Kylo Ren angry scenes

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Dec 30, 2019




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The Ghost Adventures
This guy needs to take his anger issue tablets more often
Alex Donahue
Alex Donahue 24 days ago
He is a Marine. This is perfectly normal
Kurly Kayla
Kurly Kayla Month ago
@Timur 56255 Zen...as in peace lol
Timur 56255
Timur 56255 Month ago
@Kurly Kayla ?
Kurly Kayla
Kurly Kayla Month ago
Kylo Ren need some Kylo Zen
Timur 56255
Timur 56255 Month ago
@Kylo Ren bruh xD
J Johnson II
J Johnson II 20 minutes ago
Your Wingman
Your Wingman 15 hours ago
Yep. Still relate to Kylo. And his anger issues. God I fucking hate my life
husker 75
husker 75 Day ago
Worst antagonist ever
Dolores Ross
Dolores Ross 2 days ago
0:06 -> is when in fortnite I couldn’t get the P-1000 pack 1:20 -> Is when in fortnite I couldn’t get the Dark Reflections pack
Dolores Ross
Dolores Ross 2 days ago
And in the dark reflections pack dark Jonesy is just so cool
Dolores Ross
Dolores Ross 2 days ago
Or no longer get it
The Untamed Mane
The Untamed Mane 3 days ago
The What If sequel looks crazy. Without his nachos, he’s nothing.
baby yoda
baby yoda 3 days ago
The troops at the end be like oh hell no 😂
zI Prisma
zI Prisma 4 days ago
1:38 the troopers 😂😂
Brandon Bonett
Brandon Bonett 6 days ago
Adam is one of those actors who really who takes any role he gets real seriously. Thus making him more awesome.
Petro 6 days ago
Brandon Bonett i agree 100%
KINGRaiLZ 6 days ago
Category: Gaming
S A N D 2 days ago
I find it funny
KINGRaiLZ 6 days ago
Petro it’s okay :)
Petro 6 days ago
my bad :)
Ethan Meier
Ethan Meier 8 days ago
Imagine being a stormtrooper led by someone with anger issues
Ben Sy
Ben Sy 9 days ago
Vanae01 9 days ago
The storm troopers in the end walk off is hilarious
Logan The Octoling
Logan The Octoling 10 days ago
0:42 When someone just won’t let go.
Katherine Sarsfield
What would the female version of Kylo Ren be? I can relate to him on so many levels. lol
•łėą- čhåň•
Romanian mothers are worse XDDD
Juan Carlos Lopez Navarro
Somebody didn't practice sith meditation since long time ago...
Jayden Playz
Jayden Playz 16 days ago
0:28 no snow 0:41 there are snow???😂😂
CU Buff -
CU Buff - 18 days ago
I wish kylo kept his mask on for a little longer, It would’ve added a little more intimidation. Kinda like Vader
nugget 19 days ago
oh look the wittle baby's throwin his temper tantrum again
Quintana Blue rose
Damn and I thought my parents were worst when I made them mad at me. Could you even imagine what would happen if he was my dad and I made him mad at me I'd run the other direction to like them Stormtroopers. And then go hide for a long time. LOL JK
Quintana Blue rose
Quintana Blue rose 23 days ago
Let's just say if I got to be an extra in this movie every time he got mad it'd be so hard for me not to laugh and keep it together when filming this movie it's cute and funny at the same time 😂
Super Venom
Super Venom 23 days ago
0:06 when my friend tells me that my crush has a boyfriend
Super Venom
Super Venom 23 days ago
His rage is worse than anakin’s
Alex Donahue
Alex Donahue 24 days ago
Marine. Perfectly normal
Mikexdrizz 26 days ago
Kylo Ren was definitely the best part of the new movies. No make they the only good part of the new movies
The offical real the man behind the slaughter
1:37 fortnite defaults when they see build fightings
Totally Out Of It
*Kylo being an angry bean for almost 2 minutes*
Totally Out Of It
LMAO THE STORMTROOPERS JUST WALKING AWAY AT THE END. THEY WERE LIKE " *oop he mad again abort abort hmm i dont see anything ren what ren lets go jimmy* "
He murdered Jedis, got an army, got to be commander of fleets.. um.. WHY is he angry? Really... why?
Mr AutismO
Mr AutismO Month ago
0:43 when my dog has something in his mouth
kylie koponia
kylie koponia Month ago
I want him to yell at me 🤪😚😳
Quintana Blue rose
Quintana Blue rose 23 days ago
Me too
Glitchybobatea Month ago
Thats me when im angry
3D Waffles
3D Waffles Month ago
This guy needs to take out his anger issues tablets more often Hes so cute when he's bad 😂 No I tottaly did not steal this comment😂
I honestly know the feeling of that kind of anger at the end....
Faze Cian
Faze Cian Month ago
Why are all these Kylo Ren clips slo mo
Petro Month ago
FaZe CiAn oh thats weird for me it isnt slo mo
Faze Cian
Faze Cian Month ago
@Petro everyone I see is
Petro Month ago
FaZe CiAn they arent
StartGame88 2 months ago
Man Kylo Ren would hate playing video games
Da Sheep
Da Sheep Month ago
Kylo on his 5th death in dark souls: 0:06
Mark Morose
Mark Morose 2 months ago
This is how most Sith should have been portrayed. In most games and Media they’re all depicted as mostly sulking and seething.
Vicana Clinic & Apothecary
He's always so angy :(
мιlку ωαу
мιlку ωαу 2 months ago
kylo ren in all three movies: i angi no talk me >:(
0:44 reach for that snickers
Collin Bellamy
Collin Bellamy 2 months ago
Kylo is always pissed you can’t make this comp without him being in the entire movie
Doge the Shibe 2
Doge the Shibe 2 2 months ago
The movie of me tryin to get the last fly
Shyler Lover
Shyler Lover 2 months ago
When Kylo is mad, it’s more funny than terrifying. 🤣
Doge The shibe
Doge The shibe 2 months ago
Lol this is so funny!
Pairsauger22 Star Wars
I like stormtrooper said nope
Mary Coleman
Mary Coleman 2 months ago
E Innocent
E Innocent 2 months ago
0:07 1:34 when someone destroys my stuff and I do it back
kai seven one
kai seven one 2 months ago
i love this man
Ashley Yoon
Ashley Yoon 2 months ago
0:13 kylo is me
SCGold JStudios
SCGold JStudios 2 months ago
1:02 now kylo ren's helmet is angry
Petro 2 months ago
Goldleck Studios lol it looks angry
magg gg
magg gg 2 months ago
Kylo ren is the best character in this new trilogy
Nathan 5 hours ago
kylo ren
husker 75
husker 75 Day ago
RunningSince1991 4 days ago
@Juanita Samaniego What about Kylo Ren?
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 17 days ago
@Juanita Samaniego ok
Juanita Samaniego
Juanita Samaniego 18 days ago
kylo ren
Yoda 2 months ago
I was cracking up when the storm troopers turned around
Petro 2 months ago
Yoda haha
Juliana Reis
Juliana Reis 2 months ago
Kylo Ren angry scene = Kylo Ren all scenes
Claker Se
Claker Se 15 days ago
At least he toned it down in Ep 9.
Aidan Coleman
Aidan Coleman 2 months ago
Have a snickers why don’t you.
Petro 2 months ago
Aidan Coleman wait u still got them ?
Wringle Spottomire
Wringle Spottomire 2 months ago
"All firepower on those speeders--" "CONCENTRATE ALL FIRE ON THE SPEEDERS" "..."
Punterlotek 2 months ago
You forgot to put into the video one scene: *T R A I T O R ! ! !*
Petro 2 months ago
my mistake :(
Jaggedfire06362 2 months ago
0:49 Kylo’s face towards Hux *really?*
XxMapleshadexX 16 days ago
Aha ikr Kylo be thinking *did this bitch really just-*
daniel adan morales altamirano
Lol player be like
ThE gIrL, ReY
ThE gIrL, ReY 3 months ago
*Every time Kylo screams
James Malik
James Malik 3 months ago
I can only imagine how Ben and Rey's marriage issues would be! LOL!
Juan Padilla. Mr. Roo
Reylos are wierdos
Da Sheep
Da Sheep Month ago
Pretty fuckin weird considering Ben solo is y know DEAD
BrickTrooper Productions
fucking reylo girl
Andrew Witham
Andrew Witham 3 months ago
At least he didn't kill his subordinates like Vader did. I can respect a man who rages on equipment rather than people!
Petro 3 months ago
Andrew Witham yeah thats true i dont know what he would do to his own people
Andrew Witham
Andrew Witham 3 months ago
@Petro he never did in the movies. Yeah he choked a guy but I don't believe he killed anyone. At least not anyone from his own team.
Petro 3 months ago
yeah but if someone would get in his way when he his mad he might kill his mates
Paulina Socas
Paulina Socas 3 months ago
I think he could be snape
Liao 3 months ago
Angy boi
Alexis TAF
Alexis TAF 3 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-kG3H6qI1-5M.html sub pls
zarander 3 months ago
0.48 was a funny moment
Jesus Sauceda
Jesus Sauceda 3 months ago
When I was more younger I used to be like this, like hitting the wall with my fists, wanting to trow things at the wall or at other things and some other stuff.. I even wanted to kill my brother for real with a knife when he was bothering me (he didnt do anything bad to me he was just messing with me).. but I couldn’t take it that lightly.. I remember that I actually chased him inside the house until he got locked on a room waiting for me to calm down.. so when u got sober I felt so bad. yes, this video shows it in a fictional character but angry issues are like this.. deadly if you can’t hold it, you need to suppress yourself (plus i also suffered from crisis of anxiety to make things worse).. yes, I had mental issues.. when this happens is like something from inside is pushing you and you can’t think clear and you just do things, eventually I managed to control it.. it’s like something wants to get out of you and damage everything (including everyone) that surrounds you.. I love how unstable is Kylo.. also what kylo does in shouting is very accurate to the real thing..
Jesus Sauceda
Jesus Sauceda 3 months ago
Petro thanks, I’m more in control now.
Petro 3 months ago
Jesus Sauceda im sorry to hear that but i hope everything is better now
SamStudios 3 months ago
Haha on the first one he sounded so calm after his little hissy fit :D
Grand Admiral Bencardd
Saved the best for last
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 3 months ago
*Blow that piece of junk, OUT OF THE SKY*
Clash Forever
Clash Forever 3 months ago
1:40 me turning away from my responsibilities
Totally Out Of It
T BAYS 3 months ago
Donald duck: I thought I had anger issues Anger: yeah me too Hades: at least I don't break important stuff
A. Mikey B.
A. Mikey B. 3 months ago
Been a shit week and angry Kylo Ren is so cathartic.
A. Mikey B.
A. Mikey B. 3 months ago
My break up is official. this DEFINITELY helps.
Jeanette 3 months ago
Those two troopers were like hell nah at starkillerbase cause kylo was raging snd destroying the interrogation room
Khang Doan
Khang Doan 19 days ago
Shit I would to
Alex Donahue
Alex Donahue 24 days ago
Petro 3 months ago
Jeanette haha yeah i wouldve walked away to
S T 3 months ago
Them stormtroopers are like “Nope, let’s back this shit up and leave”
Shadowpelt The Boss
Shadowpelt The Boss 3 months ago
Bruh the stormtroopers at the end
Kloust 3 months ago
Ohlook it's Darth Tantrum
Tacoos Gaming
Tacoos Gaming 3 months ago
You mean every second of every minute?
María Martinez
María Martinez 3 months ago
0:45 se le sale lo Adam Driver.
Gollygollumt 3 months ago
We have no confirmation but we believe ff2187 may have helped in the escape.The resistance is Dead, the war is over And when I kill you I will have killed the last Jedi. Blow that piece of junk out of the sky. Ahhhhhhh.oooooooooooooooeaaaaaaahhh. Cool holding on, let go. All fire power on those speeders, concentrate all fire on the speeders. Prepare my ship. no, nooooohh.
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