Korn - Can You Hear Me (Official Visualizer) / The Nothing Podcast (Official Trailer)

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In the spirit of giving our fans the most comprehensive and immersive Korn experience, we’ve created a fictional, narrative podcast called THE NOTHING. With Adam Mason and Simon Boyes, we tell the story of a small town in Kansas that has seen its ills be solved at the hands of a charismatic, commune leader and his devotees. But of course, nothing is ever as it seems. Across the six-episode series, the story will unfold featuring a score from Jonathan. Check out the trailer for THE NOTHING podcast, which is also the official visualizer for “Can You Hear Me” - off our new album, The Nothing. 🔲 Available everywhere now: lnk.to/thenothingkorn
THE NOTHING podcast - Coming soon to Apple, Spotify, and more. Subscribe now: lnk.to/TheNothingPodcast

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Sep 6, 2019




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Comments 60
kornchannel 10 months ago
Subscribe to THE NOTHING podcast, coming in October: lnk.to/TheNothingPodcast. 🕸
Александр Качин
Шишка встала! Акуенно!
Александр Качин
Bravo! Perfecto
The Rooster Protocol
I'm completely blown away by your music
Melissa Nic.
Melissa Nic. 3 months ago
Riley Kieckhaben
Riley Kieckhaben 3 months ago
kornchannel I miss the old KoRn 😭
Александр Качин
frank GFish21 ferrante
those mother fuckers are keepin' the "dollar shave club" open.
Angelica Share the Music
I'm glad I won't be the same again. I wanna evolve, not stay the same.
shady.gh0st 29 days ago
This got me into korn... I will forever remember this song as the one asking her if she can hear me. (That's why this is my favourote korn song.) Wish she could, but this guilt, this fucking consciousness is killing me everyday. (That's why Trash is my close second favourite korn song.) With every day she's falling away from me, further and further, falling in some son of a bitch's arms. She's... So thoughtless. I'm acting like a clown, telling myself she'll come back to me, making myself laugh and cry. She thinks I'm the bad guy, of course, make me bad.. I have to break this chains, alone... Its getting cold.. I need somebody, someone. I failed, I failed, I failed.......
takkyutube Month ago
Wo knows where this speech at the beginning is from?
Infinite Pirate
Infinite Pirate Month ago
I love you Jonathan davis
Wagner Moura Pereira
GnR1090 Month ago
This song should lasts longer!! It needs an extended version!!
Dj Dudaman
Dj Dudaman Month ago
Intro remind me a Fear Factory
Andre Sheehan Channel
Cool video
Anthony Haller
Anthony Haller Month ago
The video reminds of Far Cry 5.
Jason Lemus
Jason Lemus Month ago
776 couldn't hear and were lost
Arctic Month ago
Starring Big Ed
Jeremy Painter
Jeremy Painter 2 months ago
My only complaint... I wish this song was longer. I want more.
Андрей Андрей
Im sorry for my english,im for Ukraine.people,wake up,and see texts.God bless!
C L 2 months ago
No, no one hears. True, heart seems alive but body is dead. Going through the motions to appear alive but dead AF & don't know how long it's been. Seems forever. Never will be the same again. Good & bad. Someday for real Human death, then spiritual birth. Can't wait.
Benkoo oni
Benkoo oni 2 months ago
wake the f... up!!!
ines maici
ines maici 2 months ago
Damn there is a lot of messages on this video and song !
nikolay dimitrov
nikolay dimitrov 2 months ago
Korn... you're everything
Abner Wigglestaff
Abner Wigglestaff 3 months ago
I just cant get over how fuckin' sick this song is. I'll be listening to Korn on my deathbed I swear.
KiDZoMBiE 3 months ago
Dude this song needs a fucking award.
Christian Anderson
Christian Anderson 3 months ago
2020 or 1995... KoRn is the greatest.
Arthur Vandelay
Arthur Vandelay 3 months ago
excelent work! thanks so much
DKayRios209 4 months ago
80s goth synth on the keys
Víctor Valenzuela
Víctor Valenzuela 4 months ago
I like this visualizer instead the video clip
Darren Jude
Darren Jude 4 months ago
I LOVE KORN!!!!!!!!!!
Ge Light and love
Ge Light and love 4 months ago
Ok yes I agree completely ive got something to say and I will make my voice known
Ge Light and love
Ge Light and love 4 months ago
You did it this time. Best work yet expose this it time to wake the fuck up people.. Come on
dj yuzaa aka dj wolf
Paul Ziolkowski
Paul Ziolkowski 4 months ago
Korn wake the fock up I need a job I got to autistic children I live in Inkster I'm having such a hard time paying my rent I don't know what I'm going to do I'm in good shape hit me up my baby
Adrian Monge
Adrian Monge 4 months ago
Some eargasmic Metal to hear
Lance Shepler
Lance Shepler 4 months ago
The music of korn is sick, and Johnathan Davis's lyrics and vocals are even more sick!!!🤘🤘🤘
Sistalov C.
Sistalov C. 4 months ago
Love you guys 😍🖤
apetrila1 4 months ago
I am addicted to this song
Joe6Pipes 4 months ago
mesticito 4 months ago
Pueden traducir o poner lo que se dice al inició de la canción?? Por favor algun buen Cristiano
Heath Centazzo
Heath Centazzo 5 months ago
hey that's me as the reporter! Great shoot. Amazing band!
Zion Pineda
Zion Pineda 5 months ago
I was like 13 in year 2000 and i have to save every penny so i can buy korn's first 4 albums
Invader Zim
Invader Zim 5 months ago
Same old recycled sound
Bozhidar Jubi Yordanov
Strange, are not Korn loved and hated exactly because they sound different on every album? Weird.
Red Mann
Red Mann 5 months ago
The only good song on this album
Sir Chowder Mcdoogle
It's time for the people to wake the fuck up!!!
Super_Buick 5 months ago
2:20 Head appears, then 2:26 there's this expression of pain inside by JD. Damn!!! This breaks me everytime.
Oscar Inocencio
Oscar Inocencio 5 months ago
Raul Victor
Raul Victor 5 months ago
Música do caralho ❤️
Devileti gg
Devileti gg 5 months ago
I love this song
Trraav 5 months ago
Same this song is such a banger.
ADN CLN 5 months ago
Con esta rola korn se mamo la mejor la neta
Mac Rolfing
Mac Rolfing 5 months ago
This goes hard!
Verbunden 5 months ago
Obviously Korn will never be the same as they were during "follow the leader" times etc. They were young and thus the emotions were more raw and the creativity was stronger. That's just how humans are. But this is still pretty good.
AAR0N 5 months ago
@Verbunden yes but 40+ year olds can have that same level of creativity and emotion under the right circumstances. For example on this album you can hear the pain in Jon's voice in basically the same way we've heard in the first Korn album and Life is Peachy. You shouldn't think that older people don't have the same level of creativity or emotion a younger person has.
Verbunden 5 months ago
@Big H It's growing up, yea. But not just for you but also for the band members. A 20 year old person is just more creative and more emotional than a 40 year old person. That's just how humans work, and it will reflect in their musical works. Korn is still doing great though. One example for where this ended up really cringy is blink-182. 45 year old men should not be in a band that makes songs about teenage love stories. That's just cringe.
Big H
Big H 5 months ago
It's just changed man. Like growing up. When I first listened to them I was 15 (I think). I'm now 37. I run a business, wife, kids. We've all grown up. The music has grown with me. It's a fucking surreal experience to have experienced this and still have such a connection. Everytime I listen to Korn it's like connecting to my inner self. It's hard to explain.
Michael Caine
Michael Caine 5 months ago
Korn volbeat slipknot & killswitch albums all in one year fucking brilliant
Чалмов Михаил
I love it
Jordan Bryant
Jordan Bryant 5 months ago
This song was absolutely mind-blowing live, they killed it at Little Rock, AR.
שמעון כהן
שמעון כהן 5 months ago
BHAMM 5 months ago
Hell yeah
Abner Wigglestaff
Abner Wigglestaff 6 months ago
Fuck, release an extended version because 3 minutes is not enough. Having a hard time wrapping my head around how incredible this song is. Cheers cunts!!
Manuel Lujan
Manuel Lujan 6 months ago
This song is still playing on repeat in my head 24/7
john davis
john davis 6 months ago
Tape spool only
MARt 6 months ago
This song could have easily been on Untouchables.
VERTIGO Atsumi 6 months ago
amazing song 🤘😊🤘
- DAVIS CREATIONS - 6 months ago
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