Korean Food Tour - SHORT RIBS BBQ and Juicy FRIED CHICKEN on 14-Hour Incheon Airport Layover!

Mark Wiens
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Korean food tour on Incheon Airport layover!
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Flying from Bangkok to Honolulu, my wife and I had a 14 hour layover at Incheon International Airport. I’ve been to Seoul a few times already, but I had actually never been to Incheon, the city where the airport is really located. So we decided to head into Incheon city, eat as much as possible on our airport layover, then return to the airport to catch our next flight.
Sinpo International Market - We started off at Sinpo International Market. It was extremely cold, and we were freezing!
Sinpo Charm (신포참닭강정) - Sinpo Market is known throughout Korea for their amazing Korean fried chicken which is known as dakgangjeong. It’s a sweet spicy fried chicken, and you’ll find about half a dozen restaurants in this market serving it. The chicken was pretty tasty and addictive, but it was too sweet for me.
Total price - 18,000 KRW ($16.86)
Coffee - 8,700 KRW ($8.15) for 2 - It was so unbelievably cold in
Incheon, that we couldn’t really walk around very long, so we stopped to have a cup of coffee and warm up a bit.
Korean BBQ (탑숯불갈비) - This was one of the best Korean barbecue kalbi (beef short ribs) experiences I’ve had in Korea. It was a friendly family run restaurant and everything from the short ribs to all the sides, were spectacular. If I had an Incheon Airport layover and wanted to leave the airport, just eating a Korean bbq meal like this would be worth it.
Total price - 32,000 KRW ($29.97)
Americano - 4,000 KRW ($3.75) - We had another cup of coffee, it was so cold.
Hongdubyeong (홍두병) - 2,000 KRW ($1.87) - Incheon, South Korea, is famous for its Chinatown. Although it was a bit quiet when we went, it was still nice to walk around. There’s a snack you have to try called Hongdubyeong (홍두병).
Sang-Won (상원) Restaurant - Finally to end this Korean food tour of Incheon on our layover, we went to one last restaurant to eat a dish you can’t miss when you visit Incheon - Jajangmyeon. It was my first time to really have an authentic version of the dish, and even though it doesn’t look all that appealing, it’s absolutely delicious. Incheon is the birthplace of jajangmyeon, which is a Korean Chinese dish.
Total price - 13,500 KRW ($12.64)
Taxi from Incheon to Airport - 37,500 KRW ($35.12)
We were so tired, we decided to take a taxi back to the airport. And it proved to be much easier and not that expensive than public transportation. I’d recommend just taking a taxi if you go to Incheon during your airport layover.
MUSIC: From the underground - goo.gl/HwVjdo
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Jan 14, 2018

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Comments 2 800
Jose Castellanos
Jose Castellanos 4 hours ago
Probably the only person in the world who I envy. So cool, love watching Mark and his wife and kid.
brian martuszewski
This right up their with large crab egg omelette
Samuel Jr. Villagracia
Incheon is always quiet. I really like the city..
da sung lee
da sung lee 3 days ago
I'm Korean when I visit to Korea they taste so good
Asiansensation 4 days ago
8:52 thats actually pork. galbi can be either pork galbi or beef galbi. normally pork galbi is served with shoulder meats, in korea people call it neck meat, since pork short rib is a small portion of pork itself. so people just cant always serve ribs. both galbis always tastes amazing.
John Doe
John Doe 4 days ago
wow that looks crazy good. sign me up, thats the place to be
Kai der Klicks kaufer
I Love his reactions when he taste the Food
zeliz 5 days ago
Koreans love coffe, they have 3 coffe shops p block or smh
Steve Abitante
Steve Abitante 5 days ago
Honestly the Best way to keep warm in a Frigid Moment!
뜨거운냉면 6 days ago
“안녕하세요” means only “hello” 🤣 “Good bye” is “안녕히계세요” 😄
뜨거운냉면 6 days ago
ㅎㅎ 맛있어보이는 곳으로 잘 찾아가셨네요
Jemo 6 days ago
its so hard to see someone live your dream life
Laura Padilla
Laura Padilla 7 days ago
Thanks 👍
monstrous 8 days ago
Am i the only one that waited that sauce to drip 7:02
Denise Barrett
Denise Barrett 8 days ago
You are so fabulous! I really appreciate your style
Mustafa Alzobaie
Mustafa Alzobaie 8 days ago
You need to come to Austin TX You should try the food ♥️
food and cooking
food and cooking 8 days ago
Jooni 9 days ago
15:07 Mark should have said 안녕히계세요(annyeonghi"gye"seyo), not 안녕하세요(annyeonghaseyo) but anyway, I really appreciate that he used korean!! All koreans would appreciate and love non-natives trying to use korean language :)
kima B
kima B 10 days ago
Can I go sheesh my mouth waters every time 🤤
Ni Luh Wahyu Purnami
i just wondered how many national currency that he has 😀😀
Larry Culiver
Larry Culiver 11 days ago
Just a quick question why do you stuff so much into your mouth instead of eating proper and just take a bite just curious why you stuff at all is it how you guys eaten Thailand that use stuff everything in
erna fitriyanti
erna fitriyanti 11 days ago
Itu istrinya? Orang Indonesia bukan sih?
anonymous 44
anonymous 44 11 days ago
I can't stand so happiness in one video
Rahul Talwar
Rahul Talwar 12 days ago
Please add the prices also!!
Crispy 13 days ago
His “this is sooo good “ face is just truthfully awesome...Love your videos bro keep up the good content
Rita Kanui
Rita Kanui 14 days ago
He helps me travel without leaving my happy home in Hawaii. Thank you Mark and family, so family oriented that is fun.. love the way he expresses with his eyes so cool. Love your videos, show us more. Aloha from Hawaii,
Mourizio Zeland
Mourizio Zeland 15 days ago
He should lay off the meat. He shakes his hands alot and they say that meat causes parkinsons and dementia. So I would be careful.
mixampo 15 days ago
No short ribs.....
Donny Kim
Donny Kim 15 days ago
13:46 foodgasme coming up
chloe kj
chloe kj 16 days ago
the dark black sauce that you ate with the 짜 장 면 is actually to dip the onions in 😂 just letting you know
Perci M
Perci M 18 days ago
I like his show but I hate the way he eats. He puts too much food in his mouth at once.
Beck_nzr 19 days ago
Out of all the Asian countries I love Korean food the most. I have nothing against other countries but Korean food just suits my taste buds the best.
its. tahu
its. tahu 19 days ago
I think south Korea is bit expensive 😬😬😬....
rubeca sulman
rubeca sulman 20 days ago
please come to my home
rubeca sulman
rubeca sulman 20 days ago
i am pakistani
3ndless 8th
3ndless 8th 21 day ago
Mark makes everything taste so good
Augustine Choi
Augustine Choi 21 day ago
lmao he said ahn young ha say yo which means hello as he was trying to say goodbye. thats why his wife was laughing
Dixie Pixie
Dixie Pixie 22 days ago
I want this kind of job... having my family to my side while traveling.
VizYsoar 22 days ago
I came here to speed up my digestion
Soraya Wyasket
Soraya Wyasket 23 days ago
Flora Espudo
Flora Espudo 24 days ago
Flora Espudo
Flora Espudo 24 days ago
SHARY COOL 25 days ago
he's eyes
flameout12345 26 days ago
i rather think you should make your videos a little more educational. That noodle you had was a Korean specialty from with heritage from China and consumed during birthdays
AngryTypingGuy27 26 days ago
I can't believe he ate a whole pepper and a whole garlic in one bite. It's like getting shot in your stomach.
Raoul Tak
Raoul Tak 27 days ago
Mark, please give me your secret. How do you stay slim? It can't just be the kind of food, which is very healthy.
Sara Sarene Grace Abaa
Im going to eat like these tomorrow. Ohsht he makes me crave everything
JESSICA SINGH 29 days ago
mark wiens ,, how are you so fit when you eat so much ?? gosh i wish i can eat all these amazing food like you
Ivan Toledo
Ivan Toledo 29 days ago
Love KBBQ!!!
N Baccouche
N Baccouche 29 days ago
watching this while Im fasting, I wonder why?
Asma Khan
Asma Khan 23 days ago
Me to
DmY808 29 days ago
Aloha means hello and goodbye. Not sure about what you said in Korean. But it's the meaning that counts. You are a kind soul.
Alex Kim
Alex Kim Month ago
Jja jjang myun is black bean paste, not soy sauce.
Mart Oosterman
Mart Oosterman Month ago
Franco Loconte
Franco Loconte Month ago
Aw waw
Norm Santos
Norm Santos Month ago
i wonder who writes his background music?
April Ross
April Ross Month ago
CeeSanchara TV
CeeSanchara TV Month ago
Mark loves spicy 🌶 foods 😂‼️‼️ He would try sweet but not typically his preference 👌🏽👌🏽💪🏾
Kieler Jung
Kieler Jung Month ago
wow..the chicken look so good
Mel TC
Mel TC Month ago
Like Sweet and Sour ? I love Sweet, great looking food Mark. One DAY Mark, you are going to find yourself CHOKING on the Food , Don't take such HUGE BITES. Take Care, Love the video
Ayat Ali
Ayat Ali Month ago
People laughing at 10:05 made me think oh they really laugh like that in resturants when sitting in groups just like in dramas😄
Thony TheMan
Thony TheMan Month ago
Why is Mark shaking?
Jake Abe
Jake Abe Month ago
Mark and Ying how did you get Korean visas so quickly ? Is it easy to get so easily ?? Cheers!!
Anil kumar
Anil kumar Month ago
cute and best expression😊😊😊😊
Angie Demetro
Angie Demetro Month ago
You never make food look good what you think someone else is going to eat the food before you that's why you're eating so much at one time you stingy clock soccer
Moon khan Khan sahab
O man...!!
Wattz Gangstaz
Wattz Gangstaz Month ago
I just met Mark Wiens... I'm from India... He had A lot of baggage with him.. Plus he is really slim..
豊田大中 Month ago
Oh you visited in korea again!
Yong K peterson
Yong K peterson Month ago
WOW! Mr. mark wiens! you can eat a HOT MORE THAN KOREANS DO IT. ♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆USA.
Yong K peterson
Yong K peterson Month ago
that is good one and we been there before. ♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆USA. my grandparents really loved too.♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆
The Digressio
The Digressio Month ago
17:00 what are they working, seriously? so clean. Where is all the money from?
NinaBina75 Month ago
I’m craving Korean now.
NinaBina75 Month ago
Omg, I would get so lost traveling on public transportation like him lol
Max Millman
Max Millman Month ago
Anyone else habitually watch this while they're eating? I like to imagine that I'm eating what he's eating. That I'm dining with Mr. Wiens, savouring all the exotic, interesting flavours.
lhunter 632
lhunter 632 Month ago
Grosse bouche pour manger c'est très bien
Nalleli Hernandez
Mark u are just the best love ur attitude all the way...best guy
ask me
ask me Month ago
stop saying incheon.. sounds like a chinese pronuciation to it. not all asian counties sounds like china mark wiens!!!
knick fan
knick fan Month ago
Why would you have your child out in that type of weather
D M's
D M's Month ago
Wow I like Corean food, actually we're aeten with my friend at Corean restaurant here in the Phil. but just try to see this Link on how to Cook easy Chicken Adobo a Filipino food. ckk.ai/RZHl
kelley Gabriel
kelley Gabriel Month ago
Mark Wien's is not fake his facial expressions r very real I DONT care what anyone says HES NOT FAKE !!!!!!
kelley Gabriel
kelley Gabriel Month ago
Music comes on when u eat I DONT like that so I won't subscribe
David Kalavsky
David Kalavsky Month ago
Mika is so cute lol
Gabriel DA GRACA [07Q2]
Happiest boi alive
JOA DJ Month ago
Respect your discrimination of food
myx younus
myx younus Month ago
Hey bro any Muslim restaurants pls
City of Gentlemen
Korean BBQ before getting back on a plane? Your neighbors must have hated you. Haha.
Marcos Roberto
Marcos Roberto Month ago
Será que é só eu que está babando com tanta comidas gostosa 😋😋😋😋😋,Mark deve sofrer muito 😏😏😏
Blue Matrix
Blue Matrix Month ago
2:35 so cute and happy!!!
Rhonda Heggs
Rhonda Heggs 2 months ago
The chicken looked good and I was saying the same thing you said about the folk love your honesty about the food
Akki Akki.
Akki Akki. 2 months ago
Norm Santos
Norm Santos 2 months ago
32 degrees F? that's swimming weather...
Jerry Chen
Jerry Chen 2 months ago
you mean 32 degrees C?
D Marco
D Marco 2 months ago
Im Australian but asian type food is my absolute favourite cuisine!! I have been to Thailand and tried the street food there, I was in heaven. Next year I'm travelling to Indonesia/ Bali to try their foods. I can't wait to eat! I have now added Korea to my travel goals because of this amazing food video. 😮😍😍
Amran Islam
Amran Islam 2 months ago
15:28 made my day
Carl Datso
Carl Datso 2 months ago
Koreans are so efficient damn
박지환 2 months ago
다 좋은데 왤케 얄밉게 생겼냐. 죽빵 한대만 존나묵직하게 꼽고싶다.
Hassan Rabat
Hassan Rabat 2 months ago
Korean food is not bad
May Badua
May Badua 2 months ago
midhu amira
midhu amira 2 months ago
I miss your great fan.. Loved your presentations And those smile when u realize the aroma of food I have a request, plz visit kerala, the gods own country, Kerala southern india. Home of traditional foods, absolutely natural. Undoubtedly u will surprise and Through you, our home will be represented a lot. Hopefully
Euphoria Nostalgia
Euphoria Nostalgia 2 months ago
chinese korean japanese or thai food? whats ur favorite guys? i think chinese is the hest but thai or korean is close 2nd
Euphoria Nostalgia
Euphoria Nostalgia 2 months ago
This chicken and all the meat South Korea gets it imported from USA, USA is biggest meat exporter to South Korea, and also this food is american influenced
Kaytie 2 months ago
Euphoric Nostalgia that's sad
NAMGUNGSSI 2 months ago
you have to mix the sauce evenly w the noodles
NAMGUNGSSI 2 months ago
that crab w rice? woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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