KUSH INFUSED MASCARA... Is It Jeffree Star Approved?

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HEY EVERYONE! 💚 HAPPY 4/20!!!!! Today we are testing out the new KUSH MASCARA from the brand MILK MAKEUP! This product is allegedly a high-volume mascara with nourishing cannabis oil, thickening heart-shaped fibers, and pure pigments for a clump-free look... I love that such a big brand that's in Sephora is exploring the CBD ingredient route! Besides testing out the product, I also talk about the myths and spill some tea on cannabis! Let me know what you guys think of the formula on me! LOVE LIPSTICK
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Apr 20, 2018




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Comments 8 815
Nash Paragoso
Nash Paragoso 5 days ago
April Ortega
April Ortega 7 days ago
Well try to put some coco Oil before you sleep is going to help lashes
Emily Rowell
Emily Rowell 8 days ago
So no one noticed he said bockage instead of package?
Emily Rowell
Emily Rowell 8 days ago
So no one noticed he said bockage instead of package?
TheBitch IsBack
TheBitch IsBack 9 days ago
Jeffree where is the weed pallete?? Greens, reds, oranges, purples....lip colors with snack food names and flavors.....
Jeremy Hassell
Jeremy Hassell 10 days ago
He should release a cbd oil infused collection of his own
Arilita Moore
Arilita Moore 11 days ago
But realistically what is the purpose of having weed in your makeup I mean what does that do for an individual, what’s the Benefit of that. I mean it looked great when you were done. But what does that do?
Deejay 12 days ago
the fact that Jeffree knows what adamantium is 😍😍 my inner nerdy gay queen is squealing
marijunaprince 13 days ago
Who tf was jeffrees wigoligist in 2018 they did him SO DIRTY BITCH 💀
Darius Carlos
Darius Carlos 13 days ago
Why am I now seeing this video-
Lyrical Shawn
Lyrical Shawn 18 days ago
Lol a canabis lover like a lot of us 😂
Devon Janowski
Devon Janowski 20 days ago
Jokes on you my birthday is 420
Megan Pluta
Megan Pluta 20 days ago
Hi, are you high. Yes yes I am
Mali 22 days ago
Try Kiko Milano cosmetics
Jordan White
Jordan White 27 days ago
This is the only mascara my sensitive eyes can handle! I'm so glad I found it!
Jordan White
Jordan White 18 days ago
@Jennifer Lyn none at all
Jennifer Lyn
Jennifer Lyn 18 days ago
I just bought it today! So no eye irritation?
Donna Marzola
Donna Marzola Month ago
I want that kit with the mascara, g pen an CBC oul
Donna Marzola
Donna Marzola Month ago
How do I get this pkg
Kenneth Councillor
Is he wearing a belami x dragun wig?
Olivia D'Angelo
Olivia D'Angelo Month ago
Italia fam where u at
Blown Away Stoners
Jeffree star we partner up and do a collaboration for 4:20 2020.. just do if interested
Ashlea Nalley
Ashlea Nalley Month ago
Definitely need a whole new collection for 4/2020! Shadow palette lip scrub lip color mirror!! ALL OF IT! & then a reveal with LaGanja 💚💜💚🥦🌲🍀🍃🥬🤤 Jeffreeeeeeeeee you hear me???? Iconic day needs an iconic Jeffree Star Collaboration
Meredith Duff
Meredith Duff Month ago
THC cancels the benefits of CBD... fyi! :)
Enxhi. q
Enxhi. q Month ago
Yes, Kush means who in Albanian ❤
Nadia CAVER Month ago
Emma W.
Emma W. Month ago
The packaging is FLAWLESS and the formula is crazy good
Alexandria Payne
Alaska is my home. Wish I was here in Anchorage when you were here.
Alyssa Miller
Alyssa Miller Month ago
This year would be the absolutely perfect year to release a whole cannabis mini collection. 4/20 all aprilllll
Sean and his girls Lamberts
Love you 😁😂😁😁😀😊😊
Brittney Cudworth
Janae Hatchett
Janae Hatchett Month ago
The “milk” conversation took me back to Jimin from BTS when he made a smoothie for Tony😂😂 I know this isn’t the place to mention that but I literally JUST finished binge watching a bunch of BTS videos and it’s a default setting in my brain🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂😂😂sorry🤣🤣🤣 Love you Jeffree💋
Crystal shannon
Crystal shannon 2 months ago
I’m a Mary j fan !! I’m smoking now as I watch your vids! I love you Jeffrey ! Thank you for Your videos , whether “ Reviews or personal “ alll your ways of expression add another level of joy to my life !!! Your personality = 💙💙💙 Stay true !!
Brandie Hopkins
Brandie Hopkins 2 months ago
Nate is kinda cute
The Noobest Girl
The Noobest Girl 2 months ago
Is it waterproof tho?
Jennifer Lyn
Jennifer Lyn 18 days ago
There's a waterproof version, yes.
aadishree deore
aadishree deore 2 months ago
That baby pink wig looks soo cute on you jeff
Connie Voyce
Connie Voyce 2 months ago
I'm preeettttyyyy sure this is the best video I've ever seen
Vadym Volodko
Vadym Volodko 2 months ago
If you want you can learn how cure any disease just take WeedBorn CBD products.
Marlena :]
Marlena :] 2 months ago
“look dad its the good kush”
Leah Wright
Leah Wright 2 months ago
yay!!! I got it and I had to see if it was Jeffree Star approved.
Hayden Rae
Hayden Rae 2 months ago
My ballet teacher requires that we wear tack lashes for performances but I’m allergic to lash glue and I’ve been using kush mascara and she hasn’t said anything because it works so well.
Fancy Baby
Fancy Baby 2 months ago
“Do your eyes get high” 😑 I wanna meet the possible stoner who thought that 👄
Leroy Potts
Leroy Potts 2 months ago
I love it when the boyfriend comes on he always looks stoned. In his own little world JEFFREE'S WORLD 🌎
Daphne Veñez
Daphne Veñez 2 months ago
Am I the only one watching this at church ⛪️😂
Sebina Timm
Sebina Timm 2 months ago
Damn that looked like a nice false lash
Heather Clark Makeup
Was that mascara brown
Mikaela Hord
Mikaela Hord 2 months ago
now i really love you Jeffree
Rachel Gessner
Rachel Gessner 3 months ago
So tell me why looking at only one eye done really was some what of a head trip... I’m originally from Michigan and my mom and sisters moved up to Grand Rapids a few years ago well really like 3/4 of my moms family but it’s so funny because Nate really is just a Michigan boy like for real trust me there’s a difference and I know because I’m with a Michigan man but we live in Kentucky so I’ve noticed a huge difference between the two I’m sure girls are the same way but ya know what I mean
gokarengo 3 months ago
Love this mascara
Essi Baliko
Essi Baliko 3 months ago
Omg yeah it’s true, I’m Albanian 😭😭❤️
navaeya cayetano
navaeya cayetano 3 months ago
my sister thinks if you smoke outside then the wind will blow away your high XDD
drew 3 months ago
Who the fuck cares honey milk
Caity cameron
Caity cameron 3 months ago
I don't smoke pot or anything but I was watching all your videos and didn't want to miss this one
QuodEstDenisse 3 months ago
OMG I WANT A JS GRINDER❤❤ We call them picas in argentina :3
Annika Fraunholz
Annika Fraunholz 3 months ago
I am from Germany and I say milk like jeffree 😂
Paula Marie
Paula Marie 3 months ago
Jeffree. You need a palette with golds/tans, greens, purples and oranges. Not only are they natural tones that I myself would wear everyday but those colors make me think of weeeed. Lmao.
Paula Marie
Paula Marie 3 months ago
@Rachel Elgee it has a lot of pinks and purples but imo not enough greens and earthy colors lol I really like the earth tone colors for my skin complexion and eye color. It is a good palette though
Rachel Elgee
Rachel Elgee 3 months ago
His Morphe x Jeffree Star palette has a wide range of those colors :)
emily aup
emily aup 3 months ago
Jeffree needs to curate his own strain I stg sis would POP OFF 🍁💨
Shelby Danäe
Shelby Danäe 3 months ago
Jefree drop a cannabis infused line!!!! Would be so dope
maggster 3 months ago
amsterdam has the best... but love this shit :)
Kaus Australis
Kaus Australis 3 months ago
Lol melk is such a Michigan thing. I say it as well
Wyatt Peek
Wyatt Peek 3 months ago
2019, and i still believe jeffree should have a channel on WeedTube
sydney_ lived
sydney_ lived 3 months ago
The way this video was like framed made me feel like I was on something, and I've never been on anything
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