Kylie Skin Review with Shane Dawson

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today Shane Dawson and I are trying Kylie Jenner's new skincare line, Kylie Skin! This has been such a highly requested review, but it has been sold out and we all know little ole Jeffree ain't on the PR list! But Shane ordered it... And it's HERE! Watch our unfiltered and honest thoughts and find out the REAL truth about Kylie Skin.
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Jun 2, 2019




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Comments 80
makeup lover
makeup lover 5 hours ago
Watching from Pakistan and I found Shane little over person Jeffree is love😍
RelaxReview 6 hours ago
Omg, this video is like a sleepover 🤣
Stefany Stoilkova
Stefany Stoilkova 9 hours ago
i miss them so much
Type Type
Type Type 11 hours ago
Bra I’ve been watching Jeffress videos for FOUR hours lol
susan cook
susan cook 15 hours ago
Shane is a ‘hit
Lilyogurt Mars
Lilyogurt Mars 18 hours ago
at 9:31 Shane pulled such a dad move...when they cant see little lettering
Axelle Dtg
Axelle Dtg Day ago
I stan jefree hair line
just ara
just ara Day ago
To be honest, I used to hate Kylie because of Jeffree, but when I started to watch KUWTK, I started to love Kardashian-Jenner family. Now I'm unsubscribing. Jeffree, I used to love you because you're so honest but you need to accept criticism also. You keep or criticizing others but you don't accept criticism
Penelope Stephens
um nobody going to talk abt the huge hole in shanes shirt
Annette Shon
Annette Shon Day ago
Is nobody gonna talk about the hole is Shane shirt.
Kim Fierro
Kim Fierro Day ago
Jeffree is a mood. Man I'm laughing my ass off when he's talking about the product in the beginning
uHm- Day ago
0:54 👀👀👀
Pink Bean
Pink Bean Day ago
Angelina Kott
I laughed so hard, thank you! Also still love yall!
Kerry Goodall
Kerry Goodall 2 days ago
Who else thinks he is more beautiful without contacts
Zoe Mok
Zoe Mok 2 days ago
jeffree: calls him self a skincare expert hyram: hold my sunscreen (this is a joke plz dont attack lmao)
Lifestream Patrolll
Jeffree. Everything was sold out which the numbers were very low
Beth N.
Beth N. 2 days ago
Want the reali(tea) for sure! I don't want to purchase something that's going to make my skin worse.
Melike OG
Melike OG Day ago
I use it and i Think it’s very beautiful
Gymnastics Lover
Gymnastics Lover 3 days ago
*well this didn’t age well 2.0*
Braiden Walker
Braiden Walker 3 days ago
Tea Tea Tea
Jaycee Rogers
Jaycee Rogers 3 days ago
Jeffree needs to come out with a skin care like because that stuff would be amazing for my skin
Liliana Perez
Liliana Perez 3 days ago
“is that my other package” HABABBA IM FUCKINGG LIVING😭😭😭
Trisha Louraine Delmoro
Watched this because of Hyram Video ahahaha 😝
Thaanyasri Surash
19:59 lol watch until 20:02
Nussi Salman
Nussi Salman 4 days ago
Am I the only one who can see the resemblence to Ole Henriksen products? Not the quality, but the design?
RainbowSpash 4 days ago
Shane should have his own makeup review channel! This is awesome!
sama a
sama a 5 hours ago
@RainbowSpash yeah it kinda is lol.
RainbowSpash Day ago
sama a of course I know what’s going on. I know it’s not possible. I’m just saying that this is hilarious!
sama a
sama a Day ago
um u clearly dont know all the shit happening with shane and jefree rn lol
Rudy Orduno
Rudy Orduno 4 days ago
jfhfjgc gjdjydd5ii
Grace G
Grace G 4 days ago
Loving LMAC
Loving LMAC 4 days ago
33 mins of Shane trying to not be in a scandel
Abby Brown
Abby Brown 16 hours ago
didnt work out well
Me Too
Me Too 4 days ago
Shana so f****** ugly
Charlie Bleasdale
You must be a model awww
Me Too
Me Too 4 days ago
He is so disgusting
Yoshi 4 days ago
i came to the comments for a break bc im LOSING MY SHIT wtf why is shane so unintentionally funny i cant breathe
Traci Klaus
Traci Klaus 4 days ago
Shane it’s ok to be honest
kyesha manan
kyesha manan 4 days ago
Shane : Am I gonna be in a drama scandal ? He who shall not be named : You already are. And here we are one year later :)
Cathy Barcelona-Reyes
Am I the only one who said “ DoNT bE sHY puT sOME MorE” when Jeffree put the foam cleanser in Shane’s hand?
Jonay 4 days ago
When jeffree said JAKTKEOSNYEWJKWNDD i rlly felt that
Liss Bunny
Liss Bunny 4 days ago
shane acts like tana with jeffree
Liss Bunny
Liss Bunny 4 days ago
shane is so fucking overly dramatic in this video, like huh???
olivia lan
olivia lan 4 days ago
James Kittley
James Kittley 4 days ago
Did jeffree just say that he can use the KYLE wipes to clean up SH*t LMAOO
Nyla King
Nyla King 4 days ago
I know I’m not the only one who sees that hole in Shane’s shirt
Nyla King
Nyla King 3 days ago
Aaliyah L ohhh 😯 okay I was like I know I’m not the onlyone who sees that
Aaliyah L
Aaliyah L 3 days ago
He's just trying to come off as poor ya know.. somehow having a hole in his shirt makes him relatable meanwhile he's a millionaire and lives in a mansion
rylea walden
rylea walden 5 days ago
This my all time favorite review I’ve watched at least 5 times since it’s been out
Xxx_lilyoda_xxX 5 days ago
Me watching this when the drama hit- 2020 XD
Sandra Zavala
Sandra Zavala 5 days ago
i love their energy when they're together 🤩🤩‼
I Am Me
I Am Me 5 days ago
No one: Jeffrey: removes contacts with fingers with long nails🤯
Audree Rink
Audree Rink 5 days ago
Kettle Shane
Maryam AlRazooqi
Maryam AlRazooqi 5 days ago
he says hes a skincare expert and yet says he removes his makeup with a wipe and then removes the rest of the makeup with a toner.. um.. ok
Troy Hardie
Troy Hardie 4 days ago
Grace 6 days ago
( 0:56 ) Shane: “ Am I gonna b in a ScAnDaL???? “ That aged well huh
puvana sinnasamy
Came looking for this.... Hahahahahahahahahahaha
Not Kiki
Not Kiki Day ago
1000 people agree with you
Urlocalbrown Girl
Jeffree- putting the face wash properly Shane- eating the face wash
Mercedes Holter
Mercedes Holter 6 days ago
“Am I going to be in a drama scandal” “you already are” BOY DID THEY NOT SEE THIS COMING
Paige Harvey
Paige Harvey 6 days ago
Neha Vagjiani
Neha Vagjiani 6 days ago
This is my favourite video on the whole of yt
jelinaangel 6 days ago
Miss this friendship
/ h5y8
/ h5y8 6 days ago
Oh my god the hole in that bitch shirt, BeCaUsË ShÈ'z §O PØuŘ A fucking millionaire is what he is.
/ h5y8
/ h5y8 6 days ago
"This is an honest review from a consumer" I CALL BULSHIT. You need a 100% sold out in your crappy collection, so you delate JC of the way and his colection with him, and your another rival, you make her products dirty and try to crush her skincare brand. Ur business strategy makes me physically sick.
Xxlerix 1
Xxlerix 1 6 days ago
Amina 1996
Amina 1996 7 days ago
He put so much and then sais his face is sensetive 😂
Chill Vibes
Chill Vibes 7 days ago
28:42 Shane’s laugh
Iam Bitch
Iam Bitch 7 days ago
I love his evil laugh
liv woolmer
liv woolmer 7 days ago
This didn’t age well
Zara 7 days ago
Shane: it’s burning. I should really take it off also Shane: starts doing ASMR
Zara 7 days ago
Anyone re watching after watching a bunch of Hyram and being like pleaseeee don’t use the wipesss
Abby Brown
Abby Brown 6 days ago
lol yep
Micellester Gabriel
this does NOT age well
Lacey Anne
Lacey Anne 7 days ago
I wonder if Shane got the rest of his stuff and yes I'm typing this as I'm watching 😂💖💖
Rob Peters
Rob Peters 7 days ago
The two sociopaths
sakurashounen 8 days ago
"Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star trying to ruin someone they just don't like for several minutes straight. Receipt free."
Not Kiki
Not Kiki 5 days ago
LOL if they’re not good products, they’re not good. You’re contradicting yourself anyways. You’re dragging them. 😬
Jaelene Arteaga
Jaelene Arteaga 8 days ago
Came here after Tati’s vid 🐸☕️
Callum Fitz-Patrick
I still love these two, Jeffree should be the bigger person and stay silent in my opinion, Shane though errr, he’s made some errors! Xx
Hydra F
Hydra F 8 days ago
Shane: am i gonna be in a drama scandal? Jeffree: you already are That aged well 😳
Lena 8 days ago
i just ordered it and i honestly cannot wait to try it. yea it’s a lil pricy but i mean you get 6 different products and also considering the hype and the fact that it’s kylie’s, i don’t think it’s THAT expensive (i actually predicted the price beforehand)
Minecraft Bee
Minecraft Bee 8 days ago
No one: Water boiling: 28:44
Mali Lovett
Mali Lovett 8 days ago
0:56 Well, about that
Captain Foody
Captain Foody 8 days ago
I honestly love Shane idc about his past, he’s a amazing person and he’s unique if u disagree then fuck off
Space Wolf Entertainment Music
Lmao all of Shane's fans are clowns
Ur moms a h03
Ur moms a h03 5 days ago
clown tingz
Emma Davis
Emma Davis 7 days ago
sweet potatoes fr
sweet potatoes
sweet potatoes 8 days ago
He's a pedophile. 🤢
Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish 8 days ago
Me looking for the comments after he was exposed 👁👄👁
Addie -
Addie - 8 days ago
13:57 is probably my favourite
ella 8 days ago
why do i feel like they were partly dragging the line on purpose... but were tryna act like they were being nice... DONT COME AT ME OMG
A L Y S S A. G
A L Y S S A. G 7 days ago
ella right they are just all around toxic af
ella 7 days ago
A L Y S S A. G like shane would whisper something like we can’t hear him i stg
A L Y S S A. G
A L Y S S A. G 7 days ago
I feel the same way they were acting real shady
Bridgette Butler
Bridgette Butler 8 days ago
Jeffree star fish degrading an actual celebrity for 30 min jelous we think so...
Deborah Perry
Deborah Perry 8 days ago
Shane when he put the foaming wash on 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Nicolette 8 days ago
0:56 maybe 😶
sweet potatoes
sweet potatoes 8 days ago
Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish 8 days ago
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah 8 days ago
Jeffree probably forgot he did this video with his “Friend”
baby bubss
baby bubss 8 days ago
2 toxic people together who are danger to society
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