Kyrie Irving vs. the Celtics will be a spectacle - Max Kellerman | First Take

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Max Kellerman can’t wait to see Kyrie Irving take on the Boston Celtics in a Brooklyn Nets jersey.
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Aug 13, 2019




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Comments 1 084
Mister Anon
Mister Anon 12 days ago
5:19 Gonna go out of my way and say Luck is gonna have a better year than Rodgers this year.
🏴‍☠️ 12 days ago
M.H. L.
M.H. L. 14 days ago
Mo Hussein
Mo Hussein 14 days ago
Boston Chris UFC
Boston Chris UFC 18 days ago
Jaylin gordan Tatum Kemba... damn!!! I see jaylin having a monster season
Boston Chris UFC
Boston Chris UFC 18 days ago
Yeah it will be a spectacle all right watching the Celtics beat the nets in every single game 😂 this yr and next
96 BREAD 20 days ago
If im there i wud boo the nets out of kyrie
Pennywise 21 day ago
Didn't Kyrie dog the whole celtics team in the playoffs and drop 42 on those bums? Lmao. 21 in the 3rd quarter.
He’s not even close to the best “show” in the NBA wtf is he talking about
Chase Rogers
Chase Rogers 22 days ago
Everybody always trash smoothie king arena. I like smoothie king
Team Fear
Team Fear 22 days ago
A spectacle of L’s...
T00NFR00B 24 days ago
I think kawhi going back to Toronto is gonna be a beautiful reunion
Nothing Special
Nothing Special 22 days ago
True! He will receive his ring that night so it's gonna be beautiful
D TM 28 days ago
the celtics will win more games, shoot better and pass more. the defense will be stronger and the chemistry will be significantly better. boston is going to surprise a LOT of people this year. i see top 3 seed in the east without a doubt.
bkcalvine 29 days ago
0:40 Can someone teach Stephen A Smith to say New Orleans properly? Ears are bleeding over here.
Raphael Davis
Raphael Davis 29 days ago
Logan X
Logan X Month ago
JabirPlayz Month ago
its new orleans not new orleens
Hamlet Kollie
Hamlet Kollie Month ago
Branden Thompson
Zion vs AD, It'll be like Shaq's return to Orlando vs Dwight
Lemmy Lemz
Lemmy Lemz Month ago
I cant imagine the amount of emotion during Russ comeback in OKC. It will be a unique atmosphere. I can see him having his signature triple double.
thug life 2EA4
thug life 2EA4 Month ago
Fuck the celtics I'm glad he left now he can drop 40 on em
Mo Hussein
Mo Hussein Month ago
Lonzo vs lakers
Y u so Bubu
Y u so Bubu Month ago
When Chris Paul left. They got AD. When AD left, they got Zion. TF is that?????
James Parker
James Parker Month ago
First time I ever agreed with Kellerman. Celtics will be better this year.
Jorden Davis
Jorden Davis Month ago
I’m willing to bet my left nut kyrie drops at least 50 first game against Celtics
prazertv 27 days ago
@Jorden Davis I would never bet my left nut on anything. I value my body parts way too much. Why would anyone bet their left nut on something so meaningless?
Jorden Davis
Jorden Davis 27 days ago
prazertv but are you willing to bet your left not kyrie won’t drop 50 against the Celtics there first game
prazertv Month ago
I'm wiling to bet that Celtics win that matchup. It's about the Ws.
Mohamed Elshiehh
canadiansfan5 toronto4life
Who gives a fuck?
TJ 3
TJ 3 Month ago
X DAFACTOR Month ago
Kyrie, Celtics and AD, Pelicans are the One's to see.
Alex Cedeno
Alex Cedeno Month ago
Baby boi vs celtics
Jay Laws
Jay Laws Month ago
Max the best show in the nba is Steph Curry.
Jay Laws
Jay Laws Month ago
DLO vs Nets is gonna be big
tracy powell
tracy powell Month ago
Kyrie gonna be crying..trap Kemba!
Jesse James Games
I have never been a fan of his playstyle but i look forward to Westbrook Returning to OKC. That is going to be a long well deserved standing Ovation.
Jamie James
Jamie James Month ago
Steph Is a better show than Kyrie. I'ma Uncle Drew fan but you can't stop Stephertless
Kenzobuddy Month ago
They gone boo the fuck out of Kywee
Steven Battle
Steven Battle Month ago
Molly say “UCONN plays...”, or am i tripping ?
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony Month ago
Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum are the 1-2 punch for the Celtics and add all rest of the team and Boston tops the East at least 1of 3 teams.
Thomas Dumont
Thomas Dumont Month ago
Boston will be better. I wouldnt be shocked if Boston had 3 all stars this year. Kemba, Tatum, and Hayward could all do it.
BlacK Bull
BlacK Bull Month ago
I just wanna see Derrick Rose ball out for the Pistons, wherever he goes.
BrownNinja187 Month ago
whats going on with stephen As moustache lmaoooo
SuSmallville Month ago
Stephen A must of shaved in front of half a mirror today
KiD Music
KiD Music Month ago
Nets @ Celtics would’ve been an AMAZING Christmas game. Missed opportunity NBA.
rg3champ816 Month ago
Molly gotta go ! Like this if you approve this message
Red Boy
Red Boy Month ago
Somebody mentioned his stache in another video. Good lord how did the make up Crew let him walk out like this? Lmao
HFR83 Month ago
Kyrie's beard annoys me
Mack Peters
Mack Peters Month ago
Kyrie gonna be bitching about somebody out to get him or whatever after every game against boston
Quitan Wilson
Quitan Wilson Month ago
Ad ant shoed me nothing yet we will see if he can help Lakers win a ring. Because he's only there for one year so it win or bust
Dan Gleesack
Dan Gleesack Month ago
We all know this dude ain’t gonna play that game
K C Month ago
Hey everybody I’m a hooper from mn and I wanna ask everybody to subscribe to my channel so that I can post my highlights and get attention from college coaches and get a scholarship so if y’all could subscribe to me it would mean a lot
Craig Royce
Craig Royce Month ago
It’s gotta be Westbrook return to okc after all they went through
Chris Curry
Chris Curry Month ago
Who trimmed Stephen A’s mustache???? Pretty funny???????
willie drake
willie drake Month ago
I finally agree with you Max
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick Month ago
I just don’t get why people are so big on Tatum. I’d take Kuzma over him any day.
like a greatmill stone G.M.S
Cry baby Irving
Elijah Coles
Elijah Coles Month ago
God I wish they’d just get rid of molly and bring in someone else anyone else really
Docraki Docraki
Docraki Docraki Month ago
You need to stop being a bitch and stop getting annoyed by a little woman
Nick Month ago
Thanks for cutting the video right before molly spoke appricate it.
Karlos Ortega
Karlos Ortega Month ago
i don't know which is more annoying, molly or stephen a's half moustache.
Eric Iwaniec
Eric Iwaniec Month ago
Molly need stfu
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
Celtic winning that match up
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