Korn - Finally Free (Official Video)

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We’ve teamed up with World of Tanks Blitz, and traveled to the Burning Games in our new official video for "Finally Free." Experience it now through October 31 in the World of Tanks Blitz free-to-play game. Download it here: bit.ly/kornxwotblitz
Listen to The Nothing 🔲 lnk.to/thenothingkorn

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Oct 15, 2020




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Comments 100
Gonzalo Gomez
Gonzalo Gomez 19 minutes ago
1er comentario en español? No se, da igual, gracias a WoTB conci esta joya de grupo musical
Leon Phelps
Leon Phelps Hour ago
Omg..that sucks ,
Dova Link
Dova Link Hour ago
I love korn. In the 90s
Kornspeed Lopera
That was absolutely a fantastic music video I love it 🤘 thank you KORN amazing job
ɳɳahyatö Hour ago
VideoClipe Of Die Yet Another Night!
qwerty 3 hours ago
Я в шоке что они держатся, красавцы! За трек everything i've known отдельная благодарность, по сей день в плейлисте слушаю!
Apocalyptic 3 hours ago
Nice! I always thought this should have been a single, one of my favourite songs on the album. 1 of the better albums since untouchables imo.
kwstas pyrtsios
kwstas pyrtsios 3 hours ago
i think the premo victoria is low better from wot :) SABATON ONLY
aray59 4 hours ago
Since long ago untill now Korn videos will never disappointed.. 🤩
TwiStedTentom 4 hours ago
Damn, I'm so disappointed. This is NOT a song you use to promote a game. It killed the tragic meaning of it, and made it a joke. I love Korn. Have been a massive fan for nearly 20 years. I know everyone of their songs on every single album, and this is the only video that disappoints me and it's only because they twisted the meaning of this song to fit a video game promotion.
HATER#1 5 hours ago
Пушка клип
*Steel Martins*
*Steel Martins* 5 hours ago
Да когда уже барабанщик сменит свою идиотскую причёску...??
Michael Caine
Michael Caine 5 hours ago
love this song
Michelle Mars
Michelle Mars 5 hours ago
Rondinelli Leles
Rondinelli Leles 6 hours ago
tento gostar, mas toda vez que vejo o baixista sinto dor de barriga
ThrillerKillerX 7 hours ago
Damn for 2020 being shit there is alot of good rock this year.
Bozhidar Jubi Yordanov
This album came out 1 year ago?
OndraCZI3 7 hours ago
Hey thats not possible, Spike ist not too op to kill annihilator wtf
Michał Czerwiński
Wojtek Wachuda in KoRn video 🙂
David Y
David Y 8 hours ago
cool vid! odd choice for a single imo (didnt feel this was one of the "stronger" songs on the album), but rock on my friends! long live korn!
NRG=MC2 8 hours ago
It's softer than I expected. ... 😐😑😐 .. That's what sh-
Chris Mason
Chris Mason 8 hours ago
Classic Korn with a pinch of Death Metal. I like.
Pseudo Pulse
Pseudo Pulse 8 hours ago
Wow! Great tune guys!!
A 1
A 1 8 hours ago
O.D. 9 hours ago
This is awesome. I love Korn and I love World of Tanks. I'm an 8 year veteran of the game. I don't play the Blitz version, but still, to have Wargaming getting music like this for their games really kicks ass. Come play World of Tanks so I can destroy you. I could use the easy kills. My gamer tag is Major_Mistake.
Shizz Hatsunov
Shizz Hatsunov 9 hours ago
Eugene Antonov
Eugene Antonov 10 hours ago
Дядьки по ходу в танки переиграли
Stormen Stillnar
Stormen Stillnar 10 hours ago
This is who Anders Friden wants to be. great song. Jonathan, you’re a fucking legend man!
Eartsch McDurk
Eartsch McDurk 10 hours ago
Oh boy Wtf is going on ? this is fcking Pop man, what a crap. Ok it was a long road from the life is peachy till now but........what a downfall
Daniel Edward
Daniel Edward 10 hours ago
Annihilator.....Man i though you broken.....Why you get beated by just FUCKING TIER V TANK???????
Thiago Lucindo Ferreira
Sensational the clip of this one, but now make the video clip of "The Darkness is revealing", is one of best music from this album.
Mike Panarin
Mike Panarin 10 hours ago
embarrassing to watch
Breno Ariel08
Breno Ariel08 10 hours ago
Ромашка Полевая
Maggs Ferriols
Maggs Ferriols 11 hours ago
why does it sound like a song from a previous album?
Freddy Santos
Freddy Santos 12 hours ago
wulfive 12 hours ago
I knew it! This song deserves a video. So different vocal melodies
madziaboo 12 hours ago
cheri618 13 hours ago
deftones and korn dropping something in 2020. making this shtty year a little better for me.
26 26
26 26 14 hours ago
I'm glad I was around back in the day. This shit sucks. Everything after life is peachy is trash.
WOT такие бои в BLITZ
Клип прикольный получился. Событие уже давно прошел, а клип только сейчас смотрю
RV Kudrinskiy
RV Kudrinskiy 14 hours ago
Лайк если зашёл узнать, что за группа такая из-за WORLD OF TANKS BLITZ. Приглашаю в клан от 50% "DELIVERY" [DLVRY]
Chef.Lepekhov 15 hours ago
Круто. Но блин это реклама World of Tank. И где же фирменная подставка под микрофон. И у корна поменялся состав группы?
TheCSteve 15 hours ago
This music sounds as bad as world of tanks.. I dont play games anymore ... Wasted time and money 😎
Dmitry R.
Dmitry R. 15 hours ago
Все жду когда Корн выпустят клип где они не стоят и не играют на фоне разных локаций, но увы...
Paweł Zieliński
Paweł Zieliński 15 hours ago
Every fan of KoRn must comment this video: ruvid.net/video/video-WupRNV-XvB0.html
Cody Martinez
Cody Martinez 16 hours ago
I love how they shoot towards guitars as if they're actually playing anything.
blacky 16 hours ago
It's hard to see what you will find When your heart's dipped in agony I tried too hard, I was too kind I saw your face in everything I'm hating it It's coming for me I'm hating it It's laughing at me I'm hating it It's time to realize what is really going down I'm hating it It's staring at me I'm hating it It's pulling on me I'm hating it I can't believe it, take it down, take it down now Where are you now? I tried to get through to you, nothing is saving you How could I fail? This life betrayed you, and you are finally free What you see is what you get I had no time to process it I think if I just turn around That this nightmare will come unbound Oh, I'm hating it It's coming for me I'm hating it It's laughing at me I'm hating it It's time to realize what is really going down I'm hating it It's staring at me I'm hating it It's pulling on me I'm hating it I can't believe it, take it down, take it down now Where are you now? I tried to get through to you, nothing is saving you How could I fail? This life betrayed you, and you are finally free You're crying out for me You're crying out for me It's so hard to see It's so hard to see It's so hard to see It's so hard to see You're crying out for me You're crying out for me Where are you now? I tried to get through to you, nothing is saving you How could I fail? This life betrayed you and you are finally free That you're finally free That you're finally free That you're finally free That you're finally free It's so hard to see It's so hard to see You're crying out for me You're crying out for me
bloodsucknretard 17 hours ago
well at least they didnt do raid shadow legends
Beto Trapiá
Beto Trapiá 17 hours ago
Retrata bem a atualidade... Como sempre, não perde a essência! Belos riffs música crítica atmosfera perfeita peso melodia e vocal... Top
Jason Stanwick
Jason Stanwick 17 hours ago
I'm not sorry. I'm the biggest Korn fan you'll ever know. This song and video is such a try hard. Please why? I'm weak now.....
Sharay Regan
Sharay Regan 18 hours ago
Can’t get any better then this ❤️ it
Milos Sidjak
Milos Sidjak 18 hours ago
Sometimes too metallic, sometimes destroyed by trolling, but basic lines is perfect.
Milos Sidjak
Milos Sidjak 18 hours ago
One of those unconventional sounds that really sounds good. Not a junk like most specific sounds. Shit of heart, but they also shit reception amongst fancy critic's.
AssShaker Studios
AssShaker Studios 18 hours ago
Not a big fan of this mix, whether it's the upload bitrate, or whatever, it sounds way worse than the album! And you can find this song on here sounding better so, IDK. Someone needs an ass chewing guys! That snare sounded like shit, and was way too loud! Sorry guys I suck at lying! Still a big fan though, been listening for..umm Holy fuck! 23 yrs! That's nuts!
Rea 18 hours ago
Vibes mad max post covid
Alfian Hopper
Alfian Hopper 20 hours ago
20 years listening to you, KoRn! Getting old together, fuck yeah! \m/ This is another great song, by the way. But where's the iconic mic stand?
ID FC 21 hour ago
what happen to the Jon's H.R Giger iconic mic stand?
Bozhidar Jubi Yordanov
NEMSIRE 21 hour ago
This is so WEAK.
A Sregdor
A Sregdor 21 hour ago
Sad to have to say this ......but this song is beyond weak. It’s like you are waiting for it to kick in , but never does. I know , it’s just my opinion....
Crystal Denn
Crystal Denn 22 hours ago
jovalleau 22 hours ago
Just in time for another one of Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mysteries!
Gian Mallorca
Gian Mallorca 22 hours ago
a big mac, is coming for me
Jason Eddleston
Jason Eddleston 22 hours ago
I hate when bands get big because producers or anyone is afraid to tell the band that shit sucks what else you got. Usually the first two albums are the best then after that you hear them selling out changing there style going soft
Jason Eddleston
Jason Eddleston 12 hours ago
@Bozhidar Jubi Yordanov you know 5fdp sucks now. The first album was there best work then they changed
Bozhidar Jubi Yordanov
:D move on, bro
BaronQ 22 hours ago
Wrong game and World of cheat
Bassgrow 22 hours ago
That iconic K5-Bass sound... love it so much
Bringeroflight Eternal
Oh well , I guess this is KORN's last album. Hey Korn , cant you hear how freaking random and generic this shit sounds. Jonathan you can growl and get away with chorus but not trying to sing a whole song, you dont got it like that. Rule of thumb dont go commercial , this song sounds like a cheap version of ADEMA , seriously who in the band said this song was album worthy, lol
PEA 23 hours ago
Who else thought the guy at the beginning was Munky?
the silverbox
the silverbox 23 hours ago
#iloveyouwargaming #iloveyouwotblitz #iloveyoukorn
ImportRacer4Life 23 hours ago
Korn has always had such badass music videos!!
Wyatt Killman
Wyatt Killman 23 hours ago
Is nobody going to say anything about him not using The Bitch
Ashton Garnett-LeBlanc
Korn just keeps getting better!
lunatic gmd
lunatic gmd Day ago
This doesent even sound like korn
Eric Owen
Eric Owen Day ago
People talk about robots taking over. They already have!
Greg Roy
Greg Roy Day ago
Sabaton did the tank video better. IMO
Randy Dees
Randy Dees Day ago
In 1994 after KNAC went off the air, my old band played a tribute show at your studio in some industrial complex in HB. I think if was near Springdale and McFadden., You guys were so cool to let us use the studio. Though we don't know each other and my band never really did anything. I am very proud of you all. Keep rocking brothers. \m/
Harry Moitzi
Harry Moitzi Day ago
Another Popsong :(
Roge Gasperin
KoRn é minha banda favorita que me levou a curtir rock metal desde muleque Kornavirus😎🤟🎸🎶
Vaughan Haylock
What a song! Groove all the way as always.
Frank Bernard
Hmmmmm ok let's goooo
Mrk Belkcbs
Mrk Belkcbs Day ago
Me encanta esta banda choclo
Quizzy0000 Day ago
the meaning of the song is kinda overshadowed here tbh in the clip.
Random Guy
Random Guy Day ago
prefer the old stuff, but still good
Blitz купил KoЯn теперь я видел всё!
Ella Susa
Ella Susa Day ago
Елена Нурланова
SNES Yay! Day ago
He hucked his mic at the end
Алексей Малышев
Korn уже не торт
Johannes Küch
I thought this Song is about his Wife?!? Why the made a video like this? ...Sorry but failed
Alex Lamerson
Может я конечно и предвзят, но имхо это зашквар для группы.
jose cabral perez
As a 20+ years Korn Fan, I don´t know what they tried to express with the video with the relation of the song. The song is about the lost of Jon´s ex-wife, but the video maybe try to show the free of all the demons that she had struggle. We didn´t know the inside war She was living in her last days, maybe this characters are symbolize them. Korn always put their fans to think about their own problems and get through their music.
SonoriaBR Day ago
I've watched Jonathan dressed in Adidas jumpsutis, Irish kilts, women underwear, long dresses and now he's wearing those jagged jeans. Man always trendy!
Diego Araque
Diego Araque Day ago
Remake of Fury. ⚔️
David Holland
'Nothing' is probably their best album of the last 15 years of their career.
Josh Black
Josh Black 2 hours ago
I really liked The Paradigm Shift.
Х Б Day ago
На русском чё нить будет интересное когда нибудь в обозримом будущем? А так, всё норм. Не откровение какое, но тоже збс.
jose cabral perez
Munky´s older brother acting in this video. hahahahhahahaha
Стальная Синица
Теперь koЯn которых я слушал с первого альбома, сегодня просто фуфлыжники)
toast toasted
Battlachaser Day ago
Well, this sounds tame as feck. A little bit disappointing, truth be told. 🤷🏿‍♂️😒
NYKO one
NYKO one Day ago
Ставь лайк если посмотрел этот клип из за блица
Davi Cirino
Davi Cirino Day ago
This song is very cool but I don't think this song should have a video even less this one. It is a very personal and dark song for this video.
Nu Metal girl
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