Lachy, Lazarbeam & Muselk Play Mr Beast $100,000 Battle Royale!

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Me, Lachy and Lannan went over to LA for Mr Beasts 100k Battle Royale!
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Comments 80
Stay Frosty
Stay Frosty 7 hours ago
2:19 Fitz just flipped them off
Sebastian ALLENDES
Of course the aussies were the ones swearing a lot which is probably why they weren’t shown as much on mr beasts original vid
Epicgamers 3 days ago
Has anyone seen the odd1sout video of this
Pixelater 911
Pixelater 911 4 days ago
Lannan was funny as but U took the gun off Lachie
Hank bridges
Hank bridges 4 days ago
Typical gamer won second round
farhan owaisi
farhan owaisi 4 days ago
Muselk SUCKS
Sonny Smith
Sonny Smith 5 days ago
Balázs Berkes
Balázs Berkes 5 days ago
i came from wildcat as soon as i saw that in the end of his video your were in the background looking disgusted lmao
Funny Cheif
Funny Cheif 6 days ago
Legend say lannan is still taking shots with ricegum even though Lachy said no
DJ Drazi L
DJ Drazi L 9 days ago
3:04 , I have spotted a wild Mini Ladd
Elias Hanna
Elias Hanna 9 days ago
How much did the computer cost
How many fucking times did they fucking say the word FUCKING in both those fucking matches!?
Coby Ainslie
Coby Ainslie 14 days ago
I hate you are so bad at Fortnite
Hemish Aubeeluck
Hemish Aubeeluck 18 days ago
Why is every one wearing power(lachy)merch
Ares FM
Ares FM 20 days ago
You lost because of the shoes that PrestonPlayz saw you wearing
Did you win?
Vincenzo Awesome
Vincenzo Awesome 21 day ago
The best part is Prestons face
;Gacha Dino;
;Gacha Dino; 26 days ago
Y e e t
Stork Y
Stork Y 28 days ago
Nobody: Lannan f******* yeet
Bandites 28 days ago
Kevin the Savage
Streamers: I’m definitly gonna win Some Animators: uno reverse card
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith Month ago
I have the exact computer but acer
Brooklyn Fan-1
Brooklyn Fan-1 Month ago
How many months was keem during this?
David andreigh
David andreigh Month ago
They lost coz of 1000 ping
Jocurl Month ago
i hhave the same laptop
Landon Gamble
Landon Gamble Month ago
Use code lasar
Maksim Soroosh
Maksim Soroosh Month ago
GhostHD Month ago
Hipster Boss
Hipster Boss Month ago
since when lanan started to ware lachys merch
YeetLazar3333 Yeet
Elon musk-Elliot muselk
Gangster Thug
Gangster Thug Month ago
Because of lannans swearing
Gangster Thug
Gangster Thug Month ago
How did this video didn't get demonotize
SealsIntoGaming Month ago
This is what happens when you don't have fresh But good job
Slendermighty123 Catalan
Jog squad and a fishing guy with babies
Fucking yeet
Love ever second work is fuck or cunt 😂😂good old lazer is a legend
Ranjeeta Sanghavi
Ranjeeta Sanghavi 2 months ago
Classic laden shooting himself in the thumbnail
ReedIsagreatguy 2 months ago
even 10 months later. The intro is the best
Константин Нехризов
Why you showcasing only 3 peaple and not the other guys for me they are more interesting. I dont like this video only for this.
LegoCat 2 months ago
Cause this isn’t the actual version of the competition. This is just muselk’s teams point of view
Shwiftyboi 2 months ago
How the fuck did you guys lose to theodd1sout
Patric May
Patric May 2 months ago
Everyone who the guy screaming f***. Also Everyone it’s the Aussies
Kevin Hyland
Kevin Hyland 2 months ago
Your so bad with your language
Kevin Hyland
Kevin Hyland 2 months ago
Have u ever heard of editing
ema Brett
ema Brett 2 months ago
Olivia Thompson
Olivia Thompson 2 months ago
He’s gonna get dimonitized (I cant spell) If lannan is in this video.
Chopstix 2 months ago
When fresh is not around
Jay Gamer
Jay Gamer 2 months ago
ClonE_Blakesbee 2 months ago
Why don’t they swear in their vids?
TaZe Soska
TaZe Soska 2 months ago
I like how Preston doesn't care that his shoes are getting wet
Kayden Joy
Kayden Joy 2 months ago
Joshua Shea
Joshua Shea 2 months ago
Can I just say I prefer this version of lannan
Joe Ray
Joe Ray 2 months ago
If airsoft youtubers played in this they would have won
Laura Duarte
Laura Duarte 2 months ago
Does any one see the Hollywood sign 1:36
Unique Youtuber
Unique Youtuber 2 months ago
James and Jaiden won first
Walk! 2 months ago
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Not even the guys that make the zone barriers: Elliott’s team every 3 seconds: *F*CKING*
Sparkz 2 months ago
Lannan vapes? Or is it a joke
Jimin’s lost Jams
Jimin’s lost Jams 3 months ago
This is probably the only time Fortnite skills will be helpful
Jimin’s lost Jams
Jimin’s lost Jams 3 months ago
Of course Lannan says Yeet
RMN_Derp 3 months ago
How dumb do u have to be
RMN_Derp 3 months ago
Elliot wore yeezys and Lannan wore NBHD x Adidas nmd
EliteKevinPlazyz 3 months ago
1:59 jaiden animations in the backround??
LegoCat 2 months ago
TOG Dragon
TOG Dragon 3 months ago
Am I the only person who wants to know who had the jul
Marcophage Cell
Marcophage Cell 3 months ago
How the hell did odd1sout win?! (First round)
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson 3 months ago
DJ beast
DJ beast 3 months ago
Nobody : Lannan : I’m DoInG sHoTs WiTh RiCe gUm
DJ beast
DJ beast 3 months ago
I bet there was moments they wanted to say freshhhhhhhhh!
Impulse electrobrine125
Yea team 66% vegan won
Victor delgado
Victor delgado 3 months ago
Hey I actually went there once yay I went to where famous youtubers went!!!
Charming Goon1234
Charming Goon1234 3 months ago
Are all the fortnite RUvidrs friends
The snake Of yin’s and yang
I just watched prestons point of view
King Fatalz
King Fatalz 3 months ago
Na do there not fit they are epic fortnite gamers if you agree turn the thumb blue
Lee Garay
Lee Garay 3 months ago
Doesn’t anyone wish we can do this
Boarkillah Snake
Boarkillah Snake 3 months ago
SomeoneWhoFell down
SomeoneWhoFell down 3 months ago
I went there for a friend's b-day
ToXicAnimeGL 3 months ago
Odd 1 sout and Jayden won
phoenix grant timoti hika
13:56 "no ur not owww"
Elpidio Guarneros
Elpidio Guarneros 3 months ago
What is the headband lachy and lannan are wearing? What’s it called?
Vive la resistance
Vive la resistance 3 months ago
Vive la resistance
Vive la resistance 3 months ago
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