Klay Thompson won't be leaving the Warriors following All-NBA snub - Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

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Jalen Rose explains why Klay Thompson's snub from an All-NBA team means that Thompson will not be leaving the Golden State Warriors during NBA free agency.
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Published on


May 25, 2019




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Comments 80
Samuel Doyle
Samuel Doyle 3 months ago
🔥🔥🔥 *🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀nice shoot🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀* 1:19 🔥 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🔥💃
Isaac Porter
Isaac Porter 3 months ago
🔥 *very nice* 1:09 ❤💙🖤 👇👇👇❣
Stuart Damon
Stuart Damon Year ago
Klay was robbed. GSW Forever!
James Pradibta
And now, what Jalon Rose said about Klay Thompson is absolutely right. 👏
Farid Musbah
Farid Musbah Year ago
Who da hell...? would deny themselves a 6th NBA Championship Ring...
Benidicto Perez
Klay , Steph and Draymond will not be leaving Warriors. If they do, all the orcas in bay area will cry.
stephen tubbs
stephen tubbs Year ago
$30 million is only $15 million after taxes.
Beach Waves
Beach Waves Year ago
How is it fair to have the media linked to these players money?! So that mean you have to always be nice to them, when they can say anything they want about the players? What! This system is messed up and need to go!
Jesse Alexander
He can sign a max 5 year and player option on 3rd year, opt out and get that money
Sailomyenh Sisanasunthon
Buy expensive guys but the team can't playoffs and no champion of NBA (No buy expensive guys come sit down collection money - sick guys )
Paolo Year ago
Jalen don’t understand rings
FG.Jakeeyy Year ago
Okay klay need to be a man n say fuck curry
Godzillatank Year ago
Klay should've made the third team over Kemba but other than that I thought all three teams were solid. Sure you could swap Kawhii and KD for PG and Giannis, but other than that I thought it was solid.
k c
k c Year ago
Kemba gonna take the bag and get traded by all star break. Just like how the clippers did blake
Seah Eng Tan
Seah Eng Tan Year ago
Yeah klay thompson is not leaving
Ethan Po
Ethan Po Year ago
Klay is so chill, now imagine KD heard this news.
kelemeno Year ago
Why in the absolute FUCK is Paul George over Kawhi on the 1st team, NBA? PG balled the fuck out but Kawhi had the same numbers with a better record as the ONLY legitimate star on his team and with a higher efficiency.
Brett Simmons
Brett Simmons Year ago
Jordan will never pay out that 80 million never gonna happen
jdfodio Year ago
They're acting as if Klay will be homeless now. It's 221M vs. 191M. Either way, he's not struggling. He didn't grow up poor. He's used to money. He plays for stats and status. Rings!
Quillan Jacobson
The fact Westbrick is on this list is an autrocity
AreLL Lio
AreLL Lio Year ago
Nba rigged
Ingemar Kenyatta
Typical American system. The wrong ppl making big decisions. And everyone knows its not right
Arjun Tantry
Arjun Tantry Year ago
All NBA team 3 is the worst of all NBA teams ever!
Robert Clawson
"You can go buy all of the rings you want." Priceless.
The Path Forward
The voters for these nba awards cannot be taken seriously. They vote based on opinion, being petty and vanity. Those things are useless in decision making.
Ernest Year ago
Bruh this all nba stuff having contract implications is straight bs. He has no control over getting on those rosters whats the point even? weird. Glad Jalen says it as well, its dumb as hell to let it be up to someone else especially the media
akvalues Year ago
Lavonte_2x Year ago
I don’t understand how one of the NBA’S best SG spot up shooter of this generation misses out on all nba team and instead of Klay you choose Kimba walker cmon now that’s the dumbest shit I’ve heard
Thomas Grande
Thomas Grande Year ago
Let's put this in perspective before thinking poor Klay can't catch a break.I mean speaking on the money alone a person making 100k a year would need 191 years to make what he will in 5. Also By staying he probably added 2 more rings to his collection making him a 5x NBA champion at minimum. Almost 200 million richer what a bumpy ride
Joe Zoc
Joe Zoc Year ago
I really don’t care that Klay missed out on 30 mill. He still can get 191mill. If you can’t be happy with 191mill. There is something wrong with you.
Shawn Gillum
Shawn Gillum Year ago
What's a snub?
Somregularguy Year ago
Everyone somehow forgot his inconsistent season
teny83 Year ago
People do a lot to distract the warriors from winning this years finals. Like dogging down durant and saying the warriors stephs team to klay aint leaving like they want him to. F out here haters.
teny83 Year ago
So i googled “how many rings have jalen rose won.” Google: Jalen rose NEVER won an nba championship ring is his 13 year career. Me: ok so jalens opinion dont matter. Money can buy rings smh.
C R Year ago
You know damn well the vultures like Colin Cowherd, Nick Wright, Shannon Sharpe don't take the voting seriously. They just shill for LeBron and try to screw over the players they personally fucking hate and attack on their show all the time.
slippery pete
slippery pete Year ago
Warriors are gonna max klay.
slippery pete
slippery pete Year ago
That’s gonna work out for the warriors.
DaBoyJosh Year ago
RUSELL WESTBRICK? Smh media has power.
unknown2day2 Year ago
Why does that nigga have a taper fade! He's too old to have that look.
Seth Bradley
Seth Bradley Year ago
Speaking of snubs, Myles Turner is better than Rudy Gobert...
Gazer Kickz
Gazer Kickz Year ago
Warriors are goofy if they seperate the team
OhNoTwist Year ago
Klay is more important to the success of the Warriors than Durant. As a pivotal player on one of the best teams ever, it is laughable he did not make it.
Shane Graham
Shane Graham Year ago
Glad Klay will most likely be staying I'm a warriors fan from the city. Klay take heart you are still blessed. Almost $ 2000000 not bad right and you get to stay with a team and system that fits your play perfectly. And then there's the rings. You could be an old rich guy played 25 years with no rings. Stay where you are loved you and Stephen fit together beautifully you are the splash brothers simply the best guard tandem currently and arguably of all time.
Ofri Efrat עפרי אפרת
Westbrook shouldn’t be on an all nba team
kylestroz51 Year ago
Omg I feel so bad he makes over 150 million dollars but he’s gonna make a bit less oh my what is he gonna do. He’s gonna go poor
rexxtheawsome Year ago
the issue is they picked 5 point guards and 4 small forwards, not that klay didnt make it. westbrook dont gotta be top 3 to be eligible so he can stat pad all day, while klay has to be top 3 AND better then 3 of the top 5 point gaurds. he doesn't have a 90% usage rate like harden so he stands no chance off stats. system is rigged
Ty E
Ty E Year ago
trust me its destiny for the worriors to have a team like this, steph last rookie game only had 5 players ready to play n some1 got injured so it was like 4 1/2 starting n steph still pulls it out wit a W the basketball Gods took noticed n delcared anointment
Nick Thorpe
Nick Thorpe Year ago
“The media has power ... if thats me, I’m getting along with them.” Sounds like he’s on a little power trip. The way he delivered that statement looked really bad on the media and reaffirms that they really shouldnt have that power.
L F Year ago
Jalen saying this because he's NEVER won a championship.
Oabona Mafote
Oabona Mafote Year ago
Y'all know too much... lol
VXJ 1 Year ago
I hope Clay Thompson torches the Raptors win another championship.
txhookemut Year ago
Man F*ck those rings! Get your money! The players are brainwashed. I’ve never heard an NBA owner say they would rather have a ring then money. Players sound stupid af when they say that. Then when your broke your rings end up on pawn stars. Smh. Get paid!
Rubben Delgado
The media and the league are fine their best to keep the Warriors from disbanding. They'd rather feed off the ratings of a super team instead of promoting competitiveness in the league.
SKA6ladiator Year ago
so does making the all NBA team only matter in a players contract ending year???
Javier Sparkman
Damian lillard made all nba second team wtf jalen rose is on drugs.
Mr Cobbs
Mr Cobbs Year ago
IllMatic95 Year ago
Blake griffin? all NBA teams 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Court Ben
Court Ben Year ago
I love golden state but for the average person working in the world 191 million vs 221 million what is more than what 99.9% of the human population will ever earn. Other than bragging rights how much more money does one person really need. If he get 191 million he would have made more money than almost anyone else in all of sports history. I think Klay is a more realistic and practical thinking person. If a scrub makes more on a loosing team good for them. From what I can tell it seems Klay appreciates that he is making the money he is making, has champion ships rings, is a critical part of a sports Dynasty without him they don't win any of those championships & is going to the hall of fame. Being on a Team with Curry and Durant two of the best players in the modern era of basket ball not everyone on a team will make top dollar. Klay is Curry's Pippen. I doubt Scotty Pippen for all his greatness thought that he should have been making more than Jordan. Long live Golden State. It seems these sports media broadcasters want to try to cause a conflict where there isn't one just to have something to talk & get a ratings boost. I think being that most of his NBA career has been on a winning team making history he will never go to a garbage team for a huge payday. If he is at the end of his career and someone wants to pay him a fortune then I would recommend taking the money. I personally am a huge Klay Thompson fan and hopes he stays with GS. If he were to ever leave I would still be a huge fan of his. Sorry for the Rant.
` ᴄʟᴏᴜᴛ ᴅᴇᴍoɴ
why tf would i leave .
Joseph Humphrey
To be truthful, Klay's season started with him being in one of the worst "cold shooting" streaks of his career! That played a role in him not being selected All-NBA!
Carla Jane Resnera
some media don't have integrity
K J Year ago
Nice pic of Nipsey Hussle on Jalen's wall.
wiley schmitt
wiley schmitt Year ago
There are too many bozos with a vote for this, Wilbon for example, and this system needs to change so that the right players get voted, and especially so that there aren't people taking bribes for their vote. Even though Jalen follows the league closely he has shown how his vote is worthless if he's having trouble on deciding between Gobert and Towns. Gobert was very deserving, and even Vucevic and Drummond were way more worthy of debate for that 3rd team compared to Towns who is just a regular season stat padder that can't play D if his life depended on it.
Charles Perkins
"Anti-racists" say there's a RACE problem. They say it'll be solved when non-Whites pour into ALL & ONLY White nations and "assimilate" to get a brown mixture. They say only White nations have this RACE problem; they say non-White nations are fine. If I object to my own genocide these "anti-racists" say I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. They say they're anti-racist. What they are is anti-White. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.
unpossible11 Year ago
I still don't get how people that play basketball and other sports received this much money. And people saving lives like doctors and people that serve don't get even half as much.
L.Pasteur Year ago
Based on his talent, demeanor and ability to be a team player, I'd rather have Klay than Kyrie.
Sea Pea
Sea Pea Year ago
Klay didnt care that he didnt make it. He just didnt want ti lose it to Kemba Walker. He didnt even flinch til he heard it was Kemba.
Tracy Williams
The wall behind them...legends
jzizzles Year ago
Kemba is overrated. wtf has he accomplished
Aaron Bingham
Aaron Bingham Year ago
So greed is better then being great. Got it
ThatFireGuy Year ago
Well if KD resigns with them he won’t have a choice lol
Martha Goebe
Martha Goebe Year ago
Suns still better than warriors #FACTZ
sleep early
sleep early Year ago
To avoid taxes, that 30mil will not be on the table, but under it. So, all is well.
Blessed Mrs V
Blessed Mrs V Year ago
I wouldnt leave the winning team either.
Gerald J Walls
if They Do Not Want To Continue Playing Warriors
Christ Cathedral Ministries International
Rudy should’ve been an All-Star
Spexy FN
Spexy FN Year ago
2 team would beat all teams
Gerald J Walls
I Would Pick Clay Thompson And Ogadayalla Sorry For The Mispelling For The Grizzlies
KING 2X Year ago
Switch Fan94
Switch Fan94 Year ago
Nah Klay is going to the Lakers
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