Kim Kardashian Gives Tour of Her Kids' Epic Playroom | TMZ TV

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These kids are LUCKY.
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Comments 18
chandlerjoey69 Month ago
Yeah and Kourtney’s kids are spoilt. Smh.
Che Month ago
That was nothing. Have you seen Scarlet Snow Belo's playroom?
ochola jennie
ochola jennie Month ago
Its 2020 and we have so many wise, intelligent, inspiring people who have had a great impact in the world. Why do people still care so about this basic bitch. I don't get it.
ochola jennie
ochola jennie Month ago
Why does she keep giving people tours of her home? Then she will complain when she robbed. I think its kinda reckless especially when you have kids.
fernando lopez
fernando lopez Month ago
lol 2020 youtube is dying cus of trolls and hackers and doxers and every gamer and youtuber is becoming a live streamer and begging for money an tv is dying cus kids dont watch tv no more and every actor on tv wants to be a youtuber
M L Month ago
Dam crazy wat she say that ppl say when we all no she has hella money to buy watever she wants
daltons channel
daltons channel Month ago
I'm sure Kim is a wonderful mother and does the best she can to give her kids a healthy great life but the problem is she's Kim Kardashian so Jealous females who are hating are going to pick her apart for every little thing they can so that they feel like their super moms when is reality their not which is why their HATING on Kim.
ochola jennie
ochola jennie Month ago
Money can buy you fake artificial beauty but not intelligence. In her previous tour she said they grew trees so that they can plant vegetables on them. Who plants vegetables on trees??
Hey poor people, I can afford a theme park for my kids while you struggle to pay your bills! And the best part is that I didn’t have to work for any of it; I was just born with the right last name! If you get sick you’ll lose your house! This makes me lol!
ochola jennie
ochola jennie Month ago
She kinda worked for it though. She lay on her back for it.
Mike S
Mike S Month ago
Who cares
marama Wallace
marama Wallace Month ago
Its not that great
ochola jennie
ochola jennie Month ago
Its just a room filled with toys. Nothing unique.
Jay Love
Jay Love Month ago
marama Wallace l know 🙄
Skinny Bones Jones
Meanwhile Kids are in the park playing with sticks and dirt lol
B. Carter
B. Carter Month ago
And cardboard boxes!😂
Apple Blunt
Apple Blunt Month ago
TMZ licks Kim’s fake ass until she falls asleep every night ..Does anyone even watch TMZ anymore? Clips on RUvid don’t count.
My thoughts Only
What was the purpose of this video? No one cares.
Tremor Drake
Tremor Drake Month ago
i do...
Micah Bell
Micah Bell Month ago
@Proof .M well yeah I had to correct this scrub "Lorain"
Proof .M
Proof .M Month ago
@Micah Bell The same way you care about his comment and had to reply.
Jay Love
Jay Love Month ago
Lorain Forde Absolutely
Micah Bell
Micah Bell Month ago
I mean you do , you clicked the video and had to comment
Weller 101
Weller 101 Month ago
Who cares.
The Council
The Council Month ago
That ugly ass room !! If I was that rich my kids would have a way better PlayRoom !! SMH
TC RES Month ago
Kim has 4 kids damn were have I been.... ...Oooh yeah living my life
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Month ago
Play room big and basic....does not look like a world of imagination but a store. With steps as a kids section.
Chaos Morticia
Chaos Morticia Month ago
Oh My God, Who The Hell Cares!
Beatrice Martins
Jay Love
Jay Love Month ago
Chaos Morticia l know 🙄
That's America 4 u . Pretty sad .
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