Ladylike Goes 30 Days Without Shaving

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"Let us be the hairy beasts that we're meant to be!"
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May 7, 2017




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Comments 17 012
Abdeali Sabun
Abdeali Sabun 13 hours ago
One word: Disgusting
AHS 14 hours ago
My hair is so dark anf God, I have manly hair on my armpits and feets!! xD
Tamryn Camryn
I don’t shave my under-arm, because I honestly don’t get any hairs there.. I also don’t have a moustache, because, well..I’m a girl. I always thought it was normal, and I never knew women could have moustaches. I only shave my arms and legs :D
Manac1735 Day ago
As a blonde, I can go all winter (plus a little more once into late spring once) without shaving :/\
Caroline Dill
I shave cause I hate how itchy it gets.
Sam Law
Sam Law Day ago
I'm just sitting here like yeah I remember the itchy stage
Viktoria Kelemenic
I only shave my underarms, my legs haven’t been shaved in a long time but then again I don’t grow much leg hair as well as arm hair. I shave my underarms because of smell. I have hormonal imbalances and so if I leave my hair to grow it’ll smell worse, then when I shave it and clean it etc
littleRose cutie
littleRose cutie 2 days ago
When you shave it keeps coming. Around your 5th time every shaving, It grows back EVERY day. For X-Mas i got this amazing razor with a soap bar around it so I CAN'T get cut with it. Its amazing! Shaving sucks and it wastes time
Samantha Groman
Samantha Groman 2 days ago
I could not do this. I hate going even two days without shaving.
Spespriest Jcky
Spespriest Jcky 2 days ago
I like my blonde armpit hair
Hajar houda
Hajar houda 2 days ago
3:35 omg she's so beautiful and her voice is just... 😍
Addie Meier
Addie Meier 2 days ago
I personally dont shave because I feel better when I do. I do it for myself
random dude
random dude 2 days ago
Ha!...i didn't shave for 4 months and even more ...
Rain Anxiety .-.
Rain Anxiety .-. 2 days ago
...I honestly dont know why I got this for my recommendation but its entertaining to watch 😂
Linda Easley
Linda Easley 2 days ago
I went a week without shaving once and I felt like a hairy ape . No thanks
cara xv
cara xv 3 days ago
not allowed to shave? they could’ve just waxed.
Stephanie Gray
Stephanie Gray 3 days ago
Rock on ladies!! This is incredible. ❤️💙❤️
Paula Mugabi
Paula Mugabi 3 days ago
I have never shaved my legs ever.
Angela Solano
Angela Solano 3 days ago
I barely grow hair only on my arms is where they grow
Sanad Amad
Sanad Amad 3 days ago
Don’t you think this is a bit disgusting and weird and embarrassing
Sofia Esteban
Sofia Esteban 3 days ago
Girls be like gay for devin😂
Cleo Avants
Cleo Avants 4 days ago
You guys are showing girls that it's ok to grow out there body hair and I'm insecure about my body weight so you guys are really helpful to people like me
Gigi Dimas
Gigi Dimas 6 days ago
I’m not saying women shouldn’t shave, but you should only shave for yourself. Don’t let anyone else make you think you are more beautiful without hair
Mallory DeLoach
Mallory DeLoach 6 days ago
I loveee devons looks at 4:30
Itz_Waffle _Wolf
Itz_Waffle _Wolf 6 days ago
If I couldn’t shave for a while I would use makeup on my armpits
Ruby Rembiszewski
bruh i have 3c curly hair so if I grow out the armpits i can literally create a lil fro
Brittany Campo
Brittany Campo 7 days ago
Society: make sure you have impossibly copious amounts of hair on your scalp and eyes but anywhere else and YOURE DEAD TO ME!!! Ladylike:👁️👄👁️ bet?
Lauren Tilley
Lauren Tilley 7 days ago
I only shave my legs if I have too, I’ve gone months before because it doesn’t bother me nor does it bother my partner... I shave my armpits because of “what is considered socially acceptable”... however if I have enough long sleeved tops for work, I will not shave. I hate shaving, who has the time to do it every day 🤷🏼‍♀️
MsLilyx22lips 8 days ago
The only reason I shaved is only when I get hot & sweating excessively cause of all the hair, for hygiene purpose..mainly underarm & pube area.
Shannon Ford
Shannon Ford 8 days ago
Love it
window ghost
window ghost 9 days ago
i barely shave
KittyCat1829 !
KittyCat1829 ! 9 days ago
I got an ad for a razor *Hmmmmmmm*
Token9000 LP mit Herzblut
0:47 Saw that Tried it Died
Eva 9 days ago
This made me feel better for not shaving my stash
Aizawa Shouta
Aizawa Shouta 10 days ago
as a girl I stop shaving at September and don't shave until June
Farah alqahtani
Farah alqahtani 10 days ago
7:37 okay but like devin is SO HOT now ik for sure i’m gay😭
Maria Sotelo
Maria Sotelo 10 days ago
I like shaving just because I like feeling smooth 🙂
mary hershelman
mary hershelman 10 days ago
I have never shaved my thighs....the hair is as fine as my inner arm hair. Welcome to wild assness.
Morgan Clark
Morgan Clark 11 days ago
Right after this video I shaved 😂
b00T 11 days ago
How do you beautify armpits?
OliveandLav #livelife
I started shaving a year ago I’m ten
Art3mis Black
Art3mis Black 11 days ago
I don’t shave my legs , I put oxygen water in them to dye the hair blonde
Sheetal Kamal
Sheetal Kamal 11 days ago
She looked so cute when she what
kitty Jackson
kitty Jackson 11 days ago
this would be torture for me because i hate body hair and i feel so self conscious with it so if i notice its growing i feel gross and shave it, i shall never respect my own body hair ever, the only natural place is downsouth but even that would be trimmed.
Mayu Draws
Mayu Draws 12 days ago
I like shaving- because I like rubbing my legs together before I go to sleep and it being smooth
ali badshash
ali badshash 12 days ago
women is fed up mentally in general
DMGilbert20 12 days ago
I never could have participated in this challenge, I barely have to shave, and yes, I am thankful for that.
Miriam 12 days ago
Kayln Mathews
Kayln Mathews 12 days ago
Love this video. I will probably never stop shaving(I'm OCD and any body hair other then my hair bothers me) BUT I use to overpluck my eyebrows in a compulsive way and I stopped after seeing this video!!! I now have almost full eyebrows without having to use excessive makeup 😁😁
cubby clips
cubby clips 13 days ago
I'm frickin 11 and I have BLACK HAIR so u can SEE , and is have hair everywhere like BRO....
Mir Bundy
Mir Bundy 13 days ago
Yo why don’t they just wax?
*Cozmic RainBow*
*Cozmic RainBow* 14 days ago
*Diode laser: Never to shave ever
Madalyn Dollyhigh
Madalyn Dollyhigh 14 days ago
I never really think about shaving my armpits. Even when I was on swim team. It just didn’t matter. I think it’s so interesting how our minds think differently about certain things.
Samantha Slay
Samantha Slay 14 days ago
Wow kristen looks like she lost weight. She looks really good
mariam thomas
mariam thomas 14 days ago
Picnic ants.......lol.....shes so funny ..........lmao
Admya Papuni
Admya Papuni 15 days ago
children watching (dont shave young)
lol hi losers
lol hi losers 15 days ago
I mean i haven't shaved for 5 months because I'm too lazy
Islam allan
Islam allan 15 days ago
I never new girls can get armpit hair I thought it was for boys only and I’m 11
Exotic 15 days ago
Who gives a fuck
Party music
Party music 16 days ago
I don’t shave my legs :3
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