Kylo Ren || Mask Off

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Future - Mask Off
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Feb 15, 2020




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Comments 80
Mr. Krepshus
Mr. Krepshus 4 months ago
Mask on.... F**k it mask off
mina rose
mina rose 2 months ago
this was the CLEANEST thing i’ve ever seen like- WOW
P_Sher 12
P_Sher 12 2 months ago
so das how id is!? huh? purposes
Joanna Banana
Joanna Banana 4 months ago
I had been thinking about kylo and this song but i have no clue how to edit You made my day thank you 💞
shadowbl4zer 4 months ago
This video really shows how cool Kylo could've been if everyone took the same drugs at Disney. Nice Video as always Mr.Krepshus I wonder how you gonna blow us away in 2020 ^^
Power angel
Power angel 4 months ago
Yes we heard lmao.... Jk
Cilicia Raudys
Cilicia Raudys 9 days ago
This is satisfying idk why
Julia Evenets
Julia Evenets 12 days ago
oh yes indeed
oh yes indeed 16 days ago
I keep coming back.
Lena-Maria Eckinger
the amount of times i watched this masterpiece is unhealthy
valentina 23 days ago
Anita 25 days ago
como haces para tatuarte un video
Haider Ezio
Haider Ezio Month ago
wtf 1:07 i have never seen that scene when kylo mask on with KoR.
Miquel Espinoza
Miquel Espinoza 24 days ago
@Skywalker_Arts it's a deleted scene
Skywalker_Arts 26 days ago
It wasn't in the movie, it's just a scene from the trailer
Connor Robbins
Connor Robbins Month ago
One of the best editors I have ever seen
Faseeh Ullah
Faseeh Ullah Month ago
This song and video ACTUALLY upgraded my favorite Star Wars character. Especially the beginning.
nik avox
nik avox Month ago
TX_royal king
TX_royal king Month ago
I like star wars and nice video
Connie Bevan
Connie Bevan Month ago
Connie B
Connie B Month ago
Thank you for this😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson Month ago
I played this song in front of a glow-stick and it became a lightsaber.
P H 2 months ago
Love this edit!
Lily Sarah
Lily Sarah 2 months ago
But this slapped SO HARD
Yeo dats crazy
Yeo dats crazy 2 months ago
*I'm convinced this was the soundtrack when he killed Luke's students*
newcrt 2 months ago
Broo this is soo good 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😒
Xonly Tyrek
Xonly Tyrek 2 months ago
The way this shit fits so well, is unreal, hella chills🥶 lol
Demy Hera
Demy Hera 2 months ago
F@cking daddy material
Kiran Shah
Kiran Shah 2 months ago
Where’s the clip at 0:56 from
The-Casual- Jedi
The-Casual- Jedi 2 months ago
Force Awakens
slowboiimelow 2 months ago
Yo this is MEAN AS 💯 love it, this is FIRE
Timothy Sondej
Timothy Sondej 2 months ago
0:32 that bass though, if you dont have good headphones you won't know
Timothy Sondej
Timothy Sondej 2 months ago
This is one of the best videos I’ve ever watched
Jackson Yollin
Jackson Yollin 2 months ago
Idk why but i have rewatched this 50 times
I am a swamp lover
I am a swamp lover 2 months ago
0:31 amazing
Gisel Maria
Gisel Maria 2 months ago
What if both died in the end and the both became one with the force? They both turn up as ghosts and are welcome by the other jedi?
Christian Ferreira Coelho
I just watched this video more than 30 times, congratulations for your work, is amazing!
Mr. Krepshus
Mr. Krepshus 2 months ago
Christian Ferreira Coelho Thank you
SAMUEL 2 months ago
Even if this is a sequel trilogy video it deserves more attention
P_Sher 12
P_Sher 12 3 months ago
so das how id is!? huh?
Lizzy G
Lizzy G 3 months ago
This is cool
Giancarlo Puccio
Giancarlo Puccio 3 months ago
like if he should make a mask off for Batman the Nolan series
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 3 months ago
i still get hella chills watching this
The-Casual- Jedi
The-Casual- Jedi 2 months ago
General Kenobi
Chiscoo _Meza
Chiscoo _Meza 3 months ago
Amazing video !! Fucken awesome team Kylo all the way
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson 3 months ago
That editing be top tier 👌👌👌👍
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 3 months ago
Now, this is my favourite video in the whole internet
its_ E.L.L.Y
its_ E.L.L.Y 3 months ago
That was the BEST edit I've ever seen and let me tell you I have seen A LOT
EYE VAN 3 months ago
I like the old thumbnail better
The Ravioli Monster
The Ravioli Monster 3 months ago
this is so sick bro
Nazar Dubinsky
Nazar Dubinsky 3 months ago
*The beginning gave me goosebumps* Good job, bro) P.S: 0:37 - perfect
Real BaNneR
Real BaNneR 3 months ago
ive seen this video around 10 thousand times, i really LOVE THIS VIDEO FKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
Hannah g
Hannah g 3 months ago
You have outdone yourself. This is fucking AMAZING!!!!!!
Lukifanga Kaumatule
Lukifanga Kaumatule 3 months ago
broooo, you should do Idk 24 song with something cool like black panther or something
Pheonix Productions
Pheonix Productions 3 months ago
This is awesome man, love the use of cutting between saber contact, speeding up and slowing down scene to sync with music cues and the changing audio levels to give a more intense atmosphere. Amazing work bro. I'm an editor myself just starting up a channel with only a few projects out but more on the way. It would be awesome if you checked them out but of course you don't have to. Keep up the good work homie.
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren 3 months ago
I loved kylo ren he was a badass character
Ethan 3 months ago
Dope transitions
Dylan Gaul
Dylan Gaul 3 months ago
1:10 he slows then speeds up the footage to sync it. Looks incredible man keep up the good work
Lillian Cane
Lillian Cane 3 months ago
0:27 his footsteps literally matched the beat perfectly 🥵
Omari Granberry
Omari Granberry 3 months ago
That shit was clean asf
Why does Future go so good with clips of Ben Solo
Ruby Orchid14
Ruby Orchid14 3 months ago
Why is this so badass?
George 3 months ago
great edit!
Deia SkullGames
Deia SkullGames 3 months ago
Wonderful! Precious! Delicious!
I’m so ugly, but anyways
Stop with your edits they kill meeeeee they are so gooodddddd I love you 👁👄👁
BaronvonPiano 3 months ago
Whoa. That was awesome.
suga 3 months ago
look at my husband
Sahil but this is my 2nd channel
I think I've literally contributed myself like 40 views. This is legendary
SloppyAnime 3 months ago
00:21 I felt that
Tom Hans
Tom Hans 3 months ago
Do this song with Spider-Man
Shaiel Britez
Shaiel Britez 3 months ago
Kylo Ren, el mejor personaje de las secuelas change my mind Se merecía haber tenido mucho más desarrollo de lo que le dieron
Landon Ricketts
Landon Ricketts 3 months ago
0:22 - 0:31
alby g
alby g 3 months ago
MadeIInTokyyo 3 months ago
crucify me if you must, but I think there was such a complexity to kylo ren, That Rian Johnson did the best at directing
Gemma pixie
Gemma pixie 3 months ago
My boobs just exploded
Kirito Evergarden
Kirito Evergarden 3 months ago
0:41 it was cool how he just stood there for a sec
General Freddie
General Freddie 3 months ago
Adam really did carry this trilogy, his story arc of Ben solo was the most interesting to me
zDqvid 3 months ago
This is amazing wow
mnish keeci
mnish keeci 3 months ago
Am i the only who actually loves the way adam walks.
The Variety Nerd
The Variety Nerd 3 months ago
Gerard McManus
Gerard McManus 3 months ago
At 1:07 where is that clip from? I’m assuming that this is when kylo ren first puts his new mask on in rise to Skywalker however if I’m not mistaken, this part wasn’t in the movie as they cut right to the knights of ren ship scene. If you can, can you just let me know where you found it from? Thanks!
Chill Out
Chill Out 3 months ago
Like Kylo ren Comment Darth Vader
gg2020 3 months ago
WOW. Just wow. This is incredible! Love the editing. Gave me goosebumps.
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 3 months ago
Did anyone notice when he spins you see a clip of darth vador right after for a spilt second
Catherine G.
Catherine G. 3 months ago
mollie smith
mollie smith 3 months ago
Fix ur attitude feels a little different after watching this
Azabache Zapata
Azabache Zapata 3 months ago
This shhh is greeeeeatttttt
Julesツ 3 months ago
you should really do anakin skywalker with “godzilla” by eminem ;)
SwagWave SM
SwagWave SM 3 months ago
This was so FIRE!!!
Daylon Burks
Daylon Burks 3 months ago
Dang Adam driver’s back must be made out robotics because he carried the entire trilogy like a G 💯
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