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The nostalgic teen spy gets her own film, and fans are none too happy what happened to their butt-kicking heroine. Nostalgia Critic takes a look to see if anything is redeemable with Kim Possible.
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Kim Possible is an American comedy action-adventure television film that premiered as a Disney Channel Original Movie on Disney Channel on February 15, 2019. Based on the animated series Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley, the film stars Sadie Stanley, Sean Giambrone, and Ciara Riley Wilson.
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Jul 10, 2019

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Comments 7 263
Channel Awesome
Channel Awesome Month ago
That short film on Stamps.com should be nominated for an Oscar! Support this week's charity - www.breastcancerdeadline2020.org/homepage.html Watch last weeks Nostalgia Critic here - ruvid.net/video/video--a_em6lmym4.html
Deoxys 386
Deoxys 386 2 hours ago
Channel Awesome I love the part where the critic goes HA!
Jonathon King
Jonathon King 15 days ago
27:06 That's what I Acted out on this Scene 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不
G 16 days ago
As someone who grew up with the show the live-action movie is mediocre and changes so much of the lore that it's just as bad as some of the "live-action" Remakes of classic disney Propaganda.
M Sia
M Sia 24 days ago
Your stamps commercials are the best thing ever!
Thomas Huff
Thomas Huff 6 hours ago
Totally Spies was a funny show. Dumb but funny.
Thomas Huff
Thomas Huff 6 hours ago
I wasn't a huge fan of the show but this version makes me sad.
Dung Bui
Dung Bui 6 hours ago
I watched Kim Possible when I was in high school and still love the show. This movie was really underwhelming. Honestly, the live action Ron in this movie was perhaps the most entertaining compared to Kim
Forestxavier20 9 hours ago
The kid who plays Ron - Decent in Goldburgs, pulls off a great Ron voice, and even he couldn't get the dog line to be funny.
Matteo Zambetti
I also don't like it when they always have a villain sacrifice themselves because they somehow were "changed" by the hero, even though that doesn't always make sense, but hey, a lot not making sense is totally worth it when all the strong female progressive characters are now good guys, or did something better than a man, because how dare their be a negative character arc where a character becomes the villain after being the hero instead of vice versa.
Matteo Zambetti
The physics of the grappling the stroller is flawed. In the hook stopped once it reached the optimal position to grapple, but that would only work if Kim fired it upwards, due to gravity, but due to inertia, the way she fired it would have hit and likely killed the baby, what a hero.
Adriel Guerriero
Reuben Filimaua
Reuben Filimaua 2 days ago
Imagine Hey Arnold getting a live action film. How the hell would that even work?
Racool 2 days ago
Ive always been waiting for a gravity falls movie, but I failed to think...what if they ruin it with live action???
Racool 2 days ago
There was a show that the movie was based on?
GrimSister 2 days ago
For the record, this is a reused script. So the Drama did it so much better
Ashley Edwards
Ashley Edwards 2 days ago
I clicked on this video because I thought it was about the animated series then I wondered why I continued to watch 'til the end.
Deoxys 386
Deoxys 386 2 days ago
17:39, 25:06, and 30:17 my favorite jokes
Deoxys 386
Deoxys 386 2 days ago
11:55 now where have I seen that before. Oh yes, Han and lando seeing each other on cloud city in the empire strikes back
Jess Steel
Jess Steel 2 days ago
Doug would have made a better Dr Drakken than what they casted for the movie. Hell, he would have made a better KP than the movie.
Smashing Pots
Smashing Pots 3 days ago
Can you do the Electra Woman and Dyna Girl movie? It really sucked but was based on the nostalgic property
Carlos Silva
Carlos Silva 3 days ago
you know When Nickelodeon makes his live-action tv movies of his animated shows in a more faithful way, in a less blank way than this, you have to sit down to think that you clearly have a problem Disney, and also props to heather as shego and doug as drakken seriously good job guys.
no name Kid
no name Kid 3 days ago
11:11 Raiding Area 51 before it was cool
Nathan Page
Nathan Page 3 days ago
2:28 Tameras face in this shot
applepie explosion
This show was my childhood and this movie hurts to look at. The original Kim was so cool and expressive and this girl has no facial muscles what so ever.
Colin Ferguson
Colin Ferguson 4 days ago
So in the movie Kim is just a jealous and selfish brat who wants all the glory to herself?
Mikayla Barton
Mikayla Barton 2 days ago
Colin Ferguson yes
John Pedro
John Pedro 4 days ago
Saying it now, we need a compilation of the fantastic Stamps skits.
atogher 4 days ago
Wasnt Ron played by the guy who played Adam in the Goldbergs
Alec Schmidt
Alec Schmidt 5 days ago
Are you dissing Totally Spies, my childhood?!?! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
BlueBerryFairy1 5 days ago
Even watching the Nostalgia review of it was painfull...
Looking Back At
Looking Back At 5 days ago
American Dragon was originally supposed to be a live action show on Fox. And the creator of that show actually still wants it to go Live Action Should....Should I be scared?
abbiejoa 6 days ago
Omg Kim Possible im so sorry that disney channel did this to you you dont deserve the disrespect
MAD CONNER. 6 days ago
That boys voice is beyond irritating, God I want to choke him.
MAD CONNER. 6 days ago
The advert for stamps . com had me cracking up, such a piss take hahahaha
Lulu B
Lulu B 6 days ago
The fact the one joke in the cartoon about the parking where Shego stopped fighting to agree got a huge laugh out of me, where as anything I saw in this movie... well I mostly just sighed.
Hikari Takamatsu
Hikari Takamatsu 6 days ago
Totally Spies! Hey, I loved that show.
Ren C
Ren C 6 days ago
*shaking George Lucas picture* RIIIIIGHT?!
Nadine Craft
Nadine Craft 7 days ago
Why is Bonnie Asian? She was white with tan skin and green eyes in the cartoon.
Nadine Craft
Nadine Craft 7 days ago
The Patrick Warburton voice was good critic haha I liked it.
Nadine Craft
Nadine Craft 7 days ago
Also why the heck is Patton Oswalt in this? Come on pat youre better than this!
Nadine Craft
Nadine Craft 7 days ago
I just realized that the blonde kid that played Ron stoppable in this live action Kim possible movie also played Adam goldburg in the show the goldburgs.
Nadine Craft
Nadine Craft 7 days ago
Disney needs to stop making live action versions of all their animated stuff. It's literally ruining the original movies and franchises. Kim possible looked so much better animated.
Sunburst Senshi
Sunburst Senshi 7 days ago
Ya know what makes this movie worse? The fact that Disney Channel cancelled Kim Possible because it made enough money and episodes to keep the show rerunning and maximize profits or something along those lines. Then however many years later they create this abomination. Shows us how much they care.
Kelli-Marie's Miscellany
For me most of the characters were too over the top even when compared to the cartoon. Kim was always kind of relateable personality wise and here, she comes off way too smug, a bit more selfish and almost stereotypically valley-girl like. Maybe she was portrayed wise beyond her years even if she still had flaws but she was actually my favourite female cartoon heroine. Same with Ron being way too annoying compared to the show where he was at least somewhat competent and sensible at times. The robot girl *ugh* constantly made me roll my eyes. Everyone else was meh or fine but definitely agree shego and draken were the highlights of the movie down to the voices!
Rexy Rex
Rexy Rex 7 days ago
After this review I went and rewatch all of Kim possible,its still as good as I remember it and you know what imma rewatch it again lol
Rexy Rex
Rexy Rex 7 days ago
Draken and Ron being 2 of my favorite characters,and you know Ron doesnt seem useless he helps out
MforMovesets 7 days ago
So being a self-confident, athletic Cheerleader isn't okay. But a make-over because only looks count is fine. Thanks Disney. Disney overall has a strange opinion about feminism, like I've seen motivational commercials for little girls which was like "You're a princess, you can do anything, no matter what others say." It sounded like propaganda. Who tells a 5 year old she can't do anything anyway? Harvey Weinstein?
DraculaCronqvist 7 days ago
"It's more about trying to get a message across not because it's ethical, but because it's popular." - Disney summed up in one sentence. It's all pretentious BS not even meant seriously. If child sacrifice was popular, Disney would include it. They're only weaving in these, very shallow, messages of virtue signaling to make more money.
Michelle 8 days ago
Honestly, Im just watching this movie just because of Ron, and the villains.
Michelle 8 days ago
They tried to make her cool but it made her look lame, a show off, and petty. I could go on but it would take forever.
Cat Santos
Cat Santos 8 days ago
Kim always reminded me of a young Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow bcs could def pass in the Marvel Universe as her niece or cousin. Both are flame haired agents armed to the T w/gadgets & ninja skills. .......so Disney channel, r u gonna get serious or what & hand this epic character over to folks who know what theyre doing? Youre an old hat at doing crossovers & money hounding! A Kim Possible Comic would have us shook
Mata Nui
Mata Nui 8 days ago
We're not gonna cure cancer in a year.
Mata Nui
Mata Nui 8 days ago
Henchmen's already gender neutral.
The Dapper Fox
The Dapper Fox 8 days ago
I didnt even know this existed and Im glad I never saw it.
limpydick lenny
limpydick lenny 8 days ago
The set design on that movie is absolute ass and it makes me so angry I want to flip a turtle
Alex Jewett
Alex Jewett 9 days ago
34:04 it burns it burns
Alex Jewett
Alex Jewett 9 days ago
Kim in this movie is the kind of person I despise with every fiber of my being
Brandon Nguyen
Brandon Nguyen 9 days ago
Can you at least review descendants?
Alyssa Black
Alyssa Black 9 days ago
Did the writers of this forget that Bonnie was on the cheer squad with Kim in the show? And yeah no Patrick Warburton is a major downgrade
Bigsby 9 days ago
Can yall help me. He reviewed a movie where a dude was waking up in hell but he was just reliving the same day over and over. It was some indie movie or some shit. I really wanna see the video again. I think he said it was a college film or something idk
Littlepip The Lightbringer
This movie is absolute bullshit!
All of those flips, aerial kicks & somersaults are 100% unnecessary lmao.
A Gamer995
A Gamer995 10 days ago
7:08 Ok, I realise that this actor, is Adam F. Goldberg in The Goldbergs! ^^
Katie Foy
Katie Foy 10 days ago
I love bit honey
Tessa Trimby
Tessa Trimby 10 days ago
Kim possible movie isnt a blessing in disguise.
Tessa Trimby
Tessa Trimby 10 days ago
I hate that this movie is cheesy and happy go lucky.
Tessa Trimby
Tessa Trimby 10 days ago
Disney sucks at reboots.
Xyla Harrison
Xyla Harrison 10 days ago
Also Rufus backstory makes more sense in the show than the remake. In the show, Rufus was Rons childhood pet because he was allergic to fur and the other furless pets looked horrific. In the movie: hes an experiment who instantly bonds with Ron??
SuperSwordman1 10 days ago
Even in real life I would argue a naked mole rat is cuter than any other hairless pets. But considering the only other one I can think of are those hairless cats...
FiveSecReviews 10 days ago
Kp I'm in my own stomach
Jake Gipson
Jake Gipson 10 days ago
Henchwoman??? Woke much Disney.
Just Cake
Just Cake 10 days ago
Seriously, the first 2 minutes feel more Kim Possible than the movie.
Khalief Gray-Riley
Khalief Gray-Riley 10 days ago
I'd watch this movie solely for the teacher
Sander Nielsen
Sander Nielsen 10 days ago
When the Nostalgia Critic is better at visual acting then the actors in the live action Disney flicks, you understand why the live action flicks suck.
Sander Nielsen
Sander Nielsen 10 days ago
The robot girl are the best part of this stinker.
Michael Cruz
Michael Cruz 11 days ago
4:07 was that John Landis he showed?
Molly O's
Molly O's 11 days ago
Dare I say it, but "Athena" feels and looks like a Mary Sue clich矇. And I was right unfortunately.
Orlando L籀pez
Orlando L籀pez 11 days ago
FYI the movie holds 100% fresh on rotten tomaotes www.rottentomatoes.com/m/kim_possible_2019
SuperSwordman1 10 days ago
Because it hit all the social commentary buttons those assholes look for. Where as fans of the original show (okay I only liked the first 3 seasons) like us see through the marketing BS.
April Mercedes
April Mercedes 11 days ago
I don't get the joke in Totally Spies! Can someone explain it to me? By the way, I both like Kim Possible and Totally Spies!
Sanctum the vampire
Sooo, were not gonna mention that Shiko predicted the aera 51 raid?
SukiNoKoe 11 days ago
Now I'm terrified they'll make a live action SVTFOE movie LIKE THIS....and I would have to STRANGLE somebody....:|
SuperSwordman1 10 days ago
If they do, I'll hold the other end of the garrote
Randy Walter
Randy Walter 11 days ago
Don't give them ideas!
Elijah Hagin
Elijah Hagin 12 days ago
When you're wearing the same damn thing everytime you are doing you're job, it's called a UNIFORM!
Rybro 12 days ago
There's this re-occurring vibe I get every once in a while watching a Nostalgia Critic episode where it feels like the writing, the delivery, the pacing, and the editing all mix together very well and feels like an instant classic, this is one of them :)
KarIgnishaYumi 12 days ago
really disappointed with the movie. also i liked totally spies and kim possible.
Nezziemonster 12 days ago
This movie was literally a self insert fanfiction. Right down to Athena being an emo re-color of Kim, having a "sad" backstory, everyone loving her, and all the other characters being dumb to make the fan character smarter, braver, and overall better in comparison.
Holden Mcgroine
Holden Mcgroine 12 days ago
kims personality was very chill. it had to be because her main superpower is having that infinite supply of favours. you're not going to believe a neurotic bitch has that, she has to be someone who gets along with everyone
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