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Kristen Stewart is an actress and director with more than 20 years of dominance in the movie business, including a Cesar Award and some of the highest grossing films of all time. You can catch her in her latest, Charlie's Angels, which is set to open nationwide on November 15th. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as Stewart takes on the wings of death and discusses everything from her iconic style, to misconceptions about Calabasas, to her love for Charlie's Angels co-stars Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska.
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Nov 14, 2019




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Comments 100
First We Feast
First We Feast 10 months ago
If you were on Hot Ones, how do you think you'd do on a scale from DJ Khaled to Shia LaBeouf?
T 16 days ago
DJ Wantobecoole
mary hilborn
mary hilborn 26 days ago
Ace it !
Lola Cheatham
Lola Cheatham 28 days ago
Danny Brown exuberance and ramble mixed with Margot Robbie sheer will power. 😊πŸ”₯😳🀧πŸ”₯πŸ˜–πŸ”₯😝πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ
Mckenzie Miller
Mckenzie Miller 28 days ago
I wouldn't be able to survive thru 1
Aaron Swenor
Aaron Swenor Month ago
I'd do better than LaBeouf. I had some Last Dab and went back for more twice in less than 15 minutes. I loved the burn.
xXOOMYXx25 Hour ago
Her style is sexy
Andy Mesa
Andy Mesa 9 hours ago
I appreciate the fact that she did her research and knew to prepare for Da Bomb.
Nayr Tnartsipac
Nayr Tnartsipac 11 hours ago
Michael The2015R6
Michael The2015R6 14 hours ago
Damn she’s so fuckng beautiful 😻🀀
TC38Cole 17 hours ago
I never realized what a great cusser Kristen is.
weinrei5 19 hours ago
Kristen's question and response about how Shia did is at 17:18 for anyone interested, pretty funny.
cherrysoda97 19 hours ago
The interview was good just that part of where she shows a tiny tattoo and is like I'm so LA" just was really cringey 16 year old to me
Please stop saying like all the time.
Chandra Shekar
Attitude girl πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ‘πŸ‘
Life as Saniya
Y’all look at Ella Balinska eyes a 22:44 I could just tell her mouth was burning!πŸ˜‚ πŸ₯΅
Aryanna Smith
Kristen Stewart is the reason I like women.
Andre Raise
Andre Raise Day ago
What tha fuck is this shit, none of them say an entire sentence without using "like".
Elias Khanme
Elias Khanme 2 days ago
Tes yeux sont trop beaux πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
Elias Khanme
Elias Khanme 2 days ago
J’adore toi, πŸŒΈπŸ’žπŸ§‘πŸ§‘πŸ§‘
Gerda Sini
Gerda Sini 2 days ago
Bring to show robert pattinson please to try hot wings
Tim Stephens
Tim Stephens 2 days ago
13:59, I have never laughed so hard at something because it is so true haha.
Bzzt!! Electric
Bzzt!! Electric 2 days ago
I just caught wind of this channel through a discord post. Love it. Been burning through it the last week. Shaun seem like one of the best interviewers in that he often has moments with people he is talking to that get shook on something he knows. something that shaun has learned. Its amazing. They instantly seem to bond more and open up quite a bit. Shaun almost always does this in the middle and its amazing!
MadBaron 2 days ago
22:56 O_O
GodlyGaming 2 days ago
15:21 You’re welcome
aDANKo 2 days ago
I'd love to see Robert Downey JR. on the show at some point!
Vanesa Delgado
Vanesa Delgado 2 days ago
β€œ what the fUcKeY! β€œ -Kristen Stewart
INη”Ÿ 3 days ago
Love her
john dunlavey
john dunlavey 3 days ago
small women talking about punching is funny
Nyeshiah Newkirk
Nyeshiah Newkirk 3 days ago
You have to do this all the time. WTF is wrong with you? -Kristen Stewart
Sarah '93
Sarah '93 4 days ago
Bigger stars......the better
Esmeralda Carbajal
At 21:03 did anybody else notice a hair on that piece of chicken
Eshwar Shylash
Eshwar Shylash 5 days ago
Bring it to India man !! We are known for spice ,bring it we give you the real comment
Ewelina 5 days ago
How sad she points out the fucked up fish markets but is eating chicken, the most abused animal in the food industry πŸ€”πŸ˜‘
carbon_unit 5 days ago
song at 1:40 anyone?
LordNoah_420_ Cisneros
Lol 16:13 though (covidhumor)
Crystal Pistey-Lyhne
Kristen is so brave. I can't eat super spicy food.😿😡😜πŸ”₯
Darrin Keith
Darrin Keith 5 days ago
Who is this little boy?
dunnotck1 5 days ago
Why is she so hot, it's throwing me off wtf
Priest 015
Priest 015 6 days ago
Awesome that they brought all of them from Charlie's Angels at the end. I have a huge crush on Naomi Scott...
ADdas 6 days ago
Her voice and pronunciation is really nice. I like it.β€οΈπŸ˜€.
Ridhi Dadhich
Ridhi Dadhich 6 days ago
I want jhonny depp on this showπŸ₯΄
Y B 6 days ago
Who eats fried chicken with a fork
tom tomfefef
tom tomfefef 6 days ago
She looks like she smells
Samuel Quintanilla
Wow, new fan here. It’s so great to see her as a human being.
Samuel Quintanilla
@frost bitten I’ll revise. It’s good to see her as a person instead of just a celebrity.
frost bitten
frost bitten 6 days ago
What did you see her as before?
jj zeus
jj zeus 6 days ago
That's good to see her like this. Its make she cool and amazing😎
Najlaa Art
Najlaa Art 6 days ago
Kristen 😍πŸ”₯
Damien Stone
Damien Stone 6 days ago
Justin Bieber really likes hot sauce
Alumna Sky
Alumna Sky 6 days ago
she’s a tough one 🀣🀣
Our Conscious Mind
I am a guy but can we have a guy crush too without being labelled as gay? #doublestandards
LCdaniel5 7 days ago
its really hard watching this when she’s eating with forks 😑
Dakota Garcia
Dakota Garcia 7 days ago
I'm so in love with her it's unreal. She makes my bi little heart race.
Darcy Yates
Darcy Yates 7 days ago
Loquats are my favorite!!
Lilia Mora
Lilia Mora 7 days ago
You guys should make jamess charles come on the show... that would be an epic episode :D
SKIPPER 13 8 days ago
She is daa BOMB
Rodk Vic
Rodk Vic 8 days ago
I wasn't expecting to see her THIS comfortable, nice πŸ‘πŸΌ
Marina Garcia
Marina Garcia 8 days ago
me waiting for them to talk about twilight: πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘
imiaz 8 days ago
Such a hot table at the end. Damn.
water . guns
water . guns 8 days ago
irrelevant ideology
"ive been wearing t-shirts my whole damn life!" πŸ˜‚
irrelevant ideology
I only clicked on this video to look at her face. 😍
biafrizon 9 days ago
Kristen is so amazing. I feel like we should all apologize for all the unnecessary hate we threw at her
Anna Molly
Anna Molly 9 days ago
Fiya fiya 🀣🀣🀣🀣
Ashutosh Gupta
Ashutosh Gupta 9 days ago
14:46 😭❀️
Marquis Of sloth
Marquis Of sloth 9 days ago
I’m trying to grasp my head around her....bang. Bangs but since she just has a bang ... anyways. Pls never eat wings with a knife and fork.
noura Noura
noura Noura 9 days ago
she is so fucking hot i am the one who is getting sweaty
Christian Valencia
not my Bella, lmaoo shes soo awesome
Cameron. 9 days ago
the way she ate this look up
Vanessa Lamas
Vanessa Lamas 10 days ago
Kristen Stewart being touchy with Naomi Scott 😍😍😍πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
KrisTendul Editz
KrisTendul Editz 10 days ago
Jay Cee
Jay Cee 10 days ago
She is my alltime crush.... I love her loved her.... will love her forever....
Scott Hafele
Scott Hafele 10 days ago
Shes cooler than I thought
Leah Niemoth
Leah Niemoth 10 days ago
Can anyone say meg Ryan
Rae-Rae797 10 days ago
Looooool she low key looks like Bobbyburns tho
MyMy 10 days ago
How she said "Fiya Fiya" πŸ˜„
RoamingPixels 11 days ago
Can we get Taron Egerton's welsh ass on this show please?
Eric Quezada
Eric Quezada 11 days ago
The Hoop
The Hoop 11 days ago
I know I'm the minority but shes not all that at all. Margot is way hotter than her
The Hoop
The Hoop 11 days ago
She just rolled outta bed after a bender and showed up huh.......
Myriam Moussa
Myriam Moussa 11 days ago
elsa and anna
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 11 days ago
Yep shes hot
nikki hipolito
nikki hipolito 12 days ago
I don't care what they are talking about..i just like looking at her while she talks.πŸ˜‚
Ben Sahar
Ben Sahar 12 days ago
I was wandering would you ever invite Justin Bieber...Tnx!
Jakub Zeman
Jakub Zeman 12 days ago
HIM: I just don't know if she was giving me the signal, man. HER: 22:51
HellionRex 2 days ago
more like 22:57
Minutes pattern
Minutes pattern 12 days ago
I wondering if her cats still alive
HC DaVe 12 days ago
Does someone know the background music pls ?
Eric Burdick
Eric Burdick 13 days ago
And why is she eating with a fork?
SANJAY RAUT 13 days ago
At the end how you turn the table more hotter I like it.clap for these dudes friendship it seen.
The Winter Soldier
The Winter Soldier 13 days ago
So, Vampires really don't age.
Angelica Chan
Angelica Chan 13 days ago
Ella was ready to kill Sean bahahaha
Podramin 13 days ago
i love the camera guy, oh btw guys who gave the dislike ,,why are you stupid?''.
kcred88 14 days ago
I think she’s a pretty girl . But I just don’t see these over the top compliments . I just don’t .
Glorisel Velez
Glorisel Velez 13 days ago
I think shes pretty but her personality is what really makes her so much MORE beautiful 😁
G B 14 days ago
She dresses like a dickhead lmao
Gi L
Gi L 14 days ago
she says: they're hard to find. you can't find them anywhere except occasionally at farmer's market. so i go out at night and forage me, chinese and LA local: ....um , what? it's loquat. not really considered a rare find in asian communities and asian markets. although it is annoying to see it in the bougie markets or hipster places with super marked-up prices. but it's true, there are wild loquat trees around the city and the ones on public sidewalks are free for anyone to pick from. so on the local facebook groups, people nearest to it would post when the loquat are ready. sometimes, a tree is on someone's property so they would post and set up a window of time for the neighbors to all come in with baskets and grab a bunch.
Ziyanda Nzimande
Ziyanda Nzimande 15 days ago
Didn’t know her before this now I’m in loveπŸ˜ͺ
William H
William H 15 days ago
I hate to be a nay-sayer, but I'm from Florida and we have Loquats there too. Same disposition, basically. Rare enough that you can't find them in the supermarket, but you'd be lucky to find them at a farmer's market.
Jamie Beckum
Jamie Beckum 15 days ago
Her mouth was on fire at 11:45 😭
The Nanashi
The Nanashi 15 days ago
Only guys who find her hot are either gay or sweaty weirdos who like girls that look like guys aka also gay
Julian Murphy
Julian Murphy 15 days ago
Honestly one of the most open and genuine guests I've seen. This gave me a newfound respect for Kristen Stewart
T H 15 days ago
I have never seen Kristen Stewart so relaxed in an interview before. I always feel so bad for her because she always looks so uncomfortable and pained. Believe it or not... Kristen Stewart answering questions after eating Da Domb is less painful than he sitting in a chair on stage lol
rajesh biswas
rajesh biswas 16 days ago
16:53 awesome
malibu 16 days ago
she like really appreciated this interview??? i love it.
Aiman Raza
Aiman Raza 16 days ago
Naomi and kri have a good bond
Celeste Aurigue
Celeste Aurigue 16 days ago
She used to be so pretty
a bot
a bot 16 days ago
Just another good girl ruined by hollywood
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