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Kristen Stewart is an actress and director with more than 20 years of dominance in the movie business, including a Cesar Award and some of the highest grossing films of all time. You can catch her in her latest, Charlie's Angels, which is set to open nationwide on November 15th. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as Stewart takes on the wings of death and discusses everything from her iconic style, to misconceptions about Calabasas, to her love for Charlie's Angels co-stars Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska.
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Nov 14, 2019




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Comments 18 908
First We Feast
First We Feast 3 months ago
If you were on Hot Ones, how do you think you'd do on a scale from DJ Khaled to Shia LaBeouf?
Francisco Montas
Francisco Montas 3 months ago
I would Mr. LaBeauf the motherfucker, I have spent years destroying my taste buds for this show!
Adam B
Adam B 3 months ago
I'd be more of a Coolio legend, drenching my wing in The Last Dab and walking away unscathed. I grow my own Carolina Reapers and eat that shit for breakfast man.
Danie Guerrero
Danie Guerrero 3 months ago
@Chipotle Lime Flavored Sadness watch coolio's from 11:40ish on. That's who I'd be. Then I forget which interview it was where Sean Evans said coolio passed out in the green room for a while afterwards. Ahahaha. Dax was a G doe. Ahahaha.
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 3 months ago
I suspect I *might* be able to kick Bill Burr's ass... but I could be *very* wrong ;-) [he's one of my heroes BTW :-) ]
Business Fish
her eyes look red as hell even before the first bite, is she high as fuck? i think so. and i love that for her, live your life girl
Yooper Author
I went from Paul Rudd to Kristen Stewart. What is wrong with me? Definitely *don't* go in that order, people. Trust me on this.
Dominic Paredes
She is a really likable person when she isn't acting.
Honey Badger
Honey Badger Day ago
Could have done without the rest of the lady's at the end. Great show man. But could have cared less to see them. If you labeled this Charlie's angels hot ones or some shit. I wouldn't have clicked it.
Chasith Udagedara
3nnir0c 2 days ago
I could do this 100% with a straight face i love spicy shit
Toki Terror
Toki Terror 2 days ago
Omg....shes literally the most beautiful human I have ever seen 🤩🤩🤩
ProdigyFPS 2 days ago
those bites were kinda small though c'mon Kristen
Gabriel Ortiz
Gabriel Ortiz 2 days ago
Naomi Scott, so damn gorgeous. 🔥😍❤️😘
O OO 2 days ago
Miss Kristen looks like Nick from the backtreet boys
Sam Keeb
Sam Keeb 3 days ago
dude, she straight up does the Hannibal Lecter air suck. not sure if that's disturbing, creepy or endearing.
E: mc2
E: mc2 3 days ago
Your show is a catalyst for best personalities👌🏻
Nympo 3 days ago
22:49 "you're so dead"
AlisaCs_ 48
AlisaCs_ 48 3 days ago
Shaka Bono
Shaka Bono 3 days ago
Coke head
Paranormal 3 days ago
Ella is really sexy with her hair like that (✿◡‿◡)
rigoagui 3 days ago
Why is her face so punchable.
LittleMissMarie 3 days ago
i want: 1. Rob Pattinson 2. Steph Curry 3. Zendaya 4. Ryan Reynolds 5. Anna Kendrick ..... to do this. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Juan José Pérez
1:07 😏
M.M 3 days ago
She didn't drink anything during the whole interview ...
Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas 3 days ago
A knife & fork really
Patrick S.
Patrick S. 3 days ago
I love it when people try to play off the heat... Oh, this is nothing. Wait for it... wait for it.... omg, this is ridiculous! There it is!
Patrick S.
Patrick S. 3 days ago
If this woman has 20 years in the movie business, why is she dressed like she's twelve?
I Wonder
I Wonder 3 days ago
Who eats wings with a knife n fork!
Francisco Fierro
Francisco Fierro 3 days ago
If Keanu reeves appears in this show, he wont get spiced, he Will spice the wings
mommy 3 days ago
What the fuck happened to her..
Randall P. McMurphy
Hey Kristen, I'm a dog!
Randall P. McMurphy
Get Ozzyman on the show! That would be hilarious! "Here's me face, you bloody beautiful dickheads!"
Kyo Bear
Kyo Bear 4 days ago
Wearing black on a black set 😂🤣 so how do you feel "GOOD MORNING!!!"
Natalia W
Natalia W 4 days ago
Always wait for da bomb 😂♥️
Mecho Mechoo
Mecho Mechoo 4 days ago
Do you have James Mcavoy episod ?
Childhood Cancer Post Fertility And Life
Please do Camila Cabello and Selena Gomez
Nero Hunt
Nero Hunt 4 days ago
Why does she always look like she's about 40% into chemotherapy?
Bob Dole
Bob Dole 4 days ago
My boy J dawg Biebs has let himself go!
shuni nishu
shuni nishu 4 days ago
Bring Rober Pattinson toooo
KatieKoo- KooHead
Have halsey or BTS on this show it'd be really funny
Giygas64 SA1DX4Life
Speed force impact and control are what makes good fight scenes. I get that you're just actors and you don't want to hurt yourself and blah blah but Jackie Chan was right most Americans can't do fight scenes.
hell man 5
hell man 5 4 days ago
she looks like justin beiber and her movie flopped.
Joshua Palacio
Joshua Palacio 4 days ago
U know ur fat when u thinks it sexy watching a hot girl eat
Prasad arne
Prasad arne 5 days ago
I want to Kristen meet help me
SCharlesDennicon 5 days ago
- Each time I watch an episode of this show, I think at least once "this is the best fucking concept ever". If you like interviews, the interviewee and authenticity (at least a certain amount), it's just plain awesome, and Sean is a great interviewer. - Love Kristen Stewart, unlike many people, and I think she did okay. Hate the ugly tomboy look, though. Why does feminism 4.0 make chicks think they have to be less attractive to be "empowered" ? At least, she used the word "pussy" as an insult. That was politically incorrect. :D - Sean didn't mention his episode with Terry Crews. Come on, dude. That was cathartic.
Loey's Amel
Loey's Amel 5 days ago
I love kristen
no one
no one 5 days ago
Anyone else see her in an Alien movie? She would be amazing!!!!!!!
Inside Jokes
Inside Jokes 5 days ago
Sean: What the fuck are you wearing?
Dmafia1 clapz
Dmafia1 clapz 5 days ago
1 like = 1 person who want to see keanu Reeves on hot ones
Alan Davies
Alan Davies 5 days ago
20:05 "she's obviously had more in her mouth"
Otaku Sempai
Otaku Sempai 5 days ago
who here after this movie bombed? lol
Heath Milan
Heath Milan 5 days ago
oohnickel 5 days ago
What year it is? 2007? her look is weird
K 5 days ago
22:50 That look is sexy as hell.
Diana S
Diana S 6 days ago
blonde hair suits her
LIFE AS SYDNEY 6 days ago
I love her and Shia
Chris Turley
Chris Turley 6 days ago
22:49 Ella looks like she is going to give Sean a case of death.........by snu snu.
Meursault 6 days ago
I didn't know that Kristen Stewart saying "Put it in your mouth" with that sort of barely restrained aggression was something I wanted, but now I know I want it. Badly.
Anna Haxelz
Anna Haxelz 2 days ago
Time stamp pls..
Charisma Pruitt
Charisma Pruitt 6 days ago
I love her!! Her charm and passion and vocabulary...😍
Rehab T
Rehab T 6 days ago
damn she rlly did multiple interviews on the same day ,,a queen
Ellaina Mason
Ellaina Mason 6 days ago
Wimp! Take a real bite!
Steven Friedman
Steven Friedman 6 days ago
This interview is a better romance than Twilight
Purple Helix
Purple Helix 6 days ago
Shes so cool...
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