Kylo Ren || Mask Off

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Future - Mask Off
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Comments 80
Mr. Krepshus
Mr. Krepshus Month ago
Mask on.... F**k it mask off
Joanna Banana
Joanna Banana 23 days ago
I had been thinking about kylo and this song but i have no clue how to edit You made my day thank you 💞
shadowbl4zer Month ago
This video really shows how cool Kylo could've been if everyone took the same drugs at Disney. Nice Video as always Mr.Krepshus I wonder how you gonna blow us away in 2020 ^^
Power angel
Power angel Month ago
Yes we heard lmao.... Jk
Double Features
Double Features Month ago
Are you gonna do another kylo ren one after rise of skywalker comes out on digital?
Dylan Gaul
Dylan Gaul Hour ago
1:10 he slows then speeds up the footage to sync it. Looks incredible man keep up the good work
Lillian Cane
Lillian Cane Day ago
0:27 his footsteps literally matched the beat perfectly 🥵
Omari Granberry
That shit was clean asf
biancerz ;
biancerz ; Day ago
Why does Future go so good with clips of Ben Solo
Ruby Orchid14
Why is this so badass?
SHDZ 2 days ago
great edit!
Deia SkullGames
Deia SkullGames 2 days ago
Wonderful! Precious! Delicious!
Doggy Thanos
Doggy Thanos 2 days ago
Stop with your edits they kill meeeeee they are so gooodddddd I love you 👁👄👁
BaronvonPiano 3 days ago
Whoa. That was awesome.
notleiå 4 days ago
look at my husband
Sahil but this is my 2nd channel
I think I've literally contributed myself like 40 views. This is legendary
SloppyAnime 5 days ago
00:21 I felt that
Tom Hans
Tom Hans 5 days ago
Do this song with Spider-Man
Shaiel Britez
Shaiel Britez 5 days ago
Kylo Ren, el mejor personaje de las secuelas change my mind Se merecía haber tenido mucho más desarrollo de lo que le dieron
Landon Ricketts
Landon Ricketts 6 days ago
0:22 - 0:31
alby g
alby g 8 days ago
MadeIInTokyyo 9 days ago
crucify me if you must, but I think there was such a complexity to kylo ren, That Rian Johnson did the best at directing
Gemma pixie
Gemma pixie 9 days ago
My boobs just exploded
Tyler Bynum
Tyler Bynum 9 days ago
0:41 it was cool how he just stood there for a sec
Darth Ren
Darth Ren 9 days ago
Adam really did carry this trilogy, his story arc of Ben solo was the most interesting to me
zDqvid 10 days ago
This is amazing wow
mnish keeci
mnish keeci 10 days ago
Am i the only who actually loves the way adam walks.
The Variety Nerd
The Variety Nerd 10 days ago
Gerard McManus
Gerard McManus 11 days ago
At 1:07 where is that clip from? I’m assuming that this is when kylo ren first puts his new mask on in rise to Skywalker however if I’m not mistaken, this part wasn’t in the movie as they cut right to the knights of ren ship scene. If you can, can you just let me know where you found it from? Thanks!
Chill Out
Chill Out 11 days ago
Like Kylo ren Comment Darth Vader
gg2020 11 days ago
WOW. Just wow. This is incredible! Love the editing. Gave me goosebumps.
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 12 days ago
Did anyone notice when he spins you see a clip of darth vador right after for a spilt second
Catherine G.
Catherine G. 12 days ago
mollie smith
mollie smith 12 days ago
Fix ur attitude feels a little different after watching this
Azabache Zapata
Azabache Zapata 12 days ago
This shhh is greeeeeatttttt
ari skywalker
ari skywalker 13 days ago
you should really do anakin skywalker with “godzilla” by eminem ;)
SwagWave SM
SwagWave SM 13 days ago
This was so FIRE!!!
Daylon Burks
Daylon Burks 14 days ago
Dang Adam driver’s back must be made out robotics because he carried the entire trilogy like a G 💯
ari skywalker
ari skywalker 14 days ago
this shows how kylo is when he isn’t crying, whining, screaming, complaining, and throwing tantrums. thank you for that. i always enjoyed when kylo was fighting and using his lightsaber than when he’s whining about everything else in the galaxy. also 0:38 is really satisfying and on beat, and i love that! :)
InnIlax _
InnIlax _ 14 days ago
This song doesn't really fit with kylo, should've played the Disney Channel theme
Anthony Latino
Anthony Latino 14 days ago
Please do this with IRON MAN
Kurly Kayla
Kurly Kayla 14 days ago
What a hottie.
Jonatas Oliveira
Jonatas Oliveira 14 days ago
Corona arrives. Put the mask on.
zDqvid 15 days ago
Here before 50k views
John Venz
John Venz 15 days ago
You ruined it with the blue saber at the end
M Zaman
M Zaman 15 days ago
I watch this video unhealthy amount of time.
musicladyelaine 15 days ago
Keep it OFF! That kind of beauty needs to be SEEN!
Liz Davison
Liz Davison 15 days ago
Hell yeah
_ Cezarpower _
_ Cezarpower _ 15 days ago
I'll give this one a like because the editing was cool, otherwise these movies are complete garbage (not kylo ren)
SilentSZN 15 days ago
I can't be the only one that always comes back to this video because of 0:38
Galo Sniper
Galo Sniper Day ago
Do you feel the hype? So cool
Matthew Heuel
Matthew Heuel 15 days ago
Just plain sexy
_bellaxbeba_ 15 days ago
God DAMN the timing is *Nutty*
Peter Degtjarewsky
Peter Degtjarewsky 15 days ago
Kylo Ren: F*ck it...mask off! SW fans: That...is why you failed.
Anya Mamgain
Anya Mamgain 16 days ago
This is so fucking good i have chills
Silvercloud Jackson
This is after Kylo says the n word
Ernesto HG
Ernesto HG 16 days ago
I lose sleep at night knowing this trilogy could’ve been sooo much BETTER :’(
If someone can make Future and Star Wars work then they have talent
Julius Lopez
Julius Lopez 18 days ago
Rodpod 18 days ago
This shoulda been the trailer for The Last Jedi
Paul March
Paul March 19 days ago
The editing is amazing as always, but weird music flex.
Lance Awesomeness 2
Please do The Mandalorian (Black Widow final trailer) style please
Rakkers 21 day ago
we need a damn kylo show or movie where he just brutally kills everyone
Legendary 5647
Legendary 5647 23 days ago
I think I've watched this at least 100 times
PurpGravy 23 days ago
Wow this video is insane very nice job.
TimeandMonotony 24 days ago
Goddamn this is awesome! Incredible editing! Kylo/Ben is my favorite SW character and Adam Driver absolutely crushed it. I love the Sequel Trilogy, I don't care what anyone says about it.
Andr3Productions 25 days ago
This deserves more attention
CherubiKnighT 25 days ago
I have made some solid edits but jesus man. THIS WAS PROBABLY THE BEST KYLO tribute ever lmao!
Philly SkyGuy
Philly SkyGuy 25 days ago
Great video! I usually don't care about music edits, but this actually pleased me. Do you by any chance have the link to the HQ tv spot of Kylo putting his cracked helmet back on? Since they cut that out the movie I wanna save that footage
Arnav Khode
Arnav Khode 25 days ago
Can you pls make part 2??
Golden Starz42
Golden Starz42 25 days ago
So nobody talks about 0:31
Paige Arnold
Paige Arnold 26 days ago
I dont like this new Trilogy at all, but for some reason I want Kylo's lightsaber. Lol
Eman871999 26 days ago
This edit is sick!!!!!
Nash Burggraaff
Nash Burggraaff 27 days ago
This was fucking Lit my guy 🔥🔥 #Wewantmore !
Netholas Blackheart
Rap is crap
Yas 28 days ago
Ok but that’s hot
James Smith
James Smith 29 days ago
Is there way to do Travis Scott Pray 4 love
Darah Turner
Darah Turner 29 days ago
This is pretty awesome 👏🏽
Cheif Winter
Cheif Winter 29 days ago
Chasing shit never chasing bitch lol kylo been chasing that bitch
Luis Villasenor
Luis Villasenor 29 days ago
We need more of this😂.
pixiegirl1492 29 days ago
Kenneth Kolton
Kenneth Kolton Month ago
Sick AF. 🤟
Seaque Month ago
i mean at this point you have better skills then most of the 'professional' trailer-editors out there
O K Month ago
God I love this I love everything future And I love everything Star Wars
Ivbo Month ago
Kylo as a character is right up there with Vader on my list, the sequels were a mess but Kylo Ren and his arc was phenomenal, even the recent comics on him are great.
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