LA Lakers - This is Our Year! - Mini Movie

Golden Hoops
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What do you guys think: are the Lakers the favorite to win the title this season?


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Dec 13, 2019




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AlohaRx Month ago
I love Giannis and lebron, these two going head to head in the finals is gonna be tough to watch cuz I want both to win.
Jeremiah Red
Jeremiah Red Month ago
This is our year not clippers year
Jeremiah Red
Jeremiah Red Month ago
Ya lakers sre going to win the championship not the clippers
Jp Perez
Jp Perez Month ago
Our year not clippers year
Archi Tech2005
Archi Tech2005 Month ago
Not this time lebron you are dreaming.
Eugenio Velascosaenz
Thanks for the video bringing back Those feelings of from the past the only thing missing stay tuned our happy ending this year's for the purple and gold faithful...
Drexy Month ago
This video is wonderful and is the definition of high production.Quality is awesome
zantos o2t3a
zantos o2t3a Month ago
What's up with the funeral music
zantos o2t3a
zantos o2t3a Month ago
Davante Hardy
Davante Hardy Month ago
I gotta say, this DEFINITELY feels like we're watching a movie. But not just A movie, but a movie about a group of Men that is willing to do whatever it takes to become NBA Champions, no matter what the risk, & no matter what the odds are designed against them. Thank you SO MUCH, Golden Hoops.
Dashia Saunderlin
Who here tryin to get pumped after that L from the Bucks
Ampatuan Masacre
Alvin Roque-Otento
Alvin Roque-Otento 2 months ago
I usually don't watch highlights. They're all the same. Some hype song that has been overplayed and a bunch of dunks. THIS video is damn good.
Eazy Legaspi
Eazy Legaspi 2 months ago
This is our year. #LAKESHOW🔥
Taz MC
Taz MC 2 months ago
I ain't a Lakers fan but damn, this shit was fire 🔥
Noted Ambitions
Noted Ambitions 2 months ago
well put together
Eugenio Velascosaenz
This team is bringing those feelings back for the fans even on the road the laker nation making them feel like home game other teams taking notice sky the limit.
j p
j p 2 months ago
Just be great
j p
j p 2 months ago
This is beautiful
Mahdi Haddad
Mahdi Haddad 2 months ago
Music please ?
cool kid gaming
cool kid gaming 2 months ago
Lakers are going to the playoffs
The Siregars VLOG
The Siregars VLOG 2 months ago
Great Video! #L4L
User Name
User Name 2 months ago
I need that music at the end, anybody know?
Real Is Real
Real Is Real 2 months ago
LA clippers says otherwise
Hassky PH
Hassky PH 2 months ago
lebron is not great he is annoying
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer 2 months ago
This video makes me emotional. Let's go Lakers!
Han Meng
Han Meng 2 months ago
Let's go Lakers!!!
Jackson khoo
Jackson khoo 2 months ago
i am grateful we have several great 3D players, Avery Bradley, Green, KCP. They are nightmare for any wing player and guard. They are key pieces for our championship team.
Eugenio Velascosaenz
This team is built to win. two all stars and bulldogs roll players high with I Q team knows what it means to wear the purple and gold those trophies have a lot of history behind it.
Ahmet Haktan Güner
Ahmet Haktan Güner 2 months ago
Glad to meet your RUvid channel.One of the best basketball content producer I've ever seen.Keep it up,my friend 👍🏻
RatedTHC 2 months ago
1:19 i thought it got worse for caruso...aint even him shooting
T Br
T Br 2 months ago
He cried for every player on his team lebron is not a great champion never will be a kobe
Farah Kaka
Farah Kaka 2 months ago
The king
AJe bllstrs
AJe bllstrs 2 months ago
we have the king ! this is our year
Brandon Ware
Brandon Ware 2 months ago
Its the lakers year! PERIOD! But look who this nigga lebron gotta have with him to win, on any team
ricardo dos santos
ricardo dos santos 2 months ago
Reasonable BB
Reasonable BB 2 months ago
Here’s my fear. What happens when LBJ has a bad game. Who besides AD is going to contribute? LBJ had a bad first half. We really aren’t getting consistent Big enough contributions from roll players. We have no one to guard Kawhi, PG13, Harden and Antetokounmpo. I really think Lakers need to make some hard decisions. Danny Green, KCP, Kuzma and Cooke are very inconsistent and this is only regular season, what will those roll players look like in the playoffs? They really need to upgrade. I would suggest doing the hard things: Trade Danny Green for Marcus Morris. Trade KCP for Bertans. Trade Cooke for Markieff Morris. Then pick up Iggy and Jonathan Simmons.
pau2x_1727 2 months ago
this video is top notch you can really feel what the players are trying to say the whole time it's playing
Joel Crybaby Embiid
Joel Crybaby Embiid 2 months ago
Jeez. If we had demarcus to start the season for us... sadly got injured.
Scott Hinojosa
Scott Hinojosa 2 months ago
Nah Fam, Bucks year
Aiden Denham
Aiden Denham 2 months ago
King James 👑
Aiden Denham
Aiden Denham 2 months ago
Lets go lakers
Shaun McClendon
Shaun McClendon 2 months ago
Love it!!!
Steven Brown
Steven Brown 2 months ago
Keep balling LakersI love about the video.That it’s not just one player it’s about A team.🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
bradda kimo
bradda kimo 2 months ago
2:30 did LeBron travel?
Josh Schneider
Josh Schneider 2 months ago
Bucks and Lakers are by far the best teams so far
tim w
tim w 2 months ago
I’m watching out for the clippers
Baby Legit live
Baby Legit live 2 months ago
That Danny Green and McGee handshake is straight flames. The Lakers ready
Deconetao Record
Deconetao Record 2 months ago
Kuzma has to play way better!
Christopher Acosta
Christopher Acosta 2 months ago
Love them or hate them, the Lakers had one hell of a start this season
Kevin Rivera
Kevin Rivera 2 months ago
I wish Chris Paul was on that team
Mari 2 months ago
Alex Alonso
Alex Alonso 2 months ago
Well Done!!! Time to get that Throne Back!
cristel donesa
cristel donesa 2 months ago
Everybody's a ball game
Eugene Hicks
Eugene Hicks 2 months ago
Great... If the Lakers want to get better.. LeBron cut down on t/o. Dwight stop fouling. AD get inside more. Rondo stay healthy. Kuz make the extra pass.
Carl Reed
Carl Reed 2 months ago
There 23-3
Emerson Cohen
Emerson Cohen 2 months ago
Great video! Really shows the team
HackerGaming 2 months ago
This is lebron first season with new teammates so they can still develop their chemistry and become even better
BakuLaw LAW
BakuLaw LAW 2 months ago
i will come back here after nba finals
germe ajera
germe ajera 2 months ago
go lakers!!!!
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