Kim Kardashian West Calls Out Fashion Nova

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Real fam, do you think fashion brands like Fashion Nova should stop copying the high end brands, or do you think everyone has a right to affordable fashion?




21 фев 2019




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lotfang 5 часов назад
If u can't afford it, wear something u can afford .. this is wrong.. the designer isn't getting paid for this so it ain't cool. We act like top tier designers are the only ones that can design something awesome.. find your level and act accordingly... this is the same nonsense that happens with digital content and people going yeah it's cos I couldn't afford it .. pfft this is luxury not necessity
yvonne bolden
yvonne bolden 2 дня назад
Kim just mad because the model looks better.
Elizabeth Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson 2 дня назад
Where would a regular person wear that to
Shannon Seneviratne
Shannon Seneviratne 2 дня назад
They just keep contradicting each other. Even the lady talking in green. She looks so different than what she was. She taught people to dress like themselves. Now she has animorphed into someone different 🙄 The Kardashians should NEVER be a standard.
Raquel Adeclat
Raquel Adeclat 3 дня назад
Exactly what Loni said: It's called 'Capitalism". I get the whole thing about respecting people's designs, but Kim isn't really in a position to be speaking in this manner if she and her sisters are also known for ellegedly stealing other people's designs.
Love Affect
Love Affect 4 дня назад
Her black culture stealing ass don’t deserve an apology 🤦🏽‍♀️
QueenWizzard 4 дня назад
Duh that’s what fashion nova does lol
Mallorie Milord
Mallorie Milord 4 дня назад
Art?...it’s fucking clothes. ppl are so materialistic and not everyone can afford those ridiculous high prices so it is nice to have the same look for lower prices. kim kardashian needs to get over it FAST.
Zaida Tinoco
Zaida Tinoco 4 дня назад
Stream BTS Blood Sweat Tears lol!
Sara Mahfud
Sara Mahfud 4 дня назад
tbhhhh most normal people can’t afford the luxury designer clothes celebs wear everyday that we love and wish we could own so i don’t see the problem, we don’t have money to be spending on designer clothes just let us wear knock-offs that cost 90x less
Bella Bluek
Bella Bluek 5 дней назад
Since fashion nova is always raving about clothes like the ones Kim wears I actually thought all along she was indeed working with them. Most of the stuff I always was like ok it is something inspired so her fans can have a similar piece... but they were actually profiting on her image! I have lived in a lie!
Alexia 5 дней назад
they still from small businesses as well. It’s not just expensive brands and that’s where I have an issue.
Shana Sides
Shana Sides 6 дней назад
Funny considering she and her entire family leech off the entire black community and black culture.
leyani leon
leyani leon 6 дней назад
I would never buy an item off FashionNova ever again. The material used in clothing is cheap and worst of all, their costumer service is horrendous. Although they ain’t the only ones that do this daily.
Laceysbeautyworld 6 дней назад
They also have it on divabotique. Fashionnova isn’t the only one.
Esrat Rana
Esrat Rana 6 дней назад
That’s the purpose of fashion nova to make knockoff designer clothes
richalex19 6 дней назад
First of all, calling that kim’s dress an art piece is offencive.!! That dress is hideous!! Lets be honest!! Lol
Brittany Winters
Brittany Winters 7 дней назад
That's fashion. The Kardashians have mocked and taken from several companies and made it there own..Get over it.
vanessa 7 дней назад
Don’t they do the same thing with peoples cultures, mans, and even clothes? Oh ok so I guess it’s okay when they do it 😒
Shirley Garcia
Shirley Garcia 7 дней назад
I agree with Kim Kardashian
Camilo Gomez Keep
Camilo Gomez Keep 7 дней назад
1:18 Art's purpose is to contemplate the artist's message and reflect on it. Therefore fashion is not art. and nobody should support fast fashion.
Naílde Friman
Naílde Friman 7 дней назад
I don’t feel bad for her 🤷🏾‍♀️
laura gonzalez
laura gonzalez 7 дней назад
Art two piece of clothes lol
C B 7 дней назад
Kim is a hoe. She knocked off a million men. 👎🏼
Lorena M
Lorena M 7 дней назад
It’s devastating for Kim to steal styles from black women that also had sweat and tears for their fashion to come out to of course be taken away from a white bitch that loves to black face, wear wigs, wear grills and edit her body to look similar to a black women 👏🏻🤷🏻‍♀️
Ashley Perez
Ashley Perez 7 дней назад
Fashion Nova always copies small brands.
Niel Wong
Niel Wong 7 дней назад
Kim and Fashionova is working together...DUH
L Lol
L Lol 7 дней назад
She just advertising fashion nova more
SAM SAM 8 дней назад
Kim needs to chill out!!!!!!!
RANESS HAWI 8 дней назад
where did Tamera go?
Rashad Heyward
Rashad Heyward 8 дней назад
At the end of the day there is only So much u can do diff with clothes! Of course designs will be copied eventually
fifiooo 8 дней назад
Lol Steve madden ain't even fast fashion. Theres another tier of designers knocking off designers lol
K'lea  Brown
K'lea Brown 8 дней назад
Kim and the whole klan need to take several seats because kim shouldn't be talking! Tf who she thinks she is! If I was FashionNova HQ of Social Media... I would chewed her out with her slow looking husband
XxHauls 8 дней назад
That's true,she shouldn't be mad
Abilene Ruiz
Abilene Ruiz 8 дней назад
😂😂😂Jeanie! Giving herself up and loni and ade are over here like me dying of laughter and not paying attention to the rest of the sentence💕💕💕
Autumn White
Autumn White 8 дней назад
The Real does this all the time. Turning expensive outfits to affordable outfits. Remember the Meghan Markle vid. I’m sorry but some people don’t want to decide if they want to pay their rent or a expensive dress. And they dress Kim was wearing wasn’t all that. In the words of Ariana Grande, “Thank you, NEXT!”
Kimberly Regalado
Kimberly Regalado 8 дней назад
Thank you Lonny.
Kimberly Regalado
Kimberly Regalado 8 дней назад
Has Kim Kardashian watched the documentary were the real wealth families of Europe attend the couture shows that Kim K West can never be seen at (at that time) I was in college when I saw this- but Daphne Guinness would never wear a piece Kim wore or something like that. Yet- Kim K would want to wear a piece Daphne G wore. Kim you can’t say anything. Because you entered fashion industry and became an icon but what is your schooling other than you’ve gotten major surgery and became popular in the media. So brands understand your market value and then Anna wintour put you on the cover of Vogue. So all is now Good. Your sex tape and that being the way we knew about you became obsolete. Have a seat sister. Fashion has been dead since mass marketing. Only real fashion is couture. And That trickles down. Get over yourself.
Sagi 11
Sagi 11 9 дней назад
The kardashian family are known for jocking others styles and ripping other peoples ideas off all the time! Shut up you filthy spoiled brat.
Orquidea Estrella
Orquidea Estrella 9 дней назад
Kim needs to stfu
PonderNRave 9 дней назад
Ohhhh get over yourselves! #firstworldproblems
Lili B
Lili B 9 дней назад
fast fashion is just as terrible as high end
Javelle 9 дней назад
Everytime a Kardashian opens her mouth, I feel like we set the human evolution back a decade. Where the f has she been? Fashion started from somewhere we all use the ideas, everything in this day and age is recycled, Kim for the love of God , please, get educated. And you ain't spending on those designers give the people who rather an affordable option a break, ugh.
Sapphire Mariee
Sapphire Mariee 9 дней назад
Fashion Nova should be allowed to make affordable designs rather it is “knock off” or not. Even though fashion nova is expensive. It allows NON celebrities the chance to look and FEEL like one.
roofina ali
roofina ali 9 дней назад
who cares about these kardashians anymore
Tiara Riley
Tiara Riley 9 дней назад
Fashion Nova has been biting off of smaller designers (especially black) for years now and I think it’s interesting that Kim thinks she can have a voice in this matter since she and her sisters culture appropriate all the time...🤔
Karen Stephens
Karen Stephens 9 дней назад
Please tell me how Kim is iconic besides doing a sex tape and it wasn't all that I'm sick of Kardashians like I was a fan of theirs till they just became so self absorb and let it be the last time ya woman on the real compare her to Michelle Obama or the dutchess
Karen Stephens
Karen Stephens 9 дней назад
Kim Kardashian is an asshole for one twoooooooooo she was far from fashionable until she got married to kanye shut up you are just washed slut
Taina Ramirez
Taina Ramirez 9 дней назад
Excuse me, you have to appreciate fashionnova for creating affordable clothing for the majority of the women in the world. Not everyone is famous for sucking cock! Not everyone can afford expensive clothing.
@Adrii 9 дней назад
First the jordyn & tristan stunt now this? They are trying soooo hard to be relevant LMAOOO
Daneshia Taylor
Daneshia Taylor 10 дней назад
Fire Jeanie I’m over her lying ass
Heather 10 дней назад
Kim rips off cosmetics, clothes, business, black men, white men, purple men she basically rips off everyone so how she gonna talk about fashion nova when technically fashion bug, debs, dots, the store blue jeans were all doing that well before fashion nova came along. Good job on the free advertisement Kim. 😂
ManTing Chan
ManTing Chan 10 дней назад
She’s gotta blend in her nose makeup more
Lupe M
Lupe M 10 дней назад
Can we just say "thank you next." To the Khardashians.
Edna Cortes
Edna Cortes 10 дней назад
This 3 female have brain and beautiful 👍👏
Veronica Mota
Veronica Mota 10 дней назад
Haven’t they all knocked off designs and make up from other brands too sooo why are they better?
angela dunn
angela dunn 10 дней назад
I am confused. How is it legal to just ripoff someone's design? Who is this Fashion Nova? Is that what their company is a knockoff? Do they design their actual own clothing? Pathetic, and lazy if you ask me.
Bianca Corte
Bianca Corte 10 дней назад
How is Kim Kardashian in the same sentece along with Michelle Obama!?! Kim is not "Iconic."
@Adrii 9 дней назад
Yeah she seems to be trying a little too hard on that one 😂😂
Ashley Adams
Ashley Adams 10 дней назад
Has Anyone seen a episode on Wendy Williams with the hair dresser saying Kim Kardashian made braids a new trend
Gissela Raya
Gissela Raya 10 дней назад
Just stfu Kim 😂
Melissa Sanchez
Melissa Sanchez 10 дней назад
What is wrong with fashion nova creating a similar piece for average people who can afford it? Not everyone can afford what kim k is wearing!
sarah lee
sarah lee 10 дней назад
.... both Fashion Nova AND the Kardashians have stolen indie brand designs for years
Tinashe Hula
Tinashe Hula 11 дней назад
She should be sued by all the big booty bitches for getting a fake arse, copying and making money off that silicone nappy
Tish Rourke
Tish Rourke 11 дней назад
It’s not that funny?
Tish Rourke
Tish Rourke 11 дней назад
Fast fashion is what this dress is!
Megan whatsittoya
Megan whatsittoya 11 дней назад
That's what the fashion industry does. It didn't start with Fashion Nova. High fashion designers make pricey clothes and set trends fast fashion companies copy in watered-down versions for a cheaper price. The Devil Wears Prada mentioned that too and that was 2006. Why is it suddenly wrong just because the photo of it was released one day after a celebrity wore it?
SauceStay Drippin
SauceStay Drippin 11 дней назад
I swear..... Rich people act like us middle class people cant be great on a budget😂😂
J aune
J aune 11 дней назад
Lady in middle not polite.
Ness 11 дней назад
Fashion novas bullshit
Sayuri Benitez
Sayuri Benitez 11 дней назад
She’s just mad the girl on fashion nova picture looks better than her in it. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Lorena M
Lorena M 7 дней назад
ThatGamingSoup 11 дней назад
Show is called "The REAL Daytime": *Covers anything but real!*
Iam Youniverse
Iam Youniverse 11 дней назад
No one cares
Maria Carmo
Maria Carmo 12 дней назад
I’ve blocked all the kardashians on all social media. So fucking over them
Maria Carmo
Maria Carmo 12 дней назад
Kim you stealing everyones culture and copy everybody else😂😂😂😂
Monique Monique
Monique Monique 12 дней назад
Yup. Loni is right. They knock off EVERYTHING lol really big hypocrites and people need to stop making them famous.
Laura Calderon
Laura Calderon 12 дней назад
Says people who can afford it!
Shaky TV
Shaky TV 12 дней назад
Adrienne is so salty towards the Kardashian’s lol
Debbi McVey
Debbi McVey 12 дней назад
The nature of the beast
Brenda P
Brenda P 12 дней назад
KIM KARDASHIAN YOU ARE A KNOCK OFF VERSION OF A BLACK WOMEN!!! it's a damn shame how hard kim k takes everything about black women and tweeking it into their own! .... #sorrynotsorry... A BLACK WOMEN IS A PIECE OF ART AND Kim honey u are a knock off even though others may be blind to it or just ignorant
UMG Here
UMG Here 12 дней назад
The one wearin black is so sexy
Ortencia Guevara
Ortencia Guevara 12 дней назад
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xoxoR0SIExoxo 12 дней назад
Kim is upset for the same exact thing she has done in past with her kids clothing line. Ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black!!!
K.I. R
K.I. R 12 дней назад
Kim need to get popped in the mouth for this
Maru kye
Maru kye 12 дней назад
That dress is devastating to look at.
Maru kye
Maru kye 12 дней назад
I think both Kim and Khloe ripped off someone's design in the past.
Renee Hicks
Renee Hicks 12 дней назад
Taking someone’s idea and tweaking it to make it your own... That’s called clothing. How many people tweaked the T-shirt idea from the person who created shirts? You can say it was people creating a variety of shirts, and I’ll say that these companies make variety of clothes with variety of prices. You can’t claim something as yours when you yourself got the idea from someone else to begin with
Victoria Shembo
Victoria Shembo 12 дней назад
..........like her sister Kylie steals everything?
Carmen Ruiz
Carmen Ruiz 12 дней назад
So Kanye West was the creator of the over sized sweatshirt, I think not, she’s just mad she didn’t make even more $$ from FN, FOH
ebby roze
ebby roze 12 дней назад
So kanye can charge 300 for a ripped shirt
THLauren 12 дней назад
Doesn't the Jenner/Kardashian wear fashion nova ??? Why are they acting like it's a surprise...
Larissa Reyes
Larissa Reyes 7 дней назад
THLauren kim is the only one that doesn’t work with them. the rest of them have all worked with them in some kind of way.
truewanderer 89
truewanderer 89 12 дней назад
We all can’t afford several thousand dollar dresses .. what’s wrong with cheaper versions we can afford ?
Amtullah Stuardo
Amtullah Stuardo 12 дней назад
Seriously she just recently got called out for stealing designs and selling Norths favorite clothing she nicked off those labels what a joke
Marc Ello
Marc Ello 13 дней назад
You bimbos are out there blowing 5 thousand dollars on a shirt when y’all got bills to pay shame on y’all
Alana Carmona
Alana Carmona 13 дней назад
Why can’t people just be happy for one another. Everyone just mind ya business. Kim does this oh fucking well. Fashion nova does that oh fucking well. At the end of the day everyone is obsessed with something someone else is doing.
love oxox
love oxox 13 дней назад
But if they would offer money to promote them she be like Kylie its from fashion nova .she a fucking joke ..
Doug Nguyen
Doug Nguyen 13 дней назад
Idk why this is on my recommendations.
Shirley Abnathya- Perez
Shirley Abnathya- Perez 14 дней назад
🤤No no JEANNIE....STFU you fake...😲
Sonia Siddiqui
Sonia Siddiqui 14 дней назад
Kim k take several seats with your large inflatable ass
Benny Sr Silva
Benny Sr Silva 14 дней назад
Umm KKK the world doesn't revolve around you. Js 💁
Benny Sr Silva
Benny Sr Silva 14 дней назад
Is there nothing original with these Kartrashians??
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