng
Chingrimi Khurana
Chingrimi Khurana 5 months ago
Thank you pastor Joel. Praise the Lord Amen 😇🙏
larissa youmbi
larissa youmbi 5 months ago
Very powerful message lord I thank you for your word🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️
Hilda M. Robles
Hilda M. Robles 5 months ago
Credit to Lakewood Worship team for the genius mash up arrangement of Do It Again/Late in the Midnight Hour. On repeat!!! Powerful and evident that the whole team was in synergy and worshipping!! Please post as separate song and share!!!! So Powerful!
Janel Bilal
Janel Bilal 4 months ago
oooooo yes!!!
M Bui
M Bui 5 months ago
Wow amazing! Refocus, Realign, a new and better beginning is about to happen. Do not go back to normal and to the past!Thats what this whole quarantine should be about!
Janis 5 months ago
Every time I listen to Joel and Victoria, I learn new things that I need to hear. I usually am going through what they speak about. Thank you, GIOD BlLESS YOU,. ALL. KEEP PRAYING, DON'T EVER STOP!
Janis 5 months ago
Beautiful misic and I love her voice.
Janis 5 months ago
susanne foort
susanne foort 5 months ago
PERFECT MESSAGE !!!!!!!!!!!! 🙏ÁMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
susanne foort
susanne foort 5 months ago
ÁMEN 🙏!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
richell alagenio
richell alagenio 5 months ago
Nancy Ngendo
Nancy Ngendo 5 months ago
The truth about gospel of Jesus Christ n His redemption should be the centre.
Nancy Ngendo
Nancy Ngendo Month ago
@martine alexis edifying believers n winning souls to Christ should be the centre goal of every ministry but not comforting sinners. The Bible says seek first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness and the rest will be added unto you. Preach Jesus . He is our only Hope. Motivation talks amount to nothing.
martine alexis
martine alexis Month ago
Mariela Soriano
Mariela Soriano 4 months ago
@ Nancy Nigendo, exactly!
joyubina julio
joyubina julio 5 months ago
എല്ലാവരും എനിക്ക് വേണ്ടി പ്രാർത്ഥിക്കണം. ബിസിനസ് ഇല്ല. ഭയങ്കര സാമ്പത്തീക ഞെരുക്കമാണ്. ഞാൻ തേവരക്കാരനാണ്. ഇപ്പോൾ നെട്ടൂർ ആണ് താമസിക്കുന്നത്. കേരളം, ഇന്ത്യ.
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