Kylie Jenner's Relationship Just Gets Weirder And Weirder

Nicki Swift
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Lip kit queen Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott's relationship moved at warp speed, from first being romantically linked in April 2017, to welcoming daughter Stormi in February 2018, to calling it quits by September 2019. But there's more to this whirlwind romance than you think. Here's why their relationship just gets weirder and weirder.
Insiders claim that while Jenner and Scott went on to fall deeply in love, she reportedly started getting close to him initially to irritate her ex, rapper Tyga, with whom she had a tumultuous on-again-off-again relationship. A source told People magazine,
"Travis and Kylie have been friends for a while and they all hang out. When she and Tyga are having drama, she tries to make him jealous by hanging out with other guys. When Kylie is happy, they're happy, but it's never that simple. There's always some kind of drama with Kylie and Tyga."
Watch the video to see how Kylie Jenner's Relationship Just Gets Weirder And Weirder!
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Rebound from Tyga | 0:26
Who's the baby daddy? | 0:53
Not about commitment | 2:00
Rihanna's ex | 2:50
Scared of being alone | 3:25
Were they already married? | 4:01
Hold up, Tyga's the dad? | 5:00
Just an "infant" | 5:45
Rush to have kids | 6:12
A star is born | 7:15
Legal drama | 8:09
Concerned family | 9:06
Caitlyn's disappointment | 9:50
Bad for business | 10:34
Publicity play? | 11:09
Cheater cheater | 12:04
Too much information | 13:10
Calling it quits | 14:07


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Jan 15, 2020




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Comments 80
Nicki Swift
Nicki Swift 5 months ago
Which Kardashian/Jenner do you think looks the best?
Marzena Sucinski
Marzena Sucinski 27 days ago
Kate Everingham
Kate Everingham Month ago
Kate Everingham
Kate Everingham Month ago
Kim, for sure 😁
Gergana A.
Gergana A. Month ago
LMAO what a question
Deborah Foji
Deborah Foji Month ago
Stormi ,True Thomason Chicago west
SandySay 9 hours ago
maybe cause of blac chyna
Marc Felix
Marc Felix 11 hours ago
Thats Tygas Baby*
Opie **
Opie ** 20 hours ago
Hes beyond Fuglie she must of been desperate. Even the Body Guard was 10x way better
Legend gaming
Legend gaming 9 days ago
Take Tyga and Chris Hemsworth side by side and you just see the difference of a......... Shit and a handsome Guy
Matt K.
Matt K. 17 days ago
Only bored, boring brain dead little bimbos actually watch this garbage....Yea, and here are sooo many of you.....
Carolina Kates
Carolina Kates 18 days ago
They pick the ugliest, richest boyfriends, birth ugly babies. Then give them face surgery, body surgery. And advertise them as beautiful, ugh...
Lorena Diaz
Lorena Diaz 19 days ago
The Kardashians may have all the money in the world, but something they want SOO bad & don't have & CAN'T buy is love.
Shaun Arledge
Shaun Arledge 23 days ago
This IS weird!🤔😎
GrabAndGoAdvice 28 days ago
She needs a man with a brain to challenge her to grow more. Someone not smart and business savvy enough is only going to drag her down.
Thomas Vetor
Thomas Vetor 28 days ago
Fans look for money , 2 make them happy ...
Thomas Vetor
Thomas Vetor 28 days ago
Whippie dew with tyga having a big dong...
Thomas Vetor
Thomas Vetor 28 days ago
Stormi is so very adorable n here now ...
Kadiatou Coulibaly
Kadiatou Coulibaly 29 days ago
Mr le président Donald Trump, mon corps me démange. Ma gorge me fait mal, il y a une tache noire sur ma cuisse. Ils ne sont pas entrain de dire la vérité.
Sonia Soto
Sonia Soto Month ago
The Kardashians have awful taste in men. All of them..
kkj J
kkj J Month ago
Saw season one of KuWk, how innocent she was. The reality show ducked her childhood. She grew up with inner child and shadows.Before becoming a mom, she needed to work on her self. Entire family has money but not connected to their own inner self. Lost in illusions.
Icey Nightcrawler
Am I the only one that thinks travis is not handsome at all?
Darus James
Darus James 15 days ago
She don’t think so either
Oyin Ayo
Oyin Ayo Month ago
I can't believe they made getting pregnant at 19 sound right. 19!!!!
Raveena Harrypersad
She keeps her personal life very private tho. Especially the dets about her and Travis 😅
braedon Month ago
kylie doesn't live in beverly hills
Nelufa Yeasmin
Nelufa Yeasmin Month ago
Kandal because without surgery
potata75 Month ago
I want my 15 min 13 sec back
I See U Can't Hide
Then Why Purchase A House That's To Big For U..... Or Ur To Afraid To Live In??? Just Because U Have The Money To Purchase One!!! That's Dumb... I Mean Really Dumb!!!!
Julie De Leon
Julie De Leon Month ago
Why kardashians likes black men.
Kristen KC
Kristen KC Month ago
Storm is so cute 😍
Allissa Reyes
Allissa Reyes Month ago
Did she really say "I'm an infant child" with fillers in her lips
Andy Fuentes Jr?!¿¡
Rich and getto, botox and fake names
luc6s Month ago
Rihanna is like 30-40 and Travis is 20
Sue Schmitt
Sue Schmitt Month ago
They don't know what a normal life other people live, feel sorry for them.
Manvi Bhatt
Manvi Bhatt Month ago
Kylie after 101 cosmetic surgeries: I feel like I can be more myself. Idiots.
Pamela Cook
Pamela Cook Month ago
But Rihanna is a real star
Pamela Cook
Pamela Cook Month ago
She just wants rappers..
krishan gayle
krishan gayle Month ago
Hope you all die of Covid as this is the real fake Crap in the World worthless people with money go bury yourself somewhere!
krishan gayle
krishan gayle Month ago
Fake Sell Out - that’s why you have to put everything on net cos your desperate bro!!! Low Life’s
Hhyuna Sseo
Hhyuna Sseo Month ago
i think travis and kylie should be permanent family for a lifetime.THEY WILL BE GREAT FAMILY I GUESS.Traviss should stopped hanging around with other girls and be a nice father.If kylie wants a family planning then it is definitely a good idea for baby stormi and family.
YaMii79 Avila
YaMii79 Avila Month ago
Margaret Stfort
Margaret Stfort Month ago
Why does this boy always look so high?
Lucy Pollard
Lucy Pollard Month ago
Kylie looks like a drag queen..
Ring OvFire
Ring OvFire Month ago
Looking at that creatures chopped off and filled up face legitimately gives me the ick, how do you people worship this INSANE GARBAGE.... THEY are trapping you in hell
Catherine Glover
Bruce damn she looks like him!😁
Catherine Glover
She looks like her dad!
Catherine Glover
Kylie is so ugly!
Catherine Glover
I can't stand these. Bitches!
Susan Ray
Susan Ray Month ago
Her daddy had some incredible powerful sperm.... His kids are beautiful and smart....all of them with all wives . He never shot blanks...
Chelsea McFarland
Chelsea McFarland 2 months ago
Her lips 🤦🏻‍♀️ she’s starting to look washed up and she’s not even 30.... really sad actually.
Albion Poga
Albion Poga 2 months ago
so basically kylie married a "kanye west" of her own that proclaims that he is a genius but really is an asshole? i think the next show should be: What's up with the Kardashians? like dude ya'll are messed up... get some therapy, not men who control you....
Alyona Wiseman
Alyona Wiseman 2 months ago
Your family is fake all you care is about is money you don't trust no one cuz your fake and only small minded people follow you and I feel bad for your kids
Valerie Cano
Valerie Cano 2 months ago
was really werid is why the hell is this even important who cares im tierd of hearing about this girl she a fake showing off lmao like really next somebody anybody else
Sub Yuri
Sub Yuri 2 months ago
I hate tygas music
Mohammed AL Shamsi
Mohammed AL Shamsi 2 months ago
why tf do u call that dude Caitlyn LMFAO
Arthena Rubin
Arthena Rubin 2 months ago
How old is she already getting all kinds of work on her face
Mary Chela
Mary Chela 2 months ago
normal ...for them is plastic surgery fake eyelashes ass fake face fake lips fake hair and makeup and tanning color in their skin they mist look super ugly and like a robot and some kind of zombies they look ridiculous ridiculously and the poor kids are growing up in that normal mess up Life.. all the money on the world will never make them happy ...
Janae Allen
Janae Allen 2 months ago
Dawn Marie May
Dawn Marie May 2 months ago
She should be grateful she’s not one of those Satanic Disney kids....YIKES! And I bet she was SHOCKED when her father wanted to be a Bafomet...double yikes!
Enrique Valle
Enrique Valle 2 months ago
Imagine bein able to say your dad is a famous rapper and your mother is a model
V Walt
V Walt 2 months ago
I wonder how much say, Travis actually has/or will have, in his daughters life.
It’s Mya
It’s Mya 2 months ago
Who y’all think Stomi looks like In my opinion I think she look like Tyga
Nien Velasco
Nien Velasco 2 months ago
Team Riri💙💙💙💙 stop comparing Riri to Fake Kylie🙄🙄🙄🙄
David Sambrano
David Sambrano 2 months ago
Play clearly jealous do not kill your kids
Angela Reena
Angela Reena 2 months ago
Why does anyone give these women this kind of attention...? Next.
mei zinnia
mei zinnia 2 months ago
Omg the baby does not know either of them? there is no bonding. A cutie, nevertheless. Rent a baby! Must be a new thing, Meghan Markle's son, doesn't see to know them either.
iilem Pura Antraxx
iilem Pura Antraxx 2 months ago
I guess Kylie really liked Travis big a$$ lips ....eewww
Shivani Dubey
Shivani Dubey 2 months ago
May I know who is your source anyway
Blossom Heart
Blossom Heart 2 months ago
Beautiful family
Ghiorghe Elena
Ghiorghe Elena 2 months ago
Why is the baby nam Webbster?
Gabriel Cristian De La Prada
Who cares,never understood this fascination
Leen Al
Leen Al 2 months ago
Wth lmao why would kylies bodyguard be stormis dad i mean they have NO resemblance physically/and or racially
X O 2 months ago
Ik this video is about kylie. But how is Rihanna one of the few all natural celebrities but still one of the most stunning 🤯😍
Smcyscafe Smcyscafe
Smcyscafe Smcyscafe 2 months ago
Kortney and Chloe
Cutely Ava
Cutely Ava 2 months ago
Sometimes, when i think of Kylie, All the makeup scams, rudeness to fans. Sometimes i wonder why Scott married Kylie Jenner.
Bayley Siblings Gaming
l love kylie ❤❤❤❤❤
HUNNA FERDINAND 3 months ago
The only thing that sucks is Tyga's music
Mac B
Mac B 3 months ago
Bodyguard = baby daddy
Anowar Hossain
Anowar Hossain 3 months ago
Baby pigs this nation
Anowar Hossain
Anowar Hossain 3 months ago
Baby pigs this nation.
Madelyn Alexander
Madelyn Alexander 3 months ago
Rihanna knew she was too good for him
Heaven Marie
Heaven Marie 3 months ago
I thought it was asap rocky thats was rumored to date rihanna not travis😴
Madison Whyte
Madison Whyte Month ago
Heaven Marie they both were rumored to date Rihanna
Marielaa Usher
Marielaa Usher 3 months ago
Imagine trying to get your ex jealous and getting pregnant in the first months of the "relationship" Oh Kylie
Ms. Smith
Ms. Smith 3 months ago
She wants Kim's life so bad
WideAwake *
WideAwake * 3 months ago
She looks alot like brittany Murphy..
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