KINGDOM HEARTS III - Opening Movie Trailer

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Longtime Kingdom Hearts contributor Hikaru Utada has teamed up with longtime Kingdom Hearts superfan Skrillex to create the amazing theme “Face My Fears”.
Watch the forces of light and darkness gather as the battle for KINGDOM HEARTS approaches! It is time for Sora and all the KINGDOM HEARTS characters to face their fears!
KINGDOM HEARTS III is coming to Sony PlayStation® 4 and Microsoft Xbox One on January 29, 2019.
Pre-order the song "Face My Fears" from Hikaru Utada and Skrillex and get instant access to “Don’t Think Twice” available at 12am EST / 9pm PST!
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9 дек 2018




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Subliminally Multicultural
Subliminally Multicultural 12 часов назад
This opening is better than the game
Not JT
Not JT День назад
When a shortened version of the full opening has better audio syncing
Dillan Klein
Dillan Klein 2 дня назад
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amila isurunath
amila isurunath 3 дня назад
I really love playing Kingdom Hearts. www.limosofthewoodlands.com
Dillan Klein
Dillan Klein 4 дня назад
Another great blog www.chambleefence.com
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 4 дня назад
I love Sora! www.diamondtreeco.com
Dillan Klein
Dillan Klein 6 дней назад
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Michael Haley
Michael Haley 6 дней назад
I love kingdom hearts! www.comfortcarpetclean.com
jojo93able Brigata Nekketsu
jojo93able Brigata Nekketsu 6 дней назад
"Alcohol reference" *excuse me, What The fuck*
Koala Ibanez
Koala Ibanez 6 дней назад
im getting a Ps4 just for this and final fantasy 15 thank you Tax Refund
Koala Ibanez
Koala Ibanez 6 дней назад
Ohhh and Jump force!!!!
Victor Huerta
Victor Huerta 7 дней назад
La mera neta me vale verga el juego, nunca e jugado un kingdom hearts, me la suda total, solo vi el video por skrillex, peeeerooo, creo que esto podría ser bueno, voy a ver que tal esta el juego
shield of faith
shield of faith 8 дней назад
That song is wayy to upbeat for a tragic game like kingdom hearts...
Christian Olivera
Christian Olivera 8 дней назад
Possibly one of the most beautiful intros to a game
Dom 8 дней назад
Lelenia Religi
Lelenia Religi 8 дней назад
Il gioco più emozionante a cui ho mai giocato ... fa venire i brividi.. stupendo
maty kpo
maty kpo 9 дней назад
Aca revisando la lista de favoritos de skrillex xD
Captain Alekz007
Captain Alekz007 9 дней назад
They can take your world. They can take your heart. Cuts you loose from all you know. But if it's your fate, then every step forward will always be a step closer to home. - Sora, 2019
Villa Delfiah
Villa Delfiah 9 дней назад
I buy this game cause skrillex support this awkwkwkw
Pocah Doll
Pocah Doll 9 дней назад
Love this so much
Margaret Schippereit
Margaret Schippereit 10 дней назад
I want that chess set
Tebucky Jones Jr
Tebucky Jones Jr 10 дней назад
AntoShish The Casual Dragon
AntoShish The Casual Dragon 10 дней назад
They can take your home They can take your heart But only one guy can take your dark souls If u know who he is,i will give u a cockie
Kelly Lake
Kelly Lake 10 дней назад
Thank you for sharing this. I love KH! www.bullfrogwineandspirits.com
Cassiano Blanco
Cassiano Blanco 11 дней назад
I love Kingdom Hearts! www.fortcollinslawnservice.com/
nisha ellis
nisha ellis 11 дней назад
I love this game! www.wyominginjuryattorney.com/
Mindy dolan
Mindy dolan 12 дней назад
one of my all-time favorite game. www.lunacounselingcenter.com
Genevieve Wolf
Genevieve Wolf 12 дней назад
I love Kingdom Hearts! www.siestalawncare.org
Jen Kun
Jen Kun 13 дней назад
My dream now are real !
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Love this! www.abilenekitchenandbathroomremodeling.com
Thomas Durrett
Thomas Durrett 14 дней назад
if disney made zelda
joshua Maitre ZouZou
joshua Maitre ZouZou 15 дней назад
Trop bien
Parker Kadera
Parker Kadera 15 дней назад
big up to skrillex
Schilo Ketama
Schilo Ketama 15 дней назад
Truly beautiful and stunning.
Guard Passer
Guard Passer 15 дней назад
lol at the trailer for the opening having more cohesion with the video and audio than the actual opening cinematic itself
Tropic Ex
Tropic Ex 12 дней назад
I was thinking the Same thing
PositiveVibesJoe 13 дней назад
LOL thought I was the only one that noticed that! This is exactly why I come back to watch the trailer over and over. I especially love the part where after Sora reaches out to grab Kairi's hand then falls, it syncs soooo well with that part of the song. Also, the part when Roxas cries over Xion as well.
gegham matevosyan
gegham matevosyan 16 дней назад
I love Kingdom Hearts! www.mulberrymax.com
Free Majestic Bird
Free Majestic Bird 17 дней назад
Since they didn't work the Final Fantasy characters into the Kingdom Hearts 3 story, they should've at least worked them in as epic summons for battles. That way it would still properly connect to Final Fantasy as much as Disney. Like give Sora the ability to summon Cloud and Tifa from FF7, Lightning from FF13, Terra from FF6, Zidane and Garnet from FF9, Squall and Rinoa from FF8, Tidus and Yuna from FF10, Celes and Locke from FF6, Shadow from FF6, Vivi and Eiko from FF9, Vanille from FF13, etc.
Columbus Concrete Contractors
Columbus Concrete Contractors 17 дней назад
Sweet Tunes!
HumblyNumb 18 дней назад
The chess version of xehanort has to be my favourite. And: Alcohol references.. The sea salt ice cream..?
ɫᗪ卂几ꮖ乇ㄥ 18 дней назад
Jonathan Woodward
Jonathan Woodward 18 дней назад
Rating: 8.0/10 Story: simple for the first 8 hours and then it was headscratching, unfinished, and stupid (especially the ending) Gameplay: Really fun and does alot of experimentation and it's done well. It's also unfortunately one of the easiest kingdom hearts game if u know what your doing. Post game stuff: Absolutely nothing to do only but grind battlegates and there's only ONE superboss (which was piss easy btw) Overall: Really good sequel with a couple of miss opportunities. Hopefully we'll get a final mix or some kind of DLC. Shouldn't have waited that long tbh.
WizardOfArt 456
WizardOfArt 456 5 дней назад
Nomura just confirmed they're working on paid DLC so you don't have to pay for a entirely new game like Final Mix and confirmed Critical Mode to be released soon for free.
Moreno Guadalupe
Moreno Guadalupe 18 дней назад
Анна Амано
Анна Амано 20 дней назад
It's amazing 😢. I never played this game, but l hope, in my future life I definitely buy it. If I don't buy Kingdom Hearts, I will never forgive myself!!!
Crownedstream TM
Crownedstream TM 20 дней назад
A masterpiece of a game! 💯
Kulap Larsen
Kulap Larsen 21 день назад
I want its game so bad!!
Fish- Face
Fish- Face 21 день назад
Guys... Can we start a petition to tell Disney to make kingdom hearts an actual anime...
Узнай обо Всём
Узнай обо Всём 22 дня назад
1:01 moment the best
Chibi Chan
Chibi Chan 9 часов назад
Узнай обо Всём axel❤️ aka Lei Sorry guys spoiler!
Gustavo Cardozo
Gustavo Cardozo 23 дня назад
megodynamite 23 дня назад
Did you get a copyright claim for this?
Wake Wind
Wake Wind 2 дня назад
megodynamite It was uploaded by an official channel. They own it
megodynamite 10 дней назад
Just wondering
Fettster 23 дня назад
The game was good but it just didn't feel as big as KH2FM so that kinda felt like a bit of a let down. Also all the important story parts happened in literally the last 2 hours of the game.
Phúc Nguyễn
Phúc Nguyễn 21 день назад
You know 2FM is not vannilla version. Nowdays game can easy patch update, I'm waiting for new update
Ruby Rose flower
Ruby Rose flower 23 дня назад
#Most favorite song ever 😍❤️# I love the game it is amazing!#
TheRandomJukebox 23 дня назад
Why is the opening movie trailer better in sync then the actual opening itself? I will never understand 😂
Chibi Chan
Chibi Chan 9 часов назад
TheRandomJukebox idk maybe cuz the one your talking about the full song? 😂😜
Mason Hoppe
Mason Hoppe 24 дня назад
I've played this game since I was 12, I'm 26 now. I was bawling when I beat this game and my wife looked at me with confusion... YOU DONT UNDERSTAND!! THE STRUGGLES!!! THE LAUGHTER!!! THE SORROW!!! THE HISTORY!!! YOULL NEVER UNDERSTAND!!! 😭😭😭
Shadow Zentral of Europe
Shadow Zentral of Europe 25 дней назад
The V-Blade
The V-Blade 25 дней назад
Why is the music in this more in sync with the visuals than the full opening?
Chibi Chan
Chibi Chan 17 дней назад
The V-Blade guess cuz it’s in full
TheGomer321 26 дней назад
Now that the game is already out I feel this trailer was super well edited lol.
East Coast Pest Control
East Coast Pest Control 27 дней назад
Such a great song.. Super love it... www.ecpestcontrol.com/
Carlos Carbajal
Carlos Carbajal 27 дней назад
Keep Tetsuya Nomura out of KH from now on, KH3 was a bad game
Ryder Barton
Ryder Barton 11 дней назад
Carlos Carbajal your Expectations went too high. Chain of Memories took a cake.
Phúc Nguyễn
Phúc Nguyễn 21 день назад
No Nomura no KH game LoL
Jeffrey Ali
Jeffrey Ali 24 дня назад
Carlos Carbajal trust me, it's not bad
abe mand
abe mand 28 дней назад
Mmmmm ice cream
KimSarang tv
KimSarang tv 29 дней назад
I want that game
Sam Zubella
Sam Zubella 29 дней назад
i cant see 1:24 without thinking that donald is packing a glock
Chauncey/ Jackson Mercado
Chauncey/ Jackson Mercado 29 дней назад
Can you play on Xbox 1
Everydaynine _
Everydaynine _ 28 дней назад
Yes but I think the game too hard for you New players
Ezequiel_el pro pro
Ezequiel_el pro pro 29 дней назад
i love
Lyle Drexler
Lyle Drexler Месяц назад
music intro is not on par
The HANEY'S Месяц назад
That's a crazy opening love it.
Dougie Fresh
Dougie Fresh Месяц назад
I came back here to tell you that this opening fits way better than the one in the actual game.
Jeff Rahmon
Jeff Rahmon 28 дней назад
No way the one in game is 10x better!
Colan Scheidenhelm
Colan Scheidenhelm Месяц назад
Great video! "www.longwoodwindows.com
Caleb Geometry dash y más
Caleb Geometry dash y más Месяц назад
Por qué no sacaron este juego para Nintendo switch
pheel good
pheel good Месяц назад
When the trailer video on youtube is more in sync with the song than the one in game
MadeInCanada !
MadeInCanada ! Месяц назад
Why is this chess match so intense
Nobodi Месяц назад
1. Face My Fears 2. Sanctuary 3. Simple and Clean 4. Don't Think Twice *Oh and Don't @ me* :)
KHソラグローズ Месяц назад
I remember this as TRENDING 1, just wow.
iotku Месяц назад
Rocket League has really changed
Thomas Cheow
Thomas Cheow Месяц назад
Wonder who gonna show up next... Geralt Of Rivia?
J Z Месяц назад
Keine Deutsche Syncro ihr Huans
GoldenDragonXL Месяц назад
This trailer version is better than the actual opening
Wake Wind
Wake Wind 2 дня назад
Zasha Zasha *some* parts are synced ok in the real opener. But when the beat drops, it’s just an awkward shot of Ansem... And the next drop is Sora running to Kairi on Destiny islands...
iSheHe 2 дня назад
+Wake Wind id have to disagree, the vocals go REALLY good in the beginning and the pace of the drop seem to follow the pace of the cinematic.
GoldenDragonXL 2 дня назад
Wake Wind this man is spittin gospel, when the beat drops in the actual opening nothing is even happening. I’m pretty sure it’s just sora riku and kairi running around destiny islands like wtf
Wake Wind
Wake Wind 2 дня назад
GoldenDragonXL Except he’s right. The song is better synced to this specific video, whereas the actual opening just seems like they slapped the song over some pretty cinematics.
Ian T
Ian T 7 дней назад
this ain't it chief
ScaredyAsh006 Месяц назад
This was more well put together than the opening sequence in the game. It was more well timed.
Uranium Sorax
Uranium Sorax Месяц назад
Uranium Sorax
Uranium Sorax Месяц назад
0:45 😍
Omega Месяц назад
Why the hell isn't this on the virtual boy or the game boy color?!?!?
Freedo The God
Freedo The God Месяц назад
Dinkle Dannyburg
Dinkle Dannyburg Месяц назад
What does it look like Donald d has a gun
masterofshadowfire Месяц назад
King : Kairi Queen : Sora Knight 1 : Goofy Knight 2 : Roxas Bishop 1 : Donald Bishop 2 : Aqua Rook 1 : Terra Rook 2 : Riku Pawn 1 : King Mickey Pawn 2 : Jimmy Cricket Pawn 3 : Chip & Dale Pawn 4 : Namine Pawn 5 : Xion Pawn 6 : Axel Pawn 7 : Yen Sid Pawn 8 : Eraqus King : Xehanort Queen : Young Xehanort Knight 1 : Xigbar Knight 2 : Marluxia Bishop 1 : Larxene Bishop 2 : Demyx Rook 1 : Xemnas Rook 2 : Anmes Pawn 1 : Vexen Pawn 2 : Lexion Pawn 3 : Saix Pawn 4 : Luxord Pawn 5 : Xaldin Pawn 6 :Lexues Pawn 7 : Heartless Pawn 8 : Nobody
masterofshadowfire 3 дня назад
The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild trying to figure out which piece on actually chess boarding repsented which character
Random Месяц назад
Lol , Wack
Jboi Месяц назад
The graphics improved so much it’s amazing
Leowo Месяц назад
Okay i believe you
Leowo Месяц назад
Omega 64 now this is epic
Omega 64
Omega 64 Месяц назад
My name spelled backwards is *D I S N E Y*
SL Chi
SL Chi Месяц назад
I really hope we get another awesome video like this where they are fighting on the chess board for the new game
jenssen cintron
jenssen cintron Месяц назад
Bruh when axel and roxas went at it shit gave me goosebumps yo o my god this game yo 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Darling valle
Darling valle Месяц назад
Sencillamente Hermoso 😍💜
p3rson4rmy Месяц назад
I wanna see Roxas again
Dwyane Wade Forever #FuckWestBrick #Yeezy2024
You know the game is out lol
Hikaru_nyan555 Месяц назад
I really think that this version looks much cooler than the final cut. It just blends with the music so well!
lululock Месяц назад
Too bad the intro song is that cheap... It will not stop me playing the game when I'll get a PS4 but damn I will skip the intro. They could have done a better song.
Ryder Barton
Ryder Barton 11 дней назад
lululock Your Expectations went too high.
Zone Octa
Zone Octa Месяц назад
Is the amazing
Zone Octa
Zone Octa Месяц назад
The amazing story of kingdom hearts
Diatelos Месяц назад
No final fantasy characters..... Why you gotta make everything about you Disney?
peazmaker Месяц назад
Sooo...now I have to wait 13 years again?!
Ketsueki Месяц назад
Purple Patchwork
Purple Patchwork Месяц назад
the most dramatic moment was when roxas dropped his ice cream
P. M
P. M Месяц назад
InfernalPume Месяц назад
idk this one doesnt seem as strong to me, or rather its just got a different vibe. The other two are kinda sad and melancholic songs remixed into a dance track, this one seems to be designed for a party. the visuals also dont mesh as much with the track, it looks more like a fan amv (albeit a well edited fan amv) than the beginning of a KH game. Its a big hype, but definitely a different feel. i wonder if that means this game'll be more cheerful than the other two.
ladyfashion cool
ladyfashion cool Месяц назад
Esto es exelente :'3
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