L'Trimm - Cars with the Boom (TootyMcNooty Animation) 🐯🐰

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TootyMcNooty created the OFFICIAL animation for the 2020 Tik Tok Classic L'Trimm - "Cars with the Boom" from the album 'Grab It!' (1988). Comment your favorite part below! ⤵️
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Published on


Jun 29, 2020




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Comments 60
MARAL Catlol
MARAL Catlol 7 minutes ago
We like the cars that go *BOOM*
Cosmus Hour ago
That's comical
ph0bia 5 hours ago
cool, but i cant seen to find this on cartoon network
Evie Popsicle
Evie Popsicle 6 hours ago
p e a c h l i l y p a d
0:16 *Legit me every morning-*
Raizelle& Raiian
Raizelle& Raiian 10 hours ago
My brain when I'm sleeping: wE ilKe dA cArS tHe cArS tHaT gO BOOM my mom when she wakes me up be like oh heww nah ME again: omoyoah MOSHINDIYU PEEEEEEEEEP *fart*
vex1s177 12 hours ago
Aren't you getting money off someone else's animation?
heaven_plays Roblox
heaven_plays Roblox 15 hours ago
POV: we are all here bc tik tok
Lorraine Kelly
Lorraine Kelly 19 hours ago
this has such a animal aestitic
Ninja loves roblox
Ninja loves roblox 19 hours ago
Like bunny
Chloe Eckert
Chloe Eckert 21 hour ago
I’m loving the vibe this video gives out
Skystarplayz Wolfy
Skystarplayz Wolfy 23 hours ago
E lol
we like them *_SHUAT_* and we like them *_TUAL_* we like them one and we like them *_UAL_*
Mickey the object show fan
I hate 2020 who agrees
Nessie’s World
Why am I so addicted to this and I just watched it 100000 times.
Bxbyy_Vae Day ago
Shiggys and Dabis Cumslut
Me with my anime boi thot friends: *”so many kinds, where can we start”*
marti vz
marti vz Day ago
Sofia Alvarez Grisales
se parece a mi mejor amiga y yo uwu yo la tigra :u y mi amiga la bunny uou
Julisa Monserrat Soria Bautista
Julisa Monserrat Soria Bautista
👍🏻I lovet
Ana Tediashvili
Oml this is on tik tok tho qwq xd
Qween Fluffy
Qween Fluffy Day ago
This honestly gives me parappa the rapper vibes
R\TDurango3 R\T
Penguin cute
touchchai thongpraert
it look like copy gumball !
Peckchan Day ago
Tigra: What about the ones we *especially* like? Bunny: which *onnnnnessss* ? Tigra: Y'know..the ones that car goes... (silence) Bunny: I hear ya...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Bunny: Hit it! *after music and words* Tigra: It was me and the cosy with bunny Tigra: we were cruising down the street
roblox katie galaxy
Tootymcnooty is from tiktok
uni toob
uni toob Day ago
When a animated cat and bunny can dance better than you
Rachel Scientia
You see all those views? Yeah. Half of those are from me
bvttercvp 2 days ago
2:19 I cant stop lauging at her dance XD
mohamed zayan
mohamed zayan 2 days ago
These girls legit look like they came straight out of a PaRappa level. XD
Hinata Shoyo
Hinata Shoyo 2 days ago
I feel like my grandparents secretly listen to this in the 80’s
violet blue
violet blue 2 days ago
Tigra:🐯 Bunny:🐰 Me: why tho?
Котя софик
Stinky Burrito
Stinky Burrito 2 days ago
Love this SOooOoO much its amazing
Ronald Duck
Ronald Duck 2 days ago
All I know about this song is the cars go *BOOM*
bouncy bouncy
bouncy bouncy 2 days ago
this is a vibe i don't care what you say
Gala 2 days ago
Gala 2 days ago
Gala 2 days ago
Gala 2 days ago
Comedic Interlude
'We Like them Awll''
•Circus Baby•
That looks like bunny from piggy
MENASTRO 23 2 days ago
@•Circus Baby• ok lol
•Circus Baby•
@MENASTRO 23 ik lol just saying
MENASTRO 23 2 days ago
This wasnt made for the game.
pulpelily87 7v7
pulpelily87 7v7 2 days ago
Moira Differ
Moira Differ 3 days ago
Tik tok
Bynnuki 3 days ago
i like this song and i dont even like guys
berry tea
berry tea 3 days ago
parappa the rapper vibes-
ca sual
ca sual 3 days ago
Mierda,esto es hipnotizante o_o
Bruno es Pucheche ¡Increible!
We like 'em short and we like 'em TOA'
Ali Cain
Ali Cain 3 days ago
Hey I just DMed you on TikTok for a custom order because I don’t have a insta so I need you to friend me so you can see it @hairy_wizard thanks
Elijah Vlogs And Other Stuff
How does this sync up so we'll to picture my booty up in 3D
Rymax Games
Rymax Games 3 days ago
Send it too Cartoon Network and try get a job because I’d love to watch something with your animation skills
Sheryl Allen
Sheryl Allen 3 days ago
Why do I love this so much
Barby_ 555
Barby_ 555 3 days ago
So many kinds, where can we start? We like them dumb and we like them smart I like the ones with the pretty eyes Well, I like all kinds of guys Stop What happened? How about the ones we especially like? Which ones? You know the ones with the cars that go... I hear you Hit it!
Haha_ wut?
Haha_ wut? 3 days ago
They like the cars with t h e b o o m
Galaxy Neon Wolf Girl
1:24 we like them Shwort and we like them Twall we like them one and we like them awll 😂 lol
waves on my iphone
This looks like Animal Jam Classic, but their anthro, they can wear clothes right, and they can date, and theres cars that also can go boom. Don't try to change my mind.
Hope David
Hope David 4 days ago
I feel high..
lefty 1337
lefty 1337 4 days ago
Goddammit again?
Catherine Phillips
I love and hate how Tigra in this animation looks like my dog (a pug)
Kaori Blais
Kaori Blais 4 days ago
0:40 me and my bff be like
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