Lady Antebellum - Ocean

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Music video by Lady Antebellum performing Ocean. © 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC




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Comments 80
Billy Edwards
Billy Edwards 2 hours ago
She/I was the Ocean...
Melanie S
Melanie S 11 hours ago
travel teach101
travel teach101 16 hours ago
What a beautiful song baby “let me in baby, you’re an ocean beautiful and blue, I wanna swim in you”
Bobbie Brush
Bobbie Brush Day ago
Yo like if u see some of her tears in her eyes while she was sings
Nazifa Tabassum
How perfectly the song matches with my current situation 😥
Nkatha Muthaura
Gosh! How she expresses those emotions. All the feels.😭
A M Day ago
what a song! each word and rendition is perfect!
Jady Nekena R.
This is heartbreaking.
DevilishAngel 2 days ago
Omg my heart 💔
2016BMWi8 4 days ago
She kinda looks like Beyonce in this
Aurora Starchild
Aurora Starchild 4 days ago
❤❤❤❤ I tear up soon as it begins.... I've been a fan since day one... I love you all so much
Delphia Burnett
Delphia Burnett 4 days ago
Love dilemmas in love with the most handsome blue eyed identical twins either way is a heart break or intense Love. I want to swim in U
Brooke Kersey
Brooke Kersey 4 days ago
Why don't we all take a moment to notice how beautiful and natural Hillary is up close
Paper Mint
Paper Mint 4 days ago
The melancholic, natural, n beauty melody n lyric
Amanda may Nieves
Poetic at its finest when feeling cant be explained let the music do the expression let the poetic speak into words let the song be the feelings 🖤
Maria B.
Maria B. 6 days ago
Your so so good 😊🙂🙃
Chelsea Lang
Chelsea Lang 6 days ago
I love this song so much!!the first time I heard I fell in love and I would not listening to it!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
stella lexus
stella lexus 7 days ago
Reminds me of you, Greg. Now I can't even say thank you to you.
Nicole Fredrickson
U help me fall asleep at night u inspire me 😴🤗
Liza Meiring
Liza Meiring 10 days ago
Reminds me of my boyfriend who I lost to suicide and the mental struggles he was facing before he left 😢
abeneri djumapili
abeneri djumapili 10 days ago
This song sounds very much like: Rain by patty Griffin
Jervic Ramon Balinggan
Bipolar Bear
Bipolar Bear 13 days ago
We are all in agreement that this video is basically Sugarland's "Stay", right?
Sherry Trenner
Sherry Trenner 13 days ago
Austin Teets
Austin Teets 13 days ago
"Baby look at me and swear you wont lose me." That hits so deep
Sikander Nuruddin
Sikander Nuruddin 14 days ago
You were in and still in. Please let me in too!
Baraka76 14 days ago
Pretty face, sad Song, great voice
Hadijah Nalukenge
Hadijah Nalukenge 15 days ago
Sikander Nuruddin
Sikander Nuruddin 15 days ago
Can you please let me know is it a YES from you please?!
Anonymous 16 days ago
Will be free
Will be free 16 days ago
I don't want to swim in you, but tiny parts of me wants to do it.
Cameron Abfalter
Cameron Abfalter 17 days ago
I love this song this is my favorite song ❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕
ell r
ell r 18 days ago
Don’t fall, rise in ❤️- Alan Watts
Michael Weiner
Michael Weiner 20 days ago
This had me tearing up, so damn beautiful
Judex Rex
Judex Rex 21 day ago
just beautiful thank you
Armin Kreyenbaum
Armin Kreyenbaum 21 day ago
Marcos Affonso
Marcos Affonso 21 day ago
maravilhoso grupo country
Dan Phantom
Dan Phantom 22 days ago
I must have listened to this beautiful song dozens of times. This song hits home
Miss Uno
Miss Uno 23 days ago
Exactly how i feel about a current ex. We had something and i poured my heart out to him. He ended up backing away and never offically broke up with me. He came back 6 months later claiming he was a changed man. But once we tried to work things out...i realized he hadnt changed. He admitted pulling away because he didnt know how to accept the outpouring of my love, he didnt deserve how i treated him like a knight. I told him i loved him but its time for us to go seperate directions. Next woman i hope he doesnt run away.
cheelian yap
cheelian yap 25 days ago
Hold 砍死妳
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 27 days ago
sherri thompson
sherri thompson 27 days ago
This song really open 2 interpretation..just my opinion x😘👍💖
sherri thompson
sherri thompson 27 days ago
God Bless yyx
sherri thompson
sherri thompson 27 days ago
Ok mate x i get it xz👍😘
sherri thompson
sherri thompson 27 days ago
Great song x💞💖🐚👍😥😥😀😥😥😘😥😥😥😘🐕🐶🐚👍
Topher Drew
Topher Drew 28 days ago
This is truly a gorgeous ballad. The melody is timeless and wonderful. Lady Antebellum has so many songs that will endure for decades.
Joyfully Kharbani
Joyfully Kharbani 28 days ago
It really relates with my life I'm in love with a miles away man but he dosen't love me back
BeAuTiFuL DiSaStEr
BeAuTiFuL DiSaStEr 29 days ago
Love this song but break down everytime..sadly this is what my whole life has been. Seems I find myself fighting for ppl I love but in reality I shouldn't or anyone have to beg for anyone love should come natural. Anyone Struggling right now always remember keep your head up no matter how bad the storm gets God will always see through it.
Donna Reid
Donna Reid Month ago
This ocean hopes to come crashing to your shore one day not too far away......🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊♥️
Brian Humphreys
Brian Humphreys Month ago
I love you.♥️♥️
Khulood Mohammed
Sia unstoppable lyrics and translation مترجمة مع الكلمات ruvid.net/video/video-xsnUTWL7Z1k.html 😍
Darlene Ramirez
Darlene Ramirez Month ago
I love this song for the reason that I am going to school for a underwater welder, but I know that my wife and mother are scared for me. So, I tell them," I am doing this for myself ". When I was young I was afraid of swimming. Until my uncle push into the lake. After, that day I need to prove to myself that I can do anything if I just have God by my side. And, never lose my faith. So, I decided to push myself into the deep in. Not, just for me but for family. To show them with God anything is possible.
Abram Adkins
Abram Adkins Month ago
Made sure my kid the. Kids was take. Care of
Abram Adkins
Abram Adkins Month ago
Really this song can go both ways, I just turned 34 yrs today and when you thought you fought all can fight n be that light house an love wasn't enough, and kids in the mix, trust me my only marraige I spend 6 years tring to be the responsible one among the both of tring to keep good paying jobs which I could not, I had pretty had to stay home and make sure I child the. Second one came along thought things would get better an make ya want fight even harder to make it world and all you got was rejection... Trust me I was a big ball of a mess, all I could do one something was said to me I would break down an cry cause I was the one being looked at like I was the bad person when came down to it was really her..... Severe depression and the anxiety is real and trust me it hurts sooo bad when you have that break down that you can no breath it hurts so bad... It's no joke to play with it does make you just want to end it but with the proper help can some what get you back to normal but when certain things are bought up or something said the reminded you of it all just constantly tearing at especially when you have to continue one have to deal with cause of you children... I feel for everyone of you... All I can say is keep your head up it does get some what better but it's how you make it to take it... Me said to say I do have feelings and emotions and takes alot to get at me but after 9 years now it dont 4 years divorced it is truly has been true hard to get where I am... Everyone deserves to find that one true love that means everything in the world to them!!! Hard to find goodones
Abram Adkins
Abram Adkins Month ago
Damn typos sorry folks
Alex IMF
Alex IMF Month ago
this is beautiful song. thats why i love lady antebellum!
Tam Month ago
Beautiful ❤️
drunk and Cory
drunk and Cory Month ago
This song is so powerful and beautiful it is crazy🌊 what I could do to you
dggydddy59 Month ago
Whoa, if Hillary's acting then she's doing a fantastic job. But l believe it's real and the director said keep shooting, can you do that again Hillary honey? Meanwhile the lyrics are just tearing her up inside. Pretty brave of her to go along with it, if that's the case. ☮💖💋
Biały Month ago
Beautiful voice, like a angel
drunk and Cory
drunk and Cory Month ago
Everybody who gave this song a thumbs down does it understand the power of what the song is singing about. It is singing about life love the powers of the star of the ocean and life above. This is a song I would love to tickets for one day in the Gratitude to meet somebody smart enough to write this song for the love
Stephanie Millan
I love this song because I can relate to it very much! It touches my soul!
Rebecca A Belbot
Sounds like my Marriage …But it takes TWO…I’m Only One…Amazing Beautiful Vocals!!@LADY ANTEBELLUM 💕🌷☝🏻🌟🥳🤩🌻
Kawog Po-Aw
Kawog Po-Aw Month ago
1. Ocean 2. I need you now Agree??
super emma
super emma Month ago
Such a beautiful song 😭😭
Aaron Beee
Aaron Beee Month ago
This song was written about you.
Chris Tudor
Chris Tudor Month ago
I love the raw emotion in Hillary's voice!
Eoghan Hulbert
Eoghan Hulbert Month ago
This song took everything my heart didn't know how to say and also destroyed me at the same time. I didn't think I was capable of crying this much until this song reached my ears.
Sevem Rai
Sevem Rai Month ago
Soooooo Sweet and emotional song... My heart is crying...!!
Carla Murillo
Carla Murillo Month ago
Everytime i hear this song, reminds me about AEONIX and how sad his artworks are 💔
Joy Modlin
Joy Modlin Month ago
Betty Pittman
Betty Pittman Month ago
Wild and crazy by frankie Balrd
Megan Coy
Megan Coy Month ago
I love it
Jason Sutherland
Please keep this look. My god you are beyond breathtaking. If this face was the first thing I got to see when I opened my eyes, I swear I'd died I'm my sleep. Your husband is a very lucky man
Akhila S. Prakash
The first line itself hits so hard! This song breaks my heart every time I listen to it. It is so beautifully delivered that it hurts so bad 🖤.
Jorja Sharon
Jorja Sharon Month ago
guys please review my cover records here : ruvid.net/video/video-DOjPcAf5PYs.html leave me a like and comment adn subscribe if you want to :) thanks
MegaKai81 Month ago
God teaches his strongest Soldiers because he knows they are the most damaged but they are the kindest Executioners
Laurien Cook
Laurien Cook Month ago
She has one of the most beautiful beautiful voice
Tree Lemmon
Tree Lemmon Month ago
Brianna Jules
Brianna Jules Month ago
the best
Stephanie Parker
Depression and anxiety are much the anchor here. I feel this song in my soul. It's sad bc you can be so happy and yet inside die. All while playing such the perfect part nobody can even see it. And it's like the ocean. It comes in waves. Even when you have nothing to be sad about. Mental health should draw more attention. It's as important as physical health!
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