KT Tunstall - Black Horse And The Cherry Tree (Official Video)

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KT Tunstall's BBC Live Sessions EP Out Now: KTTunstall.lnk.to/BBCLiveSessions
Explore More Music From KT Tunstall: KTTunstall.lnk.to/bestofYA
Music video by KT Tunstall performing Black Horse And The Cherry Tree.
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Comments 80
hell in a handbasket
Still a banger but can easily get annoying
hell in a handbasket
Damn this takes me waaaaaaaaay back to simpler times
sofia 9 days ago
I’ve not heard this song in probably like, 9 years but it randomly got stuck in my head the other day lmao just quarantine things ✌🏼🤪
Kim Zastrow
Kim Zastrow 13 days ago
Our house before it got built up
Charlotte Fish
Charlotte Fish 14 days ago
The nostalgia radiating from this song! Can't even! This song was constantly in my house through my childhood, love it 😍😍😍
Rendy Ricardo L Garcia
13-03-2020 🤟🏻
Chief Whip
Chief Whip 23 days ago
never would have guessed this lass is Scottish
Lost Martyr
Lost Martyr 21 day ago
Chief Whip this song is based on scottish folk.
Franz Wizert
Franz Wizert 24 days ago
tony delgobbo
tony delgobbo 26 days ago
Long Lost Family episode of her life brought me here .
Stefano ALTAMURA 27 days ago
Jessie Eagle
Jessie Eagle 27 days ago
lost families brought me here
James Miller
James Miller Month ago
She doesn't want to marry the horse. So that's why he has such a long face.
The Robot Boogie
amazing song and the live performance is even better. timeless classic.
Johnathan Tippens
I hate this song drive me nuts back in day hear it on radio made my ears bleed so like next plz Lol
Holli Worthington
KT is awesome
DMSProduktions Month ago
KT rocks! \m/
Edoardo De Matteis
Jimmy The Clown
Jimmy The Clown Month ago
What a hot song and video Reminds Me of my favorite Australian Alternative Rock Band The Blackeyed Susans 💖
Saleh Al-Najar
Saleh Al-Najar Month ago
هذي اغنية رنيم وهي طفله هههههههههههههههههههههه ................... وووووههههههووووو
Frederike Fischer
My horse only asks for more treats ^^.
François THX1138
Alice? - Woo hoo!
Deemo Month ago
So talented.. and those dimples.. gosh
Macz Magsanay
Macz Magsanay Month ago
I don't see the year this song was released. Can someone supply that info? If this were a movie, tv series, or actor, I could just go to IMDb. Where does one go to find that sort of info concerning music?
Mason Nova
Mason Nova Month ago
This is the sound of simpler times when I was younger, THIS IS THE ONLY SONG MY MOMS RADIO PLAYED IMMN THE CAR
Mata Kaw
Mata Kaw Month ago
You won't hear that on the radio.
Amanda Richardson
Amanda Richardson 2 months ago
2020! "And I said no, no, no, no, no, no you're not the one for me." Love KT!
Toy Life#Fun
Toy Life#Fun Month ago
This is The best 2005 song ever!!!!😄😄😄
Alexander Kügler
@mochi Two Thumbs! Best Artist even in 2020!
mochi 2 months ago
GONZALO 2 months ago
Nostalgia 2020?
Dustin Vapes
Dustin Vapes 2 months ago
I literally searched "and I say no no" to find this song. The internet is amazing xD
Mel_ Martinezfan
Mel_ Martinezfan 8 days ago
I had to search up “wooho and I said no no no”😂😂😂
Toy Life#Fun
Toy Life#Fun Month ago
@Dustin Vapes i searched "duh song" and then i found im a bad guy
Toy Life#Fun
Toy Life#Fun Month ago
Alexander Kügler
Google knows everything :) If Google doesnt know something it doesnt exist. Means if Google does not know you, you dont exist in this world :)
TotalVoid 2 months ago
Huh, she's on tour, lets see if I can get tickets... A Rick Roll? Seriously RUvid?
Viking Teddy
Viking Teddy 2 months ago
Boo. This version sucks. The version she does with a looper is where it's at.
Ester Farias
Ester Farias 2 months ago
one of my favourite songs
Inverness Fan
Inverness Fan 2 months ago
She is talented.
Oceane D.I.Y
Oceane D.I.Y 2 months ago
chanson absolument génial ( il faut dire qu'il y a la chanteuse qu'il faut)
TheSwedishJew 2 months ago
Melancholy We
Melancholy We 2 months ago
Where my 2020 people at?
Sergio Gavilan
Sergio Gavilan 2 months ago
January 2020? The Best músic , the Best Childhood
Maly Cile
Maly Cile 2 months ago
When you want to make a song about losing your virginity to a black man but you have to make it PG so the radio will play it.
Maly Cile
Maly Cile 19 days ago
@Lost Martyr Well, of course she cant say what the real meaning is. We Know though, we know.
Lost Martyr
Lost Martyr 21 day ago
Maly Cile thats not what this song is about. She has states that many times in an interview. Its from an old Scottish saying mixed with modern meaning, also a parable of an experience she had with an actual horse going crazy around an olive tree.
Chanta Nupa
Chanta Nupa 2 months ago
She's a cutie pie.
Autistic RAGE
Autistic RAGE 2 months ago
Is the squeak at 2:42 on the master recording?
A. Krueger
A. Krueger 3 months ago
Her lips though! ... uh, no.
Shala Taebi
Shala Taebi 3 months ago
Don't know her work, but this is rockin!
Hypernova Needs A Chill Pill
Like if it's 2020, I sure will
Hypernova Needs A Chill Pill
No way! I've loved this song since I got my mom's old MP3! I have no idea it was KT! This and suddenly I see make her one of my favorite artists!
Beth Sloan
Beth Sloan 2 months ago
What is this style of music called ? Just found this 🙂
Yonu Bosshima
Yonu Bosshima 3 months ago
Old music is good music
rishi raj singh
rishi raj singh 3 months ago
Have something for the ladies who play drums and Cello.
D L 3 months ago
HOT scotish lady ..
Pirpl Pirpl
Pirpl Pirpl 3 months ago
Thank you.
Luke Dalton
Luke Dalton 3 months ago
Such a unique tune and holds a special place as it's one of my mam's favourites - always get that nostalgia when i hear it
Chico DePuertoRico
Chico DePuertoRico 3 months ago
Lost Martyr
Lost Martyr 21 day ago
Chico DePuertoRico Shes married to a man.
Manuel Silva
Manuel Silva 4 months ago
Oh the Woo hoo I remember it
Angela Altintas
Angela Altintas 4 months ago
and with a documented concussion but, that too, had a double meaning and was meant to serve as a direct threat
Janina 4 months ago
casaraku1 4 months ago
lively video for a folk song...well mixed...
Bear Springles
Bear Springles 4 months ago
Okay, her face remembers me LE from EXID
Paul Vascones
Paul Vascones 4 months ago
Is this beautiful woman talking about a black man???
Lost Martyr
Lost Martyr 21 day ago
Paul Vascones no.
Craig B
Craig B 4 months ago
Devin Dunn
Devin Dunn 4 months ago
I love how she didn't say "no you're a horse" she said the horse wasn't the one for her
Mickey Joe
Mickey Joe 4 months ago
My 4th grade class played this song on the recorder
Juventus Ventuno
Juventus Ventuno 4 months ago
cutesy fruitsey
David Bowman
David Bowman 4 months ago
What happened to this artist?
Jimmy Estrada
Jimmy Estrada 4 months ago
Am I the only one knows it’s about a well endowed man that she is not to
Lost Martyr
Lost Martyr 21 day ago
Jimmy Estrada no its not she says what it is in interviews.
Arnetha Earl
Arnetha Earl 4 months ago
I lived this song...the hood ole days 😸😸😸😸
Livmylifelivi 4 months ago
I remember loving this song after hearing one of the final contestants singing it on American Idol way back when.. woman with dark hair. I think her name was Katherine. I believe it was the season with Taylor Hicks.
Francis A
Francis A 4 months ago
Katherine mcfee!! She went on to star in the show Smash ig you want to follow her!
nothinger01 4 months ago
I can t believe this song is from 2009.
nothinger01 4 months ago
@uma prasad mom, it´s you?
uma prasad
uma prasad 4 months ago
Why are u here???
guigui foot
guigui foot 4 months ago
Le ptit shit à 2€ au coffee shop "hollandais"
Sean Sutton
Sean Sutton 4 months ago
The lyrics are, very loosely, the plot of the Pixar film Brave.
MrRotaryrockets 4 months ago
Still knocks me over what a voice and Guitar..
Davide 4 months ago
Pati KOSTECKA 4 months ago
woo hoo
dwakeman1 5 months ago
good song.... EXCELLENT video! Has me scared to death... She's kinda hot, but I get the strong feeling that she'd cut my balls off if I approached her in the wrong way.... but what is the right way??? oh no, oh no no no... oh no, you're not the one for me
Jonathan Magny
Jonathan Magny 5 months ago
Cartoon Network Fridays featuring KT Tunstall on October 2006 and January 2007 with Halloween movie of Haunted Pumpkin of Sleepy Hallow and January premieres of My Gym Partners a Monkey and Kids Next Door.
Isaac Gonzalez
Isaac Gonzalez 5 months ago
Horrible music
Martin Irving
Martin Irving 5 months ago
If there ain't Cherokee indian here I'll eat my hat.
Martin Irving
Martin Irving 5 months ago
@Derwood , Hmm, I'm Scottish on both sides. I like to fast. I think I'm on a hat-eating fast.
Derwood 5 months ago
Well, born in Scotland anyway. According to Wiki, her mother was half-Chinese, half-Scottish and her father was Irish...no mention of Cherokee
Derwood 5 months ago
Start eating. She's Scottish
Nicolás Vélez
Nicolás Vélez 5 months ago
I love her, but I don't like this song.
Nicole Inez
Nicole Inez 5 months ago
Forget him; I'm done with that nonsense.
Britt Volkonskaya
Britt Volkonskaya 5 months ago
90s and 2000s kids commenting like they know everything.
sophia piper
sophia piper 5 months ago
im sorry but what're u talking about
Muddy Boots
Muddy Boots 5 months ago
A Tartarian 🍒 Cherry tree
flobeeone kinobee
flobeeone kinobee 5 months ago
I like her voice very much
S Atkinson
S Atkinson 5 months ago
KT Tungstall is looking *so delicious* I can hardly keep my eyes on my plate. 🍽️
DesertRose122 5 months ago
she looks Scottish lol
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