Kourtney Takes Break From Show: "KUWTK" Katch-Up (S18, E2) | E!

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After Kourtney and Kim's fight, the sisters try to work things out as tension continues. Plus, Kourt makes a huge decision regarding her future on the show.
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Kourtney Takes Break From Show: "KUWTK" Katch-Up (S18, E2) | E!


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Apr 2, 2020




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Comments 100
leah lewis
leah lewis 4 hours ago
YESSS KOURT!!!! I love kourtney so much I hate how Kim and Khloe gang up on her
Lady_Iska Day ago
That SLAP should remind Kim who is the Older sister... Lols
Nancy Tu
Nancy Tu 9 days ago
Low key feel like Kendall is the MOST unproblematic
Felipa Hernández
Felipa Hernández 25 days ago
Twenty nine thousand seventeen hundred thirty one five five fifty eight and fifty eight seven hundred and twenty seven eleven twelve thirteen 75413 and zero eleven thousand eighty three three 1183 cents
B. OTN Month ago
Kourt always looks so much younger and natural :) and Kim gets a bossy after she married Kanye ... he thinks he's a genius and when it comes to music he is but his wife is nothing even close :) get down on earth Kimberly
BIG ONE Month ago
Damn they go in with the slaps though, flawless slaps dang. To be honest, this is the most normal shxt I have seen them do. Siblings are like this sometimes
BIG ONE Month ago
They have no respect for Kourtney and its sickening. Just because she doesn't like what they like. It's sad
Veronica Y
Veronica Y Month ago
You don't have to be a celebrity of you don't want to. Go be happy. Why are you still here?
Stella Bloom
Stella Bloom Month ago
This was important the whole fight thing sometimes a sibling who bullies you and is ganging up on you needs a slap across the face so they know never to do that again.
Erick Silva
Erick Silva Month ago
Kim be like “She should leave” Also Kim “Why Kourtney is not here filming?”
Duchessシ Month ago
I hate how khloe is Supporting kim when kim started it
Nina Magnus
Nina Magnus Month ago
Kim and khloe are major bullies. The way they gang up on kourtney is disgusting. And play victim. Khloe completely instigates.
Parya GG
Parya GG Month ago
I feel kourtney, they ARE ganging up against her and they ARE trying to make her look bad which is such a shame for a family who keeps saying family first. No , it’s money first!
tironse perjet
tironse perjet Month ago
"kim slaps kourtney" khloe: guys stop it "kourteny slaps her back" alsa khloe : oh kourtney,kourtney me: what?!!
rodney green
rodney green Month ago
Kourtney tells you like it is. Kim most popular bully people. Kylie expensive Don’t give damn she got it like that. khole try resolve problems expressed her feelings. Kendall let people push her around.
Soph Gamble
Soph Gamble Month ago
Kourtney is so done I feel for her
Dayanara Month ago
they look so tiny i was dying when they fought
Zaira Khan
Zaira Khan 2 months ago
Everyone just sits down with kourtney and tells her what’s wrong with her.. toxic ☠️
Gemma Aboagye
Gemma Aboagye 2 months ago
UnicornsAreNice 2 months ago
Kourtney is a damn role model. Life's too short to put on a show for other people if it's not what you love.
Bad Bunny
Bad Bunny 2 months ago
Kourtney does want to deal with the responsibilities (the negative) of a celebrity but she still wants the money, the connections, and benefits in my opinio
Dustie 2 months ago
I suspect the way she saw it was that she gave a lot of footage over the earlier years starting from the very beginnings of her relationship with Scott and that it was time for the other two to give footage of whatever to bring the balance back and make it fair&square. Like she's already earned her share and now it's others' turn. Khloe did that with Lamar, but Kim after Chris didn't do the same with Kanye. And yet they were all locked in the same contract with (probably) the same earnings for each. With 2 kids she felt she was getting overwhelmed with tasks and Kim and Khloe should now be providing footage, regardless of the split of earnings, because Kourtney did with Scott and didn't ask for more money back then. It's possible that over the years E! only agreed have them signed if they all signed together and that she was pressured to sign even if she didn't truly want anymore. Now she reached that point where she knew there is now way out of this than to quit altogether.
Cherish Thompson
Cherish Thompson 2 months ago
Every one like kourtney and she doesn’t want the spot light there bond is what made the show so now the kardashian and Jenner show can hit the air waves
Fazlul Kamaruddin Jannesson
Did you notice that Kim said that Kourtney was the fat one? In 0:44 . No offense but she’s clearly blind.
Mark Lawrence Tamayo
The thumbnail got me shookt
SCNDL3SS96 2 months ago
Lol none of them like taking responsibility for anything 😂
Sanela 2 months ago
That is actually so true, like even when they are honest, there is a way to say it nicely. They're brutal
504Ever 2 months ago
"Don't scream when my daughter is sleeping." Like are you kidding me? You and Kim are being just as loud wtf
Beatrix Raymond
Beatrix Raymond 2 months ago
Bro Kim and Courtney are acting like 5 year olds fighting not grown women lmao
Clarisse Danielle
Clarisse Danielle 2 months ago
1:45 omg khloe
I am milan
I am milan 2 months ago
Go Kourtney! Kourt gives no fux about princess Kimberly #TeamKourtney
Terse and Tiny
Terse and Tiny 2 months ago
Khloe turned into a mom immediately.
Perle De Dine
Perle De Dine 3 months ago
She still the most interesting to look at i live you kourt
Jocelyn Solis C
Jocelyn Solis C 3 months ago
They really got down in the beginning 😂
Dr.Chandan Gumra
Dr.Chandan Gumra 3 months ago
Kourtney is the best. Period. No real person can keep up with the drama for this long. It was time for her to leave her toxic sisters.
Latrice Love Bouldin
Stop Fighting and taking frustrations out on anybody. when one is really mad at someone else but taking it out on their true loved ones.
Niyah Bodinee
Niyah Bodinee 3 months ago
She don’t get respect as the oldest like it’s like she dont even exist
Niyah Bodinee
Niyah Bodinee 3 months ago
Kourtney my favorite kardashian
K.K 3 months ago
She doesn't want to be a celebrity well disappear boo cause being a celebrity is having a hard life.
marisol rosales
marisol rosales 3 months ago
The makeup on the wall after she got hit 😂
Lizzy McCoy
Lizzy McCoy 3 months ago
I honestly don’t feel badly for Kourtney at all. She wanted the lifestyle & money & freedom the rest of her family has, but not the scrutiny or work hours it takes. If she just wand to be a mom, she should quit the show & stop taking royalties from it all.
AudreyTherese 3 months ago
Ol but Kim and Khloe hanging up on journey like that is literally a bullying tactic....
I m
I m 3 months ago
that big makeup stain Kim left on the wall at 0:10 lmfaooo
Ariza Avery
Ariza Avery 3 months ago
Maaaaaan I love Khloe before but now? Nah uh she's starting to be like Kim
Ducki 4 months ago
i only came here from the animations
Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia 4 months ago
Oye ustedes están loca eso no me gusta respetence
SRJ 4 months ago
Kourtney's the definition of reverse aging ...
kristina mendoza
kristina mendoza 4 months ago
They all should goes their separate ways
Rahma Abidi
Rahma Abidi 4 months ago
khloe is toxiccccccc
Psycho Teddy
Psycho Teddy 4 months ago
The way Kim is just chilling at 1:54 is beyond me😂
Hege 4 months ago
OMG. Khloe looks like a trans person here. 1/2 woman and 1/2 man.
Heather Sutcliffe
Heather Sutcliffe 4 months ago
I think Courtney doesn't want to be famous saying she doesn't like being a celebrity
M.B O 5 months ago
Do ya' think this was staged at all???
I.s.T S.T
I.s.T S.T 5 months ago
Que coisa ridícula 😔 2 mulheres, mães se matando como 2 galinhas de briga, 2 cachorras de rua, 2 prostitutas se engalfinhando na esquina 🤦🤦 vergonhoso essa cena aí..... Tudo por dinheiro e fama.
Tina Rathunde
Tina Rathunde 5 months ago
Kim is a bully I don't blame Kourtney for wanting a change
lia z
lia z 5 months ago
Bro if my sister keep telling me I don't work that hard every single time we meet I would rage too
just ara
just ara 5 months ago
Am I the only one who can understand Kourtney? Dude, respect your elders! Kourtney is the eldest and respect her.
Katt Esperanza
Katt Esperanza 5 months ago
minidu 5 months ago
kim should go out of the show
Jan-baby 5 months ago
You have to watch this with the captions on its so funny
Солнечный Тортик
Kourtney is the most irritating and toxic, always play her victim or mom card as a reason not to work. She always annoyed by something, does not like pretty everything and everyone, her rude jokes understand only her. And when someone start complaining about her attitude she start attacking, even not listening about other people’s feelings. Her behavior in Armenia was horrible and disrespectful. Anyway, she filmed for 10 years straight and showed a lot, even her giving a birth three times and break up with Scott, good that she took a break, she deserved it.
Last Minute Stylist Celebrity Lifestyle Ideas
😌Who else watched because Kim💗Styles. … You made me fall in love with Fashion. Smash that like if u agree👇🏻
Nataly Argueta
Nataly Argueta 5 months ago
I have a sister with the exact attitude at Khloé and it’s so hard to even have a conversation with her.... the way they come at you or speak is so rude... I know how Khloé feels
Annita GG
Annita GG 6 months ago
You don't get respect by being mean and nasty. Why can't she ever apologize? Kim apologized right after but she keeps blaming all her problems on other people. Keeps saying she wants to be a full time mom but also says she doesn't want to work! How are you gonna support your kids Kourtney? She's an adult who can leave. Stop playing the victim card already.
Jamie morgan
Jamie morgan 6 months ago
Kourt treats the production and staff on the show like they r her slaves Kourt had it coming and Kim beat tf out of her
Tessa Niusulu
Tessa Niusulu 6 months ago
Kim and Khole need to remember what place they are in the family.
Trisha Nichols
Trisha Nichols 6 months ago
She is lazy and always has been. Never pulled her weight.
Kelly Klauss
Kelly Klauss 6 months ago
That slap got Kim's foundation stick to the wall lmao
Indigo Angel
Indigo Angel 6 months ago
Kourtney always was my favorite until now. She’s turned selfish! She has gotten a big head for sure! Is she on drugs too? Makes you wonder! She is far from sweet anymore! How does she think she has the freedom to travel? How did she get to where she was? She needs a reality check!
Mary Moe
Mary Moe 6 months ago
did yall remember when kourt and khlo ganged up on kim?
Mary Moe
Mary Moe 6 months ago
khloe and kourtney was the iconic duo:(
Areen Hashemi
Areen Hashemi 6 months ago
Kim has improved her fighting
Clau 6 months ago
Are y'all blind? Kourtney is the one who started it. Kim and Kourtney's fight was wack.😂Regardless, imo Kim won! I said what I said! Kim pushed, punched, slapped, & kicked more times... all Kourtney did was give about 2 kicks+slaps.
Areen Hashemi
Areen Hashemi 6 months ago
Kim has improved fighting
Ggg 6 months ago
Good for Kourtney !! Living on that show is prison !
Mr. Dash
Mr. Dash 6 months ago
Congratulations to Kourtney love you a million
Bineta Fall
Bineta Fall 6 months ago
Kim est sauvage
Cat_lady 6 months ago
These comments are stupid asf. Yes I said it stupid the way y'all think is ignorant. Kourtney is the most disrespectful one in the house and whenever she doesn't get her way she throws a tantrum and crys like a little child. Not all because she's the oldest means they must give her respect ,boo you gotta earn respect and that's where the world goes wrong. Giving older people respect while they treat you like crap 😒😒respect is suppose to be giving at all ages not all because your the oldest. And comparing Kim's body to kourtney is childish asf🤦‍♀️obviously she wanted the plastic surgery move on and find a better comeback. HATERS
Bianca Espinoza
Bianca Espinoza 6 months ago
Doesnt wanna be famous but sure wants the money that comes with it l o l...
trok 13
trok 13 6 months ago
They expect her to aplogize to them after they've been gaslighting her, and everyone around them about her.. Kourtneys problem of feeling unstable and morning control stems from being the victim of the Narcissists that do those things. The tell tale signs just in this clip alone, were in abundance.. And Kim couldn't slap her way out of a wet paper bag .. I mean 'hit' LoL Lame.
Norhanipa Pagala
Norhanipa Pagala 6 months ago
When there's a fight I'm like Kendall just watch and enjoying the fight inside my head 😂
sara 7 months ago
i’m sorry but khloe looks so ugly lmfao
Andrea Alfaro
Andrea Alfaro 7 months ago
Anyone knows where Kendall's oversized blazer is from?
kat folau
kat folau 7 months ago
Love u take care
Martha Weinstein
Martha Weinstein 7 months ago
She knows the is a circus this show I think she feels ashamed of the whole kardashian💩💩💩
Patti Friar
Patti Friar 7 months ago
Let Kourtney take her break she Is a private person just be grateful when she's there. Don't fight, try to understand.
Tatiana Ndjima
Tatiana Ndjima 7 months ago
Pourquoi elle gifle sa grand soeur
Shamark Francis
Shamark Francis 7 months ago
They don’t act like sisters.. that’s sad.
Mimi Gonzales
Mimi Gonzales 7 months ago
kim's fake tan on the wall tho...
hephaestus hestia
hephaestus hestia 7 months ago
I THINK this show highlights kourtneys not so good sides. Even in some titles. Maybe because there's no much interesting content anymore since kourt and scott's break up. Just expressing my opinion guys.
Destiny Garcia
Destiny Garcia 7 months ago
Kendall is such a mood I am also quite when my family is arguing
Kay Miller
Kay Miller 7 months ago
Kourtney is about her family as she should be while the other girls including they’re mom are all about an image and money 🤷🏾‍♀️
Brenda Sosa
Brenda Sosa 7 months ago
Everyone is wrong in this situation 😶 they should all be more supportive and understanding of each other
Melinda Feliciano
Melinda Feliciano 7 months ago
Chloe is just mad because Kourtney slapped kims tanned face to the wall and she had to clean it lets get real i actually never thought I would say this but they are real bullies towards her she's not that way for no reason.
Rediettt Rediettt
Rediettt Rediettt 7 months ago
Wow Kim wears to much makeup like u can do a full makeup to bride from the wall
Naomi Caulley
Naomi Caulley 7 months ago
I think kourtney was been disrespected
Tiffany Marie Zaccagnino
Yes! and I respect kourtney for that" Its not about being in the camera everyday and living your life in front of the whole dam world she has no dam privacy. Fame and fortune isnt going to make you happy in life, KIM"😏 Good for Kourtney!👏👏👏👏👏
Annamaria Ellero
Annamaria Ellero 7 months ago
Se lei vuole staccare per un po, è più che giusto. Si vede che ha bisogno di vivere la sua vita senza telecamere. Non credo sia facile ogni santo giorno essere ripresi continuamente, non è vita. Anche se come bisness conviene, la vita è una sola. Poi visto che nessuno di voi ha problemi relativi hai soldi, per un periodo potreste provvedere voi per aiutarla economicamente. Altrimenti che famiglia è.
MIDWEST 925ER 7 months ago
Add some bad voice overs and you got a retro kung fu movie🤛🥋🤚!
Aught Aught
Aught Aught 7 months ago
Why did I laugh so hard at them punching each other
Ada Bellana7
Ada Bellana7 7 months ago
everyone repudiated kim for hitting kourney like that. Kourney is the only one with her feet on the ground. and does not live on false appearance and frivolity
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