Kings Of Leon - The Bandit (Official Video)

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Kings of Leon // When You See Yourself // The New Album
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Director: Casey McGrath & Robert Smyth
Cinematographer: Janusz Kaminski & Nyk Allen
Editor: Adam Zuckerman
Color: Tom Poole @ Company 3
Creative agency: Night After Night
Production Company: HEAVY.tv
Producer: Jennifer Ansell
Hair & Makeup: Marwa Bashir
Wardrobe: Jessica Windsor
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"The Bandit"
Chiseled their names in stone
Heavy the load you tow
And the red horse is always close
And the fire don't burn below

200 miles to clear
Chasing a sound I hear
When the call brings them all to tears
And the hopes they all turn to fears

And they're walking around
With their heads in the cloud screaming
Must catch the bandit
Reckless abandon
Rundown and stranded
Must catch the bandit

Tracks in the dirt for days
Sniff out the fire ablaze
And the red door, it seems to sway
And it carries a heavy weight

And they're walking around
With their heads in the cloud screaming
Must catch the bandit
Reckless abandon
Rundown and stranded
Must catch the bandit

And they're walking around
With their heads in the cloud screaming
Must catch the bandit
Reckless abandon
Rundown and stranded
Must catch the bandit
#KingsOfLeon #WhenYouSeeYourself #TheBandit


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Jan 7, 2021




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Comments 100
dinopass123 23 minutes ago
This song is fine but it’s standard KOL song they can write in their sleep. It’s same as Supersoaker and Waste a Moment. Decent pop song that won’t be remembered
quifernet 3 hours ago
Rock rules!!!
halo hunter
halo hunter 4 hours ago
Sounds like an Interpol cover.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 5 hours ago
Music heaven
Shayne Felberg
Shayne Felberg 5 hours ago
This is my favorite off the new album so far!
Audio Nature
Audio Nature 6 hours ago
this is the fucking one
Philippe Cardin
Philippe Cardin 7 hours ago
Wow, nice tune!
Renata B.
Renata B. 11 hours ago
Ale grają ...👏❤❤❤
Leandro 19 hours ago
Good music, good vibes. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Samuel Lourenço
Samuel Lourenço 23 hours ago
Melhor banda do mundo! 🔥🔥
Luci Mônica Rabêlo
Best music ever
Cc Chaser
Cc Chaser Day ago
Just love these guys...for so damn long now. Came through once AGAIN
João Batista
Clap clap clap
wagner ferreira
Qualidade de música, excelente, número um na minha playlist!
Paul McArdle
Paul McArdle Day ago
Absolutely outstanding ❤
Messiah’s Journal
L R Day ago
Temazo ❤💫
Optional Dave UK
What a tune, love it 👍
Kaleigh Davis
"if it ain't broke, don't fix it." this album is on par with anything so far. kind of glad they're not trying to take some experimental road like "techno bluegrass" haha probably why they've been so solid for so long. they don't abandon their sound but depend on quality songwriting
Elvisantos Vilabelmiro
Fabrizio Balatti
It's so funny that when I've heard the chorus from this song I thought "wait a minute, this sounds like Coldplay?" When I googled the producers I see Markus Dravs, who previously worked with Arcade Fire and Coldplay. That explains the keyboards and grandious pop melodies.
Carlos Chavira
This band is a jewel that remains. Greetings from mexico.
Irene Day ago
niagara falls ontario
Ninoslav Ugljesa
Placebo- Ashtray heart?
jj harmon
jj harmon Day ago
Is it just me or Does it sound like the music drown his voice??? Kinda sad to here because I know he has a soulful voice.
Interested to know people's take on the lyrical meaning of this song...
Dr. Lisa Mowrey
I'm stranded
Has anyone else had a Texas-size man-crush on Matthew ever since they started? No just me? Ok that's cool. Forget I said anything. Have a good one. 🤦‍♂️
CareerVidz Day ago
THEY'RE BACK!! Tune! ❤️
Cc Chaser
Cc Chaser Day ago
Thank the lord. Just what we've all needed now. So grateful....never disappoint
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee Day ago
Yeah its like ok, we sort of miss it, were back lol. THANK YOU
KayJay Grulke
I like kings of Leon, but WTF is this new album, truly a let down from their past albums. I listened and felt like I had an injection of smack... get of the drugs and start rocking...!
Nathan Wright
It is way better than WALLS
Thib Aquinas
Thib Aquinas Day ago
We want more bandits of that kidney
B W Day ago
Eloá Ribeiro
Eloá Ribeiro 2 days ago
vtnc música boa da porra
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 2 days ago
Why the fuck do Mexicans love KOL and Morrissey so much?
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Day ago
Maybe, Nathan. Maybe.
Nathan Wright
Maybe they have better taste
Samir Metri
Samir Metri 2 days ago
Buena rola 😎👍
Marcio Artacho Frugiuele
Claudia Gracia Santa Cruz
Twedo 2 days ago
ik your watching this in 2031, pretty pog song huh
Vegan 2020
Vegan 2020 2 days ago
I love the song but some of the expressions on their faces are miserable as fuck
Roberto Tornovi
Roberto Tornovi 2 days ago
A me piace troppo!
Nick DuMont
Nick DuMont 2 days ago
Sometimes I wonder what Jared
Alexander Cacsire
Uffff temazo desde la primera vez que lo escuche no dejo de cantarlo o tararearlo por la mañanas . sin duda va a mi lista de canciones favoritas. Grandes KOL, gracias por el tema 😊☺🤘👍👍👍
Robby Fila
Robby Fila 2 days ago
I'm here because one of my good friends committed suicide and this was his favorite band before he died.
Robby Fila
Robby Fila 2 days ago
Looking for answers
Joe smith
Joe smith 2 days ago
Their best tune for a long time
Sandra Thomas
Sandra Thomas 2 days ago
I loved it . That was nice.
Kay Bowers
Kay Bowers 3 days ago
NFT album.... So in order to hear this album we have to pay $50 or you'll never hear it again??? In today's competitive market there is so much great music to select from. I'd sure like to listen to the whole thing before I pay.
Simon Edgbaston
Simon Edgbaston 3 days ago
🇺🇸🗽 Welcome back good song 🎸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
noelsolo61 3 days ago
Love this song.
thedukeofshepton 3 days ago
Still a great band - fresh as the day they first broke
Bruno Robledo
Bruno Robledo 3 days ago
OMG jared with a pbass😍
cricketcrigler 3 days ago
Love their music! Keep playing boys.
ThePaneas 3 days ago
Love new album, thank you for the music!
Luis Fernando Belmonte
Precision Bass!! Perfect 👏🏻
Rosaria Maria Ticozzi
La voce del cantante mi ricorda Peter Gabriel
Annarita Di Lella
Danny Delegato
Danny Delegato 3 days ago
chorus anthem
Ian Bourne
Ian Bourne 4 days ago
Amaze-balls 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟
GonzBry 4 days ago
Love the bass line
Skeeba TV
Skeeba TV 4 days ago
Just Epic .. It's been a while :)
Phil O
Phil O 4 days ago
they do what they do, WELL--but not original enough--sounds like U2--if their lyrics resound in the minds of the likers of this group, well then, GOOD
Sunrise2076 4 days ago
Meh, middle of the road 90s sound. Does nothing for me.
Ricky Crawford
Ricky Crawford 4 days ago
Sounding very much like one of my favourite bands.... (INTERPOL) especially the song called ‘everything is wrong’
boro_bvb 4 days ago
Если будет концерт в России, то сделаю все возможное, чтобы попасть на него
Jonathan B
Jonathan B 4 days ago
Heard this on KUTX today. WOW lads!
jon lavezza
jon lavezza 4 days ago
This is the song of 2021 calling it now
paul gingell
paul gingell 4 days ago
Kings of leon Been around a long time but music is very good quality ..
paul gingell
paul gingell 4 days ago
Classic kings of leon again.. .. ..
Allan Brandt
Allan Brandt 5 days ago
Great music!!
Mahdere Workneh
Mahdere Workneh 5 days ago
if not already, this is going to be classic rock some day
C R 5 days ago
Oh that is a nice bass tone I must say.
AlphaDogX25 5 days ago
Lorraine Lawless
Lorraine Lawless 5 days ago
its raining its pouring i think ill go exploring.
raymond naranjo
raymond naranjo 6 days ago
Fuck Yeah 🙌
Random User
Random User 6 days ago
Conducting an experiment to test whether it's possible to listen to this song just once at a time. No sucsses in achieving that goal so far. Log#26.
Brazilian in 5
Brazilian in 5 6 days ago
Great comeback!
Denise Santos
Denise Santos 6 days ago
Yesssss my favorite band is back wow
Tomasz Bereźnicki
They are back in form after 10 years... I hope so.
Frederik De Keyser
This song brings light to dark times! One of my favorite Kings of leon songs
Stacy Beers
Stacy Beers 6 days ago
LOVE this song! And KOL!
JohnnyT189 7 days ago
So glad to here new music for my favorite band. This is like there old stuff just a little refreshing I love it.
Daniel Stewart
Daniel Stewart 7 days ago
Wild hearing a synthesizer in a KoL song.
Tristan Vilallon
Tristan Vilallon 7 days ago
For me they are the male version of the corrs and the beatles of this millenium
Juan Leon
Juan Leon 7 days ago
Triangle over eye such a celeb thing to do
The Groove Sessions Show
We just covered this tune!! :) ruvid.net/video/video-O4DN1c1hrL8.html
Jessie Albright
Jessie Albright 7 days ago
💋✋ black n white
Jessie Albright
Jessie Albright 7 days ago
💋✋🤙run away with my heart.
Сергей Иванченко
this is just perfect
Tom keifer Shatsang
The guitars are savage here . . . Damn the sound Ever so energetic n raw
KoOL bEAnZ 7 days ago
my mom found music stations on cable tv and this was under adult alt. wtf is adult alt. how is it different than normal alt.?
Leshaun Jenkins
Leshaun Jenkins 8 days ago
I can't wait to buy the album! march 5 2021...
Karen Vieira
Karen Vieira 8 days ago
Hollagrl0999 8 days ago
During these tough times, this song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the only two things keeping me sane. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you..💕
Fiona Hawkes
Fiona Hawkes 2 days ago
Same to you 😇
M. 2018
M. 2018 6 days ago
You too! 👍 👍 👍 👍
reilly morgen
reilly morgen 8 days ago
I love their music so much.
Scott Boyd
Scott Boyd 8 days ago
Love it.
Tommy Crumlish
Tommy Crumlish 8 days ago
Finally the boys getting back to their roots- TUNE.......
Alex E
Alex E 8 days ago
Best new song I've heard in a while.
Cristina Coro
Cristina Coro 8 days ago
Terryl Omilgoituk
Truly one of my favorite bands of all time!!!
Michael L.
Michael L. 8 days ago
awesome song! 💕 the Kings are still great!
I_B_CoCo 9 days ago
The 'kiddies' might not immediately hear it, but I definitely get crossing vibes of U2's "New Years Day" and Flock of Seagulls' "Space Age Love Song" with this one, which KOL are huge fans of. Nice track either way.
Amro Hindi
Amro Hindi 9 days ago
Im in love with this masterpiece ❤️🖤
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