Kim & Kourtney's Feud Gets Physical: "KUWTK" Katch-Up (S18, E1) | E!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians
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In the season premiere, Kim reconnects with Khloe's ex, Tristan, and Kourtney's attitude causes major drama with her sisters...and an explosive fight erupts!
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Kim & Kourtney's Feud Gets Physical: "KUWTK" Katch-Up (S18, E1) | E!


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Mar 26, 2020




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Comments 100
bills832000 Hour ago
The kardashians are a joke!! How dumb must ppl be to worship them they way they do!! 😂
Liana Soares
Liana Soares 9 hours ago
Khloè really said “👁👄👁” at 2:38. LMAO!
Aesthetic Butterfly
Aesthetic Butterfly 12 hours ago
2:26 is what yall came for and it's when it all starts
Nicole Lawrence
Kourtney’s trying so hard not to hurt Kim😂😂😂
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts Day ago
Tristian banged all of them 👏
sssamk sssamk
Kim said went off dnxuxivrndkdodowokvgm
Nayops 20
Nayops 20 Day ago
2:28 Chill....
Galaxie_ Coeur
Galaxie_ Coeur 2 days ago
While Kourtney had the right to be mad at Kim, she came at her and got the slaps that she got. She didn't have to start a physical fight, which made it look childish. You NEVER run up on someone while they are sitting, let alone not even having the intention to physically fight. Kim was right when she said "Don't come at me like that" because she never intended for such a violent fight in the first place. Kim is wrong for angering Kourtney this way, but Kourtney is wrong for starting a physical fight and then acting like the victim after she tries to hit her own sister.
Serenityy199 3 days ago
I keep getting confused which is which
Kourt is the eldest but she gets beaten more omg i can seriously feel the pain after hearing the sound of kim hitting her sorry kourt
Early M
Early M 5 days ago
Kim is a good slapper, I am better.
Dragonslayer 21
Dragonslayer 21 6 days ago
I'm just 12years old and I saw my mum watching this so I wanted to (someone pls tell. Me who is Kim and who is Kourtney)
Syd-Syd 7 days ago
I’m on Team Kim. And I’m her side because Kourtney had an attitude the whole time. And took it out on Kim like she’s the reason for her attitude.
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee 8 days ago
Kourtney should have smacked the fake off of Kim's face👊🤣🤣
Adam R
Adam R 8 days ago
I love rich & famous ppl duking it out.in the end we're all the same
Marion Sanders
Marion Sanders 8 days ago
Kourtney was fed up Kim saying “wtf was is wrong with you” when Kourtney comes at her yah I’m sure she was kinda in shock to they always wanna talk about her not working and what she doesn’t do😂😂😭
Stubborn Traveler
Which one is Kim
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 12 days ago
Wow so girls can just take kicks to the groin with no pain at all?! That’s a superpower
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 12 days ago
Whoa Khloes nose looks more and more like Mj’s
Darrell Tyler
Darrell Tyler 12 days ago
It’s Kendell 😂😂😂
Steven THE ARTIST 13 days ago
In this relationship there is no respect by both parties and there can never be "a good healthy relationship from this. They can not have everday contack like this somebody needs to move out and be in there own apartment .I see a lot of anger and frustration and when that happens you need some time off and time away from everyone business and family.....1.walks at beautifull parks 2.excersice. 3Jazz,smooth nova bossa,4. A glass of wine
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute 13 days ago
some of you are forgetting that this is all scripted-
Edgar Cardenas
Edgar Cardenas 13 days ago
$#$# agaves tequila usa Mex
Liandrolol 15 days ago
Girls when they fight at school😂
Neffetiti Edwards
Neffetiti Edwards 15 days ago
Idc how old me and my little sister is.......my mom would snatch us both by our hair, because 1:.We are physically fighting each other, we are sisters, if it got that serious just walk away. 2:. We on national tv doing this.
The Watcher
The Watcher 16 days ago
no don't stop, the people they love it, entertainment!
raindrop 16 days ago
They are both in their 40s now but they act like fvcking toddlers.
Antonia Trump Loves You
Kim Kardashian Is "satan"!?
Wilo Deko
Wilo Deko 17 days ago
Jennifer Khurana
Jennifer Khurana 18 days ago
Kendall went from 🤣to😳
LOVE'N PEACE 18 days ago
Demon Seeds will be Demon Seeds👹
Ben Formisano
Ben Formisano 19 days ago
Have ya’ll ever read Anne Frank’s diary?
At Iu
At Iu 20 days ago
I hate the kardashians idgaf
Rose Maria
Rose Maria 21 day ago
Kim will fight Kourtney but she scared to fight somebody else and she was scared to dance with Prince 🤦‍♀️
marlie candi
marlie candi 22 days ago
erika bonifacio
erika bonifacio 22 days ago
Zainab Kashan
Zainab Kashan 22 days ago
Why did they fight?
Alice Karen
Alice Karen 24 days ago
This happens 8 months ago and I am now know about this? Seems like I have been living under a rock.
Certified Authentic Nigga
Courtneys face be melting
Hailey Rangel
Hailey Rangel 25 days ago
they fighting in slow mo😭😭😭
bright light
bright light 25 days ago
I feel bad for kourtney. This attacking just reminded me of how the sisters treated Rob. They never listen with their heart open but always judging and attacking. Ugh
Tattiyana Snell
Tattiyana Snell 25 days ago
Poor Kendall
Lori A
Lori A 26 days ago
I just realized something. Kim had to of been triggered with kourtney coming at her like that. Her attack in Paris is no joke.
Addi Price
Addi Price 26 days ago
When Kourtney said “do it or shut the f**k up” 😳
Spirit Jones
Spirit Jones 26 days ago
They fight like 5 year olds
Jeremy Bishop
Jeremy Bishop 26 days ago
They have fully turned black now.
ITZZ Pwïncess Paytean
Kim defenitely son...
Super Head
Super Head 26 days ago
sk sheikhy
sk sheikhy 26 days ago
who are they why people even like this fake bunch meat
Apollo Sun
Apollo Sun 26 days ago
BAP BAP and I’ll do it again
John Fremont
John Fremont 26 days ago
People if you can't fight just sit back and yell at each other, I felt embarrassed for both of them.
Gen 27 days ago
Ok but where is Kendall’s outfit from
Hulk Smash
Hulk Smash 27 days ago
Kourtney was being dramatic it's her fault she got beat up by kim cause she wanted to fight lol
Ava :3
Ava :3 27 days ago
Kendall’s like: “See why I stay home? Khloe u gotta try it!” 😂
Nila’ Lee.
Nila’ Lee. 27 days ago
That’s how a fight is supposed to be recorded.
Michele Dawn Hudson - Maynard
Are these damn women really in there 40's ? SMH
Ana Ruiz
Ana Ruiz 27 days ago
Mikey909 27 days ago
they act like 7 year olds
Matthew C
Matthew C 27 days ago
Poor Kendall🙏
Brooklyntini 27 days ago
Not Khloe blackfacing
Leana castro
Leana castro 27 days ago
In my opinion kourtney won
AvenidaPancho 27 days ago
Martha Lonney
Martha Lonney 27 days ago
Did any else just kinda couldn’t help burst out laughing when like two 40 year old women were fighting x
Me 29 days ago
I can’t take Kim seriously in that outfit.😂 That looks like something someone fighting outside a club at 2am would be wearing.
Natalie Doner
Natalie Doner 29 days ago
Danm with my brother i just give him a threat but Kendall and Kim whooo Kim can fight yall here that echo when she slapped her those some hand burns on her face up in dere.
Conor Smading
Conor Smading Month ago
😂😂😂 bro I can’t
Adrian maines
Adrian maines Month ago
Me and my sister did this.... when were teenagers. Couldn’t imagine this now in our 30s
George Reid III
George Reid III Month ago
What in the “valley girl from the suburbs” is going on here?
busani Phakathi
busani Phakathi Month ago
Kiki and koko are rude to their old sis
Katie W
Katie W Month ago
🤣 that was a solid kick to the vag
Jen M
Jen M Month ago
tag yourself, i'm kendall 2:31
Reagan Altman
Reagan Altman Month ago
*Kim and Kourtney fighting* Khloe: MY CHILD IS SLEEPING
God's Girl
God's Girl Month ago
Klo is me being completely shocked and disturbed but focused enough to wipe the stains off the walls. Neat freak! 😅
Sunflower pay plays
Omg Kourtney
J O K E Month ago
Ok I searched for this... I saw it... and I regret seeing it... this fight is going to make me cry... Idk why it’s sad 😞... ok bye...
Alice Brazil
Alice Brazil Month ago
The fact that everyone is saying that Kim and khloe were always disrespectful is beyond crazy it was always khloe and Kourtney disrespecting Kim but when roles switch and Kim and khloe are together oh she deserves it blah blah blah and yet when khloe was pregnant she came with an attitude to khloes and was being hella disrespectful for having the colour black as one of her furniture colours and when khloe claps back at her she’s trying to change the subject after she started the argument
OooZie T.J.
OooZie T.J. Month ago
hiKaK ta
Laura Martinez
Laura Martinez Month ago
I still can't believe they fought like that. WTH!
Thereal Blade Pacino
Damn that scratch look like a sex scratch and the type that you know she was into it deeply. Thats love right there.
Natalya Clay
Natalya Clay Month ago
lol kendall is just sitting there laughing
•Cute Edits•
2:56 that’s too far, Kim chill
Undrin Month ago
Shonda Sterrett
Shonda Sterrett Month ago
They obviously don't really know how to fight because if they did they wouldn't have bodyguards to protect them. There's all a bunch of pussies literally.
Andrew Jaik
Andrew Jaik Month ago
I''ve legit been team kourtney for years!!! She's just done with the show! She's over the fame and drama and kim and khloe want to keep it going for money... so sad!
Majin Vegeta
Majin Vegeta Month ago
Factsss lol
Diana Bishop
Diana Bishop Month ago
They never show where Kourtney gets a few good slaps on Kim.
Leon Jayden
Leon Jayden Month ago
Kim is the devil her self
Manya Yr
Manya Yr Month ago
Lol Kendal is having a lot of fun...
Harper Clark
Harper Clark Month ago
Kourt and Kim fighting khloe stopping it Kendall about to laugh
Asha and Solange
Kendal sat there like may the winner win
Brooke Mahan
Brooke Mahan Month ago
Am I the only one that was literally embarrassed for them? Looking like my daughters fighting over the ps4🤦🏼‍♀️
Lily Heitz
Lily Heitz Month ago
You could tell Kourtney was about to stop but like Kim is she always has to have the final say and make it worse.
Layla Elhawli
Layla Elhawli Month ago
Khole: you guys my daughter is sleeping Kim: I will beep punch u in the face
Tee Paulini
Tee Paulini Month ago
Any dumb aas that thinks anything about this show is real, u r sooo out of touch. No reality is real and this is the FAKEST of them all. They all got famous off a horrific murder and a "leaked" sex tapes. They define fake and what's wrong with the world today. Who the hell cares about "keeping up" with a bunch of spoiled brats that are FULLY GROWN women that act like perpetual 17 year olds. Kourtney is the only one with any semblance of normalcy. Kris only cares who's bringing in that loot. Shes the worst of all. And it this is how they physically fight then they better hope they never cross paths with a real east coast chick who would ABSOLUTELY molly-whop them. So glad this show is DONE. Ratings r crap make no mistakes about it
Edward89 Month ago
Kourtney is the oldest. Kim is disrespectful
Lusciouspinkbarbie Channel
The fight was funny af🤣
elleanour Abraham
Am here to rewatch when Kourtney slapped Kim’s make-up to the wall.. did they delete the video? Couldn’t find it anyway
Elina Boba
Elina Boba 2 months ago
Khloe reall y is the mom
Elina Boba
Elina Boba 2 months ago
Kendall was like what kind of family am I in
matthew mann
matthew mann 2 months ago
Kourtney seems to be the most rational of them nowadays
lalabye lulu
lalabye lulu 2 months ago
At 2:39 Kloe says "Millie and Vanilli, stop"
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