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02:05 Don't pass by
02:45 Can you help!
03:36 Visit your parents :)
05:40 Listen to yourself
06:47 Don't do it in other countries
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Comments 80
Lila E. Ginn
Lila E. Ginn 19 hours ago
I think they need to make more videos like this. I felt so good after watching this. I feel like people should do these more often. I hope you agree with me! SPREAD KINDNESS!!!!!! 😀😀😃😃
The hypro Gamer
The hypro Gamer 7 days ago
Before u click read all of this 2:05 why is people so rude like help them man😖😭😖 like even I help the homeless one time I gave like a lot of dollars/Quarters and it almost made me cry cause I see the man all the time when I walk home from school like I just see him like looking at his surrounding and like it really makes me feel bad like WHO DOES THIS MAN LIKE HEEEELP THe HOMLESS but not homeless drug antics BUT HELP THEM BE KIND JUST WHAT I DID ITs NOT THAT HARD 😭😭😭😡 I FELL BAD FOR EVERY HOMELESS PEOPLE except drug attics SO BE KIND AND POLITE AND HELP THESE PEOPLE PLEASE 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😇😇😇😭😭😭😭😇😇😇
Nandana Raj
Nandana Raj 13 days ago
Best vedio ever they have made.👍
Jonathan Shouse
Jonathan Shouse 17 days ago
Love your videos
solara Yin
solara Yin 22 days ago
I love helping others
Kirstine Binghay
Kirstine Binghay 23 days ago
My family my cousins dosen't love me I really want to move out but I have no place to go and I'm still 8 years old ..
DarkRedAlpha 25 days ago
Kindness is so simple and effective😁
100mariucha 26 days ago
XXPONYXX Month ago
i hate kindness
XXPONYXX Month ago
booo kindnesss sucks
Ismail Jalissi
Ismail Jalissi Month ago
Hayden Tam
Hayden Tam Month ago
You guys are good at acting BTW
Hayden Tam
Hayden Tam Month ago
I cried on the homeless one.its so sweet
Miraculous Hunter
It's nice almost all the comments are so nice.
amazon Kindle
amazon Kindle Month ago
Who want to help every one like
Rishi ratnakar
Rishi ratnakar Month ago
The people who unliked this video I request them to tell me if you be a homeless person and no body doesn't gave you anything then how will you feel.
Mary Galindo
Mary Galindo Month ago
Gub Yoda
Gub Yoda Month ago
Why would someone kick a homeless persons sign
Christy_ 0w0
Christy_ 0w0 Month ago
This is where I learned morals here
Ray Philippa`s Sandbox
Who in da world brings a banana peel in da store
Lil McBride
Lil McBride Month ago
Kindness is the key that unlocks love! 💕
Paulo Atizado
Paulo Atizado Month ago
Now God can relate to this video...😇😇 like if agree l l v
Christina Margariti
The Greek one is treu I am from Greece the go to hell
Pumpkin Queen
Pumpkin Queen 2 months ago
Bubblegum Gacha
Bubblegum Gacha 2 months ago
Okay a tip if you are helping homeless give them food instead of money why because they might not be homeless ik I sound rude but we’re I live people always try this xx
Kaitlyn Phung
Kaitlyn Phung 2 months ago
It's so nice, I'm going to cry😭😭
Maddy Oliver
Maddy Oliver 2 months ago
1:20 lol what a good shot! *I AM THE ONE! I AM THE ONE!*
Joe Papa Onion
Joe Papa Onion 2 months ago
29: man stomps on girls foot instead of just smacking the dudes hand
Andrea Kapell
Andrea Kapell 2 months ago
Roses are red 🌹 Violets are blue 💙 Kindness is simple 🙏 I hope it spreads to you I have a secret, I know the most beautiful person in the world who doesn't need to change at all, do you wanna know who it is? Well, who is reading this comment right now? If you didn't get it (which you should've because, well, obviously it's..) It's YOU
Ben Miguel
Ben Miguel 2 months ago
7:05 phillipines
79mabella 2 months ago
I Love this video. Best video yet 👍😍❤️😄
79mabella 2 months ago
I like it when people help each other 😊😁👍
The iPad Zone
The iPad Zone 2 months ago
Well I helped the poor in USA My mom says they will by beer and drinks So I did something good and donated money to the orphanage on my birthday :3
Zuzana Ssrköziova
Zuzana Ssrköziova 2 months ago
I feel so bad for the poor old mann😭
Mayurjyoti Devi
Mayurjyoti Devi 2 months ago
Mujhe kindness Karke atsha Lagta hai😍😍 .🥰🙂🙂 Iam reading in class 6. When I am grow up. I like to do because kindness is my favourite things of one. This is an nice vidio
kartik and janvi
kartik and janvi 2 months ago
10:10 girl was wearing those diy galaxy dhoe
La fille random
La fille random 2 months ago
8:26 I'm French and this sign means the same as in the USA 😂
Meddy YT
Meddy YT 2 months ago
When she wanted to give him the money but pulled em, I burst in tears, when she gave him the food my tears went back inside lol. It is actually smart to buy them food, because some of them just want to smoke. Once, my sister gave a homeless man 5$ after 15min we saw him smoking... my sister was really really sad...
3x_k5ld 2 months ago
If you want to help " "
TRE Reflection
TRE Reflection 2 months ago
Wait for the first one why couldn’t she just tell him
Eline Bekius
Eline Bekius 2 months ago
BALA BOYZ 2 months ago
I just want you guys to help everyone in the world.And be kind. I don’t care about how many likes I get or comments. Just try to get my important point...
MARIJANA ILIĆ 2 months ago
Kialye Wasil
Kialye Wasil 2 months ago
That is very nice of you to do that helps the earth you are good people 🌎🌎🌎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Viridiana Heredia
Viridiana Heredia 2 months ago
What kind of kindness is this? 0:27
Curiawati Chandra
Curiawati Chandra 2 months ago
Thank you. For be kindness.
Kristina 2 months ago
You Ruined his life more than before Mcdonald's does something bad do youre brain
Andrea Solicar
Andrea Solicar 2 months ago
Kindness is the one that make people and God happy and you guys did it 😁😁😁
Queen Band Fan
Queen Band Fan 2 months ago
Hello I’m from New Zealand and sticking your tounge out means having fun or screw u not danger what the hell
Jannat Afrina
Jannat Afrina 2 months ago
1:47 is super common
Md. Kamrul Hassan Shohag
arifa tayyab
arifa tayyab 3 months ago
And give them some water,food and money
arifa tayyab
arifa tayyab 3 months ago
If you are kind to homeless people then help them
Gianna Shrimp
Gianna Shrimp 3 months ago
Kindness is the world. It's what the worlds needs. Bullying is not a promise. You have to seek. Helping is the life. The world has help. Cleaning up the earth is just something that your responsible for.
mr roblox pro
mr roblox pro 3 months ago
Kindness Minus N = Kidness
JJ Quiambao
JJ Quiambao 3 months ago
So kind ☺️
Alisa Deopersaud
Alisa Deopersaud 3 months ago
I want to help homeless people because if I have a home I will give homeless people money to by a home and furniture
Kittipat Ekpiyanant
Kittipat Ekpiyanant 3 months ago
Kindness was useful 😃 - Helping people and homeless. - Don't insult to people
Gacha Wolfy26
Gacha Wolfy26 3 months ago
All the ones from Mexico are not true cause I’m Mexican
Sadia Rahman
Sadia Rahman 3 months ago
Best vid😁!!!!!!
Sadia Rahman
Sadia Rahman 3 months ago
I cried so much when the poor man came on😭😭😭😭😭!!!!!
Crystal Cox
Crystal Cox 3 months ago
That was so nice of giving the homeless food
Kay Patterson
Kay Patterson 3 months ago
people should help the homless nomatter what you have with you
Khan G
Khan G 3 months ago
That's very nice i just cry and don't care about likes😇😇
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 3 months ago
Oh my gosh I started crying when she gave food to the homeless guy
Marko Dimovski
Marko Dimovski 3 months ago
Go 10:10 and tou will see stupid things
mr ps4 player
mr ps4 player 3 months ago
I wanna spread my kindness by making a homeless shelter
[:] Mythical Windy [:]
Car *block*
Guadalupe Laguna
Guadalupe Laguna 3 months ago
Guadalupe Laguna
Guadalupe Laguna 3 months ago
I want this hashtag to exist # save the poor
Zaynah Aziz
Zaynah Aziz 3 months ago
This is so kind please like🤗
Trending Nation
Trending Nation 3 months ago
Do you realize it's look like slogoman
The Ky’la Carnegie Show
I almost cried for the homeless man
Pengus Playz
Pengus Playz 3 months ago
So lies are kind
Tono Hartono
Tono Hartono 3 months ago
peoples are so kind i almost cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Everything world
Everything world 3 months ago
If I had a lot of money I would give it to homeless people like if agree every body should be kind and help people who need care and help
gamer sis legend
gamer sis legend 3 months ago
They are so poor
Leonne Keppens
Leonne Keppens 3 months ago
This video was amazing! Please keep making video's like this. I love them🤟💜😉
Barcaaa _Fazbear
Barcaaa _Fazbear 3 months ago
I don't wanna lose my grandparents 😭
Raymond Lucky Ansing
We love to help somewone becauce jeseus is watching us and jeseus will honor
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