Korn - Can You Hear Me (Official Visualizer) / The Nothing Podcast (Official Trailer)

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In the spirit of giving our fans the most comprehensive and immersive Korn experience, we’ve created a fictional, narrative podcast called THE NOTHING. With Adam Mason and Simon Boyes, we tell the story of a small town in Kansas that has seen its ills be solved at the hands of a charismatic, commune leader and his devotees. But of course, nothing is ever as it seems. Across the six-episode series, the story will unfold featuring a score from Jonathan. Check out the trailer for THE NOTHING podcast, which is also the official visualizer for “Can You Hear Me” - off our new album, The Nothing. 🔲 Available everywhere now: lnk.to/thenothingkorn
THE NOTHING podcast - Coming in October to Apple, Spotify, and more. Subscribe now: lnk.to/TheNothingPodcast

Shop The Nothing merch bundles: www.kornwebstore.com

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Sep 6, 2019




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Comments 2 150
kornchannel 2 months ago
Subscribe to THE NOTHING podcast, coming in October: lnk.to/TheNothingPodcast. 🕸
Adam Bomb
Adam Bomb 13 days ago
I can't find the Podcast
IgotDatCandy PiffPirate
This is so fucking sick...... Thank u Korn keep it up mother fuckers
Misha Kiba
Misha Kiba 2 months ago
Seria increible si tuviera la opción de subtítulos en español
Romeo Santos
Romeo Santos 2 months ago
ETRE HUMAIN 2 months ago
ZarT 13 hours ago
God damn, I have been through so much shit lately, fucking hell, just went into a stage of oblivion with so much shit around me, completely numb, even with myself. Just came back to listen to KoRn, been months and totally forgot about the new album, now listening, fucking hell, I feel like I'm back, like I know who I am again, fucking hell. Shit, I probably need some help, but for now, just KoRn and moving on with my fucking life once and for all. Thanks for everything single piece of lyric and sound you guys make.
Petar Andonov
It walks with me, i listened this in my dreams.
Jett Page
Jett Page 2 days ago
There best song yet
Chris Graham
Chris Graham 4 days ago
I'm over it. Is there any cults out there looking a new recruit. I'm in.
りん。 4 days ago
阿呆すぎて歌詞分からんけど めっっちゃ格好良いですね!!
William Dalton
William Dalton 4 days ago
John Davis your the man wish i could meet you
James Roberts
James Roberts 5 days ago
My first korn album was Issues. I was 16 at the time. I fell in love with it. After all these years, oh my goodness is this song fucking good.
D3516N3R 7 days ago
P4TR1K - D11 > Nelly Furtado
Kaya M.
Kaya M. 8 days ago
Queen of the damned times good old days
Dead Lord52
Dead Lord52 9 days ago
What happend to korn wearing Adidas
flowkeys tree
flowkeys tree 9 days ago
Music is like a drug sometimes I wish I could go back to the first time I heard there style after 20 years of listening to rock it's gna take something amazing to make me love music the way I used to
Scott Barr
Scott Barr 8 days ago
Always searching for that first time omg factor, can totally relate, it isn't impossible but you won't realise it until you've had it
jadejaguar CUontheotherside
Going to see Korn in St. Paul in feb 2020.. my first album and now first concert to a band I found in dec of 2018 and can’t wait this is going to be great!!!!!! My first concert ever was Led Zeppelin.. // Pink Floyd/ Deep Purple/ Black Sabbath etc..... and all the others actually met as a teen Peter Frampton and Ted Nugent... saw in Wisconsin the last concert ever for SRV..... and in Duluth BB King!!!!! my sister was a hippy and took me to them all!!!! I can’t wait for Korn concert!!!!!!
Dood Bro
Dood Bro 11 days ago
KoRn has the best base player
Rafael Alves
Rafael Alves 11 days ago
Gabriele Falasca
Gabriele Falasca 12 days ago
No podcast? Bad
Yaroslav Perehodko
Yaroslav Perehodko 12 days ago
То чувство, когда от песни аж волосы стают дыбки, кртуая песня что сказать!!!!
sheri 12 days ago
Jonathan...none of us can feel what you have been through, but we've all been through the loss...God Bless you and Just Keep on being You...WE ALL LOVE YOU and WE all Love koRn
Adam Bomb
Adam Bomb 13 days ago
I can't find the podcast can anyone explain
We ́reTheNobodies
I'm having trouble too. It should be out by now. Click on the link and check if any of the sites have it. I only checked Apple and Google Podcasts. All I can find for the podcast is the introduction.
Rosario Cilli
Rosario Cilli 14 days ago
Me ne sono innamorato sin dal primo ascolto.. 😌😌😌
chris cole
chris cole 14 days ago
Is it just me or has Korn never mind this is fuckin GOOOOOOOD!!!!
Night owl5545
Night owl5545 16 days ago
Still waiting on that podcast
Alexander Koopmann
Alexander Koopmann 17 days ago
A little bit US Death Row like?
Const 17 days ago
- Korn in 2019 1 mill views Korn in 2009 100 mill views Times changing
samuel hecht
samuel hecht 18 days ago
Everyone who's missing David. Just imagine how would new KOЯN sounds with him. Everybody knows him as a rhythm of "old koяn" ,but this one has its own style. All what I want to say is just they are still the same Koяn. 👌👌👌
cutanddry420 22 days ago
Love this new Fear Factory tune with Jonathan Davis doing the vocals!!!
Benjamín Utreras Araya
same thoughts
Tito Dumas
Tito Dumas 22 days ago
Good old korn you never seem to disappoint me ☺ awesome song love the lyrics
SnaggyTV 23 days ago
I’d like to think this song is possibly to his wife who recently passed, god rest her soul Edit: Don’t worry I’ve been informed the whole album is a tribute, didn’t notice on my first listen.
SnaggyTV 20 days ago
I’m just usually clueless to symbolism in music most of the time. So I didn’t pick up on that
SnaggyTV 20 days ago
Oh wow the whole album, I knew something had to be dedicated in some way
Eleni Velez
Eleni Velez 20 days ago
SnaggyTV The album is a tribute to his wife....
SnaggyTV 20 days ago
Oh wow I never knew that, thank you for telling me about that. I don’t like to assume meanings behind songs most of the time.
kennyboy5150 20 days ago
Alexander Koopmann
Alexander Koopmann 24 days ago
Korn baby,,,they are back
DEDY ANWAR1996 24 days ago
Arb Elo
Arb Elo 25 days ago
DAS NIX?!!! (pëpie chuee is better?)
Dinis Sales
Dinis Sales 26 days ago
No one: KoRn: *WaKe ThE fUcK uP*
Judith Soyka
Judith Soyka 26 days ago
Love you Korn 🖤🤘!😘
sirwillsirwill 28 days ago
I'll wake down!
What im I doing LOL
One of your fans became a rapper and metal guy his rap name is scarlxrd he's good rock guy or metal guy
Anco77 29 days ago
Holy shit, what year is it???
Washington Pinheiro
Quem fã do Korn no Brasil curti aí! É nós 🇧🇷
Play Station
Play Station Month ago
Джонатан, твой голос, это лучшее что я слышал из рока! Но клипы... делай их лучше. ПРИВЕТ ИЗ РОССИИ!!!
Alexx Owl
Alexx Owl Month ago
Love U. My favorite band.
AlanDaesunLee Month ago
I love slow and heavy songs like this!
Them Bones
Them Bones Month ago
It walks with me It takes its time It sinks its teeth in one at a time It loves to feed It loves my past It's always taunting but somehow out of grasp Can you hear me? 'Cause I'm lost And I may never come back again And while my heart keeps holding on I know I'll never be the same again It talks to me It holds my hand It showers me with things I can't understand It has no reason It knows the time It's constantly watching so it's not left behind Can you hear me? 'Cause I'm lost And I may never come back again And while my heart keeps holding on I know I'll never be the same again Can you hear me, 'cause I'm lost And I may never come back again And while my heart keeps holding on I know I'll never be the same again You know I'll never be the same again You know I'll never be the same again You know I'll never be the same again You know I'll never be the same again Can you hear me, 'cause I'm lost And I may never come back again And while my heart keeps holding on I know I'll never be the same again I know I'll never be the same again I know I'll never be the same again I know I'll never be the same again I know I'll never be the same again
TrAsHCOK Month ago
Damn ! The vizualizer reminds me DEUCE DVD menus !
Евгений Шавалиев
Dayak Fantasize
Dayak Fantasize Month ago
I love this
bojinca mihai
bojinca mihai Month ago
come on guys,this song deserve more views and likes :(
This song hit me hard inside.. I struggle with a drug problem and I can relate to this song so much. It makes me feel so sad and like I'm a lost soul.
Benjamin Kahaly
Benjamin Kahaly 21 day ago
God bless!
Bozhidar Jubi Yordanov
28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
Phil C.
Phil C. Month ago
Definitely a fan of Korn 🤘🏼
Scrambles the Death Dealer
This song is amazing! Like Jonathan, I also lost my wife... This hits me hard. Much love to all!
Giacomo Della Vecchia
Welcome back, boys
Cameron Buzzard
Cameron Buzzard Month ago
My favorite song on the new album!
Jose Escobedo
Jose Escobedo Month ago
Awesomeness KoRn as always.This guys are amazing.
Hylss Month ago
Loving the new album.
frank GFish ferrante
we are in an unprecedented paradigm shift ... the scientific revolution model from Kuhn can show you the road map to the collapse of Civilization .... we are in the 5th Epoch, the merger of humans with machines..... the survivors of the 5g radiation will be a freak show of the future... the aliens, the Gods, the spirits...ALL LEFT US BEHIND.
frank GFish ferrante
@Kaizer 777 might be a great time to begin,..... the club or Rome has us earmarked for the trash bin 👁😊facebook.com/frank.ferrante.336/videos/1340390012806245/
frank GFish ferrante
@Kaizer 777 😆💙🤙
Kaizer 777
Kaizer 777 Month ago
Meth...not even once.
Pixie canaday
Pixie canaday Month ago
You know, I can honestly say I have always been a crazy Korn girl. I’m old, so the first Korn album and life is peachy are my favs. Now with two babies I can say I would be 100% ok with my children loving Korn. These boys have been through it all and now with head being a strong sounding stage for Jesus that makes me even more proud of these men. They are real, have always been real and made me super proud to be a child of the Korn. :) I love you boys! Keep making music so I can take my son and daughter to a show!
Lucas Marques
Lucas Marques Month ago
A melhor do álbum, KORN
Phaczkiee Sumndad
tnx for your music korn .
downstance Month ago
Roy David
Roy David Month ago
In my opinion, the previous album (serenity of suffering) is better than this one.
Bozhidar Jubi Yordanov
Yeah, but it is not. They cannot be even compared. The Nothing is a masterpiece.
Nom De Plume
Nom De Plume Month ago
I never get goosebumps from music EXCEPT for KoRn. JD gives me goosebumps every fcking time.
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