LA Lakers Top Plays of 2019-20 - They're Back! - Part 1

Golden Hoops
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Part 2: ruvid.net/video/video-Yh1p8dhguZ4.html
Here are the early 2019-20 highlights from the best team in the NBA right now! Enjoy!
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Nov 18, 2019




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Comments 100
Golden Hoops
Golden Hoops 9 months ago
Link to Part 2 ruvid.net/video/video-Yh1p8dhguZ4.html
Damon Jones
Damon Jones 8 months ago
Y'all are kicking butt that's what I like to see trust me James if you add Jamal Crawford get rid of Rondo it's not nothing personal is just y'all need to get a championship and get Darren Collison 4 Rondo it will be ugly take Rondo take Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in Jared Dudley and get Darren Collison automatic championship you will have six championships when you retire that's what I'm talking about just a suggestion that's it think about it run it by Rob pelinka
Kenyatta Kelly
Kenyatta Kelly 8 months ago
Eliezer Ortiz garcia
Ivan Correa
Ivan Correa Month ago
karl rubidy
karl rubidy Month ago
2014-2019 warriors dynasty 2019-???? Lakers dynasty They can do it. If they can keep up their good plays
Mr. BeatsMachine
Mr. BeatsMachine 2 months ago
Can I just say that it warms my heart so much to see icons like Rondo and Howard that were at their peak when I paid attention to the NBA finally find their way again on a team (with LeBron) who they both used to duel with their respective Eastern Conference teams
ApexBully Gang
ApexBully Gang 2 months ago
We getting that 🏆 babyyyyyy
Joshua Bennett
Joshua Bennett 3 months ago
Best team in the west lakeshow
Hafiz Siregar
Hafiz Siregar 3 months ago
Anthony davis handles are too good for a big man
John Ang
John Ang 3 months ago
definitely impressive plays by LAL this is best team contender for NBA Finals ,❤️😬🤟
Bill Amo
Bill Amo 3 months ago
Rob pelinka deserves a lot of credit for making the moves that he did. Added and kept a lot of guys that have something to prove. Role players play hard. Ironic that a no name white boy is one of the stars of this team.
Ivan Correa
Ivan Correa 4 months ago
Jake Weinstein
Jake Weinstein 4 months ago
1:29 haha I love that celebration so much
Filip Houška
Filip Houška 5 months ago
Tempesst 5 months ago
They bout to get the ring
Edzel Jereza
Edzel Jereza 5 months ago
covid watching....i miss the lakers.
Corie C-Norf
Corie C-Norf 6 months ago
Huge Fan 💪🏾🤘🏾 🔥
Ivan Correa
Ivan Correa 6 months ago
rex june
rex june 6 months ago
Atlarius YT
Atlarius YT 6 months ago
They are unstoppable now compared to golden state
Jonathan Rabello
Jonathan Rabello 6 months ago
🇧🇷 I love Lakers 💛💜
soon ks
soon ks 6 months ago
New champion team is born
Owen Benedict Pangan
If they maintain this roster and add key pieces i can see lebron going till his 45,46
Sir Leck JR.
Sir Leck JR. 7 months ago
please music name please
Jasmany Foch
Jasmany Foch 7 months ago
A team that didn't make the playoffs with Lebron is going to beat the Clippers that made the playoffs without Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Get real.
sasuke sensei
sasuke sensei 7 months ago
James is almost like the old kobe ☹☹
trmk12 7 months ago
Haha this team is so good. Something about the vibe of it. Good mix of young and older players. Veterans playing like they in their prime
Ivan Green
Ivan Green 7 months ago
Reginald Boyd Bugayong
Kostas Antetokounmpo #37.
Reginald Boyd Bugayong
Why the L.A. LAKERS 2020, did not play the Brother of Giannis Antetokounmpo? Why
Mr Blue
Mr Blue 7 months ago
Don't make LeBron call his boys lol I can finally say that again haven't been able to since the heat era
Ivan Correa
Ivan Correa 7 months ago
Sang Nguyen
Sang Nguyen 7 months ago
I remember the bad seasons the lakers had thank you magic johnson for getting lebron james i regret hating that decision but i miss the young players that we lost i hope they do good in other teams but when they play our lakers my lakers takes the win.
twicemedia 7 months ago
I’m can see Kobe laighing RIP Kobe
Louies Alejandro Santiago Abanes
The king has sit to the throne again
Cesar Lozano
Cesar Lozano 7 months ago
Name of the 1st song?
Jayakanth J
Jayakanth J 7 months ago
The passes have become football'esque !
Mike Barrz
Mike Barrz 7 months ago
When they give the 2019-2020 championship trophy and the finals MVP to LeBron. LeBron: "Kobe!!! This is for you!!!
Bon Frani
Bon Frani 7 months ago
clément 7 months ago
The Highlights Lakers Dunk rule the NBA .
clément 7 months ago
The Best NBA All time Team Lead by the King James is back in the place.LAKERS NBA CHAMPS.The lakers plays style is the best in the NBA because is a old school style and not the boring small ball style like the rockets.the old school style like the 80-90 is the best plays in the NBA history and the lakers of lebron james and anthony davis plays is the 80-90 style.
Rednax Ckuf
Rednax Ckuf 7 months ago
Lebron so unselfish man
Hailyn Drandrea Ducusin
You can make it again Lakers!!! #ForKobe#Mamba4Life#Gigi4Life
e22378 7 months ago
For Kobe....😥
Cheque Taylor
Cheque Taylor 7 months ago
They’re winning this year. I’m not a lakers fan but you just know 😂
Jahmar Clark
Jahmar Clark 7 months ago
Around 6:50 AD got so shifty said hold on run that back BIG GUARD
kervens promo
kervens promo 7 months ago
Le bron 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Reginald Boyd Bugayong
Trade Dudly, and Kostas Antetokonmpo, for Derrick Rose from Detroit Piston..2019-2020
Sincerly, B
Sincerly, B 8 months ago
FOR KOBE!!!! LAKERS for champ!!!!
NotMajojocl 8 months ago
Caruso aka AC aka air conditioner
Zhang Ye
Zhang Ye 8 months ago
Smooth dunk by davis
Marc Castillo
Marc Castillo 8 months ago
Aka the most enjoyable team to watch
juan maldonado
juan maldonado 8 months ago
good video
tirso cruz
tirso cruz 8 months ago
Everybody are contribute from Daudly to Lebron..💪💪💪👍👍👍👍
Na Ka
Na Ka 8 months ago
Fresh Mann
Fresh Mann 8 months ago
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 8 months ago
Too much showtime!!!!!
عبدالرحمن المطيري
LaaganSi Xander
LaaganSi Xander 8 months ago
5:36 😂😂 That impact though 😂😂
Joshua Cayetano
Joshua Cayetano 8 months ago
Lake show
TheShadowMaster 8 months ago
Golden hoops is a fan of LA
KOUNADI 8 months ago
Ma Nigga Vogel need to tell Mr Howard to stop hanging on the rim, come playoffs, refs gon call out.
Daniel Sixtos
Daniel Sixtos 8 months ago
Thanks this vídeo is remarcable i appreaciate that
Expedito Sèrgio
Expedito Sèrgio 8 months ago
this is a mean team i gotta admit
Lyutas 8 months ago
CHAMPS! Champs, Champs, CHAMPIONS! The Lakers era begins!
davi e alyce davi e alyce
david e james não tem para ninguém lakers campeão
Bernardo Aragòn
Bernardo Aragòn 8 months ago
Lakers = 🏆 2019/2020
JuNard Amere
JuNard Amere 8 months ago
No Dwight Howard 3??? That’s the only play that’s missing.😒
Riska Yuliani
Riska Yuliani 8 months ago
Booman Green
Booman Green 8 months ago
Who agrees that we need to keep Caruso around for a while dude one of the most underrated two way player in the league and he going check yo temperature in the paint no matter what size he get a lane he going up on whoever #LakeShow #LANation
James Wang
James Wang 9 months ago
I bet the moment James was all in to slash the basket nobody wanted to be too close, get away fast if they were.
simple man
simple man 9 months ago
James and Davis is the best duo
Philippe Merlin
Philippe Merlin 9 months ago
"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best mini hoop *scafe.shop/tbmh2019?nD* hope it helps you out too!"
Vana Kalogeraki
Vana Kalogeraki 9 months ago
tom johnson
tom johnson 9 months ago
I never played basketball but watching those clips gives me chill
AJUS PUTRA 9 months ago
1:48 Firmino Style 🤙
shawn Bicknell
shawn Bicknell 9 months ago
Wow, no Caruso love?
Karl Glenn
Karl Glenn 9 months ago
lebron is crazy nimble at that size and age.
Karl Glenn
Karl Glenn 9 months ago
Lol, even the Mavs bench hyped by that Caruso slam.
Moe Dawg
Moe Dawg 9 months ago
King James this our year ...
Orlando Alvarez
Orlando Alvarez 9 months ago
fine tuned machine.
Ralph Lungan
Ralph Lungan 9 months ago
Intercourse yourselves haters👌 this team is the 2020 NBA Champs.
Rhiane Rhiane
Rhiane Rhiane 9 months ago
if LeBron, Davis, Howard, Kuzma, Green and Howard is healthy until playoffs they they have the biggest chance at 2020 championship
Tony Stank
Tony Stank 9 months ago
José Naranjo
José Naranjo 9 months ago
Zekhar Yahuah
Zekhar Yahuah 9 months ago
Lebron doing lob passes consistently off of pick&rolls to the big men.. last year they got pissed on, this year Lebron looking angry as fuck.. salty.. he put that team together after Magic left.. he's a great leader, very smart man.. what a turn around..
Hussein Warsame
Hussein Warsame 9 months ago
Lakers fans will have a chance at winning this game
Hussein Warsame
Hussein Warsame 9 months ago
Curly Purly
Curly Purly 9 months ago
Lakers are back!
Janfrancis Cornelio
Janfrancis Cornelio 9 months ago
We're not that Super-like Team Watch us work 💪💪
Josefa maluto
Josefa maluto 9 months ago
Advent Society
Advent Society 9 months ago
Some of these lebron plays are filthy. Hes my mvp this year
Elmy Arcete
Elmy Arcete 9 months ago
hanep talaga mga idol
BEETLE JUICE 9 months ago
Is Danny green on steroids bro
Marco Stack
Marco Stack 9 months ago
Rondo Green James David Howard 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Marco Stack
Marco Stack 7 months ago
Lorenzo Timmons if he is ok
Lorenzo Timmons
Lorenzo Timmons 7 months ago
Boggie in playoffs ok
atharva milkhe
atharva milkhe 9 months ago
2019-20 champions LA lakers🔥
DrVince 9 months ago
You NBA Champs this year
taylor faoa
taylor faoa 9 months ago
They having fun man. That's why they winning. Lakeshowbiotch
Blaster Master
Blaster Master 9 months ago
They're going to have to put a lot more effort and much less turnovers against the Clippers. Clippers defense is like solid steel. They are slow and a little above average shooting, but they seem to cause match up problems.
Skusta clee BORJA
Skusta clee BORJA 9 months ago
☺ WOW☺
Stanberg Luchavez
Stanberg Luchavez 9 months ago
7:39 LeBron is so cute at this part. 😂😂
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