Ladylike Goes 30 Days Without Shaving

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May 7, 2017




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Heavenly 2 hours ago
I'm 22 and never shaved till now!! And I'm planning not to save my entire life
Black Necko
Black Necko 4 hours ago
I forget to shave so often, all my hair is black, and honestly I couldn’t care less. My friend and her friend both talked about it for almost five minutes, saying that she could never do something like that. Also shaving makes the hair grow in thicker and longer, which is mainly why people get haircuts. Also forgot, leg hair is like a nice second layer to keep you warm if it’s long enough.
growandgame 17 hours ago
you get tired from shaving one leg? how lazy are you?
Friendly Mango.
Friendly Mango. 23 hours ago
Y'all im 17 and i have never shaved. People around me never complain or anything so i feel confident being like this. I wear dresses and bikinis all the time cuz i still have the body ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and idgas about people's opinions, why would i shave for anyone.
The friend fam
I am 10 and I'm shaving
Yorkie Lover26
Yorkie Lover26 2 days ago
For anyone who doesn't shave but might still feel embarrassed about it, honestly I feel you. You can also dye It with bleaching cream (not literally bleach okay, you can buy this at most drugstores), it makes your hairs blonde, and might help you feel more comfortable 😁
Megan Jones
Megan Jones 3 days ago
I just realized I started shaving when i was 10
Mya Papaya
Mya Papaya 3 days ago
Personally I don’t really get why not shaving is empowering, Obviously it’s your own choice with what you do with body hair and it’s completely natural but I don’t get why it’s such a big deal? 🤷‍♀️
Olivia Browder
Olivia Browder 3 days ago
My leg hair is so light I haven’t shaved them in a year
Sage 3 days ago
Why are all so hot- Why am I so lesbian-
akash kalantre
akash kalantre 5 days ago
Asians be like: Pfft, amateurs we never used a blade in our whole life.
Hiya Mukherjee
Hiya Mukherjee 5 days ago
I got a razor advertising in the middle of the video 😂
Slytherin Luca
Slytherin Luca 5 days ago
I don’t shave solely to feel smooth like a washing machine
Room Of Requirements
Keeps you warm in the winter
Mischa Hawkins-Brien
I have hairy legs and I'm very young 6 years old my mom won't let me shave😔
Lovely 5 days ago
@Mischa Hawkins-Brien Lol I have it too. And so does some of my friends. It's ok to have it and it's also ok to want to shave.
Mischa Hawkins-Brien
@Lovely it's not normal on backs I'm a girl
Lovely 5 days ago
@Mischa Hawkins-Brien That's still normal. It's ok. Most people get hair when they start growing up.
Mischa Hawkins-Brien
@Lovely no I mean like my back is hairy legs, arms
Lovely 6 days ago
@Mischa Hawkins-Brien That's normal though. Getting hair just you growing up. I think it might be best for you to wait until you're a little older before you start shaving, but that's up to you and your mom. It's ok to want to shave, but do it because you want to shave. Not because you were pressured into it.
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 6 days ago
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 3 days ago
Lovely lol I’m not responsible for how someone feels. What a load😄
Lovely 3 days ago
@Chris Wilson We both can have an opinion, but when you try to make others feel gross about themselves there is a problem. Saying stuff like that IS pressuring people to be hairless whether you realize it or not.
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 3 days ago
@Lovely nobody cares if you don’t think it’s not gross. See how that works? Where did I say I’m pressuring someone into shaving? All I said is that body hair is gross. I can’t have an opinion? Are you the opinion police?
Lovely 3 days ago
@Chris Wilson Ohh ok. You really shouldn't project your own insecurities on other people. Nobody cares if you think it's gross. It's not on your body so it's not your place to judge anybody who chooses to grow their hair out. And as long as it's clean I don't see the problem. Also, It's ok to like to shave, it's not ok to pressure others into shaving just because you think it's gross when in reality it's just a part of someone's body.
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 3 days ago
Lovely body hair. It’s gross.
Yasmin Shaheen
Yasmin Shaheen 6 days ago
just the fact that they had to make a full video of not shaving for 30 days is so sad
Hailey Reeve
Hailey Reeve 6 days ago
i dont shave my legs or my pits i just dont see the need its my body due to genetics im pretty hairy for a girl so instead of shaving head to toe i choose to embrace the hair its part of me so why should i shave it. i find that if theirs something that i dont feel confident in about my body i choose to embrace it instead of suppressing it and so far this has worked for me
Ryan Morgante
Ryan Morgante 8 days ago
Devin reminds me of Izzy from greys anatomical
Ryan Morgante
Ryan Morgante 8 days ago
Greys anatomy
Blabla Bla
Blabla Bla 8 days ago
I shaved my legs for the first time in MONTHS last week and i must say: I miss my hair and i will definetly let it grow back😂😂
Naomi Morgan
Naomi Morgan 8 days ago
Video: Women don't shave their hair for a month. Me: hasn't shaved hair for years* 😂 Please tell me someone else can relate... 😆🥴🥺
Literally shave and I am 10!!!!!
Tilly Shroom
Tilly Shroom 9 days ago
Rebecca Trzecki
Rebecca Trzecki 9 days ago
Lol I could never do anything remotely close to that
Rebecca Trzecki
Rebecca Trzecki 10 days ago
Lol not shaving is just so uncomfortable for me
Mary H
Mary H 10 days ago
Cant stand not shaving I feel so unclean I gotta shave
InuMiroLover 10 days ago
Be me: "that reminds me. I should shave." ... "Meh. I shaved last year. There's no rush."
Gabby Parks
Gabby Parks 11 days ago
this actually made me cry at 7:29 through 8:33 I'm so glad you guys made this, I'm so much more confident in myself
Shedrick Bark
Shedrick Bark 11 days ago
8:52 oh god 🙄 go to France and see it for yourself. It is not a thing. Period.
Melanie Perales
Melanie Perales 12 days ago
I shave my legs so I can go around the house and ask everyone to feel them
Shivanshu Singh
Shivanshu Singh 13 days ago
For young girls, I love hairy armpit girl, it's sexy, I love it but clean the lower pubic area, I mean don't wax it off but trimm it with clippers , it should not be coming out of bikni,
call it what you want
you're a man, you don't have a say
Descent Crow
Descent Crow 11 days ago
Says who
Charlotte Jellema
Charlotte Jellema 13 days ago
K I just wanna say this I started shaving when I was 9 I’m 11
Milly Carrington
Milly Carrington 13 days ago
I ain't a rebel I'm just lazy
Jade Stringer
Jade Stringer 14 days ago
I literally only shave if I'm about to get tattooed and that's it.
miraculouslylazyand crazy
I am only nine and doesnt wear dresses and skirts because i have so much leg hair and arm hair but i really love to wear dresses and gowns and skirts
miraculouslylazyand crazy
@Akagami •w• my mom wont let me shave she says its a raser so like you can bleed she says she will have to do it with waxing but like not now of course and thanks it really helped
Akagami •w•
Akagami •w• 3 days ago
if you feel uncomfortable ask your mother. Maby she can buy you some shaving items. But if you dont want to shave- just wear a dress or a skirt! I mean it is your body!Don't be ashamed of yourself. :D
Tanya Dueck
Tanya Dueck 15 days ago
I haven't shaved my pits in a couple years. Lol they haven't grown longer and stayed one length.
LordMat 16 days ago
Hasn't shaved for months Shaves for the smooth feeling Forgets its winter and i get dry skin Instant rash Instant regret
uhh yo
uhh yo 16 days ago
title * not shaving for 30 days “. * me not shaving for my whole life *
iinegatorii 17 days ago
I like to shave just for me like I just love how it feels
Cecil The sloth
Cecil The sloth 17 days ago
I like shaving my legs for the feel of it
EX PZ214 Project Zorgo
Okay now I fell a lot better because I felt like people hate people who are bisexual
Hannah Williams
Hannah Williams 19 days ago
Ever since Quarantine started I haven’t picked up a razor since 1786
OMEGA Banshee
OMEGA Banshee 20 days ago
I started shaving at 9
Angelina Lachenicht
I'm so thankful... I'm shaving since day one of Ne, getting body hair. I really want to do the challenge, to love myself even more ❤️
Gachalife._. food
Gachalife._. food 20 days ago
Ok real men should like or not care that women have hair cuss today the expansion for a woman is to be short, skinny, no hair on them besides there head, basically they are describing a child like that's not ok
Sarah Cannon
Sarah Cannon 20 days ago
I didn’t shave for a month and everyone said it was terrible and I am like why do u care
Apurv Raj
Apurv Raj 20 days ago
I want to lick 👅 everyone’s armpits. In this video.
Jaidyn K
Jaidyn K 20 days ago
Ummmm👁👄👁 😳
Kirara01234 20 days ago
By the way, my mum didn't want me to shave at all. She said it will make everything worse. She was right xD I am always wondering how would look like hair on my body if I never shave in my life.
Clxq_0x0 20 days ago
I don’t know why but when I’m bored at 2am I like feeling the hair on my legs😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
anarokr 20 days ago
I grow out my underarm hair most of the time but every once in a while I feel like wiping the slate clean. I always miss it afterwards ); Armpit hair makes me feel like a badass.
ami bindra
ami bindra 23 days ago
Who's here during quarantine laughing coz most of us haven't shaved for months
Rachel Nelli
Rachel Nelli 23 days ago
Kristen is like “body hair = clean toilet.”
Katie S
Katie S 23 days ago
What about waxing?😂
S'vanillla 23 days ago
I'm I the only one who doesn't care about the hair on their body's?.
Ainsley Ribble
Ainsley Ribble 24 days ago
“Women don’t shave for 30 days” I didn’t shave for 13 years. Beat that.
harry's got a cold
harry's got a cold 3 hours ago
imagine coming out of your mother's womb with a razor
Yadni 17 hours ago
I've been on this earth for 16 years and same
Emily Day ago
I didn't shave for 10 years lol
Sara Mohamed
Sara Mohamed 2 days ago
I am 16 I never shaved💅
It’s Hannah
It’s Hannah 24 days ago
Ok but all 3 of them were FIERCE in the photo shoot!!!
Aura Luna
Aura Luna 24 days ago
I am all for no shaving but then there should be swimsuits made where the bush doesn't pop out right and left! Why are they all cut that way???
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott 18 days ago
@Aura Luna Exactly :D And it means I can buy a top separately, which is very necessary because it's downright impossible to find a whole swimsuit in my bust size... I see it as an absolute win :D
Aura Luna
Aura Luna 18 days ago
@Baguette Gott I am looking for swim shorts too at the moment. Plus: they hide my thighs
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott 19 days ago
Agree. I got some swim shorts for that exact reason.
Mira Lilly
Mira Lilly 24 days ago
Body hair on anyone makes me feel grounded out. Am I the only one?
Midhat feroz
Midhat feroz 24 days ago
they're so lucky yo have invisible light hair ...my dark thick hair grows everywhere on my body and you can see it from a 10 metre distance
Anusha Dwivedi
Anusha Dwivedi 25 days ago
Why didn’t they bring in women who have legit body hair for reals 😂? I literally look like a high school senior boy if I don’t wax my stache for a month. These women out here bothered by literally scarse amounts of hair xD and those “body hair experts”, asian and african american, WHAT IS THERE TO SHAVE ON YOU???? If I had that much hair and did not end up looking like a man 👨🏻, I wouldn’t wax too. This video made me feel worse about myself 😂
{ Mäjikkû}
{ Mäjikkû} 26 days ago
*Holy moly they are beautiful* 😃
Andrea A
Andrea A 27 days ago
I started shaving when I was 10
Monica Arevalo
Monica Arevalo 27 days ago
My armpit hair looks like I have Whoopi Goldberg in a headlock 😂
Leylamaria C.
Leylamaria C. 27 days ago
*Me like 15 years old looking at tf little hair u guys have after a month while for that's what I get in a few days(European...)
Thanos 27 days ago
Dame I want to smell all there ARMPITS and bushes except the fat one lol
andrea 28 days ago
Y'all feminine hoes in the comments shaving everything. Good for you do what you want, but I'm a big stone butch legend and I will grow hair everywhere. "Sorry" to my basketball teammates lmfao
Larissa Salvadé
Larissa Salvadé 19 days ago
I don't think it's just a matter of being feminine, I shave mostly because I like feeling my skin smooth under my clothes
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott 19 days ago
I admire you. Always wanted to be that, turns out I'm not that and don't feel comfortable like that, but I still love you butches
Grace Tavani
Grace Tavani 29 days ago
0:47 Deven is apparently pretty flexible
Larissa Salvadé
Larissa Salvadé 19 days ago
No wonder, she teaches pole dancing
Nichole Davis
Nichole Davis 29 days ago
I don't shave my legs that often
King Kishii
King Kishii 29 days ago
I shaved my legs once and never did it again because it itched so bad...I just think people are so silly worrying about body hair which is typically normal,and not worrying about the weirdest things that's going on in the world these days.🙄 PS..I love Devin so much.
MF 29 days ago
They are so prettttty
Jessica Gaynor
Jessica Gaynor Month ago
Me during quarantine
Om Patel
Om Patel Month ago
My brother: ewwww u have armpit hair. Me:really dude u are the reason I’m gonna be not happy with my body :/
Dangerous Woman
Dangerous Woman 9 days ago
Om Patel ikr
Om Patel
Om Patel 9 days ago
Dangerous Woman ur brother is talking nonsense
Dangerous Woman
Dangerous Woman 9 days ago
My brother said only boys should have hair..
Reshma Haresh
Reshma Haresh Month ago
I'm I the only person who only trims these hairs with scissors and doesn't bother to shave
legsopen sarah
legsopen sarah Month ago
I don't even trim mine to be honest.
Meow Ross
Meow Ross Month ago
I’m 14 and I’ve never shaved ._. Lol
And I ooop
And I ooop Month ago
Why does the girl with glasses and brown hair look like the librarian from monsters Inc
My legs are hairer than my dads
Aesthetic H0e
Aesthetic H0e Month ago
Am i the only one who is shaving because i hate body hair on me lmao
iwatch ytwhenimbored
i don’t get why we have to shave our pits but guys mostly dont
hook blieght
hook blieght Month ago
nothin hotter than a women with a 5 o clock shadow
deepa thomas
deepa thomas Month ago
I wonder how a great channel struggle to have some quality content. Thirty days of not shaving, really?
L Smith
L Smith Month ago
I never shave down there BECAUSE IT GETS SO ITCHY AND IRRITATED! But I do shave everywhere else when I feel like it. Not to please someone else it’s just for me
Sam Harvey
Sam Harvey Month ago
When i shave down there I just glop a ton of healing ointment (like for little cuts, wounds) overnight and I don't itch at all. But again, I rarely ever shave down there
Tiffany Favela
Tiffany Favela Month ago
they all look amazing!!
lul Smileyyy
lul Smileyyy Month ago
That's crazy how all the ads in the video are just showing me shaving products and deodorant🤷‍♀️
Sienna Eddy
Sienna Eddy Month ago
I personally shave for myself that’s what makes me feel beautiful but you go ladies!
Lusivi Games
Lusivi Games Month ago
My closeted self watching them model just panicked
Milena Month ago
Honestly I'm going to sound stupid but I think that both men and women should be shaving their arm pits- in my opinion it's only part of the body that looks really gross.
Sam Harvey
Sam Harvey Month ago
Yeah! I NEVER show my legs, I don't really grow facial hair, but I just feel icky when my armpits are hairy. My hair grows realllyy slow so honestly I only shave it every or every other week and it's not noticable. I just have really thin and short hairs all over my body but my head hair is super thick.
Rachel S
Rachel S Month ago
Jennifer Voilet
Jennifer Voilet Month ago
I read that as Lady Gaga goes 30 days without shaving
Beautifully_ Retarded
The dislikes are from men who think something natural is gross. But little do they know... that way of thinking is gross.
Piper Mclean
Piper Mclean Month ago
My past schools have been really horrible. The people are snooty and expect you to follow there examples which I hate
Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms Month ago
I went 14 years without shaving...i'm 14 btw
Ruchira Sarma
Ruchira Sarma Month ago
I am surprised they are making body hair such a big deal.
April twins
April twins Month ago
I don’t shave my legs because then a lot of hair will grow so..... no
Faith Evans
Faith Evans Month ago
I love how everyone at buzzfeed does not judge like everyone has their own personality and in some weird way they make us feel not left out or that we’re different from everyone else and they normalize everything when others couldn’t admit to it
Huh? 5 days ago
Yea. Untilllll you see that video of them painting with their menstrual blood and then all hope is lost.
Sarah Thomson
Sarah Thomson Month ago
Ok. I was NOT prepared for my gayness to SKYROCKET when seeing Chantel at 7:06. Holy moly!!!
Sam Harvey
Sam Harvey Month ago
For all of the photoshoot scenes,, GAY P A N I C
Ahana Banerjee
Ahana Banerjee Month ago
I'm going to be 19 in a few months and I've never shaved or waxed a day in my life and trust me I'm really hairy!
Kawaii Ghoul
Kawaii Ghoul Month ago
My mom says that shaving legs is bad. That i have to wax but im 13 and im scared to do that..
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott 19 days ago
My mom says it's horrible that society pressures me to shave any hair at all, and she wishes me and my sister had the confidence to not do it. We don't. But I also wish I did.
Kawaii Ghoul
Kawaii Ghoul 25 days ago
@Milly thank you!! 😊💚
Milly 25 days ago
Kawaii Ghoul if you don’t want to don’t do it. I don’t shave or wax my legs. I’m 14, your mother shouldn’t be pressuring you to do anything. Just do what makes you happy 😃
Nigel Marvin
Nigel Marvin Month ago
Being a guy who used to be on the swim team, we generally have to shave our arm, armpit, and leg hair (basically any part that isn’t covered by the jammers/speedo and cap). And I have gotten so used to it, that after 3 years of graduating from High School and I don’t have to shave, I still do it out of habit. And now I generally say that if men tell women to shave almost all of your body hair, men should do the same.
misharity cicilia
Im 12 and i shave my armpits twice a week and legs once a 2 week bcuz my leg Hair doesn't groep that gaat and i dont really wax but u wax once 2 month so but its different for other ppl my age
Kenna :3
Kenna :3 Month ago
If I don’t shave for a week I end up looking like Bigfoot.
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