Kobe 'doesn't care' about the NBA GOAT debate - Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Kobe Bryant's exclusive sit down with Mike Greenberg on the current state of the Los Angeles Lakers and more. Kobe also admits he doesn't care about the GOAT debate between NBA greats like LeBron James, Michael Jordan and others, because he's simply "moved on."
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Published on


Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 4 976
Hop Off
Hop Off 2 days ago
I’d take LeBron, but most players who faced both, choose Kobe, so black mamba it is🐍
Hash Moncrief
Hash Moncrief 3 days ago
Kobe don't care, he knows he's great, he don't care what anybody thinks about him, that what's makes him great, anybody that knocks Kobe Bryant says he's not a great basketball player, they're just jealous of Kobe's greatness, now just deal with it, and change your diaper
Vanessa Arauz
Vanessa Arauz 7 days ago
Mamba is a snake, mock my words, he will be a coach or operations manager
Account 2019
Account 2019 11 days ago
Why the hell wouldn't you care??? C'mon Kobe
Lee Unagi
Lee Unagi 16 days ago
Stephen "Fuckin' A" talking shit again. Kobe is a liar. He cares. And he thinks HE IS THE GOAT. Stop selling us BS stupid ESPN!
RJ CANILANG 17 days ago
I hate you SAS! You're nonsense
Justin Bruner
Justin Bruner 17 days ago
Reading comments.....How does Lebron James never play defense when he is a 5× all defensive first team? 2009 came in 2nd for DPOY and the cavs won 66 games.
Sammy Monteclaro
Sammy Monteclaro 18 days ago
what really the Meaning of Michael 2.0. it means the mentality of playing the ball in the court. Michael is the 1st GOAT. Kobe come as 2.0 being 2nd GOAT of the NBA. Never Talk about Lebron in the GOAT thing watch this first ruvid.net/video/video-LJsePvalAHM.html
James Brown
James Brown 18 days ago
LeBron James over Kobe you a kid or a dumbass
Namsatasman 19 days ago
Lol how do these guys even have a job doing this whack shit
Keyshawn Pascheal
Keyshawn Pascheal 19 days ago
Sports shows always have two sides. I don’t believe they even believe the side they are defending
Hiroomi Nase
Hiroomi Nase 19 days ago
Everybody here hating players while I'm here taking in the bad calls of the refs.
Craig Royce
Craig Royce 20 days ago
Idc about the goat debate neither kobe is and will always be my favorite athlete of all time and as an objective honest fan I can admit Jordan is greater but people need to stop lying kobe is just as skilled as any player if not the most skilled player I've ever seen live and on tv anything Jordan can do SKILL WISE kobe can do and make it look sexier lol he was an artist he wasn't obsessed with statistics because once upon a time we didn't judge players based on stats he just wanted to win and that got him 5 out of 7 rings
tyrone loki
tyrone loki 20 days ago
You know why lebron will never be the GOAT....very simple, HE FLOPS...PERIOD...you cannot sit there and tell me.he is the greatest when he is a flopper LOL
proplayaa1 20 days ago
Kobe is MY Goat.
Tony Stank
Tony Stank 21 day ago
I'm tired of people saying Shaq carried Kobe, how when this man averaged damn near identical numbers to Shaq in all their Finals games together.
Joseph Moya
Joseph Moya 21 day ago
Lebron is a beast! He's much bigger and stronger, so he should plow through players. Kobe was smaller, he used leverage. Both of these dudes are great players, both can play the game. Jordan is the best of his time. Kobe is the best of his time. Lebron is great, but Durant/Westbrook/Curry are right up there with him. You see, when Kobe played, there wasn't anyone to really compare to him with. It was always a Kobe vs Jordan type conversation. Durant/Westbrook/Curry/James were never part of that conversation when Kobe was playing. Everyone sort of already knew they were witnessing history when they watched him play. However, I don't know squat about football, so..
Dusts Dusts
Dusts Dusts 22 days ago
No way can lebron be like kobe. You should watch lebrons plays vs kobes. Kobe is an all around scorer. Bad thing about lebron he cant do post ups and one on one. Hes stronger than kobe but even a small guard or point guard can guard him in the paint or outside the paint. Lebron likes to flop its not what a high lvl legend player does. Most of kobes 3 points are contested why coz they know its gonna go in.
Da'Chase Williams
Da'Chase Williams 22 days ago
If Y’all can say Lebron’s better than Jordan then Kobe is better than all of em
Diskubre Channel
Diskubre Channel 22 days ago
Kobe has shutdown stars in his era like AI, Tmac, Carter, Garnett, Allen and a lot more What LBJ did in his era? he joined the stars. Only Kobe and MJ for me
The art of competition
actually you might say kobe had it cushier than lebron, he had the best franchise of all time, the best coach of all time debatebly the best center of all time debatably at a very young age. that first lakers team could have won three rings without kobe. he really earned the second two rings imo however.
Marlavine 35
Marlavine 35 23 days ago
1 week later...
Dokta B
Dokta B 24 days ago
Why do people say because Kobe wore 24 he was trying to be like Jordan when he wore 8 first. Lebron wears 23 and when he fist came in the league everyone was saying he wasnt trying to be like Jordan, he was doing it his own way. Now he trying to be like Jordan. come on now. Plus why does everyone say Lebron is a 4-5 way player when Lebron cant play in the post at all especially against bigger better defensive players. Lebron on posts up people way smaller than him. And even then he always fades away.
Tigga_Flex1 #BRzone
Kobe and Jordan is better than labron hands down
Lee Humbert
Lee Humbert 24 days ago
Max haiting ass
Martin Lorenzo
Martin Lorenzo 24 days ago
Peace on Earth
Peace on Earth 25 days ago
This may be the best reel I’ve seen of all tiine. Everyone please watch this and then form your opinion. Highlights start @2:50 mark. ruvid.net/video/video-hE9edTgkeuI.html OMG. How soon we’ve forgotten. No more Jordan comparisons. This man was in a league of his own.
Mr Barbados from birth One love
Mamba most skilled player....yesss?
Jay Money
Jay Money 25 days ago
Jordan answered Magics 5 rings with 6. LeBron answered Kobes 5 rings with 3...
Aarón Ríos Muñoz
Why you have in the program this guy from HBO Box, he do not know nothing about Basketball, only S A have a point.
Clash with suman
Clash with suman 26 days ago
Mamba did better than original 🔥🔥🔥 GOAT in skills
Tyson Chicken
Tyson Chicken 26 days ago
This Kobe vs Lebron thing has been getting heated lately
Young Humble
Young Humble 27 days ago
Fuck Jordan bald head ass Fuck LeBron bitch ass Kobe the goat 🐐 🐐 💪
Justin Asante
Justin Asante 27 days ago
Neither should we, what tf does it matter
Ice Fury, Director of Shield
Why does Molly never contribute to these conversations??
mark spannar
mark spannar 27 days ago
Kobe is a goat on raping girls.
Shank Bhardwaj
Shank Bhardwaj 27 days ago
He shouldn't cause he was never part of that debate
Rod Buycks
Rod Buycks 27 days ago
Did Max just say "health" after SAS sneezed!?😂😂 interesting....
NEW YORK 27 days ago
OLD people .. ugh!! (stay in your lane)
Luke Starbinski
Luke Starbinski 28 days ago
Brons the goat
Timothy Jacobs
Timothy Jacobs 28 days ago
Hate to say, but Max is spot on... we all respect Kobe's approach to the game and his 'mamba mentality', but the fact is, we dont think he's the goat because what he's done....WE HAVE ALREADY SEEN..ONLY BETTER IN MJ! carbon copies never get the same love and recognition as the original! **shrug**
charlolbj23 28 days ago
kobe isnt worried about the goat debate because he was never in the debate to begin with. there are certain skills and achievements that lebron has over jordan, but there is NOTHING kobe has over jordan. he’s just a poor man’s MJ, a little worse in every single aspect
kfc667 28 days ago
Kobe is obviously a better player than LeBron, the arguments are idiotic. It's so disrespectful for ESPN to completely bypass Kobe's name during their MJ & LeBron comparisons
Polo Shawty
Polo Shawty 28 days ago
Nobody never talks about Tim Duncan
Thanet Phoumsavanh
Thanet Phoumsavanh 28 days ago
4:43 Jordan and Magic had a baby So gay
Joey Gatsby
Joey Gatsby 28 days ago
It’s like molly asks a question, Steven A answers it and then Max says his own thing lol
Akil White
Akil White 28 days ago
Kobe The Greatest
Akil White
Akil White 28 days ago
Bron playing with tellitubies no real love for the game no more it's not felt like it use to be. Kobe 5 in the west Jordan 6 in the east
John Johns
John Johns 28 days ago
Kobe dont care about the "goat" debate because he's not in it
Bearded/Hemi Dean
Bearded/Hemi Dean 28 days ago
Kobe Bryant 5 times 5 times 5 times 5 times 5 times champion Lakers Legend
Bearded/Hemi Dean
Bearded/Hemi Dean 28 days ago
Kobe Bryant is Greatness
Javier Cano
Javier Cano 29 days ago
Lmao Kobe's just saying that because he knows nobody is mentioning him in that conversation outside of Kobe stans.
Javier smith
Javier smith 27 days ago
Most nba players
WuzohHitsBills 29 days ago
kobe was also robbed AT LEAST 1 mvp
marvin sanders
marvin sanders 29 days ago
i think the Lakers team want the King to look bad get rid of all of them nbs
Jeremy Teves
Jeremy Teves 29 days ago
Kobe is the 🐐
calgaryian 29 days ago
I settled the goat debate for myself years ago when I considered which one player in their prime from any era would I select first if I were drafting an All Time Greatest NBA Team to play against someone else's All Time Greatest NBA Team, and once that player was picked the other person couldn't select him too. If I head the first overall pick my choice was and still would be Michael Jordan.
calgaryian 29 days ago
If we are talking All Time Greatest NHL Team, as much as it pains me to say this as a Flames fan, my first overall pick would be Wayne Gretzky.
Pranay 29 days ago
Lebron is great, he has done a lot outside the court for future NBA player contracts and stars, but he screwed up too many times to compare to MJ or kobe. Every single youtube comment on any video about Lebron's 'greatness', especially when compared to kobe, sides with kobe, because for general NBA fans he isn't on the MJ level. That's just how it will always be, so good luck media with all the try-hard arguments about Lebron's performance on the court.
19 gt ghost
19 gt ghost 29 days ago
Kobe cares about everything.
Moises Galaz
Moises Galaz 29 days ago
Mamba Mentality. The Man had no quit.
DJ ALLDAY 29 days ago
***** NO LEBRON G.O.A.T. TALK HERE **** He got to finish & have a career stronger than this TOP 10 list 1. Bill Russel 2. Wilt Chamberlain 3. Micheal Jordan 4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 5. Kobe Bryant 5. Larry Bird 6. Shaquille O'Neal 7. Earvin "Magic" Johnson 8. Earl Monroe / Oscar Robinson 9. Julius Erving 10. Tim Duncan
corkystorky 29 days ago
The NBA logo, Jerry West, was 1-9 in terms of championships, Lebron got 3 out of 9, had to form the super cHeat team to do the first. This is also the battle of generations, we see the old schools how they played, before the dominance of the black players. The 80s and 90s showcased us to a brutal type of defense and Central presence. The new boys got elevated skills in terms of progress of international players. They have improved and innovated skill sets, but that did not translate or secure championships. The Jordan era saw both ends, been through it as well, as the old Jordan continued to put the fans in awe how he continued to dominate prime superstars, which Lebron faced in the early stage of his career. But then the post Jordan era classmates won championships: old Duncan and old Dirk Nowitzki against the super cHeat team. Then those guys are gone or way past their primes, then came steph curry and the soft defense league and the sharpshooters. Lebron is getting old, soon he cannot catch up with young talents: Oladipo, Mitchell, even Zion Williamson who shall come soon... the trip to the Finals had long gone. He can't keep up with defense to preserve energy for offense. But if we just focus on the vacuum of continuum where Lebron could be among the greats, he will be there, he will be great in the eyes of the millenials because they're proud to have him represent their era. It's fans who's trying to change the narratives for that matter. Pre-nba jordan won olympic gold and beyond, but lebron lost his first attempt when he was surrounded by superstars. It's the previous eras that will tell a more accurate narrative, when we witnessed pure basketball, era when it was called a man's game. There was Jordan-Kobe, then Kobe-Lebron, with Kobe tasting both, he is dismissing the chance to talk about GOAT because it disrespects him, because it's clear as daylight he is not in the discussion of GOAT, but as food taster. For him it must only be 'who is better, Jordan or Kobe' and 'who is better, Lebron or Kobe'. I can speak as fan, Phil Jackson can speak as a coach, Marv Albert can speak as a commentator, but Kobe was a player who collided with them, he is in the best position to tell which is which, but then, since he is being disrespected, he now refuses to speak about GOAT. Max had a slip up there, Jordan better than Kobe and Kobe better than Lebron. And you'll notice that he changed tone because he realized something went wrong in his narrative. He is there to be a democrat for Lebron at all cost, but remember the slip, the truth will always have a chance to poke it's head in the gutter once in a while.
Coleen Myel
Coleen Myel 29 days ago
Wanna know the differences of MJ-Kobe-Lebron views about the GOAT topic? Read this: MJ: "I don't want it in a sense because I think it disrespects Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West -- you know all the guys that prior to me I never had a chance to play against,". I would never say that I am the greatest player. That's because I never played against all the people that represented the league prior to Michael Jordan." Kobe Bryant: “It’s hard for people to believe, but I really don’t care,”... “I’ve moved on. “The best way to explain it is I typically do not engage in things that I cannot definitively win.” argue for what? Le3-6ron James: "That one right there made me THE greatest player of all-time," (when cavs beat the 73-9 GSW no Durant yet) "That's what I felt.".. "Everybody was just talking about how [the Warriors] were the greatest team of all-time, like, it was the greatest team ever assembled. For us to come back the way we came back in that fashion, I was, like, 'You did something special." “When you're good at something, you'll tell everyone. When you're great at something, they'll tell you.” ― Walter Payton (A Legend in NFL)
Bearstown19 Show
Bearstown19 Show 28 days ago
Walter Payton is babe ruth of Chicago!, Payton is NFL GOAT!,
Ryon Bachanlal
Ryon Bachanlal Month ago
LeGoat already claimed it.
Henny God
Henny God Month ago
No shit he doesn't. He's retired..Like what else is he gonna do? Lmao
Arthur.p x
Arthur.p x Month ago
LBJ won three championships in the East, but he has nine Finals experience!Now, he has come to the west, where there are more strong teams. I don't think he can enter the Western Conference finals before the end of his career.
Robert Beltran
Robert Beltran Month ago
The MJ-Lebron debate was manufactured by KLUTCH sports through the media. If you ask most fans and people who played in the league, they get upset that Kobe is bypassed by this people in the media like Max, Nick Wright and Shannon Sharpe.
gamerz skillz
gamerz skillz Month ago
He doesn't care cuz hes not in the conversation, but I do agree championship wise hes smarter and better than lebron.
Kevin Kim
Kevin Kim Month ago
There is no such thing as the GOAT.
Gurpreet Pottiwal
No, he does.
Renz Alfie Fernandez
Kobe is the best.. thats all baby
Barbara Tiengco Otot
Max Kellerman Nick Wright Shannon Sharpe Chris Broussard Ryan Hollins Dahntay Jones And Of course LBJ's Toughest Ass Licker The one and Only Colin Cowherd. LBJ's excuse team and hype team. They will degrade others or the era itself just to make LBJ's legacy great. 95% of the LBJ's topic they spoke about is all lies and ironically that is facts right there!
Big Balls
Big Balls Month ago
Max Kellerman wtf???
solephonic Month ago
i swear these sports pundits are wrong on their assessments and predictions 95 percent of the time...and that's being generous.
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas Month ago
Kobe that dude ..period
2 PAC Month ago
Robertob. Fry Cardoza
Max, you think Lebron did something new? Was MJ just doing the same old thing? he never innovated or changed anything? I respectfully disagree. Lebron really didn't do anything "new" aside from maybe giving birth to the super team.. in Miami.. the decision.. Mike lost for 7 years before winning his first title. He didn't decide to go play with Ewing or Barkley.. he smashed them.
Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena Month ago
Kobe is better than LeBron, media doesn't recognize they are responsible for LeBron being regarded where he does, NOT LeBron's play or accolades
Fabio Barroso
Fabio Barroso Month ago
Why this guy screams so much?
Burngag Apostol
Burngag Apostol Month ago
Why he would care about that. Because he also a GOAT
jovanz sayson
jovanz sayson Month ago
No GOAT. Because they are not played all the time. Fact
dat bmore nigga wit dreams
Kobe my goat. Fuk everybody else u mention
Amir Hassan
Amir Hassan Month ago
Leblocked better praise the lord for GP Ray Allen and Kyrie then Kobe for two gold medals and guarding the world’s other countries best player because him d wade iverson Duncan etc got two bronze medals before Kobe got on team USA 12 Times All defensive teams, who does that and drop 40 in everybody
Amir Hassan
Amir Hassan Month ago
On everybody
Mr Hater
Mr Hater Month ago
LeBron is better at: -Stats -Dunks -Three point shooting (in Kobe's era the three point shooting wasn't that important tho and the difference it's not really that much) -Playmaking -Post shooting -Being clutch -Not getting injured (not this year tho) -"PLAYOFF MODE" Kobe is better at: -Scoring -Winning -Mid range shooting -Free throw shooting -Ball Handling -Isolation -Being clutch *when it really matters* -Defense -Being savage -Trash talking (this is really important bois, basketball is better with some trash talking) -"MAMBA MENTALITY" 8 vs 11= Kobe is better
Daniel Ridore
Daniel Ridore Month ago
Kobe’s busy winning Oscars and writing and creating sports academy’s. I think he’s enjoying what he’s doing now after retirement. A lot of those retired guys aren’t doing what Kobe is and are stuck on their glory days.
Wis Dom
Wis Dom Month ago
Lebron's Journey = An Elevator Kobe's Journey = A Flight of Stairs. Jordan's Jorney = Mt Everest. That's what separates the fan kids shouting numbers to the actual legends who know the game of basketball.
What is Stephen A even talking about? Max has the better of this one. It's not surprising that Kobe isn't interested in the GOAT debate. He's not really part of it.
Jasmine Carter
Jasmine Carter Month ago
Just for men doesn't cost a lot Max. Go to CVS stat. Please.
Sam/u/raj Month ago
To say that James is better than Kobe is just stupid, only retarded people will say that.
Enter At Your Own Risk
I'm rolling with my man Kobe over everybody, over the entire field & there's nothing anyone can say to convince me otherwise! I've been watching hoop since 84 & seen all the greats play from that time on & Kobe is the most skilled offensive player I've ever seen play! There has never been anyone Kobe played against who was more skilled then Kobe or had a mental edge over the Mamba....
Gevorg Matevosyan
Kobe is far far better y’all can ask from the best MJ stop hating it’s not healthy.
Cris S
Cris S Month ago
This is a dumb conversation.
VT Month ago
Max you don't know shit about bball. You barely have an idea about boxing. Lebron is a good player, but he is not and never will be better than Kobe. Ever.
Aaron Attias
Aaron Attias Month ago
A real goat knows it’s a pointless debate
kyle albano
kyle albano Month ago
I would take kobe over LeBron any day. LeBron can’t even shot free throws this season. As big as he is he ain’t driving to the hoop and shooting more threes this year.
Coup0705 Month ago
LeBron did a new thing ? Nothing of his game is new. He is no leader. He was supposedly the best player in NBA yet need to jon Wade Heats. He never played much high level defense consistently and never get called out. He played in a very bad East in his prime. He had at least 2 prime all star with him for all his rings and still got swept twice. He was lucky that Spurs was merciful enough with a gentleman sweep.
Master Jedi
Master Jedi Month ago
I rather have Kobe Bryant killer mentally plays defense and wins
mike brown
mike brown Month ago
*Goat LeBron is a (center position) MJ and KOBE are (guard position) you can't compare them two to Goat LeBron*
Bikram Maan
Bikram Maan Month ago
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