Kurt Metzger Lightens The Mood With Dark Humor

Just For Laughs
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This stand up performance took place at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, Quebec in 2014.
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Just For Laughs is the world's premiere destination for stand-up comedy. Founded in 1983, JFL produces the world’s largest and most prestigious comedy event every July in Montreal, as well as annual festivals in Toronto and Sydney.


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May 18, 2018

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Comments 47
Mike Curry
Mike Curry Month ago
Damn this is why Kurt is one of my favorites lmao
Marla Mattis
Marla Mattis Month ago
**try marijuana idk about heroin
Kenny Gerberich
Kenny Gerberich Month ago
That joke at the end was pretty remarkable, actually. I love paradoxical jokes like that, having possible truths or solutions that people could never collectively get behind for obvious reasons. Reminds me a lot of that joke Louis Ck did in one of his SNL monologues, how we could save a lot of kids lives if society were more forgiving of pedophiles.
flexibleskedule Month ago
This is the most boring shit I've heard in a while. Is this dude successful?
davy Smith
davy Smith 2 months ago
4:30 gets ugly not funny man
Kurt Kugel
Kurt Kugel Month ago
If we can't laugh at our pain then there is no escape from it. Plus comedy is and must remain a total free speech zone. If you don't like what a comedian has to say then stop listening to them, that simple.
Kenny Gerberich
Kenny Gerberich Month ago
It is funny. And the fact that it upsets you shows exactly why the joke works. I'm sorry that you're offended, I know you have the right intentions behind feeling that way. But it's humorous in the way that there is an odd truth to it. A kid may actually love heroin so much that they'll opt out of suicide to keep doing it. Of course be doesn't think that it's a practical solution...that's the 'joking' part. Obviously it's just offsetting the issues the kid already has, or simply adding new ones. He's aware of that but sees the humor in proposing a horrible solution to temporarily fend off the worst possible scenario, that being the kid killing themself.
Paul S
Paul S 2 months ago
Joke thief
boneair 2 months ago
White? Yeah right you jew
Mike 4 months ago
U dark bitch
Priest Morrison
Priest Morrison 6 months ago
Holy CRAP dat was funny!!!
Randall Hahn
Randall Hahn 9 months ago
kurt sounds fucked up
That's considered white in America? Interesting.
Controlled Swapposition
it's cute that he thinks he's white. there are many in hollywood who like to confuse the issue. see who is constantly referring to themselves as "white" in countless hollywood movies and stand-up.
A Fury
A Fury 5 months ago
Yup, he’s a brown white brown white guy
Hippie Eyez
Hippie Eyez Year ago
Who told this asshole he was funny?
AgentGordonCole 4 months ago
Louis Ck
Travis Hunt YouTube PhD
I got chills when imagining the feeling of putting a diaper in my mouth. it would be such a weird texture
joseph scarborough
Fuck, his jokes are amazing.
Orenthal Simpson
Kurt's strange addiction is cocaine
anno1924 Year ago
Very good actually. But we all already heard that last heroine joke. Stanhope said few times, that if he will find out that he has cancer, he will start doing heroine immediately.
Evan Fields
Evan Fields 11 months ago
anno1924 No, Doug meant he'll have sex with the a female character in a Victorian novel. Do a heroine.
Doc Halliday
Doc Halliday Year ago
anno1924 heroin
Sonny Torres
Sonny Torres Year ago
Is this new? That was hilarious.
faheyfan1 Year ago
Junkie piece of shit
Toasted Joe
Toasted Joe Year ago
A high dose of LSD, Shrooms or DMT would help a depressed person more than heroin. That's why they're doing clinical trials
Austin Scott
Austin Scott 3 months ago
I bet you’re a blast at parties
A Fury
A Fury 5 months ago
Mdma is also good lol
Blazed and Confused
But that just isn't a very funny joke.
Rufus T. Firefly
Toasted Joe not I said the little red hen
legice Year ago
I know this is standup, but honestly, thats actually not a bad idea... sure it can go horibly if the addiction holds, but seeing on how people are hooked on medication and other legal stuff, but still feel like shit... honestly, i would actually like to see how that would go
RockySandman Year ago
Dude looks like a white version of Russell Peters.
j j
j j 10 months ago
Ted Bundy + Russell Peters
Bmanritchie Year ago
But funnier - credited to crudeness and non-apologetics to his "ugly" self.
Gloomy Year ago
That pun title though
Rob _
Rob _ Year ago
Kurt is really funny. I am impressed. The jokes are unique and off beat.
flexibleskedule Month ago
How much did Kurt pay you to say that?
Bobby Rose
Bobby Rose Year ago
Pretty damn funny Kurt.
Philip Christopher
Brown Russell Peter's is more talented!
bmx2026 11 months ago
Kurts funnier hands down.
crunch9876 Year ago
Nope.... Russell’s jokes are cheap jokes just making fun of stereotypes. This guy is much more clever.
Jimbo Slice
Jimbo Slice Year ago
Philip Christopher but Russell can’t joke outside of racial humor most of the time
Almoo Year ago
My friend STEVE! lol
Thefashow Year ago
white Russell Peters
crunch9876 Year ago
Thefashow how so? This guy’s jokes aren’t even similar.
Omar Carrillo
Omar Carrillo Year ago
The best. 1st
Omar Carrillo
Omar Carrillo Year ago
Never mind at halway something is wrong
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