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JJ is a dog.. inspired by his development!
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Comments 80
Dragonclaw1025 2 days ago
Who’s here after Gib got sadly dropped and ready for JJ to clap Jake
Naim Valencia
Naim Valencia 2 days ago
this just shows how solid of a fighter jj really is. on fight night, he has all this adrenaline so it overtakes him. in the first fight against logan you saw him more careful with rushing in and being more of a boxer. in the second fight jj felt comfortable taking Logans hits and so he was just walking him down the whole fight. Jake won't beat ksi. he's fought his youngest brother and gib. and gib was a decent fighter who landed shots on Jake enough to bloody his nose. if jj lands those same shots on Jake, the extra power will really show through. I think that fight will be great. and jj will win comfortably by decision if he walks down Jake like he does in this sparring.
Hani Aljorani
Hani Aljorani 2 days ago
in the shell you weren’t rolling the shoulder
Denis Buka
Denis Buka 7 days ago
Faze sense is just like me going on every bag
ohmylol 10 days ago
I like how mature he's being after his loss
Samuel Adedapo
Samuel Adedapo 11 days ago
Coach Vs weller
Sam W
Sam W 14 days ago
Matt Loh
Matt Loh 16 days ago
Ji looks so much better here
Finding Souza
Finding Souza 16 days ago
When some Jake Paulers fans know Sensei would beat Jake and think Ksi is gonna lose to Jake and they see this video.
pop pin
pop pin 17 days ago
after the jake paul fight you guys should do a spar without holding back
KuanTop 18 days ago
jj doesnt swing wildly but he did in the fight, i dont know why
Greasy Man
Greasy Man 16 days ago
Its his habits when he gets hit in round 1 i think he came at him aggressive but still technical but i reckon he has a reaction where if he gets hit he feels the need to hit back and u can tell he fights with passion bc he rlly wanted that win and theres also the fact that logan in the fight didnt want to clash and logan has a height and weight advantage so if jj wants a good hit for the refs he has to throw big
Ratew 2
Ratew 2 18 days ago
When he knocked you needed to move out of the ropes
Sneaky Knifer
Sneaky Knifer 19 days ago
People really don't talk about JJ's chin enough, he takes shots that can drop a lot of pros
Jacob Hall
Jacob Hall 21 day ago
ksi is fucking ass
Affirmative Action
Affirmative Action 23 days ago
No excuses bro. You lost like a man 😉
Rawad Sadek
Rawad Sadek 23 days ago
12:52 I think sensei said "its a knockout"
kian jaramillo
kian jaramillo 24 days ago
Mikki 25 days ago
We need KSI in the riots!
Miroslavov 26 days ago
Viddal has more subs than senseI wtf
Ματhιαs Ηειηlα
ksi power
Chinky_ej 27 days ago
He couldn’t fight like this with Logan Paul because of his height so he had to go wild to actually land punches, in the video , both fighters are at similar height so it’s easier for jj to use technique, he’ll most likely fight like this with Jake Paul as he’s shorter than Logan
gael plays
gael plays 27 days ago
15:56 if JJ does that against Jake, he's gonna have a tough night
Nasima Begum
Nasima Begum 28 days ago
The first time they sparred faze was pressuring jj now jj is pressuring faze he has imporved alot
nick gamer EDO
nick gamer EDO 28 days ago
ksi looking kinda slow with hos punches
Can I be your friend
He was tired look at Hime
tired af
tired af 29 days ago
If only JJ stuck to this during the fight, if he wasnt wild swinging and shit and wasnt so desperate to knock logan out, he wouldve won round 3 easily
Rhysstevo music
Rhysstevo music 29 days ago
No... JJ wasn't a "New fighter" sensei was told to stay off him abit
Tommaso SCHISANO 29 days ago
ay, bro, u got all the respect ur being professional, honest and humble
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes Month ago
Chris Heria music?
Colm Rich
Colm Rich Month ago
This is prove that jj isn't just a boxer with a big heart, he's got good power accuracy & movement as well. This is one of the top 5 best boxers on RUvid & ksi walked through him
Matija Galic
Matija Galic Month ago
Is that Mojo on the FaZe logo?
Sam Stefanuti
Sam Stefanuti Month ago
John Month ago
Jj look diffrent here i think he would do the same to jake paul becouse jake is pretty much the same heigh as jj så he wont be swinging.
FlamingAce Gibbo
This is more of an indication of how JJ would fight Jake Paul, fighting Logan was a much bigger guy those wild over hands was essential. Jake very similar size here JJ will box very neat and put Jake away in 3
RevengeMist Month ago
who else thinks he fraught better here then what he did against logan
fnoffel 91
fnoffel 91 Month ago
nathan nguyen
nathan nguyen Month ago
A good way to improve your speed is a cobra bag, you don’t really need to weave when nothing’s trying to hit you. Also it will help you punch accuracy using the speed bag just helps you speed and power.
Emanuel Simões
Emanuel Simões Month ago
Right here we can really see JJ being a pro Boxer, in the fight with Logan he looked like a drunk man in a bar trowing overhands after overhands, if he fights with Jake like this 100% he's going to win
Blo Zart
Blo Zart Month ago
People are talking about how good KSI is but i am here thinkin how humble Faze Sensei is to release his LOSE footage.
Johnny Deos
Johnny Deos Month ago
I like both logan and KSI but I have to be honest if Logan was more aggressive or angry he would have won notice when he was fighting he was only fighting with one hand and jabbing and the time he did use both his hands he put JJ to the ground but either way both are good
Big Dan
Big Dan Month ago
@Galaxin no problem mate and I agree
Galaxin Month ago
@Big Dan thank you, no matter who wins, this will probably be the greatest RUvid boxing fight.
Big Dan
Big Dan Month ago
@Galaxin To be fair, they both have a good chance to win. They are both the best youtube boxers and I wouldn't be surprised if we see a knockout. JJ is definitely the bigger man with more strength so if they get into the clinch, JJ is going to be able to get the best of Jake in the clinch. If JJ implements the constant pressure gameplan that he did against Logan, I can see Jake clinching JJ which would probably result in JJ getting the best of Jake in the clinch and getting a few clean shots on him. The only way I see Jake winning is if he uses a counter punch gameplan. He should move around the ring, try to block and dodge JJ's shots and try to land as many clean shots as possible. Because when JJ is throwing his shots, it leaves him open. And while Jake may take a shot, he would land a much more powerful one if he counter punches. But in my opinion, the most likely way this fight will go is that JJ does what he did against Logan but in a much more controlled way. He'll try to use his jab and be more on the defensive like he was against Joe. He'll use more combinations and will try to save more energy for the later rounds. I see JJ winning by a late round stoppage but I could definitely see Jake winning. It'll be a great fight and a good way to end the RUvid boxing.
Galaxin Month ago
@Big Dan what's your take on JJ vs jake in details?
Big Dan
Big Dan Month ago
Nah. No chance. There was a reason that Logan wasn't being aggressive. Because he knew if he stopped moving and tried to hit KSI more, KSI would've caught Logan and would've knocked him out. If Logan stopped trying to clinch, or stopped backing up, KSI would've caught him with one of the wild swings. And as we saw in the fight, as soon as one shot landed clean, it dropped Logan. The only way Logan would've won that fight, he would've had to just jab and move, and tie up whenever KSI got close, which was the gameplan he did implement but he wasn't anticipating KSI to be as wild as he was. He shouldn't have got bigger. Had he weighed less than KSI, his cardio would've improved and he would've found it way easier to move around the ring and would've executed the gameplan much better. If Logan did implement the aggressive gameplan, he would've been out by round 3. Because while it would've made KSI back up a bit more, KSI would've still kept coming forward and would've landed. Because when you become more aggressive, you focus less on the defence which leaves you open to being hit. And while you could make an argument that Logan could've knocked out KSI, I don't think he would've. Because while Logan hits harder than KSI naturally, during a fight, KSI would be able to get more power in his shots than Logan because Logan is the taller fighter, which means he would've had to punch downwards which means he would've lost power. No matter what gameplan Logan implemented, there was no way Logan was beating KSI.
Mr TMC Month ago
I’m looking back at this video and this JJ could easily beat jake Paul. The only problem with Logan was the height difference but Jake is about the same height as JJ so JJ can just fight like this and Jake is going to sleep
Kaydenn Month ago
logan had reach against jj thats the diff besides jake
RAX ROYALE Month ago
Ksi was.....fatter you should say
Tate Murphy
Tate Murphy Month ago
I remember faze sensie used to do way better than ksi and now ksi got revenge
King king
King king Month ago
If ksi hits jake with those body shoots hes gonna go down, but jj has to get his defense better for the combos jake has but till then jj looked clean and sharp in this which shows he has a higher chance of knocking jake down or out.
Totally not J
Totally not J Month ago
MoRpH He was injured when he thought KSI dumbass if Sensei wasn’t injured KSI would of lost. Plus he’s there to give them good rounds not to knock them out it’s sparring not a fucking boxing match
MoRpH Month ago
@Totally not J Are you dumb? I wrote "GIB struggled to faze sensei." OFC he was not injured.
Totally not J
Totally not J Month ago
MoRpH Lmao your acting like Gib and Jake went 12 rounds. Jake beat him in the first round and Sensei wasn’t injured vs Gib 😂
MoRpH Month ago
GIB struggled to faze sensei. Ksi didn't. You can see the outcome of what will happen to jake..
Juan Morales
Juan Morales Month ago
People saying that if ksi fought like this against Logan he could have won unanimous dont understand that if he fought like this he would have gotten caught and stopped
Christian Carbs
Christian Carbs Month ago
Dylan Obaro i guess you dont know anything about boxing? Fighting like that will hit you back hard, tons of openings available.
Juan Morales
Juan Morales Month ago
@Dylan Obaro You dont box do you? Ksi played it very defensively against Logan Paul and even still got rocked. If he fought this agressive he was very likely to get knocked down. It is the basic rule in the fight game if you fight agressive you are prone to getting caught
Dylan Obaro
Dylan Obaro Month ago
Daily Juan stop waffling my guy you can’t just guess that he would’ve got caught he is a way better in this then in the fight
Second Side Films
When JJ is next to Logan he seems quite small. But seeing him next to more average looking people I remember he’s a really big man.
Sean Potter
Sean Potter Month ago
and jake thinks he cant beat KSI?!?! what a clown
Used me as a like button by the amount of times ksi will punch jake paul
Adam Newman
Adam Newman Month ago
Oh not much...
yo hzms
yo hzms Month ago
13 punches so far
PDE TV _ Month ago
First like
King king
King king Month ago
Bro those body shoots by ksi might not look as bad from camera view, but if you’ve been hit in the bod during sparring you can already feel sensies pain😂
Will Hanley Reed
Jj looked great here, but even tho hes very talented, Sensei literally just threw jabs.... sometimes.
Damian Aranda
Damian Aranda Month ago
People that say KSI has no boxing technique(because of Logan fights) should watch this video
Get this man shaving kit Or get this man a hoe
He still has shitty boxing skills in this vid
Leo Davies
Leo Davies Month ago
I agree. only thing jake has is technique and speed. JJ has better footwork, better timing, good chin, better defence and better power
Get this man shaving kit Or get this man a hoe
Everything you said was a lie, ksi has shit speed, shit footwork, shit timing, shit chin, shit defense, and shit power, jake paul has pretty much all of those advantages
King king
King king Month ago
Ksi is jakes height and he can use this technique for jake when they fight, and he will 100% win
Get this man shaving kit Or get this man a hoe
@Leo Davies jake has pretty much all of those advantages, and jakes timing and counter punches is miles ahead of jj, no discussion
King king
King king Month ago
Leo Davies jj has a granite chin he got hit with 2 uppercuts and got up like nothin happened he was even focused on why got in the back of the head than on the whole situation 😂jake has no defense at all one thing i noticed first seconds of the gib fight he got left hooked on the face, so when ksi lands a overhand hes chin wont take it nicely
Leo Davies
Leo Davies Month ago
I agree. only thing jake has is technique and speed. JJ has better footwork, better timing, good chin, better defence and better power
Zest 2 months ago
This is for those saying he just throws haymakers
Zest Month ago
Bradley Jakes gonna be training and is gonna get prepared with those. Jj should really change his technique
Bradley Month ago
@Zest exactly im a big fan of ksi but i thought he would lose because logan's form and technique seemed much better in the fight whereas ksi was throwing haymakers - i don't even think that haymakers are bad tho they do lots of damage but leave you unprotected and it shook logan so its probably the reason ksi won anyways
Zest Month ago
Bradley and still won. Lowkey surprised he won as much as a fan i am of him I thought logan would win
Bradley Month ago
nah but in the actual fight in the later rounds he just dropped all his training and went for the haymakers
HAMO_ BOI 2 months ago
Ibby 2 months ago
People don’t realise how much of a difference head guards make in this comment section. This sparring session is barely comparable to the actual fight
Dylan Obaro
Dylan Obaro Month ago
Ibby so your saying the headgear made his throw wild you thick af it’s just cause he new Logan don’t like being pressured he Evan said that’s why he switched up the technical if you don’t believe me watch him reaction to the first fight
Raze Players
Raze Players 2 months ago
why do their legs look tiny
Ismael Hussain
Ismael Hussain 2 months ago
who's watching during isolation
Mirza singgih
Mirza singgih 2 months ago
Ksi is unique , better in sparring than the actual fight
Get this man shaving kit Or get this man a hoe
Ksi is fucking garbage, he looked shitty in this sparring match as he did in the logan fight, also check 12:56
Don Ventura
Don Ventura 2 months ago
Anyone with real handspeed would eat JJ up because of his flat feet, low hands, leaning forward. But I'd assume he'd fight with his hands higher against a opponent who tags him when he drops the hands. JJ might've only fought Sensei this way because he had so much pressure and control in this sparring match that he could afford to be so offensive and flat footed.
Get this man shaving kit Or get this man a hoe
12:56 he swung like an amateur
Get this man shaving kit Or get this man a hoe
@Can I be your friend "he was tired" nope, hes still shit, and can't box at all
Can I be your friend
He was tired 😴 and didn't try hard he knew faze is injured didn't whant to hit hard
Get this man shaving kit Or get this man a hoe
@T0XXER all of these ksi fans are acting like hes joe fraizer when hes looking sloppy and sluggish
T0XXER 2 months ago
yeah that was just messy
Gardner Edgell
Gardner Edgell 2 months ago
I’m really happy to see the credit you give jj and the honesty you have with yourself, lots of people in this position wouldn’t dream of admitting their faults
Mr. NOBODY 2 months ago
People keep on saying why JJ didnt use this in the fight but dont realize that Logan is not sensei he is bigger in every way thats why the only way to win was go awkaward. But on the other hand with Jake this composed clean version of JJ will be perfect to beat him!
Get this man shaving kit Or get this man a hoe
@Mr. NOBODY you are the casual😂😂no boxer ever changes their style for a fight, unless they're fighting a special fighter and they need to fight differently, it's obvious to me that you don't know shit about boxing, or fighting in general.
Mr. NOBODY 2 months ago
you must be an idiot all fighters have to change up how they fight to win against different opponents. look at Joshua in the ruiz fight then look at how he had to change up his style to win the second time. stfu you must be a casual.
Get this man shaving kit Or get this man a hoe
Dont fool yourself, jj looked slow sloppy and uncoordinated in this sparring session "he swung because he was shorter" is not a good excuse because no real boxer changes styles for fights
Mr. NOBODY 2 months ago
Now this is what you call a fight. JJ hit sensei but sensei didnt back off and came right back and vice versa. Everytime Logan got hit he always backed off because he was to affraid to get hit and jake will be the same!
Mr. NOBODY 2 months ago
This is the JJ that will easily beat jake. He so composed and comfortable fighting someone his own size than someone who's taller, got more reach and heavier than him!
The Jewtuber
The Jewtuber 2 months ago
Steven Gerard to Logan :THIS DOES NOT SLIP
Joshua LUPEAN 2 months ago
Ksi is the best
Marklyn Ganesh
Marklyn Ganesh 2 months ago
Chris Heria workout music :/
Levi Childe
Levi Childe 2 months ago
ksi drops his hands so much
RODI EFETURK 2 months ago
joe weller vs ksi part two haha
Julian Rodriguez
Julian Rodriguez 2 months ago
Both Logan and jj are better in sparring fights
SBG 2 months ago
It’s so weird jj is actually a tight fighter but in real fights his technicality goes out the window
Dylan Obaro
Dylan Obaro Month ago
SBG no it doesn’t do you not understand he fought like this cause sense i is smaller than him he new he had to be wink for Logan cause he is bigger than jj so that jj could get in his face look at how he fought weller that’s how he will fight against jake cause jake is the same height as him
8figgures 2 months ago
This ksi guy fought shit Shitty leg movement Sloppy punches Nowhere near Jake Paul
YED 2 months ago
Why does Faze always switch up styles. How about you incorporate that unorthodox karate style into your boxing.
AlphaX 2 months ago
Seems fine to me eve after jj knocked you down you walked fine and I’ve messed up ribs before and it even hurts to walk
Brandon Adam
Brandon Adam 2 months ago
If JJ fights like this against Jake, he's going to win 100%. Used the jab, landed technical shots, and he was constantly all over Sensei.
zayan shah
zayan shah 2 months ago
You are a giraffe
Uncle Don King23
Uncle Don King23 2 months ago
Connor mc greogor is the holding poster even in the largest boxing facility😂😂😂😂😂😝😝😝😜😜😜😜😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Gavin Greenlee
Gavin Greenlee 3 months ago
Y r all these gamer/RUvidrs tryna be pro fighters now? It’s fantastic that they’re promoting athletics but they’re already famous lol
Kuna 04
Kuna 04 3 months ago
every amateur boxer would fuck yall up😂
duncanpill 3 months ago
Wow Faze got punished 😒
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