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LeBron James (27 PTS, 12 REB & 10 AST) and Anthony Davis (16 PTS & 11 REB) led the Los Angeles Lakers to a 128-113 win over the Brooklyn Nets. Kyle Kuzma added 16 PTS in the victory. Taurean Prince (18 PTS, 4 AST & 3 STL) and Kyrie Irving (20 PTS, 4 AST & 2 STL) led the way for the Nets.
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Jan 24, 2020




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Poloc Santos
Poloc Santos Day ago
OMG In The Thumbnail!! 😮
T Lee
T Lee 2 days ago
does anyone else notice anything different with the look of this televised game??
T Lee
T Lee 2 days ago
is there a filter on this game?? the lights look pretty cool .... the players and floor look illuminated.
Rhys Stromson
Rhys Stromson 4 days ago
Nba needs to f-off with these commercials mid game. This is not tv
silent Killers
silent Killers 5 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-MbM9h2rNa2I.html try watch these video
silent Killers
silent Killers 5 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-MbM9h2rNa2I.html try niyo pp panoren gjys
anthony taño
anthony taño 5 days ago
idoL lebron james go go go
Jose Beade
Jose Beade 6 days ago
. estos comerciales es un desastre todo lo que hace estar comerciales y comerciales Está bueno ya no seas ridículo
Jose Beade
Jose Beade 6 days ago
No más comercial esto da asco ..
kash kazu
kash kazu 6 days ago
Sree Krishnan
Sree Krishnan 7 days ago
How lakers are always unbeaten
ravi chawla
ravi chawla 7 days ago
7:10 best d in the game
gulag master
gulag master 8 days ago
I don't know why but the color of this court looks horrible for some reason.
Jez Belga
Jez Belga 12 days ago
Everything is low saturated except lakers
julius dogta
julius dogta 15 days ago
6:40 look at bron always upset not hustlin back on the play what a weak leader
ely jhon purog
ely jhon purog 19 days ago
Lbj has no problem to got a 3pts
AJAMES PH 20 days ago
9:36 the KOBE M0VES
SuperRip7 20 days ago
Lakers won but need better defense. 02-07-20.​
Colt Kirkpatrick
Colt Kirkpatrick 21 day ago
at 59 seconds did that lady say KOBE
Colt Kirkpatrick
Colt Kirkpatrick 21 day ago
fj Villanueva
fj Villanueva 27 days ago
The two legends are now enemy 😥
1k Subscriber Challenge 2020
Their socks was higher than my grades😢
Bryan Gilhang
Bryan Gilhang 28 days ago
lebron:how are you kyrie Kyrie: i Miss you bron 😥
TARAN D GREAT 29 days ago
2:48 brilliant flick pass by KCP that everyone couldnt see
Jeffrey Jerez
Jeffrey Jerez 29 days ago
Aljun Pyo
Aljun Pyo 29 days ago
9:16 Rondo's pass 👏😲😯😮
Jah 29 days ago
Kuzma needs to get traded he once again the only one of the court without a white headband😭😭🤦🏾‍♂️ 3:25
jarris cason
jarris cason Month ago
WEAR ALL BLACK THIS FRIDAY jan 31 BLACK MAMBA FRIDAY to remember mourn loss and celebrate life .. Yo nba lakers we're not moving on were going to need months if not years to grieve and let this 1 sink in .. BLACK MAMBA FRIDAYS WEAR ALL BLACK THIS FRIDAY .. T SHIRTS JERSEYS HOODIES with silhouette of Kobe and Gi on front in loving memory and all 9 names of those lost and on the back MAMBA OUT 1 26 2020 TO PARADISE make all proceeds go equally to the remaining husbands wives children and to KOBES foundation charity and schools to continue his goal to train kids adults athletes in mamba mentality and spread the gyms nationwide and international like McDonald's where the vision of kids athletes adults can all experience the mamba mentality of excellence on off the court and all facility will have a silhouette of Kobe and Gi in the gym sparring.rip king princess + 7
Meliodus__ One man punch
Rip Kobe Bryant 😒😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mizha Love Ian
Mizha Love Ian Month ago
I hope there is a time machine so i can bring Kobe and his daughter Back😭
Albert Jason Alburo
Albert Jason Alburo
Precious Scott
Precious Scott Month ago
Rest up Kobe and Gigi Bryant
Yamada Kun Shinubi
bro irving still did his best im proud
whatchu lookin at
R.I.P Kobe Bryant 😭🙁😔
Marsholl Mallow
Marsholl Mallow Month ago
R.I.P Kobe Bryant 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭
Asian Ivan
Asian Ivan Month ago
I came back after kobe's death and idk how howard is feeling rn bc he wants kobe to be in nba all star im so sad
Walter Apple0
Walter Apple0 Month ago
RIP kobe☹️
John Lorenz Tolentino
Heroes come and go but legends are forever😪 #ripkobe
Cyan Chillz
Cyan Chillz Month ago
Upon this day i will say “KOBE FOR THE THREE” every time I shoot even if I don’t keep that as a promise. R.I.P Kobe Bryant 1978-2020
YaBoi Ashton
YaBoi Ashton Month ago
At first I never believed that Lebron joined Kobe's team. But now that Kobe's dead, Lebron should really amp up his game.
JC Dudas
JC Dudas Month ago
RIP kobe
Inday Almendras
Inday Almendras Month ago
Paradox Gaming
Paradox Gaming Month ago
2:48 look at that pass . Its like a magic
Black Panther
Black Panther Month ago
Lebron make the lakers champion again for kobe
Louie Cortina
Louie Cortina Month ago
Rip kobe
gor9027 Month ago
Sad that this ended up being the final time Kobe saw a Lakers win. :(
Ronald Villanueva
Rip kobe bryant😥😥😥
daniel james datu
Rip black mamba!
dottyxx Month ago
RIP Kobe Bryant.
Allen Adalin
Allen Adalin Month ago
loli lover 123
loli lover 123 Month ago
R.I.P Black Mamba
Zian Valderrama
Zian Valderrama Month ago
farewell kobe bryant my idol
MrPogi Month ago
RIP to Kobe Bryant and his precious daughter Gianna.
Valentina Bajado
RIP Bryant 😭😭😭
Marrgow_III Month ago
Who's here after KOBE BRYANT'S DEATH ??😭
Jessica Makurkur Vlogs
ruvid.net/video/video-JjrSMDq0UUs.html "IN MEMORY R.I.P. KOBE BRYANT" my tribute to the LEGEND"
RIP Kobe Bryant😭
KEKW Month ago
Madarasasuke Madarasasuke
rip kobe
Lunnel Paloma
Lunnel Paloma Month ago
RIP Kobe Bryan😢
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