Lady Gaga Met Gala 2019 Transformation

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Watch Lady Gaga's full Met Gala 2019 fashion transformation at 'Camp.'


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May 6, 2019




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Miguel Blanco
Meow Lan Foo
Meow Lan Foo 2 days ago
I wonder Wat the people behind her think..gosh move gaga..move..she causing a jam as usual lol
Selis Ebrar
Selis Ebrar 4 days ago
No one : paparazzi: GAGA TURN
Angeles García
Angeles García 10 days ago
En el último vestido se le ven las lonjas
Ali Reza
Ali Reza 10 days ago
I read it as: Lady Gaga met (as in 'meet') Gala (thought it was someone's name) I don't even know why I thought that way since I am familiar with met gala even if it was just for a moment
Chris Moody
Chris Moody 12 days ago
I know that's right, show them what time it is!
Justin Beiber usa
Justin Beiber usa 15 days ago
joe happiness is non existent
Imagine coming after her tho
joe happiness is non existent
Me when someone says I'm being dramatic
Tihi Tihic
Tihi Tihic 16 days ago
hmm..So take off your pantieeeees... I thought..hmm
pinky1068 20 days ago
pe pe
pe pe 20 days ago
Que payasada fue esa y como desespera el tipo que le ayuda a desvestirse!
helen s
helen s 23 days ago
dudes shouting "GAGA" like that's really gonna get her attention
XxEmzyxX Channel
XxEmzyxX Channel 24 days ago
Mr. Manbat
Mr. Manbat Month ago
A bit too much
Screative 31
Screative 31 Month ago
My Parents : we are going to family function keep your Gay Ass in your pocket. Me after looking camera !!!
Sophie Mouk
Sophie Mouk Month ago
11:21 u can see Liza Koshy on the top
Angel L
Angel L Month ago
Imagine if Alexander McQueen didn’t passed away....
Melissa missing Chris Cornell
KIM K: Giggles* " I don't know what this Like Camp is but look at my like super tight outfit , waist trimmer, & wet hair... I am like... HAUS: MOVE BITCH...I AM CAMP BITCH
maral ronnie
maral ronnie Month ago
the photographers are so rude and have no respect 😠 let lady gaga be herself
Clara Dele
Clara Dele Month ago
i love that she turns around and does the same thing so then all of the photographers can have the same picture
Sarah A
Sarah A Month ago
Bro, the paparazzi are just damn rude and pushy, saying "you're ruining it gaga?" Are you serious? I guess the screams and cheers of the fans for every turn that Gaga did makes it up for it
Muneeb Month ago
The crowd loves her..
Vikram Sharma
Vikram Sharma Month ago
She literally killed every look..Noone like Gaga 👍
Kassy Flowers
Kassy Flowers 2 months ago
She is a true iconic legend omg
SirEriol 2 months ago
That's why her dress is so big. _It's full of secrets._
DDD waterson
DDD waterson 2 months ago
Catch the reference
Spinel 2 months ago
*oh my gaga*
X XxßRøkęñxX
X XxßRøkęñxX 2 months ago
Did anybody see Liza Koshy There
Mathilde Bergeron
Mathilde Bergeron 2 months ago
dude at 5:33: it's gonna be filled with glitter gaga: fuck you
Rinold thousen
Rinold thousen 2 months ago
Why do people have given her lots of time to post
MsJoey 2 months ago
That black dress, I want a similar one for my wedding AND my rich husband's funeral. ;) It's so simple but big and I love it!!
itsbaby ivan
itsbaby ivan 2 months ago
HuiMei Lu
HuiMei Lu 2 months ago
Shout outs to the designer for continuously walking up and down those stairs, fixing Gaga’s looks. HE IS IT !
Ed Suiter
Ed Suiter 2 months ago
This vídeo only shows how great she is
Araña-Cobra 2 months ago
she is a true artist
Fol Viado
Fol Viado 3 months ago
wow papparazzis are really this annoying sjsjsjjsksksjsjskj
karen karen
karen karen 3 months ago
ka ka turn these ways!
Matt C
Matt C 3 months ago
Rishi2379 3 months ago
u can just about see liza in the top right corner😂
Adnan khan
Adnan khan 3 months ago
umbrellas hahsha
Horacio Bustos
Horacio Bustos 3 months ago
Que te fumaste lady gaga!...
Oliver 3 months ago
Fuck homework am I right ladies
Pix_d 3 months ago
simple design yet so elegant
Gelipe Vasque
Gelipe Vasque 3 months ago
Too much brando ma..
Cristian Cristiano
Cristian Cristiano 3 months ago
Descarado!!!La gente esta dormida.Todo tiene un segnificado
Diego Lievanos
Diego Lievanos 3 months ago
“this is bananas. how the fuck am i gonna get another car with 2000 fucking gaga photos” THESE PHOTOGRAPHERS ARE SO RUDE ITS STRESSING ME OUT
Kevin Amed Kafando
Kevin Amed Kafando 4 months ago
Bethy LedezmaG
Bethy LedezmaG 4 months ago
La mejor sin ninguna duda😍😍😍😍😍🤩♥️
Melanie 4 months ago
The photographers were so fucking rude oh my god.
Тося Суворкина
What an ugly freak!
juan 4 months ago
Os imaginais que de repente alguien la llama por su nombre real: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
Yosua C
Yosua C 4 months ago
Super Genius!!!!!
Vlk Etto
Vlk Etto 4 months ago
The escorts were part of the fucking Performance like wtf
Jorge G. Ruiz
Jorge G. Ruiz 4 months ago
Only Gaga can turn a red carpet walk into an amazing performance
Alex Silva
Alex Silva 4 months ago
Paparazzi are so fucking rude
Jos Ferrer
Jos Ferrer 4 months ago
Maldición simplemente fuimos afortunados en vivir en la misma época que Lady Gaga ❤😍
Creuza Rodrigues
Creuza Rodrigues 4 months ago
Devia ta um calor da mulesta com aquela quantidade de roupa
X O 4 months ago
krysta kosherr mahmod
them photographers are annoying as fuck . id throw something at them .
fake core
fake core 5 months ago
the pose at 16:10 she's so cute oml
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