Kyle Rittenhouse Posts Bail With Help From My Pillow Founder Michael Lindell | TODAY

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Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen charged with killing two people in Wisconsin during the Jacob Blake protests, is out of jail after posting $2 million bail on Friday. Some of the money was provided by My Pillow founder and Trump supporter Michael Lindell and former “Silver Spoons” actor Ricky Schroder.
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Kyle Rittenhouse Posts Bail With Help From My Pillow Founder Michael Lindell

Published on


Nov 21, 2020




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Comments 100
Philosopher Stones Minerals and Jewelry
Bless you little brother
Krogul The Destroyer
STK Gaming
STK Gaming Day ago
Lol I don't understand how this is even self defense he had no reason to be there it wasn't his job and he wasn't obligated to be there and what makes it worse he had a AR15 with him for everyone to see thats asking for attention if you think your gonna walk around a blm protest with a gun and not get a reaction out of people your dumb asf ofcourse there gonna feel threatened by a white boy carrying a damm AR i hope get charged with both murders
Ethan Duncan
Ethan Duncan 2 days ago
What was he defending himself from the flys
Bird Yazawa
Bird Yazawa 3 days ago
Walter Knight
Walter Knight 3 days ago
The guy that was protecting himself against a violent mob of fire setting protesters! No criminal activity on his part as far as I'm concerned!
E•MAC 2 days ago
Exactly swing is skateboard at somebody you get shot
Nats Erasto
Nats Erasto 3 days ago
If it was a black man he was going under the prison.. f Donald Trump
schouvler15 3 days ago
Yes assuming racism to cry about racism, that makes sense...
Terry Longanecker
Ricky is a piece of trash. I hope his tv career is over.
schouvler15 3 days ago
Yes how dare he use his wealth to support the poor accused of a crime. Is steve carrol also a pos for donating to the Minnesota Freedom Fund?
Neil Jensen
Neil Jensen 4 days ago
He did nothing wrong. I'm going to be putting up posters of him saying he is a hero and did nothing wrong. I wish he got more of those terrorists.
Brandon King
Brandon King 5 days ago
Hero we need u in dc
Brandon King
Brandon King 5 days ago
Hero we need u in dc
Joe M
Joe M 5 days ago
Put the guns down... Pillow fight!!!!!
ILLUSION 5 days ago
American hero!
Joshua Shafer
Joshua Shafer 5 days ago
When your government cant help you call us rednecks they say thats why Japan didnt invade us to many of us to work over on
Zachary Devan
Zachary Devan 5 days ago
He went out looking for a fight, found one and someone ended up dead. The kid is guilty.
hunterxbox11 3 days ago
He was trying to help. Yes it was ilegal the way he did it but did ultimately end up self defence
schouvler15 5 days ago
How was he looking for the fight when rosenbaum followed him as he was walking away?
SM Spector
SM Spector 6 days ago
Maybe he we get a lifetime supply of my pillows sent to him in prison. A gift from one white supremacist to another.
schouvler15 5 days ago
Hows the my pillow guy a white supremacist?
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith 6 days ago
That kid is going to be someone's pillow in prison.
generalbarry 6 days ago
He "claims" he was acting in self defense? Really? You can't watch the videos and SEE that he was being attacked by those idiots?
Roy Eriksen
Roy Eriksen 6 days ago
Didn't know Ricky Schroder lights up and smokes his own socks as well
Aaron Cameron
Aaron Cameron 7 days ago
Kyle Rittenhouse = Justified
Mamba24 Forever
Mamba24 Forever 7 days ago
American hero god bless kyle rittenhouse 🇺🇸
martha shepherd
martha shepherd 7 days ago
schouvler15 5 days ago
@martha shepherd Cute accusation with zero evidence, its just more weakness
martha shepherd
martha shepherd 5 days ago
schouvler15 5 days ago
White privilege: jargon weak minded people use when they cant form a rational thought so the invoke a boogeyman.
Princess Tiarra
Princess Tiarra 7 days ago
Wow that's 2 people I won't be supporting when I make purchases.
schouvler15 5 days ago
Where you supporting them before?
Stan Leeger
Stan Leeger 8 days ago
MyPillow should change their name to CoupPillow, the official pillow of the insurrection against the USA. Now available in one color: white supremacist.
schouvler15 4 days ago
@Stan Leeger If you actually think fascism is evil then its pretty silly you use it falsely to the point its not taken seriously. This behavior enables fascism ie what you claim to oppose. Nice hypocrisy there. You know absolutely nothing about me yet claim i may be a fascist because thats all you have. No substance just childish attempts at smears. Thank you for showing the content of your character. If you really think a couple hundred people entering the capital somehow ends democracy in the US then youre just irrational. It was no less of a pathetic political stunt as the many riots weve seen around the country for almost a year.
Stan Leeger
Stan Leeger 5 days ago
@schouvler15 Fascism is very much the evil it always was. If you think the word has lost meaning, perhaps you're totally accepting of fascism. Perhaps you're a fascist yourself. Trump and his minions used lies and violence to try to overturn the 2020 election and install an unelected leader. They almost succeeded in ending democracy in the USA. Those are the facts. Nothing to do with "rhetoric" or a "position".
schouvler15 5 days ago
@Stan Leeger lol. Fascism has been falsely used so much over the last 4 years its lost all meaning. All you have is inflammatory rhetoric and it just shows a weak position.
Stan Leeger
Stan Leeger 5 days ago
@schouvler15 It's not a smear. It's a comment about a tragic situation, namely, a fascist threat to American democracy.
schouvler15 5 days ago
When all you have are silly attempts at smears it just shows your weakness
Amanda Ohrstrom
Amanda Ohrstrom 8 days ago
Awww Ricky Schroeder aren't you proud of your boy
izzy Fraz
izzy Fraz 8 days ago
So happy to see kyle rittenhouse be bailed out. He is a caring individual:)
no hassle
no hassle 8 days ago
So a kid illegally obtains a gun, goes to another state with protests going on, kills two people and gets bailed out by the crooked my pillow guy. The MAGA cult is truly despicable. Oh, and Rittenhouse had a big party with the proud boys not long ago too. He's a little murderous punk who should be punished not rewarded.
schouvler15 5 days ago
Hows the my pillow guy crooked? A celebrity bailed out someone to satisfy their politics, thats no different than steve carrel or chrissy teagen donating to the freedom fund bailing out rioters in Minneapolis. Does this mean theyre crooked too?
Melvin Smith
Melvin Smith 8 days ago
Truth Destroys the Fantasy of white supremacy
Zachary Gamble
Zachary Gamble 8 days ago
I'm so happy to see him out of jail
Julie 9 days ago
I sit here and wonder why the murder of MS -13 member wife murdered by the gang member (boyfriend) who was deported many times only to come back to a sanctuary city isn’t top news??? Then a healthcare nurse 26 yrs old murdered by two suspects on a highway but you don’t hear this on liberal media. The ms-13 gang member shot her on from my of their 3 yr old child!!! When are we going to thank President Thump for seeing this country through reality and not the liberal media’s rise colored glasses!! I’m appalled, angry and sad this country voted in a democrat who never demanded nor supported a thing out President attempted to put an end to. I support Trump who in my opinion is totally against violence but you only hear about the part that hurts Trump not them. I’m alert, healthy and wise and I see through this
M. Watts
M. Watts 9 days ago
I guess he’s a hero for killing 2 other Americans? He must be SO proud to self defense two men to death. What a hero!
Tommy Alex
Tommy Alex 9 days ago
Live Kyle
Tommy Alex
Tommy Alex 9 days ago
Heroe del mundo
Yoo toobe
Yoo toobe 9 days ago
And then proceeds to flash white supremacy signs and posing for pics with proud boys. This little weirdo is done for
low si
low si 9 days ago
WOoooohOOOOOO yeah woohooo!
Zuver 9 days ago
Some good news.
ChadOfMercia 10 days ago
Good man. Hope more ANITFA die.
Big Score
Big Score 10 days ago
Poor little Rittenhouse. Baby boy don’t even shave.
bujambura burundi
Shaves off his brain regularly! 😄
Banana Man
Banana Man 10 days ago
o7 o/
Renee O'Day OK
Renee O'Day OK 11 days ago
Holy crap..my favorite pillow .my favorite childhood show are based af
SPARTAN300 13 days ago
It was self defense period
Jordan Dennis
Jordan Dennis 14 days ago
Attacked by three commies and put them away forever. Good job
Detcria Tate
Detcria Tate 14 days ago
He act like he not going to jail.
Breanna Green
Breanna Green 14 days ago
Yeah he needs to be locked up he’s dumb he had no business being there in the first place! He was looking for trouble
Carl skye Jacobson
Carl skye Jacobson 15 days ago
Molly Anderson
Molly Anderson 16 days ago
I wonder what this is going to do for My Pillow sales
Dream Big
Dream Big 17 days ago
Hurray Kyle!!!!
Sly Nuts
Sly Nuts 17 days ago
Yes he’s free I’m so happy, he’s completely innocent and I wanna get the pillows for support
Mjk K
Mjk K 17 days ago
He should have KILLED THOSE pedophiles.
Mjk K
Mjk K 17 days ago
I am so glade he got out . I can’t stand those people who protest . This was clearly self defense.
Andres Cruz
Andres Cruz 18 days ago
Vought Corsair F4U
Vought Corsair F4U 19 days ago
This man shot 2 people and he walks off free? He shouldn’t have been arrest in the first place and instead giving a M249 machine gun to blast more.
squidward tennisballs
VAFixer 19 days ago
I can see the advertisment already....A guy runs up to him and hits him with a pillow then Kyle pulls out his AR15 shakes his head smiles and then hits him with a pillow instead *winks at the camera*
Paleis Heuwel
Paleis Heuwel 20 days ago
Kid criminalized for defending his own life after having been threatened by mentally unstable person for putting out a fire defending a property and offering medical aid, and then being chased down kicked and hit with an object . . . they say he does not have the right to protect his own life, they say he is not old enough to carry a firearm but they also say he is old enough to die on the streets for not being left and definitely old enough to go to prison. . . I guess if all is said and done they should like him more in the end after all they clearly showed massive bias in favor of those to convicted criminals who he defended his life against!
Драшко Дашић
All hail conquering hero - KYLE RITTENHOUSE !!!!
LessThan zer0
LessThan zer0 21 day ago
Progressive zoomers and cancel culture - pikachu shocked face
John Carapinha
John Carapinha 21 day ago
Kyle Rittenhouse is a HERO!!! 🇺🇸
G MAN AWESOME 21 day ago
DazedMMJ 21 day ago
Skyismify 22 days ago
I'll be buying that pillow after seeing this. Kyle should be receiving a metal for taking out the trash. Poor kid went to try and help injured people and defend small businesses but ends up in a terrifying situation. I would have done the same.
John Phillips
John Phillips 22 days ago
God bless you Rittenhouse!! You beautiful hero!! 🙏🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 Commies beware: an eye for an eye
Rvideos 23 days ago
At this point this is the biggest “I should have bought the my pillow” advertisement. Wish I would have...
jasper426 23 days ago
God bless Kyle
Mud Dirt
Mud Dirt 24 days ago
Kid is an absolute hero.
wil cervantes
wil cervantes 26 days ago
daaaayum, 2mi bail? ..kind of want a mypillow now
jill mcfall
jill mcfall 26 days ago
It was SELF DEFENSE, the majority of Americans knows it. Only thugs and Antifa want him in jail. kyle is just a kid, yet he managed to protect himself against a whole gang of people. He was there to help. The first one he shot was a BULLY, if he hadn't tried to hurt Kyle he would still be alive, SO WOULD THE OTHER ONE. The other 2 were trying to stop what they thought was a random shooter. All Kyle knew is that HE WAS BEING ATTACKED. Many people donated to get Kyle out, Praise THE LORD HE has people like Mike and the other man that are real life HEROES, ans so is KYLE.
WeGameGrizzly 27 days ago
Don't worry, they had to add "Trump supporter" that way they could trigger specific groups of people.
Steelers Country
Steelers Country 28 days ago
Oh you Republicans didn't think the election was going to turn out this way. Now that you inflicted a train wreck of a presidency on America you have lost all legitimacy and credibility. Now the tables have turned and the family values that you once embraced have been stripped from the social consciousness. You are exposed and so are your tactics. Even though you continually demean your adversaries you cannot see your own sins. Living in an ivory tower and tearing apart anyone that disagrees with your side of the story. We the People see your hateful means that you employ. And how you carefully nurture and groom the next generation by inculcation into a twisted reality, because of some doomsday conspiracy or catch phrase to obliterate the opposition. Government was set up to provide a decent existence. Instead we have Trump, your candidate, who tears half of the country down constantly and instills anger and fear, by telling you that your fellow Americans are evil or somehow defective, undeserving of kindness or dignity. Trump and his henchmen accomplish this solely, to maintain mind control and to stay in power. This method of interaction started in the nineties, with Newt Gingrich and his cronies. The state of the union is crumbling and all you care about is how to further divide Americans. Thank you for telling us what and who you pledge allegiance to.
Драшко Дашић
Shut up, you're smarter when you are silent.
schouvler15 23 days ago
@Steelers Country Ive already stated im not a republican or a trump supporter why do you continue to falsely pretend otherwise? So because i dont agree with your declaration nazis are magically right wing you imply im gullible. Nice common sense fallacy. You constantly engage in behavior you criticize republicans for, its just irrational behavior Youre the only one here to use fallacies then complain about fallacies. How absurd Lol. Radical rhetoric is used by both sides to pretend its one persons fault, trump in this case, why you constantly cite nazis and the kkk is laughably hypocritical. Biden provoked anxiousness by blaming the riots and virus on trump and stating the fate of the country is in peril unless he won. Both sides engage in the behavior yet you only criticize one for it.
Steelers Country
Steelers Country 23 days ago
@schouvler15 Thank you Trump Republicans, for enabling a leader whom emboldens hate groups. How did the Republicans do this, I've been keeping track and making a list from Twitter posts. The Republican playbook; lie, deceive, divert, distract, divide, change the subject, play victim, blame, scapegoat, obstruct, project their own hang ups, give strawman arguments to get out of answering the real questions, take credit for others work, self congratulate constantly, gaslight, project their own insecurities, deflect reasonable questions, fearmonger, and have an arrogant conversation about religion if they are the moral leaders - when in fact the Supreme Court decision of Roe vs. Wade was a Republican appointed court. Nationalism and hate groups are on the rise due to the radical rhetoric Trump uses. Trump provokes anxiousness and violence by his reckless use of language and his cavalier attitude. He summons the worst in people by pandering to their insecurities and fears. Republicans blame the poor for the bad management and the economic shortfall that the government has caused. They first find a easy target such as the poor, the weak, or an adversary. Then the Republicans try to convince there supporters to disenfranchise the adversary. The the news outlets that support the Republicans run nonstop opinion based pieces to besmirch the individual or group, to desimate there newly found "adversary." Now the Republican leadership wants your Social Security money to balance the budget, but all the tax cuts added trillions to the debt were supposed to pay for themselves and balance the budget. The Republicans objectify the poor and disenfranchized by dehumanizing them, so they can justify homelessness and take away safety nets. Republicans do this to the poor for the sake of tax cuts for the wealthy. Tax cuts for the wealthy are ruining America, but they lie about this too. Wake up, businesses are in business to create profits not hire people. Also, the Republicans use voter suppression to stay in power. Since when is it patriotic to fly another flag other than the stars and stripes? I'm talking about flying and displaying the Confederate flag. Also, when is it patriotic to say Nazi's and the KKK are very fine people? This Republican party is the face of hate. Inculcating and indoctrination into hate, is the best way to describe this new Republican party of Trump. We see all of this. Trump is ruining America and dividing us. Listen to him, he is like a petulant child. Now he is turning into a facist autocratic tyrant. After all that the Republicans use the media for the propaganda they spew. Any news outlet that calls him out he maligns, calls fake news, or trys to destroy the individual or group. All the while maligning the true experts that don't agree with there ideology. Trump knew that the Covid virus was real and called it fake news. Instead of offering good leadership he played the pandemic down to pander to his base for re-election, because that is all he cares about. This comes from a fed up Veteran. He called soldiers suckers and losers. John McCain was besmirched by Trump for being captured. Trump is a draft dodging sycophant and Trump when needed will play the victim when necessary. Being a billionaire and a martyr is a devious plan brought to perfection, whipped up by his religious supporters, thereby causing a herd mentality of inclusion, into a sick and hateful community. Trump requires constant adulation and praise. He is a bragard that constantly praises himself in speeches. In other words you got conned by Don. Trump is enabled by individuals and organizations, whom are either gullible or complicit in fooling the average citizen with the poison of hate and deception. Pedaling in false narratives and misinformation. We all see the enabling. Thank you Republicans for undermining democracy and causing social strife. Thank you Republicans for exposing yourself for what you really stand for and who you really represent.
Steelers Country
Steelers Country 23 days ago
@schouvler15 too bad that you don't see the enabling of hate groups and ultra right groups. The Nazi's are real and so are the KKK. And as long as there's individuals who are gullible or complicit with hate groups they will continue to thrive. Trump is a symbol of this now.
schouvler15 23 days ago
@Steelers Country You have tried to make personal remarks multiple times in our conversation to pretend you haven’t tried to be insulting is more examples of dishonesty. The kkk is basically non existent in modern day so to ignore they were founded by democrats to argue theyre a republican group is just nonsense and dishonest. As for nazis the only cases ive seen in recent years are brown shirts assaulting anyone who dares defy their political edicts by groups like antifa or blm. Its this type of childish behavior that drove people to trump in the first place, almost 10 million obama voters voted trump to send a message to the system. It seems to have been mostly ignored by the left whos response was simply find a new voter pool for 2020. The republicans couldn’t select a qualified candidate yet democrats ran hillary and biden the last two elections lol. Youre claims simply make no sense and show the flaws of tribalism. Trump being a bad president doesn’t make biden magically less awful. Democrats are literally demanding segregation NOW from this weird intersectionality nonsense to their warped application of the white mans burden depicting minorities as helpless without aid.
Think for yourself.
Kyle is a hero.
Ron Outdoors
Ron Outdoors 28 days ago
What a wanker move doxing his supporters he is inocent before guilty. For a teenager he acted with great composure and only shot at his attackers that right there is self defence in my book.
IP Freely
IP Freely Month ago
Is he trying to get prisoners to buy pillows maybe?
Hector pilgaard Gertz
Nice brcc
Douglas Oliveira
A godamn hero! God bless this kid.
Cool Capybara
Cool Capybara 22 days ago
@lovely bitsy Kyle killed two evil degenerates. One was a convicted child abuser (five kids between the ages of 9 and 11) and the other was a wife beater. If they kept their filthy hands to themselves, they wouldn't be dead.
Douglas Oliveira
Douglas Oliveira 29 days ago
@lovely bitsy I agree. They will take care of the BLM terrorists that attacked Kyle
lovely bitsy
lovely bitsy 29 days ago
sickening 🤢don’t deserve to be here at all..the higher ups will take care of you evil beings, sooner than later!!.
matafrank Month ago
I hear firing squad is getting popular, let's put Kyle in front of the line.
Jhalen Hanshaw
Jhalen Hanshaw Month ago
Dude got the UAV and almost got a care package.
DeadYoung Month ago
Soft Pillow or Hard Pillow? Thick or Thin?
newspaperface Month ago
Kyle is gonna be biting pillows in the nick. Back door getting well and truly busted in.
CRUSADER Month ago
Glad hes free
CRUSADER Month ago
@ᚾᛟᚱᛞᛗᚨᚾ yah
However, Freedom ain't free... Apparently
Northerners 1865
Will Michael also help murder victims family? 🤔🤔🤔
GimmeYourJuice Month ago
A lot of lefties didn't bat an eye when celebs started to bail out Silverbacks 👏👏👏
boom chakalaka
boom chakalaka Month ago
Welcome home hero
Kyle is a hero, he saved his own life that day. Don't let the Left big tech censor the truth!
bujambura burundi
The "hero" illegally got hold of a gun and murdered people.
bujambura burundi
😄 Makes this comment on RUvid! 😄 Oh the irony! All your lies are spread through big tech! 😄 😄
IrishSavage87 Month ago
Kyle is a hero
dynapez Month ago
the moron who pointed the glock handgun (probably illegal) and tried to take kyle"s life before he protected himself hasnt even been charged with anything. kudos to kyle and the pillow guy.
The truth caboose
A hero has been forgiven by the pillow gods
sht storm
sht storm Month ago
Awesome. This young man is a hero, he's got more balls then 99% of americans who call themselves patriots.
sht storm
sht storm Month ago
@Leah Backman You don't think the rioters were out looking for trouble? Rittenhouse was protecting a small business, these rioters had no intention other than to harm and Rittenhouse didn't fire the first bullet.
Leah Backman
Leah Backman Month ago
He went out to another state with a gun in a crowd looking for trouble.... And found it! Lock him up! As for Lindell and Schroder, disgusting and dissapointing.
Rosa Iglarsh
Rosa Iglarsh Month ago
You clowns all disgust me.
aוτimgamr Month ago
Hopefully tRump is too busy crying about election fraud that doesn't exist to defend this murderer like he does other criminals.
J. Brujo
J. Brujo Month ago
Ricky schroeder gonna get his. Nazi sympathizer and right wing neocon shill.
schouvler15 Month ago
Yah because hes all over the place promoting genocide. Its so pathetic how people will throw around these terms to describe anyone they dont like to the point the terms mean nothing
jackson k. fozzbodie
Self defense. PERIOD.
john hilt
john hilt Month ago
Oh wow 9000 more idiots exist than I thought, we need a culling..🙊
Rosa Iglarsh
Rosa Iglarsh Month ago
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Month ago
Joshua Ziminski, the man who fired the first shot from a pistol that caused the initial panic and caused Kyle Rittenhouse turn around to find Joseph Rosenbaum trying to take Kyle’s rifle has been charged. Attorneys for Kyle Rittenhouse have also presented evidence in court that shows he directed Joseph Rosenbaum to attack Kyle. www.jsonline.com/story/news/crime/2020/10/15/kenosha-protester-charged-firing-gun-prior-rittenhouse-shots/3667399001/
A_Tasty_ Treat
A_Tasty_ Treat Month ago
This guy is going to jail....
Mal Grave
Mal Grave Month ago
Mal Grave
Mal Grave 17 days ago
@Fact Checker lol you dumb, we watched the video his wife was recording
Fact Checker
Fact Checker 23 days ago
Philando? Ohhhhh, you mean Philando Castile? Yea, that’s that guy that told the police officer that he had a gun in his back right pocket and when the cop pointed his gun at him and was screaming not to grab for it he did exactly opposite of what was told and went straight for the firearm and then was shot and killed justifiably? Or are you talking about another Philando?
Andy F.
Andy F. Month ago
Barbara Meza
Barbara Meza Month ago
I'm ok with those criminals dying but if you put yourself in a situation like that is because you're looking forward to feel like a marine or something. This guy was lucky but in my book he's nothing but a soldier wannabe who wants to play militia in his backyard while there's actual heroes risking their life.
sly nation
sly nation Month ago
Everyone likes that
chunks Infante
chunks Infante Month ago
Thanks to this kid trump is outta here 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 phew 😅 ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
schouvler15 Month ago
You really think rittenhouse had any effect on the presidential election?
chunks Infante
chunks Infante Month ago
That’s some privilege right there boy
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Month ago
Retro MouseX
Retro MouseX Month ago
Newt from the tv series Lonesome Dove. Excellent series and actor.
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