Korean Food Tour - SHORT RIBS BBQ and Juicy FRIED CHICKEN on 14-Hour Incheon Airport Layover!

Mark Wiens
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Korean food tour on Incheon Airport layover!
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Flying from Bangkok to Honolulu, my wife and I had a 14 hour layover at Incheon International Airport. I’ve been to Seoul a few times already, but I had actually never been to Incheon, the city where the airport is really located. So we decided to head into Incheon city, eat as much as possible on our airport layover, then return to the airport to catch our next flight.
Sinpo International Market - We started off at Sinpo International Market. It was extremely cold, and we were freezing!
Sinpo Charm (신포참닭강정) - Sinpo Market is known throughout Korea for their amazing Korean fried chicken which is known as dakgangjeong. It’s a sweet spicy fried chicken, and you’ll find about half a dozen restaurants in this market serving it. The chicken was pretty tasty and addictive, but it was too sweet for me.
Total price - 18,000 KRW ($16.86)
Coffee - 8,700 KRW ($8.15) for 2 - It was so unbelievably cold in
Incheon, that we couldn’t really walk around very long, so we stopped to have a cup of coffee and warm up a bit.
Korean BBQ (탑숯불갈비) - This was one of the best Korean barbecue kalbi (beef short ribs) experiences I’ve had in Korea. It was a friendly family run restaurant and everything from the short ribs to all the sides, were spectacular. If I had an Incheon Airport layover and wanted to leave the airport, just eating a Korean bbq meal like this would be worth it.
Total price - 32,000 KRW ($29.97)
Americano - 4,000 KRW ($3.75) - We had another cup of coffee, it was so cold.
Hongdubyeong (홍두병) - 2,000 KRW ($1.87) - Incheon, South Korea, is famous for its Chinatown. Although it was a bit quiet when we went, it was still nice to walk around. There’s a snack you have to try called Hongdubyeong (홍두병).
Sang-Won (상원) Restaurant - Finally to end this Korean food tour of Incheon on our layover, we went to one last restaurant to eat a dish you can’t miss when you visit Incheon - Jajangmyeon. It was my first time to really have an authentic version of the dish, and even though it doesn’t look all that appealing, it’s absolutely delicious. Incheon is the birthplace of jajangmyeon, which is a Korean Chinese dish.
Total price - 13,500 KRW ($12.64)
Taxi from Incheon to Airport - 37,500 KRW ($35.12)
We were so tired, we decided to take a taxi back to the airport. And it proved to be much easier and not that expensive than public transportation. I’d recommend just taking a taxi if you go to Incheon during your airport layover.
MUSIC: From the underground - goo.gl/HwVjdo
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Jan 14, 2018




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Comments 2 921
Tyrell Simanu
Tyrell Simanu 18 hours ago
How often do you need to poo after u eat all that chilli topped with a nice warm coffee
Planetone. 4 days ago
You the man Mark, that Korean food looks delicious!😋 what a life!
Argon Ice
Argon Ice 4 days ago
You like very spicy food!!! Annyeonghigeseo? Is good bye and Annyeonghaseo is good bye also, mightbe !! Original jajangmyeon i want to eat!!
Gamerz Realm
Gamerz Realm 5 days ago
bro, i want to travel and eat too but im broke.
Hyun cheoul Kim
Hyun cheoul Kim 6 days ago
I would like to do imitate his way to eat! He always looked happiest guy!
utubes dumb
utubes dumb 7 days ago
mark you are mentaly ill
samdup bhutia
samdup bhutia 8 days ago
East or west mark Wien's is THE best and Chilli master 😛
dajake500 8 days ago
JjaJjangMyon is what Koreans consider as Chinese food but oddly it can't be found in China. If you ask for it in China, they won't know what it is. They have somewhat similar named dish in China but it won't taste anything like one in Korea. In LA though, you can go to Chinese-Korean Chinese Restaurant and get one easily cooked for you. Yum.
Tenzin Sozin
Tenzin Sozin 10 days ago
Omg I want to eat KFC Korean Fried Chicken So badly, the crunchy, savoury spicy one
TheChief 11 days ago
"pretty awesome actually"...no Mark you're awesome!
TheChief 11 days ago
Thank you for your videos Mark, it always brings a smile to my face, even when its gloomy inside.
shin james
shin james 11 days ago
u are very amazing like to know korea better than me. thinking that u are used to korea a little bit even it will be difficult for foreigners. there are some ppl who suffer from adaping new environment and needing more information to know better of korea. sun down is also good in incheon airport it will be good scnery
shin james
shin james 11 days ago
the best of this clip is fried chicken and korean style jajangmyon. these things are representive foods of korea. u choosed right thing even i dont know the taste of jjm but most jjm in china town are high quality. me is also like jjm very much just trying once a week. but careful of glut. it will be gluttly easy.
shin james
shin james 11 days ago
very great that u visited incheon. that maket is also famout for koreans espeically living in incheon. i also got some chance going there with friends but just refused going to seoul. most foods in incheon are cheaper than other places even quality is also good. very amazing that u visited incheon like that even we could be encounted in the streets or airport haha. very thankful that u introduce korean foods like that.
정웅교 14 days ago
Whos eat jjajang myun and mandoo?
정웅교 14 days ago
짜장면,만두 먹는게 조작
David Y
David Y 17 days ago
Fun fact - if you visit Korea for a few days you're guaranteed to gain a few pounds. I really miss Korea immensely.. the food is top notch as well as the service.
joanna nama
joanna nama 19 days ago
This man pay to eat all he wants and travel all around the world life goals😍
Spirit Travels
Spirit Travels 19 days ago
Who produces the video and music. His wife?
Zhenlong Yen
Zhenlong Yen 21 day ago
나는 왜 밤12시에 이걸 보고 있는가
!? 21 day ago
0도? 따뜻할때 왔네ㅋㅋㅋ 12~3월사이에 왔으면 기절했을거다ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Vm Suraj
Vm Suraj 22 days ago
chicken with loded chill - mark : it's sweet and not at all spicy! Chills - AM I joke to u 😂😂😂
Shoua Yang
Shoua Yang 24 days ago
On a layover like that, do you need a visa to exit the airport?? Or leave the airport and go into the city???
Mr.farveez Farveez
Mr.farveez Farveez 25 days ago
R u interesting man broo.. I am a korean chef
Cooking recipe심플요리
Korean food good❤❤❤🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🖐🖐🖐💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Gemini Thibea
Gemini Thibea 25 days ago
Damn you stuck all that in your mouth 😅😂😂😂
Chef 26 days ago
Wait how long was your layover again?
Mike Chon
Mike Chon 26 days ago
Black sauce on the side is for you to dip with a piece of raw onion and eat it like a side dish. Don’t mix that black sauce with noodle. :) FYI
Julie 27 days ago
when Koreans travel to America, they say the food is too salty. when people travel to Korea, they say the food is too sweet lol
한그릇 레시피 easy recipes at home
Incheon!!!!!!! This is where I live now .There are so many delicious food!!!!!!!
Mr NoName
Mr NoName Month ago
-1c to cold? duude wtf xD thats like summer xD
한CharleeK. Choi
Mark, Korean BBQ, Korean, delicious savory chicken, Korean snacks and one of my favorite food jajangmyeon and jampong.
Empires&puzzles BEAST
😋👍 Try spicy kimchi at Daejeon. Welcome🇰🇷 드디어 당신이 한국 왔내요~ 한국에는 맛있는 음식 아주 많아요 즐거운 한국여행 되세요~🤘
right person
right person Month ago
Mark come to Canada 🇨🇦 n try our multicultural economy n most importantly our cold weather which goes below -25 degree C.
Carlos J.
Carlos J. Month ago
Okay, so when are you going to be invited to the First We Feast channel here on youtube? I'd like to see you there.
Flagg Staff
Flagg Staff Month ago
The food at the restaurant w/the lady looked best w/sweet fried chicken.
Cristina Perez
Cristina Perez Month ago
Everything looks delicious 😋 💙
Эльда Цхай
Марк большой молодец!
pelo Month ago
12:02 no te lo puedes comer en dos bocados? asi dudo que disfrutes de nada.
Max Millman
Max Millman Month ago
22:17 such a satisfying snipping sound when he cuts the noodles
chung hom
chung hom Month ago
Rohit Ghimire
Rohit Ghimire Month ago
I recommend you to come in nepal
YongJin Park
YongJin Park Month ago
Mark, it is totally not acceptable. You are torturing me with those yummy foods. You are just killing me, man!
Cheema Sukh
Cheema Sukh Month ago
All dishes are tasty 😋😋😋😋
Youngmin Kim
Youngmin Kim Month ago
honestly, most amazing things is in his video, he even ate lots of food, but he never get fat. i am a korean, i know that food which is heavy caloris. i think he ate that all food just one day, but i have no idea how he could eat all for one day. he is most awesome guy ever i know:) anyway i love mark!
siboniso brian
siboniso brian Month ago
E Korea kudliwa imbati lento encinza kanje emzimbeni tjo!
Randolph Gaines Sr
I Love what you do mark....Thanks for sharing, please keep them coming.
유현준 Month ago
15:27 DDA ★
Vijay Month ago
In the next birth I want to born as you man!
Oh When?
Oh When? Month ago
All Korean savory foods are related with rice. They make food salty or hot because to eat rice ,so if you try Korean foods with rice it's better and that's real Korean way.
Tsino Caballero
Tsino Caballero Month ago
heyy mark is your wife is filipino???
Ahmad Abraham
Ahmad Abraham Month ago
I'm a huge admirer of your page you reinvigorated my passion back in to food thank you Mark.
Angelina Lindo
Angelina Lindo Month ago
mark please go to Dominican republic
Hugo Roman
Hugo Roman Month ago
Oooooo yeaaah thats raw 😂😂😂
Laura Pearson
Laura Pearson Month ago
Wow, Mark...you have a big mouth!
올치잘한다 Month ago
bbq wow~~
Lady Autumn Ra
Lady Autumn Ra 2 months ago
All of the food looks so delicious 😍😍😍
MANFROMMARS 2 months ago
2:34 thank me later guys 😍😍😍😍
Mary Catherine Love
Mary Catherine Love 2 months ago
Food?? Where's the health
Mary Catherine Love
Mary Catherine Love 2 months ago
Too much noodles. Seems so unhealthy. Why don't they mix it before you get it???
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