Lakers Demarcus Cousins Workout | Laker Return in 2020?

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Los Angeles Lakers Center Demarcus Cousins Works out with Phil Handy. Demarcus worked on ball handling and shots off the dribble. Rajon Rondo also worked out after.
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Dec 23, 2019




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Comments 1 020
Swish Cultures
Swish Cultures Month ago
When do you think demarcus returns this season ... I’m saying early April
RQJ GAMING Month ago
Ayo Okusanya
Ayo Okusanya Month ago
Because MPJ is coming.
Ayo Okusanya
Ayo Okusanya Month ago
Sooner the better, daaamn!
Ralph Breland
Ralph Breland Month ago
Who is camelo doing
Blaise Reed-Jenkins
@LeKobeBeanJames#23#24#8 cause his first run didn't work out well look it up
Lihae Islan
Lihae Islan 6 hours ago
If cousins comeback in the playoffs, then the clippers are doomed.
asdfg asdfg
asdfg asdfg Day ago
Boogie invest on his body by eating healthy thanks to LBJ
King J4
King J4 Day ago
That 3 ball 100% deadly
Young Page
Young Page 3 days ago
He can catch and shoot but that dribble and shoot is suspect
Chris Shaw
Chris Shaw 5 days ago
Bro we stop be unstoppable we gone have a center that can shoot 3s and space the floor 😬
Thaddeu Neri
Thaddeu Neri 9 days ago
old man was more athletic than the ring chaser
Reese Romeo
Reese Romeo 13 days ago
Can’t even lie I fuck with Dwight and love the energy he’s bought and the role he plays BUT I’d take a healthy boogie cousins any day foreal.... ✊🏽 I can’t wait until he returns
Nu'Nu 21 day ago
Demarcus is going to be our secret weapon in the playoffs. No team preparing for him.
Superduper Cesar
Rondo be good in practice but in the game jus be ass lol
Nutrient-dense Damon
Dude has a sweet handle and is an "ice in his veins" marksman. I knew he was a ferocious beast in the paint and driving the lane, but not a marksman. Damn. Been a Lakers fan for 35 years and I need DeMarcus to suit up for em this year, PLEASE!
LewisSmithJr Month ago
Them got damn pumas in his feet
Zewell Marcuz Ejercito
I mean when is cousins gonna go back this season
Facts Don't Matter
Best wishes to Demarcus. I pray for his health. And I’m a U of L Cardinal fan.
Eddie Zaldivar
Eddie Zaldivar Month ago
Left leg still looking really stiff. No where close. Y'all crazy. Happy to see him out there tho. That's still a great sign.
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat Month ago
The Four Towers: AD, Dwight, Cousins, and McGee.
Jacob Holley
Jacob Holley Month ago
Elann Suvat Don’t forgot AC
erron Month ago
looking ready to fuck the lakers up lol
A Hera
A Hera Month ago
You notice hour the ENTIRE staff is white or lightly melaninated? Not a coincidence. The black PLAYERS are the only highly melaninated people there.
Con D. Oriano
Con D. Oriano Month ago
Wow nice! He's now working out coz' he's getting ready to be traded lol
Minister Michael Darrell Emanuel
Take your time DeMarcus!!! If you need to wait until next season, we understand!!! As fans we want you HEALTHY & WHOLE when you make your full comeback, Rev. Michael Darrell Emanuel.
Michael Yee
Michael Yee Month ago
imagine having to deal with javale and AD at the start and then have to worry about boogie and dwight right after
Brandon Long
Brandon Long Month ago
That's a killer combo bro.... I hope he gets 100%
frederick gilbert
Alex Farrimond
Alex Farrimond Month ago
Anyone else think this knee injury will benefit cousins in the long run? This gave his achilles extra time to heal.
Jesus Rey Pingkian
IF ... Cousins is able to play, even with the second unit for 10 - 12 quality mins he's going to be huge for the Lakers come playoff time.
Pulling the Strings
All the people in the comment section don't make as much as boogie. And he sits on the bench
Mark Williams
Mark Williams Month ago
looking good... hopefully he can help us come playoff time
Pulling the Strings
Lakers got 20 blocks the other night. Imagine if you add this and Iggy for the playoffs.🥶
Rommel Justin
Rommel Justin Month ago
Lakers def is already good but adding this dude will make it even better
Ronnie Saraza
Ronnie Saraza Month ago
Lakers champion 2019-2020...
nasir D'jiir
nasir D'jiir Month ago
I hope they dont let him play....i hate to see him get hurt. Just let him be the waterboy for a season or two
Gary Marroquin
Gary Marroquin Month ago
Dwight , Davis, McGee, Cousins Jesus 😭
steve merino
steve merino Month ago
I’m glad he’s on the court working. Hope he gets in shape for the playoffs
D T Month ago
For what play one good game that's it can't get up down floor don't see it sorry las year trash
Jock City
Jock City Month ago
Cousins he has some small legs or maybe it's just he hasn't been working out on them 🏥
Redd Dizon
Redd Dizon Month ago
those kicks boogie got on are looking real clean
Kenshone Hampton
Yeah and he will be hurt again after playing a couple of games
Trexin Witcher
Trexin Witcher Month ago
Javale is weird 7:20
Dewy1420 Month ago
He was up and down in last years final Depends on his health ..
Azgein 666
Azgein 666 Month ago
Anything will happen man even Dwight got his ryhtm back i believe with lakers he will be ok
smlbcity23 Month ago
It's over for him. Mediocre at best is a reality.
MrJreed1000 Month ago
Ronda shoot like Ray Allen at the 3 point line in practice... But he shoot like Rajon Rondo in the game ....
Jay ar
Jay ar Month ago
His leg looks thin af.
Ira Bonta
Ira Bonta Month ago
we need a savage rough player like him now
Keimahnee Brown
Keimahnee Brown Month ago
Can't wait til you come back Cuz 💜💛
King Ayo
King Ayo Month ago
We have enough paint beasts . we need cuzin health so he has too run light and shoot a lot .I believe that would prolog his careaa
King Ayo
King Ayo Month ago
My Dawg looking better I think that should use him as stretch 5
Niley Diley
Niley Diley Month ago
Imagine a lineup with: A healthy Boogie at the 5, AD at the 4, Lebron PG, Green and KCP/Kuz as shooting guards or if you want a tougher defensive lineup Bradley. That shit would be out of this goddamn world. All credits to McGee and Howard they have been balling their asses off. But a Healthy Boogie is just a whole other beast on the offensive end of the floor + he can stretch the floor with the 3 ball.
Moises Sobrepena
Who else is eager and happy to see Boogie playing again?
2ni ramos
2ni ramos Month ago
Put Lebron, AD, Dwight, Cousins, Mcgee, lets see how many layups or dunks their opponents can score.🤔
Charles McClary
Charles McClary Month ago
For those who ever had an injury. You know that you will never be 💯. I’ve had injuries in my teens. I’m feeling it now I’m my 30’s. It’s always in the back of your mind when your moving around. Wish him luck. I’ll by my nephews his jersey
Charles McClary
Charles McClary Month ago
Not to be negative but cousins had his time Lakers already have an old team they need young energetic guys
Sly D
Sly D Month ago
Who can hear his acl squeaking?
Steve SPL
Steve SPL Month ago
He should come back last 5 games of the regular ssn.... He and Iggy
Jesse Alexander
Jesse Alexander Month ago
Comes back healthy. Boogie, Ad, Howard, Javele, Lebron on at the same time during the game at some point
Jose Guzman
Jose Guzman Month ago
If he comes back rondo or lebron is going to have like 20 assists a game with the two towers AD and Cousins
Yoshiyuki Owada
Yoshiyuki Owada Month ago
This not in a good shape. He needs alot of work to do to get back on shape.
jimtroclus Month ago
Whi is this bum???
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams Month ago
Big 3 old Pelicans is scary enough as it is. Adding AD and Lebron is GAME OVER
Ayo Okusanya
Ayo Okusanya Month ago
Boogie's looking even fitter prior to injury. Lets get that ring baby.
Stephane Teadim
Stephane Teadim Month ago
He is in good shape now...proud of him
Rondo is such a better shooter then heused to be
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