LA Clippers vs Miami Heat Full Game Highlights | February 5, 2019-20 NBA Season

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LA Clippers vs Miami Heat Full Game Highlights | February 5, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Comments 80
I luw sandwich
I luw sandwich 24 days ago
Can Jimmy wake up already?????
🔥🔥 *NBA 🏀🏀🏀* 0:57 🎥🔥 👇 👇💟
🔥🔥🔥🔥 *nice action* 0:31 🎥💞 👇👇👇👇
Freddy Fox 500
Freddy Fox 500 Month ago
Really looking forward to see this team in the playoffs. LAC.
9MW Tone
9MW Tone Month ago
E.Spostera coach of the yr ❗️
Ardulino Corado
Ardulino Corado Month ago
é um prazer assistir em 60 fps
High Vibrations
High Vibrations Month ago
This team will win 6 championships in a row : Starting 5 PG Chris Paul SG Klay Thompson SF Kawhi Leonard PF Paul George C Draymond Green 2nd Unit PG Patrick Beverly SG Jimmy Butler SF Andre Iguodala PF Jayson Tatum C Bam Adebayo 3rd unit PG Lonzo Ball SG JJ Redick SF Jaylen Brown PF Brandon Ingram C Marcus Morris
Poisson Jérémy
Kawhi and PG are about to three-peat.
Shartnado Month ago
Basically just an around the world 3 point shooting contest...zzz.
Kawhi is Kawhi, Paul George has a beautiful game I just only wish he could be a little bit more aggressive, his game is so fluid, so beautiful I believe he can score 30 a game if he takes that next step.
ATB * Month ago
Was Jimmy load managing :(
Kevin Paul Contreras
Any update about dion waters? I came here not only for kawhi and pg but also for dion but he’s not playing
Sand Man
Sand Man Month ago
Overall shitty game
Jaaay Zerrudo
Jaaay Zerrudo Month ago
Did andre igoudala and jae crowder played?
Francisco Avila
Francisco Avila Month ago
The NBA is a competition of three points or what? Give the title to the one who made more three pointers, this suck
K J Month ago
Steve Ballmer is better than the Clippers' Cheerleaders... way better.
No one is talking about Derrick Jones Jr, he put great slam dunks and 3 pointers, season high 25 points for him....
peeta 6010
peeta 6010 Month ago
This look like experimental game by clippers by shooting more threes. I think when it comes to playoffs theyre be ready
Gayuk Month ago
Clippers playing with spoelstra's 2-3 defense with 3s....c'mon man u cant allow too much space with a good 3 pointing team smh
Rio Fathani
Rio Fathani Month ago
Mo harkless after the tip off... It's not double?
Radek Month ago
The game starts with shaqtin: Definition of double dribble. : an illegal action in basketball made when a player dribbles the ball with two hands simultaneously or continues to dribble after allowing the ball to come to rest in one or both hands. More and more I skip to last minute of the highlights not to mention watching the whole game. I prefer european cups and ncaa.
TopGamesHD Month ago
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African Bambatta
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James Shkreli van Hoogstraten
When the Clippers start sinking shots like it’s nothing Kawhi probably thinking “Issa snowball 🙂”
Ugur Celiktas
Ugur Celiktas Month ago
Through 3 quarters it felt like Heat was running away with the game, then all of a sudden i see the score and clippers are leading. Like WTF when did you even score like that
Tomàs Malavía
Tomàs Malavía Month ago
my to favourite roasters
Tomato Madness
Tomato Madness Month ago
I now believe PatBev can shoot 3's lol! And that kid Shamet, I always trust his shots but seems not much plays for him!
Cookie Monsters
Cookie Monsters Month ago
Clippers are gettin better better watch out
I am confused about rooting "which team in LA" for championship?
321shack Month ago
Miami needs to work on their defense. LA clippers were making easy buckets.
Troy Singleton
Troy Singleton Month ago
321shack they need to know when to switch up their defense . I understand our lack of bigs but you can’t play zone against a team like that 😭
iago mello
iago mello Month ago
76ers traded butler, shamet, for what? Al shitty horford
Cleeve Ramo
Cleeve Ramo Month ago
Get READY the king of flooooopppppp😧😧😧😧😧
Wael Ch
Wael Ch Month ago
1:33 travel
Huios Of God
Huios Of God Month ago
The Clippers had 41 assists compared to 29 assists from the Heat in this game, let that sink in.
Troy Singleton
Troy Singleton Month ago
Huios Of God cause we keep playing zone , you have to move the ball constantly
Ralph Jason Manzano
@Prime T-mac who cares? Its still 2-0 easily😂😂😂
Ralph Jason Manzano
@Prime T-mac who cares? Its still 2-0 easily😂😂😂
Prime T-mac
Prime T-mac Month ago
@論破王どこでも論客論破 flippers 36-15 by losing against "weak team"
Prime T-mac 38-11 by beating weak team
Prime T-mac
Prime T-mac Month ago
But lakers 38-11, flippers 36-15
Nor Priest
Nor Priest Month ago
There's a reason why Lakers lost twice to Clippers. They're too good
xgsvzcjgsv rhavgagad
finally Clippers are a team to fear now
Just JD
Just JD Month ago
Nor Priest there’s a reason the clippers lost to the bulls, suns and hawks😂😂😂😭
Joseph Arce
Joseph Arce Month ago
This is what I was rooting for the Clippers with Kawhi and PG, love the ball movement and defence watch out Lakers
Tomato Madness
Tomato Madness Month ago
lol! They have already obliterated Lakers 2x and if not postponed 3x! lol!
Unknown Person
Unknown Person Month ago
My pick to get out of east is heat... In west Lakers.. Why aheat in the east?.. Now they get iggy.. He can guard any forward even if they are bigger.. Butler iggy duo in playoffs... Who are the top teams in East.. Celtics.. Bucks.. 76ers... Pacers.. Celtics they have Tatum brown walker.. Iggy can guard tattum butler can guard brown..or & walker depends.. In bucks.. Butler is strong he can push Giannis.. Same as iggy... 76ers.. We all know Simmons is average in slow pace offense... Pacers oladipo is not in shis best.. And the rest of the team is not enough to compete yet...
Chrisanity Month ago
welcome to the Heat Iggy...
Chrisanity Month ago
Why the video looks like theres a big smoke in the arena?? is there someone doing a pot or something
julio guzman
julio guzman Month ago
Callate estupido
Kanta Kantanka
Kanta Kantanka Month ago
Clippers were playing like Rocket ONLY different was they defend far better than Rockets...
Golden Boy
Golden Boy Month ago
Shamet trade for kuzma did you agree guys??????
Kanta Kantanka
Kanta Kantanka Month ago
Lol 😂 not in the next world
Yu-Han Chang
Yu-Han Chang Month ago
a plus for Heat to add Iggy
Nor Priest
Nor Priest Month ago
Imagine Clippers got Iggy. It's a wrap
thembaa10 xaba
thembaa10 xaba Month ago
Heat is a team that you do not want to face in the playoffs.
Kanta Kantanka
Kanta Kantanka Month ago
Like Clippers Bro..we want them
Hokage Itachi Uchiha
Heat: Runs zone. Clippers: WE GOT SHOOTAS WE GOT SHOOTAS!!!!
Kanta Kantanka
Kanta Kantanka Month ago
Again Clippers can defend much better as well...not like Rockets
inyourface215 Month ago
Boring af
TheRiver1st Month ago
Miami use zone defense, a really good one. So looking they lose because these 3's is not concerning for them. However, looking crazy 3's from clippers is really amazing
Kanta Kantanka
Kanta Kantanka Month ago
Is shot be a concern when playing team like Clippers who can defend far better as well and knocking down shoot especially have good and better shooter around.. remember 2-0
Ubilicious Month ago
I'm a LeBron and Lakers fan. I'm feeling queasy seeing the team on white vests playing with so much flair and pace, and technicality, and draining shots like it's nothing.
blackcrow Month ago
This highlights : 3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,2,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,2,3,3....
Gabriel John
Gabriel John Month ago
It's Clipper season. What happened to the "chemistry" problems haters!!!
Rixx Kumar
Rixx Kumar Month ago
Clippers playing real deadly
Makaveli chuckling
No Jimmy Butler, Means The Heat are a lottery team.
Karl Vincent Lao
i guessed its just clippers night today... they rarely have 20 plus 3-pointers this season...
Two socks
Two socks Month ago
The Clips have too much firepower for any team to overcome. Their starters are elite, then off the bench come Lou, Shamet and Harrell who could start on any NBA roster. Juggernaut team.
Two socks
Two socks Month ago
And now Marcus Morris! I can't see them losing a 7 game series tbh, and I hope I'm wrong being a long-time Lakers fan.
Silver Kid
Silver Kid Month ago
doris burke = not gonna watch
Florian Month ago
All I’ve seen was 3s 😅 Good game by PG and Sham!
Hasmoon M
Hasmoon M Month ago
Every shot been a three pointer in it?
James Hightower
James Hightower Month ago
Looks like Rockets are trying to get a small line-up that can compete with the Clippers version. With Harrell at the 5, the Clippers just have too many weapons
James Hightower
James Hightower Month ago
Kanta Kantanka Dont think so either but sounds like an entertaining series though
Kanta Kantanka
Kanta Kantanka Month ago
Won't work for Rockets cause they don't defend well at all.. accept Tucker who is willing defender
kosmique Month ago
this is even harder to watch than a rockets game, just jacking up threes all game.... boring!
Hokage Itachi Uchiha
Then why are you here?
Christheclamper 661
That boy shamet was on 1
Kanta Kantanka
Kanta Kantanka Month ago
Yeah kawhi and PG were trying to always passing him the ball even after missing 6 straight 3s...just to build his confidence
Kawhi the terminator Leonard
Kawhi looks he plays with 35% energy lol Like he didn't need to show up this game even against Heat, which is top 4 eastern team!
Kunmi Oriade
Kunmi Oriade Month ago
Vardaris I’m a raptors fan and I sure didn’t hear anyone say the raptors team bar Kawhi is better than the Bucks so what’s with the switch of energy.
Vardaris Month ago
@deep void Nthing personal dude just saying that getting owned was an exaggeration. What happened with Denver was exactly what happened in the playoffs last year. The Bucks do not have another all star player other than Giannis, Middleton can play marginally as an all star in good days and that's it. The other players cannot create their own shots they are catch and shoot players, and when they choke they become a blank spot in the Bucks offense, so the opponetns can just ignore them and put 3 players on Giannis like Denver did. Nobody can go up against 3 players for a game and that's how the Bucks lose those games. If they had a couple of players who would be able to drive, post and generally have some gravity even on a bad shooting day putting 3 players on Giannis and stopping him this way would be far more difficult to do.
deep void
deep void Month ago
​@Vardaris ​ come on dude why are you getting personal? what i posted is simply my opinion.. no need to be a stan right now =) i believe he got exposed because he didnt have any kind of elite lvl shooting at his arsenal. i agree that he is improving and buries open shots more often but he still bullies his way at regular season and when comes to finesse, he still not on kawhi's lvl or kd's, or bron's. so when his opponents are tough and don't give a fuck about who he is and fights back inside the paint ( like denver game recently) his production rate drops rapidly. 27/11 -fg and 1/5 3pt. this is why i belive its ; 1- Kawhi /KD 3- Bron 4- Giannis
Vardaris Month ago
@deep void He didn't "own" Giannis come on save the big fat words if you want to be taken seriously. He was playing with a better team than Giannis was at the moment and they won. They were putting 2 and 3 players on Giannis to stop him Kwhi didn't do it alone. And they could afford doing that because all Giannis team mates had choked. This season Giannis played better than Kawhi in their encounters so far.
Cheb Tihej
Cheb Tihej Month ago
@deep void Owned is a big word. The Bucks lost not because of Giannis but because Middleton and Brogdon both averaged less than 14 points a game while Bledsoe averaged 10
the phantom
the phantom Month ago
lakers better figure out how to gaurd the permiter better the clippers can just pass the ball around the permiter and outshoot them!..if the clippers keep playin like this they are beating the lakers in the playoffs..lakers need to consider picking up a extra couple key pieces thru trade or the buyout or free agents because vogel does not play his bench the way he should cook, daniels and dudley almost dont even exist and if they run deep in the playoffs their starters are gonna be gassed!
Antonio Venegas
Antonio Venegas Month ago
tyrion lannister Nobody fears LePouts playoff mode, last year he “activated” it, he did not even make the playoffs. Clippers don’t care about the reg season. They will win this years chip and Kawhi will be the finals MVP.
Felix hk
Felix hk Month ago
@raven flight you didnt see kawhi playoff mode last year?
Hokage Itachi Uchiha
tyrion lannister Idk who told you perimeter drills don’t work in the playoffs but they’re wrong.
raven flight
raven flight Month ago
the clips are built for the season. those perimeters drills won't work during the playoffs. wait till the king switch his playoff mode, the clips would be killed, disgracefully.
Godmarz Popy
Godmarz Popy Month ago
No wonder all the critics pick the clippers going to win it all this season........
Simon Will
Simon Will Month ago
Most score by 3pts, no defense in NBA now! /cry
Nor Priest
Nor Priest Month ago
@the phantom Are you stupid?
Hokage Itachi Uchiha
That’s what happens when you zone against a good 3 point team.
Bruno Fawks
Bruno Fawks Month ago
That's sad
the phantom
the phantom Month ago
and thats how the white higher ups wanted it..
Pat4Clippers Month ago
Kawhi Black Panther bobblehead is the best one Clippers has ever given out. It's for Black History Month but even Black Panther is another great nickname for the Klaw.
Sihle Maseko
Sihle Maseko Month ago
These highlights is like I’m seeing a 3 point contest NBA is boring
Ippang Galak
Ippang Galak Month ago
Bankroll Pino
Bankroll Pino Month ago
If You wan to see Derick Jones JR. On a slam Dunk session, please turn this BLUE
ken arsen
ken arsen Month ago
did igguodala play this game?
ken arsen
ken arsen Month ago
@Golden Boy what do you mean?
Golden Boy
Golden Boy Month ago
@ken arsen your sick
Pierre Richard Jr
@ken arsen no problem
ken arsen
ken arsen Month ago
ok thanks
Antonio Venegas
Antonio Venegas Month ago
92KOBE24 Month ago
At the end of the day west > east no matter what 🤠
Antonio Venegas
Antonio Venegas Month ago
Wait till KD comes back
92KOBE24 Month ago
braiden45 context?
Independent360 Month ago
East won the Finals last year...
philipus duha
philipus duha Month ago
Another very ez win for my clip
Leven 727
Leven 727 Month ago
I fw both these teams but damn did Miami get Clipped
LeGoat James
LeGoat James Month ago
Real ones know shamet was already killing with the sixers he’s a fkin sniper
LeGoat James FACTS. 🎯
Jelsson LF Flame
Pg13 at full steam now
I luw sandwich
I luw sandwich Month ago
Man i love Nunn but he kept going at Zubac even though he got blocked every time. Bad decisions like that cost miami the game.
Remmy V.
Remmy V. Month ago
King Klaw didn't even need to try this game👑
Antonio Venegas
Antonio Venegas Month ago
tyrion lannister You suck up LeBron more than his female bruh. A true leader doesn’t throw his teammates under the bus like LePout has been doing his entire career. Qing Blames is nothing but a Jordan/Kobe wanna be that is China’s bitch.
fried IT
fried IT Month ago
@raven flight dam bruh where u came from? the dead sea
raven flight
raven flight Month ago
because his teammate worked harder than him, but he, klawd management, a coward. not a true leader. while lbj day and night outworking his best version of yesterday. clearly,that is leading by example, instead of giving excuses with injuries watching others at the bench.
FINEXX Month ago
Now Iggy will be on Miami's side next game
Batmandude Dude
Batmandude Dude Month ago
Kawhi just relax in this game just keep passing
Chris Scott
Chris Scott Month ago
Fax 9 Ast
Beverley, pg, jimmy buckets, nunn and herro >>>>>>>>>>> statpadbrick
@Frank Campos Alarcon no he's just the most overrated player ever
Frank Campos Alarcon
Woah you really hate Westbrook, did he bang your chick or something?
JCV Month ago
Klaw looked like he wasn't even trying this game.
Xer Seira
Xer Seira Month ago
Welcome to Miami Heat Andre Iguodala.
Ahmad2423 Month ago
They need another BIG and a playmaking PG than it's a wrap. Book it Clippers will be 2020 NBA Champions.
Hokage Itachi Uchiha
the phantom Someone like Drummond, or Collins. Just a big who can defend and get rebounds. Zubacs is pretty good at that though
Ahmad2423 Month ago
@the phantom I'm hearing they might be able to persuade Darren Collins to come out of retirement. Zubac and Trez are good but I would just personally like for them to add one more rim protector. But hey if not oh well you will have a healthy Kawhi Leonard and PG13 so Shidd, It's not all bad...
the phantom
the phantom Month ago
zubac and harrel who else cpuld they really need at center? maybe a stretch 4? what playmaking PG is even available?
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