Korean & Chinese People Swap Breakfasts

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#FoodSwap #Breakfasts #NewMiddleClass
New Middle Class
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Sep 23, 2019




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Comments 80
OSSC 8 months ago
We sincerely apologies for the late posting. It was supposed to be posted a day earlier, but it took more time to edit than we expected. We hope you guys enjoy this video and share it to your friends. We are thankful to you for watching our videos!
Kittystar 707
Kittystar 707 7 months ago
@nyansan ur a bastard kyun.
s 7 months ago
The video was great! Could you please post their recipes? I would love to try these at my home in Canada!
nyansan 7 months ago
The music is so bad
meowzy 7 months ago
Please don’t mind assholes like this person above me. 😾 I enjoyed the video very much.
Produce be-fair 101
Produce be-fair 101 8 months ago
No problem!! I loved it!!
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 29 days ago
Korean language sounds so much prettier than Chinese sorry no offense
Aries_Soup Month ago
"how do you say you're pretty in Chinese?" that was so smooth dude
Suga's hoe
Suga's hoe Month ago
Chinese food scares me(not because of the dogs) but korean food looks more delicious
Rob W
Rob W Month ago
Who eats 麻辣香锅 for breakfast? damn they must have 拉肚子 all the time
Ame Kami
Ame Kami 2 months ago
9:38 why did the Chinese women whip out some perfect korean lol
chewchew74 2 months ago
저것들이 한국 점심/저녁을 아침이라고 맥이네.. 요즘 애들은,,, 생각이
rj1 trrc
rj1 trrc 3 months ago
just cause you eat kimchi everyday doesnt mean you could handle korean spice
Alex T
Alex T 3 months ago
China...the land of viruses and military haircuts for both men and women. Lol
Sun Block
Sun Block 3 months ago
I can barely hear them speak over the loud music. Difficult to understand them talk
SuperSuper-Z-Man 3 months ago
I would save so much money if I ate breakfasts like these. I sacrifice breakfast for sleep, so, toast & banana w/ orange juice it is. Tuna if I wake up early lol
Tiare Nei
Tiare Nei 4 months ago
I really like this video. Shows their appreciation for each others cultures. Food always brings people together, of course❤😆
Vern Lala
Vern Lala 4 months ago
The woman in the black shirt is absolutely gorgeous!
db 4 months ago
I think cantonese breakfast has more varieties. Unfortunately, now a days china's portrayed through northern chinese cultures versus southern.
Patty Chan
Patty Chan 4 months ago
We need recipes!!
Hizn 4 months ago
Great vid bt the music tho its too overpowering
Shane Simpson
Shane Simpson 4 months ago
Beef and Radish soup sounds and looks incredible!!! I usually eat kimchi scrambled eggs with tomato slices on the side. I’m definitely going to try to make the soup. Awesome video!
Potato XD
Potato XD 5 months ago
7:18 - 8:54 why is he sticking his chopsticks into his rice like incense
KOREA S. 5 months ago
쇠고기 무국은 너무했자너 . . ..
PureAwkwardness 5 months ago
Korean and Japanese People Swap Breakfasts
JacquelineCRIA 5 months ago
China is so big that I bet there is so much left unsaid. Like in Mexico the country has so many different things in a city versus a town like a traditional breakfast when I was a kid was beans homemade tortillas,homemade cheese and avocado from the avocado trees. And salsa and when I got older I would drink coffee. Like sure there's chilaquiles, huevos con chorizo idk but mostly we ate beans.
sybol chris
sybol chris 5 months ago
sybol chris
sybol chris 5 months ago
Clara Hong
Clara Hong 5 months ago
background music too loud :(
Xotic Sinx
Xotic Sinx 5 months ago
first thing that came to mind was don't they eat the same thing. im sorry.
Jacky Vasquez
Jacky Vasquez 5 months ago
I like this I love to learn about other cultures 💕
OTrizy 5 months ago
0:26 why only one person introduced themselves....? editing mistake?
Sidney Boo
Sidney Boo 5 months ago
all these recipes aren't typical breakfast at all which makes it so refreshing to see because its THEIR local recipe. Love! Thank you
mu 木
mu 木 5 months ago
I can understand both Chinese and Korean (mostly) but I still had to read the subtitles for almost everything they were saying cuz the music was so loud 😫. But the food looks so good :)
Bo Wang
Bo Wang 5 months ago
Nan M
Nan M 5 months ago
Nobody in China eats Mala Xiangguo for breakfast. Not even for brunch. It’s just too heavy to be the first meal of the day. If it is true what the guy said, his family would really be a rare exception, maybe 1 in 10000.
No Newfriends
No Newfriends 5 months ago
That korean fried rice looked soo good. It all looked good actually.
Wenmin Fang
Wenmin Fang 5 months ago
nicole 5 months ago
the guy in the hat and the girl with the blue top seem like they would be cute friends (or a cute couple 😍) they both have very sweet personalities
rabbit white
rabbit white 5 months ago
8.32 open a store???
rabbit white
rabbit white 5 months ago
Mala 好多啊????
Sara Chang
Sara Chang 5 months ago
Kimbap is a SUSHI. A Korean copy cat dish
mariaaying 5 months ago
The eating part was the best part 😂
L L 5 months ago
Bishh Wahh
Bishh Wahh 5 months ago
Is it just me but do the girls seem awkward with each other 😂
Irun Mon
Irun Mon 5 months ago
thanks for the subtitle because i had to mute the video, it's so distracting
Gaby Nava
Gaby Nava 5 months ago
1:40 that girl looks so much like me its scary lol, i think she is prettier tho because i am hispanic and have a little bit more mexican features.
nicole 5 months ago
Gaby Nava i think latino features are very beautiful 💕
biizu 5 months ago
you could do a little less on that background music. it is way too overwhelming.
Li Liu
Li Liu 5 months ago
Separated by countries, these two look alike. Yet, the girl is from Shandong, which is close to South Korea. 8:00
Nickolas Abbott
Nickolas Abbott 5 months ago
When I wake up late on a weekend I make a sandwich
Alexis Rains
Alexis Rains 5 months ago
The Chinese girl in the Givenchy shirt is so pretty omg
Andy 5 months ago
I want korean breakfast haha! So flavorful 🤗
Яньна Чэнь
Яньна Чэнь 5 months ago
Asri Purwanti
Asri Purwanti 5 months ago
I want the recipe of that tomato noodles
Jessica Robinson
Jessica Robinson 5 months ago
Everything looks so delicious, too bad their recipes aren't listed...
R&B Soul
R&B Soul 5 months ago
Please do an episode of Korean and Filipino swap breakfast😍😍😍😍🤙
Mike Dang
Mike Dang 5 months ago
The background music is unnecessary and OVERWHELMINGLY loud. Even if we can't understand them it's nice to be able to hear them and what they're doing.
bankslife 5 months ago
I feel that when you understand the language, either or both, the music is not so bothersome. I didn’t notice!
Yuwen T
Yuwen T 5 months ago
But which part of China? Four hours of driving in China can lead to completely different breakfast.
陈文辉 6 months ago
Lucas Huang
Lucas Huang 6 months ago
sybol chris
sybol chris 5 months ago
陈文辉 6 months ago
Xu Chen
Xu Chen 6 months ago
The Chinese girl looks so Korean, while the Korean looks so Chinese. Typical Chinese breakfast food includes congee, noodles, dumplings, wonton soup, baozi (bum), jiaozi(dumpling), youtiao, pancake, etc.
Gloria 6 months ago
Wow great video, definitely need more
XW Ah 6 months ago
Y am I torturing myself?? Lol the Chinese breakfast and food varies from city to city
Nehco Oahnait
Nehco Oahnait 6 months ago
很多人早上在外面买包子/煎饼果子/油条等等等等... 小区单位学校门口啦政府早餐工程啦...早上自己做早餐现在感觉都是很遥远的事情了◉‿◉
Mazhar Fakhar
Mazhar Fakhar 6 months ago
All I can hear is the backing track :(
tank black
tank black 6 months ago
Sounds tasty, but I will have cold pizza and a beer for breakfast.
K Nabila
K Nabila 6 months ago
The concept is amazing and I have enjoyed the whole episode thoroughly. Please do a swap with Bangladeshi cuisine. Our food is very delicious
john snow
john snow 6 months ago
Free Hong Kong
birdyLOL 6 months ago
can you link the songs used pls? thanks!
z y
z y 6 months ago
Here is a Poor Chinese haven’t eaten breakfast for 3 years in America. Here if you wake up 7 am you need to cook yourself
Nivelle 6 months ago
대한민국에 아침에 집에서 김밥 먹는 새끼 누가있을까
DJ Sapien
DJ Sapien 6 months ago
Americans eat like shit, especially breakfast. On that we can all agree I'm sure.😂
z y
z y 6 months ago
but brunch is generally good
카너In China
카너In China 6 months ago
중국 요리 물론 맛있지만 거의 대부분 한국인에게 연속으로 며칠동안 먹으라고 하면 힘들죠 ㅎ
Caramelt 6 months ago
Im chinese and I absolutely love korean food. This is amazing!
Steven Kuang
Steven Kuang 6 months ago
早上吃麻辣香锅 skr狼人啊哈哈哈
Q Z 6 months ago
Mala Xiang Guo for breakfast????
daphy the alien
daphy the alien 6 months ago
The music is too loud, i can barely hear thrm buuut the video is interesting n the food looks delicious
taki p
taki p 6 months ago
중국분들이 제 댓글을 꼬봐주셨음 좋겠네요 Free hongkong! free tibet! Taiwan NO.1
AMOS SHAO 6 months ago
Who will eat malaxiangguo for breakfast? crazy.
부엉이 6 months ago
중국에서 중국음식먹어본 느낌으론 줜나 줮같음
gatsbi007 6 months ago
I don’t eat kimbap for breakfast. Would be nice to have it though
ᆞᆞ** 6 months ago
나:이제 자야겠다 유튜브:너 중국아침식사 궁금하냐?
furious boi
furious boi 6 months ago
Am filipino I've been in china 2 times and in Korea 1 just 1 time but the food in Korea is more tastier china foods are simple
김민주 6 months ago
김밥은.... 아침식사일까?...... 구내식당에서 먹으면 모르것다...
Z. P.
Z. P. 6 months ago
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