Kylie Jenner's Relationship Just Gets Weirder And Weirder

Nicki Swift
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Lip kit queen Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott's relationship moved at warp speed, from first being romantically linked in April 2017, to welcoming daughter Stormi in February 2018, to calling it quits by September 2019. But there's more to this whirlwind romance than you think. Here's why their relationship just gets weirder and weirder.
Insiders claim that while Jenner and Scott went on to fall deeply in love, she reportedly started getting close to him initially to irritate her ex, rapper Tyga, with whom she had a tumultuous on-again-off-again relationship. A source told People magazine,
"Travis and Kylie have been friends for a while and they all hang out. When she and Tyga are having drama, she tries to make him jealous by hanging out with other guys. When Kylie is happy, they're happy, but it's never that simple. There's always some kind of drama with Kylie and Tyga."
Watch the video to see how Kylie Jenner's Relationship Just Gets Weirder And Weirder!
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Rebound from Tyga | 0:26
Who's the baby daddy? | 0:53
Not about commitment | 2:00
Rihanna's ex | 2:50
Scared of being alone | 3:25
Were they already married? | 4:01
Hold up, Tyga's the dad? | 5:00
Just an "infant" | 5:45
Rush to have kids | 6:12
A star is born | 7:15
Legal drama | 8:09
Concerned family | 9:06
Caitlyn's disappointment | 9:50
Bad for business | 10:34
Publicity play? | 11:09
Cheater cheater | 12:04
Too much information | 13:10
Calling it quits | 14:07


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Jan 15, 2020




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Comments 1 220
Nicki Swift
Nicki Swift Month ago
Which Kardashian/Jenner do you think looks the best?
SearchIndex 10 hours ago
Priscille Lutete
Priscille Lutete 14 hours ago
Lupe Bonilla - Molina
Nicki Swift Kendall
Elem Erçırpan
Elem Erçırpan 3 days ago
AdeTreeNZ 3 days ago
Rob daughter . They only genuine kardashian 🤪
adrienne flora
adrienne flora 5 hours ago
She's weird that's why the relationship is weird.
Jodi-Ann Maxwell
Jodi-Ann Maxwell 6 hours ago
Kylie you need to go listen to Taylor Swift - you need to calm down
Mary Deherrera
Mary Deherrera 7 hours ago
She shared him with another women. It her life
Sandra Moore
Sandra Moore Day ago
Yvonne Johnson
That's NOT Scott baby NOT even Tyga that's her bodyguard baby Tim Chung she look just like her daddy
Kylie B
Kylie B 5 hours ago
Yvonne Johnson, stormi looks like Travis, stupid.
troy peters
troy peters Day ago
DeMon Spencer
DeMon Spencer 2 days ago
After they said the pics with Travis cheating were fake they said he was caught cheating "again". Ok... if the first time was fake how can he get caught "again"?
Bianca Buonocore
Bianca Buonocore 2 days ago
Yeah but now, whatever happened, Kylie must give to her babies a father and this is fundamental!
LiL [ash]TM
LiL [ash]TM 2 days ago
Please stop saying Ri- Anna. It's not Anna!!! It's ri - onna. Lmfao.
James Williams
James Williams 2 days ago
With all that plastic surgery the kids don't even look like their mothers no more that little girl looks just like Julie before surgery
Hannah Carlin
Hannah Carlin 2 days ago
Why can’t y’all just leave her tf alone u don’t know shiiiit abt her life
These people are Nut Jobs and Delusional.
Marvin Turner
Marvin Turner 3 days ago
No respectable white man would touch. All they can get is black men. They can't get Zac Efron but they can get Lil wanye
Kimmy Hawk
Kimmy Hawk 3 days ago
She's a skank!
Naziya Pinckney
Naziya Pinckney 3 days ago
Sissy Antoniadou
Sissy Antoniadou 3 days ago
She should have stayed with the bodyguard
Lizzy Fairapiste
Lizzy Fairapiste 3 days ago
Her daughter doesn’t respect her you can tell by the way she hits her mom (Kylie) in the face
Lizzy Fairapiste
Lizzy Fairapiste 2 days ago
Dana Washington Kylie need to learn to say No
Dana Washington
Dana Washington 2 days ago
Lizzy Fairapiste baby’s do that especially baby’s that are jus allowed to do that w out saying no to her baby .... she gotta jus discipline her n stop her from doing that but all babies try it lol
Oracle Jane
Oracle Jane 3 days ago
Woah, Kylie needs to stop it with these badboys. I know for sure professional musicians make the worst mates!!!!! Date a nerd!!!! That doesn't mean he doesn't have to be sexy. These cool guys are so busy being cool, they have no time to be a good husband and father.Kylie, no matterer how much you want for these guys to change, they are on the road lonely and hounded by women. What do you think is going to happen?How impulsive one must be to get awful face tattoos. Do you think someone with such bad judgment on is going to truly care about taking care of you?
Nicole Galvin
Nicole Galvin 4 days ago
Girls....if you have a baby that young, with out a good husband, no education, and quickly within a relationship...your life WILL NOT be like Kylie's....it will be HARD!!!!!!!!
Hispanic mechanic 717
All the Kardashians have daddy issues if you don't see it you probably have daddy issues🤦🏼‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hispanic mechanic 717
Who In Their right mind dates a Kardashian 🤦🏼‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
AdeTreeNZ 4 days ago
The daughter look like tiger
Levi 4321
Levi 4321 5 days ago
Well nothing is normal about this family. They like to create drama to stay relevant. Also I hate the way they talk, all of them speak in the same manner, trying to act classy. They are not classy but trashy as a matter of fact. This family is just so fake.
Alanna Ortiz
Alanna Ortiz 6 days ago
Poor thing
Izaa3g 6 days ago
3.30. Why shade Riri? Also she's the true queen and kylie doesn't even reach the soles of her feet
Am I the only one that died at the “Riiiise n shiiiine” 😂💀
Samra Redzepovic
Samra Redzepovic 8 days ago
Kazu da kajly ima sav novac svijeta ali nema prijatelja ja nemam marku ali nemam prijatelja logicno je da budemo muz i zena jarner redzepovic kajly jun is sun and i love travel and evribady in world so lukin you busines stay mob in home and lokin luk ha ha and in horoskop im ..... so dat kids whu colen name best solucion is cool on fon0603470181 if so best frends .and google is miracle so realy man and boy lokin you busines wer eniting you look and see is you in dark tuzla night ha ha niko iz mog zivota prije i poslije loma noge nece biti pozvan na svadbu a sto se tice papira veza rijeci itd ja sam do sada u zivotu bio sa jednom zenom i to ovom vjencanom a tude me ne zanima kada budem sa kajly na brodu i pijuckao rakiju i pusio walter nikog se necu sjecat ni po dobru ni po zlu niste me interesovali ni dok sam ...
joo w
joo w 8 days ago
I wonder if they did have a paternity test ???
Justin Grimaldo
Justin Grimaldo 8 days ago
Ok so wtf is so flippin weird? Lmao
Tesla Cumba
Tesla Cumba 8 days ago
Ewww..That guy is gross.. I could walk down the street right now and find a hotter guy
aigle 7
aigle 7 9 days ago
How is possibly that she go with black African Africans so bad for money
Ita O Mahony
Ita O Mahony 9 days ago
What a vapid unless bunch of nothings.
Zeynep Altunterim
What was the point of this video?
Janet Gaurie
Janet Gaurie 9 days ago
These people are a mess.
Sheena Couture
Sheena Couture 9 days ago
It would be next to impossible to grow up in such a strange manner surrounded by narcissists in your own family and learning narcissistic behaviour as normal and then trying to understand healthy relationship dynamics like boundaries and attachment styles and red flags. I feel for all the babies in this family doomed to repeat.
Andy Batko
Andy Batko 10 days ago
That's because kylie is a Kardashian and they are all fcked up on the head. Circus show
Myji 10 days ago
Very soon child support will come for him and destroy his life... The Kardashian's family are..._____...
Jasmine Rhodes
Jasmine Rhodes 11 days ago
honestly y'all i could care less about her but I think when people try to keep something quiet or private you could just let them
Anna Gleason
Anna Gleason 11 days ago
She has awful taste in men
Janis Rainis
Janis Rainis 11 days ago
Few years ago I couldn't browse internet without these fake kartrashian broads popping all over😕 they gone now for most part, thank goodness! All these plastic nba/rapper recycles dont even look normal anymore. All those botox injections, fat transfers, boob jobs, fake eyelashes, fake hairs, rib removals to make slender waist, and what's with those fake AF shitty diaper azzezz? Do they even see themselves?! When one of them lied about her waist being slender because of her diet..puhleeezzzee, you don't get hour glass waist and full diaper butt on skinny legs by diet and squats. Thats called surgery, dummy kimberly. Peoples not stupid, ya know😼😼😼 The skinny sister model, whatshername🤔 never shows her azz, I mean tailbone😂😂😂cuz she cant pump fat in it, pretending its all naturelle, she will lose her modeling job😂😂😂 y'all kardashian liars - you can fool some of your groupies, but y'all CANT fool nobody else😂😂😂
magickat 11 days ago
I’ve always thought Peoples “sources” are just people employees making shit up lol I want that job
Holly888Gan 11 days ago
I can just say kid gonna be more healthy when mom s joung then when 45 ...
TheWitness 11 days ago
please she just wanted to jump on the band wagon and pop a kid out like her sisters. its all about the ratings, and her having a baby sure helps. she is a smart business woman! why have a kid with a broke rapper when you can have a kid with one of the most successful one. The reason the Jenner/Kardashians like black men is because they hustle and are spending money as fast as they make it. Kendall seems to be the only "normal" one in the bunch, but she does share the same bitchy attitude which is real sad.
holly 11 days ago
Rebekah Hakeber
Rebekah Hakeber 13 days ago
I can’t imagine an uglier man that Travis. Whatever Kylie 🤢😬
Mike Ripple
Mike Ripple 13 days ago
she should have the asian bodyguard move in, and then watch and see if the dogs end up in the bbq pit
Jayme Padilla
Jayme Padilla 13 days ago
Has no idea over hard work and secret lives ??? Ummmm she has endless money and staff ? Anyone thinks she’s struggling is an idiot
Jayme Padilla
Jayme Padilla 13 days ago
Anyone else find it strange that every pic of Travis and Kylie he is always looking down or eyes closed ?? Smh
zion- x -mxchelle
zion- x -mxchelle 11 days ago
no.. one he was kissing her another we just looking off and so was kylie.. so don't try to blame it on travis.
ashley okonma
ashley okonma 14 days ago
this video is so ugly and stupid. y’all don’t know them personally so why speak on their relationship lmao
antonela bakavic
antonela bakavic 14 days ago
"Chris apparently wasn't happy about the pregnancy either. She doesn't want her daughter to be distracted from her booming cosmetic business." 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 oh, come on. It's not like Kyle actually work in her "cosmetic business" or she achieved success on hew own. I doubt she worked a day in her life or she has anything to do with her business, except her name and posing with her products. This video commentary is ridiculous.
Mrs. Robinson
Mrs. Robinson 15 days ago
You mean her mom has worked so hard to build that business. 🙄
Mrs. Robinson
Mrs. Robinson 15 days ago
What a vapid narcissist.
espresso depresso
espresso depresso 15 days ago
''kylie jenner's relationship'' its also travis scott's but obviously shes in the title bc shes a female -_-
feñita uwu
feñita uwu 13 days ago
espresso depresso bc its her part of the relationship what the video is talking about, not travis side
Joey Mackiewicz
Joey Mackiewicz 15 days ago
She’s kinda to much....
Quanneisha Brooks
Quanneisha Brooks 15 days ago
You know you have no friends when you want a million daughters lmao it’s okay girl
Queen Lady
Queen Lady 15 days ago
Travis Scott dated Kylie's hang out buddy Justine Sky Kylie and the Kardashians love to dated and steal other women's men. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Cheesychos Cheeto’s
More screwed up people having babies, like that's going to solve anything
Texas baby ktea
Texas baby ktea 16 days ago
Can't famous ppl just have kids and break up like normal ass ppl. Why is it so crazy? Normal ppl do this all the time!
Aubrey Shelton
Aubrey Shelton 16 days ago
Her plastic surgery looka so unnatural
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