Kylian Mbappé Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Global soccer superstar and World Cup champion Kylian Mbappé goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles and talks about growing up in Paris, PSG's Air Jordans, the legacy of the Nike Mercurial boot, and more.
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Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 6 767
Complex 4 months ago
What's the best pair of sneakers that you ruined?
Ayush Kulkarni
Ayush Kulkarni 3 hours ago
Complex I have no ruined shoes
qT1ify 4 hours ago
Atemi 2002 they take sauce a dog bite them bro
Kasper Verheij
Kasper Verheij 9 hours ago
Air Jordan 1 “black and yellow”
Proeater 07
Proeater 07 Day ago
Complex Travis Scott Jordan’s
Complex crocks
KΛSPER• YT 9 hours ago
And thats what happend when u don't know how to talk english
Vishaal Venugopal
Vishaal Venugopal 21 hour ago
They should’ve got Pogba instead far more relatable to complex audience cuz they’re all uneducated Americans quienes no puedes comprender l’autre langue du Monde
Thinkalao 100%
Thinkalao 100% 22 hours ago
Il s’en bat les couilles du prix
Snow Falls
Snow Falls 23 hours ago
Everyone is just skipping the fact that he only got 2 pairs but it cost 1200
Wolf Dark
Wolf Dark Day ago
Chaque detail compte.
Yassine Karoui
Sa viens du 93
Omar Day ago
We need more footballer's on this show, seriously
runaway- Day ago
this happened and no one told me????
Mbappe: Je deteste Joe Joe: Aight cool, what about these what u think of them
Armend Beqiri
This kid have the same net worth as stephen curry(google it if u dont believe me)
Hey Momma
Hey Momma Day ago
Glad u called it football and not “soccer” im tired of seeing american retards call it “soccer” but call the nfl (a sport mainly played with hands) “football” lmaoo
YaBoy Madz
YaBoy Madz Day ago
It sounds like Mbappé is waffling
yxngmargielaa 2 days ago
Chelsea rejected this man when he was young because 'he didn't offer anything defensively'
Tavale 2 days ago
Moi je pensais pas qu'il payait 🤣
I’m looking for a new name
Qui est français ?
WITAZZ 3 days ago
C’est nous le grand Paris
ツKinqs 3 days ago
Air max 90 ice gym red £635 never 🤣too overpriced stock X sells £170 bro 🤣🤣🤣
ツKinqs 3 hours ago
Jorel Bakker ofc mbappe doesn’t I’m just saying 🤣
Jorel Bakker
Jorel Bakker 7 hours ago
Like he cares haha
Amayas Laguab
Amayas Laguab 3 days ago
The only reason why I came here is for Kyllian of corse but 90% of that was to see him speak english 😂😂 Je sais pas pourquoi mais la plupart des célébrités qui parlent français je veux les voir parler anglais ...😂
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 3 days ago
JT_IV 4 days ago
1000$ on 2 pair wow
Drake Shadow métamorphe
Mbappé parle français et pas vous 🤣
Carlos Barrientos
My man Mbappé needs to learn some English tell him I give private lessons
ahouiiouii 2 days ago
You speak French?
torobravo 4 days ago
olteanu alexandru
i dont understand this tipe of palyers you are mega famous but you dont speak english....
ahouiiouii 2 days ago
Why would he have to speak English? Just so u dont have to read subtitles? Clown ass fool
RAIIOX™ 4 days ago
Y'a aucun français ou quoi?
Ninon Vedrenne
Ninon Vedrenne 4 days ago
Attendez ... il a payé plus de 1200€ pr 2 pairs ?? Chuis la seule a trouver ça énorme ?? 😬
p m
p m 4 days ago
That like £10 €10 $10 in his bank account 😂
alexandrecyr1 4 days ago
this man really keeps calling kylian by his last name. ok la puma
Omega _Dank
Omega _Dank 2 days ago
Mohammed Islam
Mohammed Islam 5 days ago
Is that you Michael Angelo JK
Leiner 5 days ago
La banlieue influence paname , paname influence le monde
Iron Man
Iron Man 5 days ago
He made all that back within his payment and when he left
Caaggzz 5 days ago
Mbappé: Joe your really annoying and smell terrible Joe: So what was your first pair of shoes Kylian
Marius Pedersen 7B Kolind Centralskole
Callum Williams
Callum Williams 5 days ago
La foot means football btw
Moussa Sacko
Moussa Sacko 5 days ago
Mbappé 20 ans , comment il parle très bien quel intelligence et maturité 👏
Qasim Rabeeah
Qasim Rabeeah 5 days ago
Please bring Messi for sneakers shopping
Racerton 4566
Racerton 4566 5 days ago
Mbappes english is good who else agees?
Aaron Tedla
Aaron Tedla 6 days ago
6:38 Its sad but its true...
politically 6 days ago
made in China by 5 years old kids !!!! i love this game !!!
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