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'So Far Away' out now on Spotify and Apple Music: stmpdrcrds.lnk.to/dlThV
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Feb 9, 2017




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Comments 80
sulakshana bhat
sulakshana bhat 6 hours ago
I thot i was the only person using fl studio but the god himself uses it LMAO Fl OP
Richard Stefford
Richard Stefford 11 days ago
Martin during quarantine to avoid coronavirus.
YouTube Music Intro
2:06 Dance In Room
YouTube Music Intro
2017 Make A Song Chinatown 2018 Acess
werry berry
werry berry 17 days ago
You are so cut
arup banerjee
arup banerjee 27 days ago
I love you
Galaxy Droid
Galaxy Droid Month ago
Like si hablas español y amas a MARTIN GARRIX ,7w7
Anselm Peter
Anselm Peter Month ago
Commenting so late, but the melody was so good. I m curious which one song is that
Paniflex Month ago
Name of the song?
Diego Month ago
Edward Huaylinos
Edward Huaylinos 2 months ago
Y pensar que demoraste mucho tiempo en lanzarla 🤙🏼
RoaR 3 months ago
All he did was changed the bulid up snares and the drop kicks....lol this guy's a legend!!!
Luiz Henrique Lopes Moura
👏🏻 Yeah buddy !...
Jeffrey ッ
Jeffrey ッ 3 months ago
Why his demos sounds 1000x better than his final mixed tracks
Gấm Nguyễn Thị
Please Continue your music so addicted
elhombrex :v
elhombrex :v 3 months ago
Muy buenas criaturitas del SEÑORRRRR!!
Yiling 3 months ago
Devesh Kumar
Devesh Kumar 3 months ago
Wow 3 years ago. 👏🏽👏🏽
Antonio Ma
Antonio Ma 3 months ago
Que gatinho ! Parece um boneco 😜
ISparXz 4 months ago
480p GG martijn
XxLIQURxX cant comp lol
Krass wusste nicht das du deutsch bist
Nad3shot 4 months ago
His management team would go crazy every time he makes a new track
WolfCryMusic 4 months ago
hello Martin
Ralitsa Kantardzhieva
This laugh at 0:53 is priceless 😌❤️❤️
Wiktoria Ameur
Wiktoria Ameur 5 months ago
Wooow soooo positive boy :)
Mile recinos
Mile recinos 6 months ago
Veri Pach
Veri Pach 6 months ago
I love you!!!
TheUntalentedGuy 6 months ago
Martin if you see this... you inspire millions of people. 1 of those being me... I love your music. I've seen you live at EDC Orlando and it was your performance that solidified it for me to get my focus into learning how to produce music and become a DJ. You're amazing. Keep the positive vibes coming my friend.
Dj Edgar Vasquez
Dj Edgar Vasquez 6 months ago
Algún dia espero ser como tú, eres un genio Martin, gracias por ser mi inspiración.
Nicke Terranova
Nicke Terranova 7 months ago
Access 😘
Speedoz Gaming
Speedoz Gaming 7 months ago
Omg dude, I can tell you love what you do, it's something very special to see... Keep up the amazing work!
Wilson diaz Diaz
Wilson diaz Diaz 7 months ago
eres el mejor en lo que haces con tu equipo
trini morel
trini morel 7 months ago
Martín Harris in the name of love remix vs in the name of love jeje bello my name is gaby
Naydeli S.L.
Naydeli S.L. 7 months ago
cuando no entiendes nada pero lo vuelves a ver despues de mucho por el unico motivo de q te encanta
E L P A T R O N ʏᴛ
Enrique Hernández
Enrique Hernández 7 months ago
Oie zi
Bastian Llanquilef
Bastian Llanquilef 7 months ago
Jessica Hoffmann Tielman
Victor Music Internacional
Greetings From Peru From Victor Music International
Nigthcore Artix
Nigthcore Artix 7 months ago
This is the amazing epic music if this project is done. im talking about only the remix not the original
Candace Fettes
Candace Fettes 8 months ago
that song is AMAZING i love it
Vicky 8 months ago
Your place is very nice
Millennium 8 months ago
Milky Pro
Milky Pro 8 months ago
i love your song
I'mBadAtCaptions :3
I'mBadAtCaptions :3 9 months ago
Omg you're really adorable I can't >^< ndjsksksksks the cutest artist ever UWU you literally just made my day ksbdksns I love you UWU 💗💖💘❤️💓💝💕💜💞💙💞💖💗💓💘💕❤️
Red Boy
Red Boy 9 months ago
Martin Garrix - Acess
Ansible Music
Ansible Music 9 months ago
my final mix probbally sounds like his first five minutes on garageband ios
ATimor RBX
ATimor RBX 9 months ago
OopsieDoopsie 10 months ago
Best one man❤️
RIZI 03 10 months ago
What changed in the released version???
JayHD 11 months ago
I was his fan in 2012 lol
Chanzky TV
Chanzky TV 11 months ago
the melody guy
piko essoulhi
piko essoulhi 11 months ago
NK_ Krus
NK_ Krus 11 months ago
Access❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 日本人✋
Valentino Gentile
Valentino Gentile 11 months ago
Tom Ossevoort
Tom Ossevoort 11 months ago
lekker bezig martijn
_Måggot Marii_
_Måggot Marii_ 11 months ago
So cute❤️😍 love your Voice ❤️❤️
rizki JS
rizki JS 11 months ago
What a name music 1:25
Ollin Rosales
Ollin Rosales 11 months ago
Martin Garrix - access
UNITY Year ago
grack Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix Martin Garrix
Angie Lorena Vieda Cañon
espera que dijo la en vez de the... eso es raro
Spydudesdaily Year ago
Martin Garrix is amazing and inspiring!!!like if you aggree
Samantha Mancheno
Joder!, la perfección si existe...
Abinadi Ozuna
Abinadi Ozuna Year ago
I love song for the best friend
SOFGoaltender 7
His demo shit is my final product... *fucking how* That is amazing tho, how that sounded near exact to the final product of "Access" yet he said it was a rough demo. Crazy.
spinn records
spinn records Year ago
I love you I'll meet you soon I am suhel from India
Karla Reyes
Karla Reyes Year ago
I love him!!!! ❤❤❤
I love you so much I am your fans I hope to meet you soon 😍😍😍
Carlos Oropeza
epic bro
Iulia Marinescu
like a candy
Iulia Marinescu
hes so sweet
DZIADZIA2100 Year ago
Charles Koushik
It sounds great
A & J Vids
A & J Vids Year ago
Hey you should do vlogs
Well, hellø there, felløw human!
1:43 that is why Martin Garrix is just so amazing. He's super talented and famous but he still cares about all of us😄
Joy Yadav Tangha
I love this music
Hoa Pham Van
Hoa Pham Van Year ago
Who is watching March 13th 2019 ?
Dhiren Das
Dhiren Das Year ago
Martin Garrix I like ur video . It was amazing . Ur so cute . I 😘u .
ApuiaPc Music
ApuiaPc Music Year ago
Agent piggles
Agent piggles Year ago
Welp now i know what a Dutch accent sounds like
Martijn Van
Martijn Van Year ago
1:02 what is his snapchat?!
You are defenitly the man for the job! proofed yourself for years
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