Korn - Finally Free (Official Video)

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We’ve teamed up with World of Tanks Blitz, and traveled to the Burning Games in our new official video for "Finally Free." Experience it now through October 31 in the World of Tanks Blitz free-to-play game. Download it here: bit.ly/kornxwotblitz

Listen to The Nothing 🔲 lnk.to/thenothingkorn

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Oct 15, 2020




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Comments 4 432
Bruno BRF3
Bruno BRF3 20 hours ago
Almight Finally Free
Andy Abruzzi
Andy Abruzzi 2 days ago
Não consigo mais ouvir Korn desde o take a look in the mirror. Infelizmente ali foi o fim pra mim até tento mas nao vai mais. 😭 foda.
Baron Samedi
Baron Samedi 3 days ago
Ensino fundamental, médio e superior escutando o velho e bom NEW METAL
Dark Liquid
Dark Liquid 4 days ago
Korn flakes.
JapaNate 4 days ago
That's a fkn cool video. Love this song too. Gets stuck in my head 😆
Peter Sutherland
Peter Sutherland 5 days ago
Stop climate change
Marshall Mathers
Marshall Mathers 6 days ago
Slipkorn 43v3r
Enter the Dragon 64
I remember when you could headbang to korn
ArKTeKIcE ` 6 days ago
Holy shit! What happened to Ray Luzier? Find a new religion did he? Fuk me that dont even look like the same dude. yoikes.
zak douglas
zak douglas 6 days ago
I love korn but i aint feeling this song
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David Smith
David Smith 10 days ago
Are they still around?
MarilynMroe 12 days ago
Our Savior is at work..!! THIS IS Proof!! His name Is not Jesus..It is Messiah..Savior!!! There will be many called Jesus..but only one Savior!
David Smith
David Smith 10 days ago
HE doesn't listen to this Satanic music.
g zeus
g zeus 13 days ago
“I, Jesus, have sent my angel to testify to you about these things for the churches. I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star.” Revelation 22:16
Mauricio Salviatti
Mauricio Salviatti 14 days ago
Pure shit
James Ellis
James Ellis 14 days ago
Digitalsea 14 days ago
Ive been wishing for death for a coule years
татарин 15 days ago
Елена Банько
Korn nowadays sounds like some shitty generic nu metal band
potomaszmoto 15 days ago
Sounds like some kind of popcorn. Got it? POP KORN ^^ Good one tho.
Tahill 17 days ago
не хило картошка отвалила по ходу ребятам за такую рекламу))
Рынцк 8 days ago
Так и они в игре получили рекламу, у этого клипа лучшие просмотры на канале корн
Nobuyuki Akagami
Nobuyuki Akagami 18 days ago
They return guys! 🤘🤘🤘
Marcel Kuti
Marcel Kuti 20 days ago
Me: Thats a good song... *sees 1:55*: vomits loudly
Rio Gaming
Rio Gaming 26 days ago
I grew up with korn and they are back
Ken B.
Ken B. 27 days ago
Not as good as their self titled album or follow the leader and life is peachy, but still a lot better than that garbage they did with that dj guy and the other 2 albums the past decade.
Vladislav Kirchev
Vladislav Kirchev 28 days ago
someone who still listened to it in 1995 ?!?!?! l,,l :P ;) give like
Honor View 20
Honor View 20 Month ago
Great song
Roldan Dimaculangan
Korn in my high school until now korn...
Pablo Mejia
Pablo Mejia Month ago
Welcome back!!
Константин Трофимов
О, реклама ворлд оф танкс.
filthyreece Month ago
what in the dethklok is this?
Tauan Estevan
Tauan Estevan Month ago
🇧🇷 🤘🏼
Пачка блядских Сухарей
Впервые warGAYming что то крутое замутили
Thel Lay Poe
Thel Lay Poe Month ago
God bless CDM
Alexander . _.?
Alexander . _.? Month ago
WoTB why Korn and not Sabaton?
Fernanda Sousa
Fernanda Sousa Month ago
Korn... Sorry, hummm😔...
Ken Brick
Ken Brick Month ago
Korn still rocks, love you from Africa.
aussie au
aussie au Month ago
Luv the song .... but teaming up with Word of Wanks..........
chloe gallacher
chloe gallacher Month ago
This isn't hitting it as I used to, nothing goes hard it's generic. I know korn can do better.shame no hate I love em
chloe gallacher
chloe gallacher Month ago
I'll still blast thing song everyday tho
MaxDamage23 Month ago
пздц,WTF? это produced by World of Tanks?
Israel Alanis
Israel Alanis Month ago
I wish this guy would retire
Janae Nae13
Janae Nae13 Month ago
Janae Nae13
Janae Nae13 Month ago
❤🧡💛💚💙💜 we are all the same person living life in a bunch of different bodies.....Which means that every person that you meet is actually just YOU living in another body!!! you see..... you are interacting with YOURSELF at all times and when you understand this, you can achieve 🌟UNITY🌟
Janae Nae13
Janae Nae13 Month ago
Dear heavenly father please send guardian Angel's down to protect this band and all of their friends, family, and loved ones right now to keep them safe and protected from anyone who may try to harm them or put them in harm's way. Shine a light around them that is so bright that Darkness will be illuminated into love and light! Warm their hearts and guide them every step of the way so they can have live each day of their lives with the most abundance of joy and love possible. Thanks so much for all that you do for us Lord, We love you,amen.
Ester Passos
Ester Passos Month ago
Amo essa banda, Korn. 💚💛
heatherdawn Pipke
Great stuff wow!!!
Corinna Schultz
Corinna Schultz Month ago
Thank You Amigo Kap der guten Hoffnung 😎👻😘😭
KoldfusionX51 Month ago
Korn still sucks
Internet Guy
Internet Guy Month ago
imagine searching up a band you don't like just to leave a comment 🤡
blkdrgn t
blkdrgn t Month ago
Then don"t post at all if you don't like it.
Lester Karaoke
Lester Karaoke Month ago
Mabuhay kayo, man..
Nothing to No One
I'm really disappointed in this video. Instead of making a video that tells the story of this song, this video has absolutely nothing to do with the content of the it. This is the best, most meaningful song on the album. I really was hoping for more.
Y5 Firefly's channel
Every time I listen to this song, I would imagine Spike duels against Annihilator.
Evan Spencer
Evan Spencer 2 months ago
We were tricked. Betrayed.
Davin Sat
Davin Sat 2 months ago
u're cool from 1992)
Laur Toma
Laur Toma 2 months ago
Panda Wolowol
Panda Wolowol 2 months ago
I can sense the soul of 80s in the singer. Amazing.
Prasmit Das
Prasmit Das 2 months ago
Can anyone just understand how cool it was? KoRn's awesome music and Spike two-shoting the Annihilator?
Adam Randy Drums
Adam Randy Drums 2 months ago
Mad max?
cosmico celeste
cosmico celeste 2 months ago
Iván Eloy Stankiewicz
Ritik Marak
Ritik Marak 2 months ago
Glad you guys are back best Nu metal band ever heard in my entire life❤️
Lee Murray
Lee Murray 2 months ago
Loved this vid. Awesome they collabed with a game to make it. Fyi the big tonk ahnillator is OP
Aldo B
Aldo B 2 months ago
Janae Nae13
Janae Nae13 2 months ago
Hello beautiful handsome!😘
Ánette Miranda Burgos Sánchez
Love thisssssssssssssss
Prismatic Codes
Prismatic Codes 2 months ago
Hey, I make music on my channel. Mostly synthesized stuff. It's of varying quality, but feel free to check it out! Neostreet is my personal favorite so far. I upload twice a week.
M C 2 months ago
Hope we can be finally free. God Bless!!!
Moose Stubbings
Moose Stubbings 2 months ago
we play a game where new tracks are sampled from KORN,Chaoseum,and adema if you guess wrong you drink😂
Necronaut 2 months ago
Not a big fan of anything Korn has done since David Silveria left but I have to always check them out to see what they are doing. Glad they are at least trying to make music even if it is a far cry from what made them popular. Forever in my top 5 favorite bands.
Sisca Puspitawati
Sisca Puspitawati 2 months ago
Wow Dope! Cool vibes! I really love this song🔥😍🔥
scratcher king
scratcher king 2 months ago
Korn are legends, the Legends usually stop playing shows. So now we need to come up with the new name that's better than Legends. Because remember God's never die.
Logan Ayers
Logan Ayers 2 months ago
Where is the grudge metal in KORN?
Atomic Mushroom 6413
nextits gonna be Korn (ft. Raid Shadow legends)
Alonso González Cruz
No manches como un Spike le gana a Un Annihilador jjajajajajaja
El_Flaquito_Ayala 2 months ago
Lo estaba manejando papárage :v
Mike 2 months ago
Songs decent, video is garbage though
Nothing to No One
Slay Maniac
Slay Maniac 2 months ago
timmya4000 2 months ago
If you think this boring over compressed sound can compete with there peak music, you're wrong. Those drums sound fucking horrible.
Thiago Andrade
Thiago Andrade 2 months ago
cool it looks like a mixture of the lords of the rings with the world of tanks...
A. G.
A. G. 3 months ago
BLM song? lol
Ertugrul Bolat
Ertugrul Bolat 3 months ago
Are they playing world of tanks :) ?
Giant4331 3 months ago
The horseman of war, will damn the kings of the modern world but free it's subjects.
Cande Cueto
Cande Cueto 3 months ago
ESTO MERECE 2731926329732836282910101733738919183737288 DE VISTAS DIOS
no es korn
Frocktussle 3 months ago
Why??.... I know....
Vlad I
Vlad I 3 months ago
I miss the old korn
GODZGANGSTA 3 months ago
Nothing new under the sun
Heather 3 months ago
Love the bridge.
Withi Prasomsie
Withi Prasomsie 3 months ago
I love korn and korn love you.
juan andres olivera denis
Aguante Korn, saludos a todos desde Uruguay 🇺🇾
chucky cromers
chucky cromers 3 months ago
The day that never comes - Metallica
Jose Maria Gutierres Ripoll
Produção Fantastica!!!Show!!!
Petteri Tantere
Petteri Tantere 3 months ago
Terri The Tanked Up Terrapin
New mic stand. 😱🤯
Pavel Zadansky
Pavel Zadansky 3 months ago
This is not koRn...
Meinungsfreiheit 3 months ago
What a shame the world has 8 Billion of people. They deserve more than 2 Million Clicks!
Роман Петров
Верните Сильверию!
World Wrestling With Kirk
Korn is great as always! This mix of Burning Man and World of Tanks is quite unique)
Carlos Eduardo
Carlos Eduardo 3 months ago
I would comment "Someone has been playing World of Tanks lol", but turns out that it's actually a sponsor
The Tragic History of Korn
Korn - Cold  Lyrics
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