Koenigsegg Gemera & Jesko Absolut arriving at Puerto Banus, Marbella

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Jul 24, 2020




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Gokul M
Gokul M 3 hours ago
Can anyone tell me the exact paint of that car?
Ten Bb
Ten Bb Day ago
Duy Nghiem Nguyen
What i have seen makes me confused. A 1,7 Million Euro Car seems not to have a 360 degree camera.
Gilson Rocha
Gilson Rocha 4 days ago
A onde q é isso?? q lugar no mundo fica essa loja?? 🇧🇷
mohit korram
mohit korram 7 days ago
Oh man.. That pink..guy. I hate him..
zam bahro
zam bahro 14 days ago
i'm worried with the guy with segway
Camino al éxito
Camino al éxito 14 days ago
jajajajaja menudos mancos que no saben ni aparcar un puto coche jajjajajajajjajaja dios mio que espectaculo tan lamentable
Good Boi Official
Good Boi Official 14 days ago
Track lord meets drag lord Jesko Absolut my fav
Anouar Juanito
Anouar Juanito 15 days ago
He has something from the porsche taycan
Niek van Wijk
Niek van Wijk 17 days ago
I want that gemera so bad
Dogo argentino Vito
Idiots.. jezus
Mo 18 days ago
Why is that guy that bad at parking it
Eudald Guell
Eudald Guell 18 days ago
I saw the same with a red 918 in bcn
Niklas Holmgren
Niklas Holmgren 19 days ago
Yet another Swedish beauty 🇸🇪🇸🇪
Brian Goslett
Brian Goslett 19 days ago
How is it his shirt is so wet but everyone is OK
Drmcx 20 days ago
6:04 Nej det er en hybridbil. Kan du ikke se udstødnigsrørene på toppen? Lol.
Basketball Nation
Basketball Nation 20 days ago
jesko is gonna be the fastest car for the next 2 to 3 years
vince hoops
vince hoops 20 days ago
I didn't know that mercedes ang Koenigsegg are partners
Blaupause 20 days ago
Ey: Please dont make a science out of parking. Thanks.
Joel Ngandu
Joel Ngandu 20 days ago
2:34 that guy in the background let his girlfriend’s hand to take a picture 😂😂
Jack 26 rus
Jack 26 rus 22 days ago
8:55 Мужик аж пропотел.
Gym of simulation, Miscellaneous simulation
Use a BB to kiss the appearance of his sports car! Ha
Symbianoth bell
Symbianoth bell 23 days ago
This is what i call future technology
Ayodele Afolabi
Ayodele Afolabi 24 days ago
Very bad location for the dealership
-Human 24 days ago
Why y'all freaking out about touching car?
Quoc Viet
Quoc Viet 24 days ago
Quá tuyệt. Quá đẹp.
Ryan Riofebrian
Ryan Riofebrian 26 days ago
Like Bugatti atlantic
Ryan Riofebrian
Ryan Riofebrian 26 days ago
This is like Bugatti chiron
Charlie Mccameron
Charlie Mccameron 27 days ago
Can't believe how bad a driver they have to deliver the cars :0
Guillaume Benoit
Guillaume Benoit 29 days ago
Elle et nul elle et électrique
ozan ekici
ozan ekici Month ago
Vitalis Geraldo
Vitalis Geraldo Month ago
Porsche Panamera and Lamborghini had a baby 🤣🤣🤣 and it's awesome
kping lee
kping lee Month ago
Victor Aguilarl
Victor Aguilarl Month ago
VAprod Month ago
I fell in love with this car !!
Cartagena mi música salsa Bella
Lo más relevante del video fue las 10 putas que pasaron a partir del minuto 11:45
sebahattin ozmen
Gemera is my favorite car.
Djalil Stig
Djalil Stig Month ago
The dudes in gray are useless
yesirbilici Month ago
Cok guzel lan kedi yavrusu gibi ama icinde panter var:)
Otacilio Felix Junior
Esta en Marbella España👻
#in66 Month ago
Электроусилитель как на xray шумит)
All Videos
All Videos Month ago
That random dude just touching it 🤣🤣
Alpha Male
Alpha Male Month ago
Now the real "Richie's" be like: need a chauffeur for my new Koenigsegg Gemera.👍🤣😂
Alpha Male
Alpha Male Month ago
Koenigsegg Gemera is a family hyper car and cost $1.7 million for the base model plus maintenance.
야털TV Month ago
실내가 창렬인데...
Comprei e Testei
Seu Antonho molhou a camisa rosa.
Gustavo Cea
Gustavo Cea Month ago
Sos tonto o no te das cuenta
Gustavo Cea
Gustavo Cea Month ago
Gustavo Cea
Gustavo Cea Month ago
Son mierda
Gustavo Cea
Gustavo Cea Month ago
Se fueron todos
steli Month ago
don't drink and drive.
Debian Month ago
Every car company brand should install an alcohol test inside for the driver to test the drunk state of the driver and the car does not start if it is in a drunken state, only in this way can we save lives.
Naiire Month ago
Gray shirt guy looks like uncle Ron
Drift Crimea
Drift Crimea Month ago
Gemera, the height of perfection. But why such a poor dashboard? Why is the driver trying to enter the box for so long? And what about the steering wheel in the cover on the second car? Guys, you are making art and you don't have electric rolls. This is not serious.
Tropic Month ago
After a quick stop at Jon Olson’s house
uwe Month ago
Santiago Ybarra
Santiago Ybarra Month ago
Que preciosidad en suelo español
Mamas Dimas
Mamas Dimas Month ago
I still like a agera R
USAFman88 Month ago
I must say, the gemera sounds pretty horrendous, in that state at least.
J SANCHEZ Month ago
Pink shirt wants all the attention. Dude is just a car delivery not a presidential visit
Never Give Up
Never Give Up Month ago
The worst expensive car transportation I've ever seen...
Star_Lord85 Month ago
Suddenly i felt poor or i'm :D by the way put your mask on there is still covid
Miscellaneous Entertainment
Buy a car that expensive and then hire a 5 men crew to chase you to assist parking on daily basis. Just saying haha
El domador 05
El domador 05 Month ago
Que estresante,parecia que estaba maniobrando con un camión🤦🤦
Patrick Bernie
Patrick Bernie Month ago
Not one of these idiots knows how to manoeuvre a car.
منوعات variaties
viko setiawan
viko setiawan Month ago
Kawin silang maclaren Ama Supra nii😂
JESUS is BOSS Month ago
Wht a junk
Lyudvig Xachatryan
Bzo gexam xelar hovo
walbaso Month ago
O carro é espetacular, mas essa técnica de entrega é ridícula, precisar da ajuda de pedestres para manobrar o carro....
Mr Bollo
Mr Bollo Month ago
Que peeedo, al primer conductor lo dirigen demasiado, está muy PENDEJO o que 🤔
Geovany Fabian Gonzales Portal Salmon
I’m crazy or is an electric car
Posh Moguls
Posh Moguls Month ago
The perfect SuperCar! Yes!!!
Salvatore Milano
Belle auto...ma i due personaggi, è meglio che vanno a pescare.
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Month ago
Creo que ese conductor nesecita a ayuda
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Month ago
Y también creo que esa entrega era todo un desastre
Ronnie Ronnie
Ronnie Ronnie Month ago
Other cars look so basic after seeing this 😔
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe Month ago
interesting video
Kichwa Tembo
Kichwa Tembo Month ago
Am I the only one that thinks an 1800 horsepower SUV is in the pipeline? Call it the "Humm'era"
Noise By
Noise By Month ago
Beautiful car❤️
Brayan Bustos
Brayan Bustos Month ago
Ese carro va andar por las calles de la cdmx
tracelevel Month ago
Die einen brauchen das Geld zum Überleben die anderen besitzen es
Rune Olderkjær
Rune Olderkjær Month ago
Was It their grandmother handling the steering of the Gemera ??
Juan Simon Martinez
El gemera tiene el logo de don koenesg
Максим Иванов
Позорище зачем сажать за руль дебила который не может ехать без помощи другого дебила.
jijock 89
jijock 89 Month ago
*Bismillah yang mampir semoga sehat selalu amin di tunggu kembalian nya terimakasih* *DI TUNGGU*
Kebap sever ibrahim Metin Özcan
0:20 McLaren?
Wendra Doank
Wendra Doank Month ago
Stupid driver
Angel Man
Angel Man Month ago
Hermoso pero el color es muy feo, parece poxipol.
Zade Maaytah
Zade Maaytah Month ago
Mercedes Benz delivering this, haha, savage!!
Rosario Spina
Rosario Spina Month ago
Scheise auto
Hte Month ago
The last one was the jesko absolute?
Chris huang
Chris huang Month ago
nice car but bad color
Chris huang
Chris huang Month ago
so cooooool
Black Jack
Black Jack Month ago
Они тупые или прикидываются!
JTR ChanneL
JTR ChanneL Month ago
+62 ........masuukk
:/ Month ago
wait how can you operate car from outside steering wheel
Triska Satriyo
Triska Satriyo Month ago
02:12 i thought that chainsaw noise coming from the koenigsegg car 😹
lefroy1 Month ago
Flat grey is such a duff color. It screams 2015 resto-rod, not 2020 hypercar.
120 POUND SOUND Month ago
2 cars 1 video.... I'm in the wrong part of the internet. 😱🤣
jonathan chuah
jonathan chuah Month ago
what happen to the wiper? antenna??
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