Kit Kat Eyeshadow Palette… Is it Jeffree Star Approved?

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! 🍫 Today I'm testing out the brand new delicious Kit Kat eyeshadow palette from the Korean brand Etude House! There are 2 flavors so I'm going to try out both and see if the formula is Jeffree Star Approved™ or a flop! 💯
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Comments 80
Kseniya Ryazanceva
Blood on other side Kitkat something shoking!your cheap are very this way expansive!🍭
Leslie Carroll
Leslie Carroll 7 days ago
There are three genders Female Male And JEFFREE
Sam Hasanpour
Sam Hasanpour 10 days ago
Please do a vid following a korean make up tutorial🙏🏻🙏🏻
So? 11 days ago
Bruh, I'm hungry and I just have dinner
Miranda Strickland
Miranda Strickland 11 days ago
Jeffree got metal straws? SkSkSkS and I oOp
Big Toe
Big Toe 12 days ago
So I'm Korean btw. So brown and nude colors are normally the main colors we wear. We aren't much for going craZy with makeup. We also wear blacks and natural colors. Reds, blues, greens, and most other colors aren't what we normally wear. If you are a Korean and wear more extravagant colors, sorry bout that. This is just what I know as a Korean myself. Love you Jeffree💜
Big Toe
Big Toe 12 days ago
Jeffree: $100 I always try to price very fair My mom: Nothing over $20 Me: sO fAir jEffReE😔
Khris Lee
Khris Lee 13 days ago
if you are Jeffree's fan, you'd know that HE CAN'T do anything WITHOUT SMELLING THE PRODUCT first.
Thom L.
Thom L. 15 days ago
COVID-19 self isolation = jeffree marathon 💯
Orlando Barrett
Orlando Barrett 16 days ago
What I’m I watching?
Christine I Guess
Christine I Guess 19 days ago
Ayo, korean here. We usually wear warm brown tones and soft pinks, and that red shade would probably be bold for us. Honestly, we usually stick to nudes, sheer pinks, light reds, and very little highlighting on our cheeks and under our eyes. But still loved your video!
abelisbebe 19 days ago
Well now i want a kit kat.
Max Zeanah
Max Zeanah 21 day ago
Why is he literally the only one on earth that looks good with no brows
Amaze Gacha
Amaze Gacha 23 days ago
Is anyone else not talking about the fact jeffree said " I will probably give it to nate to put some
Luciana T
Luciana T 23 days ago
jeffree we need a soft girl makeup tutorial✨🍑🦋😪🥴
Shramana Karmakar
Shramana Karmakar 25 days ago
They kinda gotta stop making food related makeup... it makes us hungry:-|
Phong Vũ
Phong Vũ 28 days ago
Is look like someone punch into his eyes :)
Carole-Anne De Kalbermatten
▪ 🌴🥇♥️♥️ 🥇🌴 ▪ YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL !!!! 🌴👌🦄👌 🌴 ☆
sweet brown
sweet brown Month ago
I dont know how to use makeup NEVER used it but I LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos dont know what your doing but love it ❤❤🥰🥰😍💋😘
Villanelle Month ago
The palette looks like lil' Kit Kat fingers. 😊
Carly Kent
Carly Kent Month ago
Jeffree Star can you do a makeup collab with a food brand? (Comment this on other videos so he sees!)
Chell Lewis
Chell Lewis Month ago
Im very inspired by js
Otaku Gurl 4 Lyfe
You should seen all of the Kit Kat flavors in Japan!
Colin Gooding
Colin Gooding Month ago
My makeup section is literally filled with jeffrey star makeup- Blue Blood,Alien,Magic Star,Blood Lust
Katniss Wood
Katniss Wood Month ago
korean people literally only use brown the pink are usually just there to add color
DIONYSUS Month ago
My daughter were like... mommy are you watching the boy again wearing make up? 😆
Whek Tiwlsnmg
Whek Tiwlsnmg Month ago
You should've used your finger.
Josie Coleman
Josie Coleman Month ago
I love your videos so much omg. And i so wish that you could see how my kids launch to my phone when they hear your voice when videos start 😂😂 my daughter thinks you are so pretty and my son just stares at the phone the whole time. We love you jeffree.
Vie Vey
Vie Vey Month ago
Damnnnn. In Asian, we are living for that Play colour eyes....
Mysty Mc
Mysty Mc Month ago
I love you girl. 😘
Kelsey Kolb
Kelsey Kolb Month ago
Imagine Jeffree working with a gummy brand!! Jelly highlighters, liquid eye shadows and of course amazing glosses!!!
Mishti Shah
Mishti Shah Month ago
"i can't stop smiling" awwww
Drea Month ago
''So not only is there a palette, there's FOOD'' lmao I love Jeffree
Daniella Espinosa
who is one year and one day late check
Emperor Palpatine
Exactly a year ago, queeen
Avantika Pandey
Avantika Pandey Month ago
I love you so much 😍
Anshika Dixit
Anshika Dixit Month ago
I have no particular interest in makeup but I still watch Jeffree's video because of how funny and cool he is
Hannah Hermes
Hannah Hermes Month ago
I love love love when Jeffree says "Miss thing" or "sickening"
Noah Shubert
Noah Shubert Month ago
2020 sad
Spirit Lehman
Spirit Lehman Month ago
Hay did you no that there is a game of thorn makeup palette and a chocolate makeup palette to l think you should get it
Dawn Dignum
Dawn Dignum Month ago
You should collabe with red bull and make a palette it would be soooo cool
Daniel Month ago
Love it
Albert Yusar
Albert Yusar Month ago
You are a boy but you want to be a girl
The weird Flex
The weird Flex Month ago
Oops !!...how could I not notice her missing eyebrows ..she looks completely normal and beautiful
Guadalupe Vanappel
Yo think we are rich or what no offense
Justine Soto
Justine Soto Month ago
Who is here after the Herseys review to rewatch this ? 😂😂😂
Cat Wells
Cat Wells Month ago
So I stan kpop. I'm picturing jeffree with the cute korean makeup and DYING.
aj55931 says hi
aj55931 says hi Month ago
How deep Jefferys voice gets when he says kitkats 0:15
Erales Month ago
Suddenly everyone is korean🧢
dashie's bbgurl
dashie's bbgurl Month ago
Here after Hershey's??
Sultana n
Sultana n Month ago
Who’s here after watching the Hershey chocolate mini video! 🙌🏼 Lol I’m watching this while eating KitKat
Duaa Ayub
Duaa Ayub Month ago
i can get those straws for 4 bucks at kmart
coffeebeann1 Month ago
No plastic straws.... you’ve got a friend in me 😁
Katie Castle
Katie Castle Month ago
Kit Kat also has an ice cream out
monica maria mclean
Sorry to hear about you and ex boyfriend
monica maria mclean
Jeffrey star you should make your own candy makeup
khanbibi Month ago
jefferee do you have plus size track suits
Poppy Degnan
Poppy Degnan Month ago
They should make a red bull pallet
Taetime Month ago
Omg yesss
YesArianna Month ago
8:47 😭🤣
Corryn Lowe
Corryn Lowe Month ago
Anyone here after watching the Hershey’s to compare or just me 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Riley Swope
Riley Swope Month ago
Comes here right after the Hershey video. Gets heart broken.
Rex Novida
Rex Novida Month ago
8:46 yeah. Samedt
doodlebob 123
doodlebob 123 Month ago
You should try wish makeup!!!!!!
Toco Cat
Toco Cat Month ago
Korean red it’s supposed to be bold
Caroline Kim
Caroline Kim Month ago
Who came here again after watching the Hershey’s review🍫 👇💕
h a p p i n a y e o n
Caroline Kim Me 🤭
Jai Jacob
Jai Jacob Month ago
came here after watching the hershey's review 💕
Cẩm Tú Ngô
Cẩm Tú Ngô Month ago
Có ai từ kênh của Giang ơi qua đây ko
anndrew semaganis
So so beautiful jeffree star beauty queen makeup :)
The A Cast
The A Cast Month ago
Anytime you’re having a bad day, our Queen Jeffree never fails to make it better!
Meherunnessa Raìsa
I'm a girl who doesn't Ever curse Not because I can't just because i don't want to But, like I LOVE JEFFREE 😅
Meherunnessa Raìsa
Kavik Runner
Kavik Runner Month ago
i love kit kats.
Callum Fitz-Patrick
Traci Patterson
Traci Patterson Month ago
Where can I send a case of chocolate goodies from Hershey to?
nikole brown
nikole brown Month ago
Jeffrey* There's food!!! Me* 😱😱😱😱😱
Rishabh Hardia
Rishabh Hardia Month ago
You are a boy .
Trisha Sharma
Trisha Sharma Month ago
I love the fact he launched reusable straws which is amazing cause it tells us he even cares about the environment at large.
Silver Siren
Silver Siren Month ago
Jeffree Star/Galaxy chocolate collab please. With bars of different galaxy chocolates and matching shades of lipstick.
Laurisse Lagera
Laurisse Lagera Month ago
Pls try the etude house HERSHEYS makeup
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