Kumail Nanjiani Has Pizza & Cake for First Time in a Year

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Kumail talks about getting in incredible shape for his new Marvel movie The Eternals, why he decided to post a picture of his new ripped body, finding out the picture went viral, not eating sugar or anything unhealthy, what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson thought of his muscles, his new show “Little America” and Jimmy surprises him with pizza and desserts which leads to Kumail breaking his diet for the first time in a year.
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Kumail Nanjiani Has Pizza & Cake for First Time in a Year


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Jan 24, 2020




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Comments 2 729
Archie Wescombe
Anyone else notice Jimmys voice break 😂
Laurie Jean
Laurie Jean Day ago
Notice how they don't do this for women guests because if they eat cake even once they'll be banned from Hollywood
Youssef Sarhan
Youssef Sarhan 2 days ago
Deca. Trenbolone. Winstrol. Test. Dianabol. Sustanon.
richdz 2 days ago
Lol he absolutely crushed it with "I'm happier right now". Good ole switcheroo
Dom Johnny
Dom Johnny 3 days ago
Aziz got buff
Cryptic Chameleon
Stupid shredded
Carlos L. Jimenez Jr
glad you made a jacked nerd cry
Rebecca Chen
Rebecca Chen 3 days ago
Omg the thumbnail!!! That’s hilarious 💛😂
Lee Shunmugam
Lee Shunmugam 4 days ago
Now what happens when you give an Ethiopian child the same after said child never tasted those things in their life. I say tears will be flowing.
Montegery 4 days ago
surprised he still has hair. But nevertheless, I can appreciate the grind
michael monty
michael monty 5 days ago
Tyler Pruitt
Tyler Pruitt 5 days ago
Tren hard...
Carlos Medina
Carlos Medina 5 days ago
He’s enjoying it because he knows he’s gonna go straight back to his diet for who knows how long
Orangesunshine47 2 days ago
Hes on roids dummy
buzwa2k 5 days ago
He probably got super sick after this, putting his body in sugar shock or something
AB 5 days ago
"I am happier"
U MadBro yo
U MadBro yo 5 days ago
Even his face is ripped af!!!
Alexis Galvez
Alexis Galvez 5 days ago
To bad he had to use steroids
dakika Woodard
dakika Woodard 5 days ago
He's getting in shape good for him
Gabriel C. Martel
I understand how working out can transform your body, but how come he's got a new JAW!!?
priyanuj bhuyan
priyanuj bhuyan 6 days ago
mohammed kaif
leonstanable 6 days ago
Bruh can y'all stop saying he's natural? He clearly used performance enhancers. Although it still takes a lot of work to transform like this even on roids, his body composition and the limited time he had mean that he can't be natty
mula cula
mula cula 6 days ago
HappyPanda 6 days ago
That's alot of steroids/HGH/testosterone he's been taking. Wow. You can see it in his face.
Cyriane Rouillon
Cyriane Rouillon 6 days ago
Lmao this is everything
Zubair Shariff
Zubair Shariff 6 days ago
He didn’t say bismillah before eating the pizza 👀👀
little Do
little Do 7 days ago
well unlike jona hill hes still funny lol. jk
cgr88m 7 days ago
As someone who is currently on a extreme cut, this is torture. But kumail is being a good sport he obviously has the discipline to say no. Or he planned to do this episode on his cheat day.
Viksha Dya
Viksha Dya 7 days ago
I like how he keeps his desi accent compared to others and give Kumail a Biryani.
MrMoustacheNinja 7 days ago
I need his workout routine lol
ragenono 7 days ago
He's still ugly at least
sultanistan 58
sultanistan 58 8 days ago
Love u best comedian ❤❤
Chris D
Chris D 8 days ago
this guy is juiced to the gills LOL
Mo n
Mo n 8 days ago
He's so hungry 🤣🤣🤣
Trigger Fish
Trigger Fish 8 days ago
Now his voice needs to go on a diet. How is he portraying an Eternal?
Kasey Rolow
Kasey Rolow 9 days ago
It’s crazy to me how “crazy” it is to everyone else when someone decides to get in shape. Ppl loose their minds like it’s unachievable or something weird to do or now you’re a new different person or whatever. It’s just a simple thing. Watch what you eat and workout lol. It’s not that crazy of a thing. Goes to show how lazy we are as Americans when something normal seems crazy.
O 7 days ago
Roids brah
O 7 days ago
StudioSJS mate, Roids arent a sustainable method if you’re searching for longevity (if you want to work out pass 60yo)... there are repercussions for severely modifying your body over such short period of time. Yea they require you to have a strict diet and work out, but to say that they’re not dangerous enhancers (risking hair loss, ball shrinkage, etc) is a lie.
StudioSJS 8 days ago
What’s crazy is that people are blowing off his hard work and saying “well he was on hgh or steroids” and so that’s why he is looking like that as if steroids are a magical pill that makes you go from fatty to extremely fit and you can just eat whatever you want. Americans are truly lazier than any other group of people.
Pak Technica
Pak Technica 9 days ago
For the few minutes at the end there...you can actually see the Pakistani in him.. :p so relatable. We all like that when the food comes. Forget sharing, forget eye contact, forget that you're on an international TV SHOW!!!
devontodetroit 9 days ago
Tren, Test and HGH
HTTR TJ 9 days ago
nick Lannin
nick Lannin 9 days ago
This man did a steroid cycle. That body transformation in a year at his age is not achievable. Sorry but it’s true. Debate me.
MatrixBoi P.P
MatrixBoi P.P 9 days ago
You can tell he’s roided to the max
kirwi kirwinson
kirwi kirwinson 9 days ago
Does the world ever get tired of circle jerking over celebrities?
Xereal 9 days ago
Jaqueline 9 days ago
I saw Dinesh
Shyam Thiagarajan
He took steroids
mzmiller75 10 days ago
I feel like I’m witnessing the beginning of Kumail’s eating disorder.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 10 days ago
*I don't believe it for a second that he didn't have either keto pizza or keto desserts. It's too easy to make.*
famguy218 10 days ago
“Both family WhatsApp groups” in South Asia that’s huge
Arpit christy
Arpit christy 10 days ago
Well, I appreciate the physique he has achieved. But, I am pretty sure this is not the first time he is eating cake and pizza in a year! Even the professional guys cheats
Nishi Hundan
Nishi Hundan 10 days ago
He pumped himself full of steroids for sure
mysack AJAkhaww
mysack AJAkhaww 11 days ago
isn't that pizza haram?
I farted
I farted 11 days ago
this is how you know you're the biggest fool ever
A V 11 days ago
Dudes on steroids lol.
BigBoss44 11 days ago
Yeah hard work....and steroids will do that
So Cool
So Cool 12 days ago
He would have made the best jafar
limitbreak84 12 days ago
I love how he isnt screwing around. Hes eating everything. Lol
suzi perret
suzi perret 13 days ago
Looking good.
Emillio 13 days ago
He's an Odd Beauty !
Slimer 13 days ago
He was literally trembling when he saw that food. They tortured this man Lol.
Superfly 13 days ago
All celebrities that are in shape take Performance enhancing drugs u think getting in shape that easy so annoying that there so fake its unreal
D Kay
D Kay 13 days ago
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