Shaq Scores Career-High 61 On His 28th Birthday | #NBATogetherLive Classic Game

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Shaquille O'Neal scores a career-high 61 and pulls down 23 rebounds on his 28th birthday as the Lakers defeat the Clippers on March 6, 2000.
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Mar 29, 2020




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Comments 80
Kevin Downes
Kevin Downes 5 days ago
Shaq got the whole team in foul trouble at the half. 1 out of 2 wins championships 😂
Toten Kopf
Toten Kopf 9 days ago
Look!, There´s Kobe Bryant! I knew his death was fake news! :D
consistency 14
consistency 14 12 days ago
Even to this day I'm Still astounded at how truly pathetic shaqs free throws were. It's just ridiculous how many points he lost out on because his big dumb dummy ass refused to practice his free throws. Even just 5 short minutes a day would've made a huge difference to his scoring numbers but the stubborn twat in him denied him of those points and constantly embarrassed the shit out of him....what a fkin idiot!
consistency 14
consistency 14 12 days ago
Coby always looked like such a dick when he did that wack ass 'mamba' underbite, the nigga looked like an absolute spaztard like he was missing his rubber helmet and some crayons. What a prick I could never stand that big headed fkin idiot.
T K 15 days ago
1:08 :05
driiifter 15 days ago
Odom would've been a HoFer if not for his battle against drugs. I seriously cannot think of a better 6th man. He was THE 6th man. Length, rebounding, had post moves, played D, could shoot, could facilitate and would bring the ball up. He was ridiculous.
Sterling Mitchell
If kareem wasn't being petty the clippers would have won......oh well
James James
James James 23 days ago
Nj hockey 🆚 the Pedophilia
James James
James James 23 days ago
📊📊🆚🆚all the "pedophilia"
James James
James James 23 days ago
James James
James James 23 days ago
OOOk ay
OOOk ay 24 days ago
Awesome content.. but Awesome content! ..but When does a Joe Johnson, Carlos Boozer or a Paul Pierce vs. Lebron James Game back in 2006 finaly comes out? Gimme that MJ vs Birds boston celtics back in '86 i think with mj dropping 60 somekind points
jake heeney
jake heeney 25 days ago
We know he's dead. That isn't why they showed this video. Rip kobe but you don't need to comment it every single time he appears anywhere
Matthew S
Matthew S 25 days ago
That guy yelling at Kobe when Kobe was shooting free throws almost made me cry
Alex Medina
Alex Medina 26 days ago
2nd greatest player ever behind MJ, no disrespect to Wilt but if Shaq was in the same era as Wilt he would have been averaging 50 as well. The fact that Shaq only has one MVP either means that the MVP award is political or his level of competition was so damn high. I like to think it was the latter.
queenjafri 27 days ago
Reece T. Williams
Reece T. Williams 29 days ago
these refs are awful lol
Javante Mcqueen
Javante Mcqueen Month ago
Now they know that got ever game in high definition like this Quilty like this!!! Kobe goat bean Bryant wit the poise out their 🐐💪🏿
Dominance. The most physical player in NBA history. Anything inside of 2 feet of the basket was money
Mitchell Kmatz
Mitchell Kmatz Month ago
if man stayed in shape and had a good jumpshot, Right now were talking about how Shaq has 10 rings to Mikes 6 and how hes by far the goat..
Martin Hantson
Martin Hantson Month ago
theoriginal23 Month ago
You can actually see Lamar Odoms talent back then.
Electric Month ago
First play lmaooooooooooooooooo
Girthologist Gaming
4:05 obvious uncalled travel, he fully jumps like 6 feet while grasping the ball LOL
Harjap Saini
Harjap Saini Month ago
Sam Thomas
Sam Thomas Month ago
What even was that call on shaq at 10:20 .. Ridiculously soft refereeing
Big Jax
Big Jax Month ago
Booyaaa100 Month ago
Man announcer's used to be so boring. Just talking in a boring monotone the whole time.
C.J. Love
C.J. Love Month ago
Clippers fans be like, "We exist back in 2000?"
Sinan Ünal
Sinan Ünal Month ago
even kobe was on the court. that's the shocking side of the story. :) However we love you Mamba, RIP.
Can't Beat The BAY!
Announcer: "Hopes for win #16 for his birthday." Shaq: "Yeah, flip those numbers around, ima score 61."
Jose Elias Garcia Vivas
Maurice Taylor ballinnnn out there....
yoe91 Month ago
It's amazing to think Shaq easily could've been a lot better. He could've watched his diet and been more mobile and consistent the full game, he never really worked that hard on his FT's cause he was so talented otherwise, he consistently missed point blank layups because of a lack of focus, could've defended and rebounded with more effort...
Eli Armstrong
Eli Armstrong Month ago
I hate the play by play guy. He’d be tremendous if it were a radio or something but it’s just annoying when I’m actually watching the game
Adrian Flores
Adrian Flores Month ago
Awww man the kcal 9 chick hearn broadcast this is awesome nba finally doin something right
yoe91 Month ago
25:58 Derek Anderson over Shaq at the rim. Beautiful. One of the most underrated players of that early 2000s period. Very classy player, monster dunker, well rounded polished game.
Jesse C
Jesse C Month ago
Clippers suck
Jesse C
Jesse C Month ago
Go lakers
Jennifer Rudy
Jennifer Rudy Month ago
kd died
Chase Hunter
Chase Hunter Month ago
No one: Not even me: 99% of chat: LoOk At CuRrY mAn So InSpIrAtIoNaL
M.o.E Month ago
At 58:42 ... I doesn't know kanye west played basketball
Mr Q Ceaz
Mr Q Ceaz Month ago
Jerry West was a cheat code as a GM
Joey Belmondo
Joey Belmondo Month ago
Superstars played more minutes back then! Shaq with 45 minutes of playing time! Love to see it! These days we see our superstars less.
kawaiiafangirl Month ago
Lamar Odom started out so well but finished 6/18 from the field w/ 5 TOs and 5 fouls.
E Dotty TV
E Dotty TV Month ago
Kobe and Shaq were brothers. True brothers argue and still fund a way to reunite. Such an epic duo 🔥
Nikosylk74 2 months ago
Can anyone tell me Kobe's addidas model?
Vincent Foronda
Vincent Foronda 2 months ago
odom have no idea thats hell be winning championship with kobe and the lakers 9-10 years later..
Duff Man187
Duff Man187 2 months ago
Nba gone make its money no matter what😂
Abraham Michael
Abraham Michael 2 months ago
Put Kobe's 81 point game
Flawless -Music
Flawless -Music 2 months ago
Who was laughing during Kobe’s free throw. ( 3:26 )
bobby Valentino
bobby Valentino 2 months ago
The quality of this throwback is criminally good. I feel like I’m a kid again being 6 always walking into my uncles room and him always having the basketball games on
Emri Ben Gigi
Emri Ben Gigi 2 months ago
Glen Rice looks like Kanye West lol
memester muzical cars
Kobe: allright let's make these free throws Clippers fan: ayyyyyyyyyyyye Ayyyyye Kobe: misses Clippers fan: Hahaha Kobe: sinks next freethrow Also Kobe: fuck you bitch ass clippers
michele cazzaniga
michele cazzaniga 2 months ago
​thanks NBA, but i can't wait the last career high meaningless game to be broadcasted so you can start with some playoff game 7 or close games
panos oik.
panos oik. 2 months ago
Nba please give us olajuwon vs shaq on finals 95 please!!!!!!!!!!
James Bowser
James Bowser 2 months ago
Kareem was embarrassed by Shaq's lack of free throw production.
viltdc 2 months ago
I like Shaq a lot, but damn this referees cannot count for 3 seconds
Adam Hausen
Adam Hausen 2 months ago
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Brutha Bubba
Brutha Bubba 2 months ago
Brutha Bubba
Brutha Bubba 2 months ago
Kobe to Shap for 61 #UNSELFISH
George Tarasidis
George Tarasidis 2 months ago
9:04 Nesby: "No" Ref: "YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!"
luxan kandiah
luxan kandiah 2 months ago
shaq was not meant to get 63 all i know
Kenneth Harris
Kenneth Harris 2 months ago
we need some Charles Barkley footage
Alan Kuo
Alan Kuo 2 months ago
Pete Chillcut, this man was constipated during the game.
Ronald King
Ronald King 2 months ago
Brad Barnhill
Brad Barnhill 2 months ago
Commentating has certainly changed. 😅
Tony O'Kane
Tony O'Kane 2 months ago
Soooo many soft fouls, and all I hear is how the game was a lot tougher years ago 😳
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez 2 months ago
Tony O'Kane Shaq is 7 ft 1 325 lbs with a 36 inch vertical and a longer wingspan than Giannis🌝. It would be even more fouls against him if he played today since he would be guarded by short small ball centers like PJ Tucker 🌝.
Lamont 2 months ago
So um... nobody is going to acknowledge the Tiger King looking coach of the Clippers?
Noah Cabrera
Noah Cabrera 2 months ago
You gotta keep this on RUvid forever ♾ that would be so amazing
Noah Cabrera
Noah Cabrera 2 months ago
I love you KOBE OMGGG IM SO HAPPY TO SEE HIM PLAY THANK YOU NBA for putting this on RUvid 8-24 💜💛♾
Gatto01 2 months ago
I love these matches!
Sıfır Abone
Sıfır Abone 2 months ago
waiting for kobe's 81!!
cutepinkbandanaman 2 months ago
Come on NBA, don't upload a blurry mess full of artifacts like this. This would have looked at least 480p-ish when it was taped and aired, the only reason it looks terrible is because it was digitized sometime in the early-to-mid-00s with whatever codecs were used in the early days of broadband internet video. NBA broadcasting deals give you access to the masters in perpetuity, please go and digitize them again at some point with modern equipment so you have decent looking video files to use for the games and highlights you want to feature from the 00s.
Hubert Semeniano
Hubert Semeniano 2 months ago
1:11 :21 Kobe.....
Hubert Semeniano
Hubert Semeniano 2 months ago
Mo Taylor killed them 4's for the Lakers lol
Gold Standard
Gold Standard 2 months ago
look at curry man
tribj001 2 months ago
Man I wish Lamar Odom had played PG as the main guy on a team his whole career. Imagine him as a career “point forward” in a Ben Simmons kinda role, surrounded by shooting in a pace and space system...would be crazy. Ben Simmons with a jumper...
Lincoln Funk
Lincoln Funk 2 months ago
Jim Jones
Jim Jones 2 months ago
The greatest two man announcing team to ever do it. RIP Chick
NoScope Gaming
NoScope Gaming 2 months ago
Miss that dynamic duo 🐐
chloe jones
chloe jones 2 months ago
This Lowkey boring
Bl4z3_MC 2 months ago
43:55 commentators said it was a 3 , I need to get me the something like whatever they were smoking when commentating this
Bl4z3_MC 2 months ago
@Vikstrom2k I heard him saying 3 pointer
Vikstrom2k 2 months ago
Anitoi Traian he says ”hits a two-pointer”
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