Kourtney Kardashian’s Most SAVAGE Moments On KUWTK!

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Kourtney Kardashian. She’s the eldest of the KarJenner fam and who some would call the least exciting to look at. However she’s also the one who BY FAR has some of the best one liners and looks that can put one of her family members in their place STAT. That’s why we thought it would be fitting to honor Kourtney in a way that truly fits her. Therefore right now we’re going to break down 10 of Kourtney’s cattiest moments right now and if you like shade and sass then you’re going to LIVE for these.
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Apr 14, 2019




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Comments 80
Stephanie Young
Stephanie Young 7 hours ago
83stepS Day ago
Ida been pissed too if he threw me off that high ass pier
Ceri Berry
Ceri Berry Day ago
Wrong Kim. She’s the one who looks the most real of you 3 Kardashian girls. Kourt is the MOST interesting looking.
Rinku Khanna
Rinku Khanna 2 days ago
Kourtney n Kendall are the most relatable !!!
chuuu 3 days ago
I love how kylie was just sitting there when kim was crying for her earrings
Bobeep bop
Bobeep bop 4 days ago
'least exciting to look at' was the plastic surgery in her eyes
Unknown 4 days ago
That's not a savage.
daiki aimi
daiki aimi 4 days ago
This so watermelon🍉🍉🍉🍉
Jessi Callahan
Jessi Callahan 4 days ago
You did her dirty with that thumbnail though 😂
Lucy K. Mabaleka
Lucy K. Mabaleka 5 days ago
Kourtney is the smartest
Julia Alyssandra
Julia Alyssandra 6 days ago
Kourt always had their backs like at the letterman interview yet they never have her back
Chris Van Hanswyk
Kourtney’s spunk is unparalleled. Definitely took years to perfect. Very envious.
shawn mckay
shawn mckay 7 days ago
destroying the illusion
Sara May
Sara May 7 days ago
..everything you say goes in one ear And out the other.
menma pure
menma pure 8 days ago
I think shes just honest not savage and i like it🌺
Buͧnᷡnᷡyꙷ 8 days ago
Kourtney is my favorite out of all of the Kardashians uwu
Bongile August
Bongile August 10 days ago
Chenelyn Tangelon
Chenelyn Tangelon 12 days ago
ang cute ni Daddy PaoLUL kumanta aaaaack
Gylle Blog's
Gylle Blog's 12 days ago
do ya'll agree that khloe is the funniest in the family?😂😂
Gylle Blog's
Gylle Blog's 12 days ago
Kourtney SO BEAUTIFUL shes the prettiest in the family
Mr. Dash
Mr. Dash 14 days ago
She is the only one not air headed
Mr. Dash
Mr. Dash 14 days ago
I love her
Acer Ace
Acer Ace 14 days ago
Kim why would you even be swimming with sports cars hanging from your ears though... that’s how you know she lacks common sense. Kourtney is way smarter than she is
Leauxchelle 15 days ago
Fave. She’s the realest one!
yujibell draws stuff
Kim literally forgot her baby at a hotel once yet Kourtney gets shaded for being the worst parent. Make it make sense
Jojo Augustus
Jojo Augustus 17 days ago
It's " couldn't care less"*, not " could care less "
Mimansa Rawat
Mimansa Rawat 18 days ago
I genuinely love her...... ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Amy Finiello
Amy Finiello 19 days ago
Oh I love her so much! She has always been the only real Kardashian or person in their whole family. Kim is so jealous of Kourtney for being naturally beautiful and having a natural body besides her boobs! She hasn’t made a complete fool out of herself to the world like Kim has Kim sucks. Kourtney is beautiful and amazing to look at!
Ophelia Teleton
Ophelia Teleton 19 days ago
Kim got her ass whopped by big Sis Kourtney.
Fay Reed
Fay Reed 20 days ago
She scratches people which leaves scars which she wanted to do to Kim because she’s so jealous of her mainly because Khloe and Kim are closer now and she is not getting along with Khloe at all. It’s slways been Khloe and Kourtney against Kim and Kourtney loved that she’s vicious when she gets mad she scratches her Mothers Wrist when she divorced her perfect Dad! Kris still has the scars to prove it!
Brenda Bessinger
Brenda Bessinger 21 day ago
I like Khloe the best of all. She is down to earth...tries to think of others first. I honestly never liked Kourtney. While everyone was feeling sorry for her over Scott..I was feeling bad for him. Years ago while he was doing everything he could to be close to her she constantly downed him. When Mason was a baby she shared her room with him and used to kick him out all of the time and was cd to him. After all of that he was drinking more..talking to other women..after you hurt anyone enough and for so long they will seek some kind of validation of self worth. His turning to substances and all. Now..dont get me wrong..there was never a reason for the drugs and so on but i never judge anyone in that. As far as other women or when he started finally speaking back..he earned that..he used to take her brutality all the time until one day he started giving it back to her then she became a victim. I honestly cant stand her
Just Lee
Just Lee 22 days ago
Sexiest K of the clan
Sveni Biebs
Sveni Biebs 23 days ago
God I can’t stand Kim at all
Bloom moon
Bloom moon 24 days ago
I like kourt
Heather Klomhaus
Heather Klomhaus 24 days ago
I think Kourtney is the prettiest one and the most down to earth. I like her the best out of all of the girls.
Tristan Burke
Tristan Burke 24 days ago
Just give us the clips ... what’s with the god awful squawking commentary?
Susie Synth
Susie Synth 25 days ago
Kim is delusional if she thinks Kourtney is the least interesting to look at. I think Kim looked way better before all the surgery.
rgb osteen
rgb osteen 25 days ago
non humans
Sophie Robertson
Sophie Robertson 25 days ago
Is it just me that really can’t stand her
Tsiory Kenneth
Tsiory Kenneth 25 days ago
I really watch this show for Kourtney's one liners
Charlotte Lmbt
Charlotte Lmbt 26 days ago
She reminds me of Aubry Plaza
Joel Curty
Joel Curty 27 days ago
Being a reviewer I have seen many spokespersons that have read from pages is this some sort College thing that you making fun of people yet you just keep going on and on about the smallest things people do . Wait you had reach over and turn your pages didnt they give you a desk so that you can place your papers on . Yet the sounds whyney and repeating maybe some one would make fun out of you if you got pulled over for speading yet when people have problems just dont keep yakking about it .
Kiana Ingram
Kiana Ingram 28 days ago
you talk to much lol
A Lewis
A Lewis 28 days ago
What do you mean she is the least excited to look at you shouldn't have said that she is better looking than kim ...Kim is fake. Every thing about Kim is fake
Алмагуль Омырханова
Korney your personality is so sweet and real and in the same time so powerful. You are adorable. I like you as you dont prove anybody anything , " like others". You are just a Queen.
Ρеacһy.βеar 29 days ago
Kourtney is literally my. Favourite Kardashian
jeanette Hinds
jeanette Hinds 29 days ago
The others are just mad because she's the only one of them with her original face. And still looks better than those plastic Barbie's.
kristin erickson
kristin erickson 29 days ago
Kylietho wtf not cute before surgery lol
tia Brusola
tia Brusola Month ago
I like kourtney's personality.
Channon Arnese
Channon Arnese Month ago
"Just like 20lbs overweight" 🤣🤣🤣💀
Lindsey Bailes
Lindsey Bailes Month ago
So- #1 where there's a shot of Kylie before surgery. Whoa never forget.
Lindsey Bailes
Lindsey Bailes Month ago
She actually is exciting to look like because she doesn't look like her entire family thanks to not constantly getting the same fillers/botox from the same doctors.
Sequoia Miller
Sequoia Miller Month ago
I think Khloe is fucking BADDDD 😍 but I think they’re all hella beautiful and I don’t think we should pin them against each other because at the end of the day they all would do unimaginable things for each other and reality tv isn’t really the reality
Melissa Stephens
She's the most natural one🤷🏾‍♀️
Kourtney Melton
Kourtney Melton Month ago
I wish they would just play them instead of explain each moment for 3 minutes before playing the actual line. Obnoxious.
Jaida Verhelst
Jaida Verhelst Month ago
Kourtney is my favorite Kardashian
Shantia Johnson
Shantia Johnson Month ago
I love Kourtney. She's on her own time and doesn't let anything or anybody influence her or her decisions
pinky Love
pinky Love Month ago
What is kim wearing such an an expensive earring to go swimming you stupid dumb b**** take lessons from your oldest sister she seems to be smarter beautiful and the sweetest one God bless you always and you're good looking kids Courtney. I love you and your beautiful family don't ever let your sister slap you again the face it's at a limit I'll face you respect.
deidre simmons
deidre simmons Month ago
Kourtney is the prettiest for sure and real very natural and more relatable
Marlon Crosby
Marlon Crosby Month ago
Courtney is the Hottest Dashian..OMG..💯
She's the only natual looking one.
Destine Harvey
Destine Harvey Month ago
Kourtney finally standing up against Kim was most savage moment ,she's not internet stuck like the rest and she is incredibly humble ,the rest are stuck up and have such a beautiful hard working family. I don't think they understand what they have . I love her regular personality and she is humble enough too too Know if your going too give the people reality. Give them reality not a image like everyone is perfect and everything is perfect she so nonchalant. Love you Kourtney 💋💋
Donna Burgess
Donna Burgess Month ago
She is worthless and mean spirited.
Laila Simmons
Laila Simmons Month ago
Honestly she the eldest but looks the youngest😍
sonia hernandez
sonia hernandez Month ago
Aries vibes strong 😂😂😂I live for it ❣️🥵👿🤗
Chaniqua James
Chaniqua James Month ago
God I just love her
Kate Robinson
Kate Robinson Month ago
Least exciting to look at? Sounds like someone is jealous of her beautiful sister. Kim is pretty, but she’s got nothing on her sisters......all of them.
Julie Choi
Julie Choi Month ago
There's too much narrating to the point I can't hear Kourtney speaking...
Anel Couzo
Anel Couzo Month ago
Okay, why would Kim get in the water with those jewelry? She is old enough to know that.
Alicia J. Ajen
Alicia J. Ajen Month ago
Kylie 1:23 😂😂
constantweb Month ago
1:16 look at Kylie bruh wtf happens to her
john doe
john doe Month ago
I think Courtney is the prettiest! And the least plastic surgery!!!!!!!
izzah3 Month ago
She is the best one so farr..
dolores zepeda
dolores zepeda Month ago
Before the Kardashians really blew up I've always have and had thought kourtney is the most real, natural, and beautiful out of them. Just my opinions
Dora Menjivar
Dora Menjivar Month ago
She is a mom! A good one goes on and on how she is a better mom then this all three mother's! She is the madre! Okay!!!
Denise Kinzle
Denise Kinzle Month ago
She s so damn mean.Unhappybwith life!
Ana Month ago
I love her because she look so natural and simple I hope done chain you face because you look beautiful
Margarita Diamond
Kourtney does not look the youngest! 😂😭 she had plastic surgery as well!
Axel Rodríguez
Axel Rodríguez Month ago
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Under The Dome
Under The Dome Month ago
Omg 0:59 Kylie 😵
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