LA Clippers vs Philadelphia 76ers Full Game Highlights | February 11, 2019-20 NBA Season

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LA Clippers vs Philadelphia 76ers Full Game Highlights | February 11, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Feb 11, 2020




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Comments 80
roseanna anaya
roseanna anaya 21 hour ago
disneyland fight
G ZT 3 days ago
clippers took the wrong morris :)
Von 3 days ago
This why the clippers ain’t fucking w us in the playoffs lakers all day but ggs to philly
Steve G
Steve G 8 days ago
JordmcR 13 days ago
Poor morris
hihahiha huhiha
hihahiha huhiha 17 days ago
you'll see, 76ers won't get a ring in the next 5 years hahahahahahah
Adrean Ivy
Adrean Ivy Month ago
we didn't start the fire
Virgo Vergel Calo
Lou williams is liability on defence
Kay Sheye
Kay Sheye Month ago
as a Sixers fan, this was easily the best game I watched this season despite the ups and downs this year. Either this game or vs Bucks on Christmas Day
Drew Peterson
Drew Peterson Month ago
sheesh, how much Traveling can the 76ers get away with my goodness. This game is just a perfect embodyiment of today's NBA. Uncontested 3's, traveling, not really hustling for the ball when you're stripped. This is kinda sad tbh imo
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen Month ago
Every day Clippers lose is a good day!
Alejandro Ramírez
Zubac es un troncazo jajajaja
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page Month ago
Should have kept J.J. Redick for his 3-point shooting. 😞😞😞 Could have given Josh Richardson's money to J.J. Redick.
H 17
H 17 Month ago
Ben simmons better than kawhi don't even @ me
Rap God
Rap God Month ago
Kawhi outplayed Ben Simmons but Sixers got the dub.
JT Month ago
Ivan Tesovic
Ivan Tesovic 2 months ago
Philadelphia is awesome in the regular season,but when it comes to the playoffs it's a differente story.
William Balacang
William Balacang 2 months ago
they should had never get morris .so that if paul george sucks they pass to shamet .trade morris to oubre
Honza Sebera
Honza Sebera 3 months ago
Don't mess with Embiid
Неуместный Человек
Philly gms stupid ass fuck.im done talkin.
Bitmap 4 months ago
I just see gsw fans sitting in the crowd 😂
Stanley Booth
Stanley Booth 4 months ago
🔥🔥 *nice comment🏀🏀🏀* 0:57 ❣❣💝 👇💜
戰地風雲 4 months ago
4:02 zubac nice job man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
asencion divinagracia
embid blocked....marcus morris....the revenge of being harsh defense
Dodge Apostol
Dodge Apostol 4 months ago
The Crying Big Joel😂😂😂😂
Enes Korkmaz
Enes Korkmaz 4 months ago
6:59 omg
A M 27 days ago
That was Michael's move!
iam odtxi
iam odtxi 4 months ago
Embiid would eat Morris for breakfast... this dude should put his effort into playing ball and not looking for for fights every game. Just weak
Za Zu
Za Zu 4 months ago
8:41 and 9:04
TeTeA Kholhring
TeTeA Kholhring 4 months ago
Dont anger Embid...
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze 4 months ago
discount lakers
Leconte 4 months ago
Clippers just had a rough night. No way Lakers stopping the clippers with Marcus Morris, Paul George, Kwahi Leonard, Patrick Beverly, Lou Williams. Montrez Harrell.
Bagus Yuliantok
Bagus Yuliantok 4 months ago
I think it's not gonna work to play Leonard, George, Morris as starters. Doc must change his first unit by replacing Morris with Harrel to play the PF spot and let the duo of Lou-Morris orchestrates the second unit.
Elegrin 4 months ago
Guys am I wrong? Along 9 minutes in highlights, Anybody didn't pass Furkan. That guy couldn't touch ball. Do his teammates mad at him? Because this dude did 65 score at 2 games. But Anybody didn't care him.
Asaru Ptah
Asaru Ptah 4 months ago
76ers firm to the end in this win against the Clippers. Richardson exceptional. Peace
Wolfe Martin
Wolfe Martin 4 months ago
Why is it so quiet when Clippers score?
Rudy Steiner
Rudy Steiner 4 months ago
I can't believe "sports analysts" were really talking about trading Embiid or even Simmons. Get wing defenders who can shoot and space the floor, and this team will dominate.
Shiella Marie Cabusao
That's why 76ers better than Flippers honestly!
Rentha Langbata
Rentha Langbata 4 months ago
Afonso Rodrigues
Afonso Rodrigues 4 months ago
Embii blocked Morris after that play. Looking for yah. .got you!!
陈贞忠ccc 4 months ago
Epic video
Marco Rei
Marco Rei 4 months ago
Embiid sign to Lakers 👍🏼
Pat4Clippers 4 months ago
Clippers aren't playing with the sense of urgency because they were already crowned as champions before the season. That's not a good mindset heading into the playoffs. Try to win every game from now on to build good habits.
Pat4Clippers 4 months ago
*Clipper* *Nation* *needs* *to* *listen* *to* *this.* *ruvid.net/video/video-Jd-YumQdvBg.html* Play with more *urgency* every game. Cultivate consistency.
jairus maglasang
jairus maglasang 4 months ago
ben 'no shooting' simmons 😂
Ants in My Eyes Johnson
Ben 'doesn't matter still gets the win and a triple double' Simmons
Pat4Clippers 4 months ago
"I mean, we're both physical guys," Marcus Morris told reporters. "It was cool, man. Just like wrapping arms and stuff like that. I ain't gonna say nothing 'cause they like to fine me, so I'm gonna keep my mouth shut."
Pat4Clippers 4 months ago
Whatever Nick Wright says, believe him. 🤣 *www.thebiglead.com/posts/nick-wright-clippers-don-t-have-personnel-to-win-nba-championship-01e0wwwat4bw* NBA exec said Lakers have no chance vs us. *bleacherreport.com/articles/2875968-rival-executives-see-obvious-flaws-in-lakers-roster-but-help-is-available* I'll go believe Nick Wright because he knows more than NBA execs. Nick is definitely far more brilliant than Jerry West. All NBA franchises should try to hire Nick. There's already another one like him in James Jones in Phoenix.
Taf 4 months ago
How can they play against each other? they're in different conferences
Nenad Lalic
Nenad Lalic 4 months ago
GG by Philly. Unfortunately for Sixers fans - in the POs the Korksanity and Richardson, as seen above, will get shaky hands, Harris will be mediocre, and Simmons will still get exposed for lack of shooting. And Embiid's man will not be called for so many ticky tack fouls like Zu was here. Clippers with a newly aquired Morris still to gel with the team, a mediocre defensive performance, and with a dismal PG/Lou offensive performance still held in there until the very end with the high end display of Philly's potential. You do the math. And if u don't do math - just watch their next RS game.
Marcus Spartan
Marcus Spartan 4 months ago
Yap philly is impressive at home. What can you do, they cooked the visiting teams😆 they will gonna cry again once the plAyoffs started. Don’t get too comfortable philly and philly fans, you might have your cooking show running on regular season but not in the playoffs. You will end up in paradise crying 😆😂😂
Pat4Clippers 4 months ago
After only 2 games as a Clipper, I already love MM. He's going to get in AD's head while Kawhi & PG double LeBron repeatedly or PG guards Kuz. This will put Pat on Danny, KCP, or Rondo. We bottled them all up.
Anton BusOnceV
Anton BusOnceV 4 months ago
76ers demonstrated the great show against Clippers. In my opinion, Morris will give more toxcity to LAC than real benefit. While he's thinking about your 15 million nothing good will happen
Mark W
Mark W 4 months ago
Man, I don't know what game the refs were watching last night, but they sucked ass. They called everything in favor of the Sixers and hardly called shit for the Clippers. Fucking sucks. You rarely Kawhi show any emotion, but last night, you could tell that he was visibly angry from the lack of calls for the Clippers. Those refs should be fired
Khoa Do
Khoa Do 4 months ago
Kawhi really finessed Clippers to trade Gallo and Shai for PG..... Would have been much better with a roster like Kawhi, Bev, Lou, Trez, Zubac, Gallo, Shai, Shamet and Morris. PG is just out here looking like Kuz
Joy Vee Ayao
Joy Vee Ayao 4 months ago
This L actually Hurts
jacques-albert tobno hugo
Joel Embid My man any day.👍🏼🙏
Haider Syed
Haider Syed 4 months ago
Ben Simmons can't guard kawhi
Quico 4 months ago
Paul george is overrated
Davi Rodrigues Ribeiro
Verdade tesouro!
Troy Addict
Troy Addict 4 months ago
I miss pat already!
jgsk78 4 months ago
Addition of Morris???
dimmykarras 4 months ago
Damn it's piss poor from PG. Kawhi's shooting stats are impressive, but if PG doesn't improve his substandard game, the Clips will be in trouble.
Oyame 4 months ago
I think this game is not valid. The best team in LA will never lose to any team. This year is their year! We have the best 2 ways players in NBA. Lol
Kadir Arslan
Kadir Arslan 4 months ago
Where is the Furkan point ?? 😂😂😂
Jack Li
Jack Li 4 months ago
fuckin morris ruined the team
Stefan Bachvarov
Stefan Bachvarov 4 months ago
go Jojo punish em boi
Dezreel Jan Alfuente
Damn as a warriors fan, i want thybulle. Hes a 3 and D player like iggy.
JURGEN KLINT 4 months ago
George Paul decided not to turn up
Verson Carlos
Verson Carlos 4 months ago
that pay back from embiid was sweet...
David Lin
David Lin 4 months ago
Yea should've been a blowout for the Clippers, refs really saved Philly on this one.
Khoa Do
Khoa Do 4 months ago
Clippers shot more FTs and got foul calls all night fuck you're talking about lmao
Mario Basic
Mario Basic 4 months ago
Soo glad embidd blocked shit out of morris cocky ass
Victor Matas Mendoza
Paul George already in PlayOff mode 🔥
Quico 4 months ago
Hes overrated.
Rayno CWH
Rayno CWH 4 months ago
What a satisfying block, & the best team in the west almost got a blowout loss.
Jason欧阳子锋 4 months ago
fuck Embiid and simmons. Dirtiest due in the league, can’t wait to see the swept by Bucks Celtics Raptor or Heat in first round
Jon Davis
Jon Davis 4 months ago
First of all this kiiid Thybulle is from Washintiinn for those that don’t know. But I don’t remember if he was a good shooter over there
Jon Davis
Jon Davis 4 months ago
Tobias and Richissiin and others are totally different players with this lineup
Jon Davis
Jon Davis 4 months ago
Forkmozz is like their worst wing with this style lol and he’s not even bad he’s decent. Keep tellin people they a savage team wth this lineup. Always 4 very good wings and always a great center. I was cussing out Brett brown earlier cuz I bet on the clippers and suddenly he does this today lol
Raphaël BARAS
Raphaël BARAS 4 months ago
Nobody talking about Kawhi switching hands shot ? I thought it was pretty amazing to do Considering a similar play is one of MJ's most memorable moment
vince42356 4 months ago
Raphaël BARAS Nah Bruh nobody really cares
SkyVinz 4 months ago
Playoff PG came early. flippers need more help. lmao
Andrew Liu
Andrew Liu 4 months ago
I get it why Clippers wants Marcus Morris. It's simple. Paul George is a choker against good defensive teams. Morris will carry him in playoffs along with Kawhi. I see Ben guarding Kawhi, Harris guarding Morris and Richardson is actually on PG but PG can't even take advantage.
Sehkatre X Esili
Sehkatre X Esili 4 months ago
PG was a fucking ghost this is amazing
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