KSHMR | Ultra Miami 2018

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KSHMR | Ultra Miami 2018 | Official Video
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Mar 28, 2018




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Comments 1 424
Dillinger Sam
Dillinger Sam 2 days ago
Awsome Video KSHMR The Real Deal 😀❤
Cyber J
Cyber J 14 days ago
Um dos melhores sets que já vi
Cyber J
Cyber J 14 days ago
Porque o pessoal do show estão fazendo o símbolo dos Djs W&W, sendo que o show é do KSHMR???kkkkkkkkk
La Min Maung
La Min Maung 26 days ago
after a year..... I am still watching this video and dancing
World of all
World of all Month ago
Let's make 10 million subscribers by mid 2020.
Daniela Barrientos vega
I'm not Indian but, I enjoy when you play Shiva😍✨, it's a great song, really respect for you KSHMR See you in EDC Mexico 2020🇲🇽😍❤️ I hope you play Shiva, Mexico loves you ❤️✨ I can't wait to see you in 100 days❤️
Brandon Dammers
Brandon Dammers 3 months ago
I got so happy during the break of Crashing Down ft Carnage. Love the melody❤
Brandon Dammers
Brandon Dammers 3 months ago
I got so happy during the break of Crashing Down ft Carnage. Love the melody❤
Mr. NoName
Mr. NoName 3 months ago
41:10 this sound's nice i hope someone know this neckline
kostasPAOK 4 months ago
17:15 when i eat lemon...
Андрей Подберезкин
Gabriela Palacios
Gabriela Palacios 4 months ago
I was literally there & to be honest that was the best set ever, even tho it was like 4-5pm. It was the BEST way to start the day! 💕
Marcin Sikora
Marcin Sikora 4 months ago
its time to wach ROCKY
Phyo Zaw Aye
Phyo Zaw Aye 5 months ago
Am I the only one who is still waiting for that (KSHMR & ID - ID w/ Brooks & GRX - Boomerang [STMPD] ) ID ?
Brandon Dammers
Brandon Dammers 5 months ago
What is the name of the Wildstylez remix of Great Spirit? The extra vocals give this track so much more fire🔥
Miguel León
Miguel León 5 months ago
I love min 9:40 ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️🤤😍
Wee Ming
Wee Ming 6 months ago
3.45 song title? Or mix
my father
my father 5 months ago
Mufasa song name.
Thao Nguyen
Thao Nguyen 6 months ago
4:13 name pls??
MM Ameer
MM Ameer 6 months ago
I hope it was night cuz Burn & Dharma are killin this set!
one in all
one in all 6 months ago
26:41 which drop after arcade
MarleAndersen 7 months ago
Best part between: 19:33 & 24:08
Brandon Dammers
Brandon Dammers 7 months ago
Brandon Dammers
Brandon Dammers 7 months ago
People from South America? South America? This guy is hilarious😂 you are a God KSHMR
Sophia Pde
Sophia Pde 7 months ago
What a set..Boy! Hats Off KSHMR...I agree with others, give him the night slot Ultra Miami..Go!
쫑호곤충일기 7 months ago
태극기!!!! 센터구만!!! 훌륭하다!
naythen 7 months ago
This dude look like Salt Bae's brother
rahul singh
rahul singh 8 months ago
Kshmr shows the world that , what music is all about 👏
sanket kamble
sanket kamble 8 months ago
DJ Mag VOTE FOR KSHMR guyz!! He deserves to be on the top.. exceptional music creator....never disappointed ever...vote for him...✓
Dan Grmuša
Dan Grmuša 8 months ago
Im the 999900th view hahah
Brandon Dammers
Brandon Dammers 8 months ago
43:58 wow🤩
N M 8 months ago
My faveeeeeeeee!
DeathZack DragX
DeathZack DragX 8 months ago
pendiente richa
Lugator 8 months ago
deserved in night time ultra miami
AP Synth
AP Synth 8 months ago
Posted on Mar 28 2018 and I still get excited.
Kamilla Bíró
Kamilla Bíró 8 months ago
omg this wildcard remix is just perfect! love it
Giovanni Panatto
Giovanni Panatto 9 months ago
31:39 - 0,25x speed. Your welcome
Byc Byc
Byc Byc 9 months ago
Yeah I heard the track which is made by Martin Garrix and Brooks haha! Nice!
Byc Byc
Byc Byc 9 months ago
I love Wildcard!
Byc Byc
Byc Byc 9 months ago
Power makes a powerful openning! Ah yeah!!!!!!!
NOBUE 9 months ago
Kshmr Back at ultra 2020? Missing your 2019 set.
SEQTO Music 9 months ago
one in all
one in all 9 months ago
Back to me
Muthu 9 months ago
Hello Kshmr, Carry Me Home Song Awesome, Pls Make Song Like This 🙋
Venom 9 months ago
*India is proud of you KSHMR* 🇮🇳👳🇮🇳
かわうそ 9 months ago
WtF JoK3r
WtF JoK3r 10 months ago
41:32 is this track released yet
Валера Геращенко
Как называется мелодия в 20:30 и заканчивается 21:10?
Afif Alauddin
Afif Alauddin 10 months ago
KSHMR never dissapointed!
denon powaz
denon powaz 10 months ago
KSHMR on fire 🔥🔥🔥♥️
Hoàng Hùng
Hoàng Hùng 10 months ago
Michtendo 10 months ago
56:55 nice
María de los angeles Gamboa Illescas
India 🇮🇳😍😘😘😍😘💖💓💞💞💯,,🇮🇳👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑💟💔❤️❣️💘💝💓💯🇮🇳🎶👑💖😍🇮🇳🇮🇳
Frank Emerson
Frank Emerson 10 months ago
los últimos 6 minutos :)
Joy Wang
Joy Wang 11 months ago
CHINA NO.1,国人顶起来
비비빅 bibibik
비비빅 bibibik 11 months ago
태극기 펄럭~펄럭~
Valentino Gentile
Valentino Gentile 11 months ago
Valentino Gentile
Valentino Gentile 11 months ago
Eric Ellison
Eric Ellison 11 months ago
13:28 goooood
3dwinC 11 months ago
I think only missed Kashmir at the end of the set .... that song is eeepic for close the set
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