Kids React To Lizzo

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Kids react to Lizzo. Watch to see their reactions.
Content Featured:
Lizzo - Juice (Official Video)
Lizzo - Cuz I Love You (Official Video)
Lizzo - Water Me (Official Video)
Lizzo - Good As Hell (Official Video)
ruvid.net/video/video-SmbmeOgWsqE.html (Good As Hell)
Lizzo - Truth Hurts (Official Video)
Lizzo: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
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Reactors Featured:
Jacob, age 7
Noelle, age 7
Jeremy, age 8
Jordyn, age 8
Leo, age 8
Ethan, age 9
Lucas, age 11
Madison, age 11
Sydney, age 11
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Kids React To Lizzo


Published on


Aug 20, 2019




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Comments 2 503
FBE Month ago
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Mahzabin Rahman
Mahzabin Rahman Month ago
Lizzie went off
ThE bAnDiT
ThE bAnDiT Month ago
meme less - you LOL
Darion Fore
Darion Fore Month ago
I love Lizzo 😁
Mouth Eater
Mouth Eater Month ago
assembled 18
assembled 18 Month ago
Cheeze berries
Cheeze berries Month ago
I clicked for sydney because I haven’t watched this cursed channel in so long lmao
HarryPotter 360
HarryPotter 360 Month ago
Jordyn's 8 years old and has an Apple watch and I don't even have an ipod...
Eu gosto de uva passa
They're so cuuute
Screw The Net
Screw The Net Month ago
WHom?! o>O
Bruno Mendonça
Bruno Mendonça Month ago
I can't say Library lol
starfall Month ago
Claudio Chitac
Claudio Chitac Month ago
Lol 😂Jeremy
joanil botelho
joanil botelho Month ago
the gay panicked boy is so cute.
Aria Pinkston
Aria Pinkston Month ago
“Is this a workout commercial” lol 0:40-0:42
Mark Wiegmann
Mark Wiegmann Month ago
echo echo
Isaiah Telles
Isaiah Telles Month ago
That kid so extra
Oak Autumn
Oak Autumn Month ago
omfg sydney looks so grown now 😭
Oak Autumn
Oak Autumn Month ago
Debra Kadabra i know rightt
Debra Kadabra
Debra Kadabra Month ago
So does Lucas.
Angellmd !
Angellmd ! Month ago
That yas queen at 9:53 though
amber vlogz
amber vlogz Month ago
I just took a dna test
Briana Hernandez Aguirre
Then I solve them
qxsr._ Month ago
@Demonic Potato bling bling
Demonic Potato
Demonic Potato Month ago
@qxsr._ that's the human in me
qxsr._ Month ago
@amber vlogz yea i got boys problem
amber vlogz
amber vlogz Month ago
@qxsr._ even when im crying crazy
Tiffany Month ago
*VSCO Sydney has entered the chat*
Rifqy Pramudya
Rifqy Pramudya Month ago
lucas is gay
Jason Morris
Jason Morris Month ago
Oh know it’s the sensitive squad
sooyoung Month ago
Sara The Wonderful
Rifqy Pramudya fucking weirdo. let him figure out his orientation.
Kuma Bear
Kuma Bear Month ago
Rifqy Pramudya why would you joke about a child’s sexual orientation? It’s his decision... idk I just find it kinds rude
Rifqy Pramudya
Rifqy Pramudya Month ago
Katelynn Taylor im joking haha r/whooosh
Joanie Cunningham
V I s c o Sidney. Who agrees? 👇
Joanie Cunningham
Sorry but you know what I mean
Tiffany Month ago
Not how you spell it.
Wanella Griffith
The little boy with the long brown hair was freaking out over EVERY SINGLE THING 😂 His innocence
kionne123 Month ago
“Now this is how I feel when my hair is getting done.” I felt that with my whole heart ❤️
Acacia Nole
Acacia Nole Month ago
She was wearing a shell necklace and scrunchies. SHE IS ONE OF THEM NOW
Akari Hernandez
Akari Hernandez Month ago
"It's very excercisable" 😂😂
VTW_ TOXIC Month ago
this man said two babes two many babes
melsha dawkins
melsha dawkins Month ago
Jordyn plays Ami
Becky A
Becky A Month ago
How has no one noticed that joe from modern family is reacting !!!!
Joanie Cunningham
What you changed my life Becky A 😯😶😮😧😟
Blok Vader
Blok Vader Month ago
Ikr it said his name at the start.
Daphney Andersen
So it is him?! I was not sure, he is adorable.
Amanda F
Amanda F Month ago
All the boys are confused, the girls GET IT
Cheeze berries
Cheeze berries Month ago
You stole the comment below, comment stealer
Nella J
Nella J Month ago
Yep lol
Amanda F
Amanda F Month ago
1:35 THAT WAS A GAYYYYY "OOOP!!" ya knoooow?
Leu Mamk
Leu Mamk Month ago
Spicy Crocs
Spicy Crocs Month ago
most definitely. and i relate.
Alexia Diaz
Alexia Diaz Month ago
Nyssah Figueroa
Nyssah Figueroa Month ago
Marisaeds3 Month ago
The boys are so confused. The girls get it.
Nella J
Nella J Month ago
Yep lol
Moriah Green
Moriah Green Month ago
He blond kid was overWHELMED!
Mr. Z
Mr. Z Month ago
“Shouting and singing” Me: tbh I thought that what it was when I was a small kid 😂😂
Karim Cissoko
Karim Cissoko Month ago
Familly reunion
Karim Cissoko
Karim Cissoko Month ago
Little mommy im ami
Maisie Edmonds
Maisie Edmonds Month ago
Lizzo is on allure
Unicorn Cheeseburger
*sksksksk* if ya realised u realised
Lizzie Smith
Lizzie Smith Month ago
Sydney is a whole mood omg😂🔥
Irving Morales Brown
The boy in blond is just ugh..
Tricia Barkley
Tricia Barkley Month ago
I mostly came for truths hurts
Pineapple Daily
Pineapple Daily Month ago
Tricia Barkley we all did 😂
Ali Ma
Ali Ma Month ago
here for jeremy
OH Global
OH Global Month ago
Lucas is so sweet 😊
Rifqy Pramudya
Rifqy Pramudya Month ago
Dalai Mami before he became gay
Dalai Mami
Dalai Mami Month ago
He has come a long way. A few years ago, he said rude things about gay people, before he really knew better.
Karen Meehan
Karen Meehan Month ago
The boy with the blonde hair looks so over it lmao 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀
Alicia Langlais The Dance Dragon Slayer
THIS VIDEO MADE me feel sooooooo good! Her music plus their honesty and inspiration just made my day!
Isaac Disus
Isaac Disus Month ago
Omg Jordyn Acted in A Netflix series called ‘Family Reunion’ Its so good!! Watch it! 🤪
so basically
so basically Month ago
did that kid just say sksksss?
Camryn Fuhrman
Camryn Fuhrman Month ago
Time stamp???
Johnny Month ago
so basically wait when wtf
uZe Red
uZe Red Month ago
She sound better with out auto tone
Life of Dragonslayer
The Coaster Creator
5:25 i think she’s getting married... WELL THAT IS A WEDDING DRESS
Smol Bean Queen UWU
we S T A N Lizzo
Nintendo Darlene
Kid:Her vids are...... inappropiate
Nintendo Darlene
Kid: Is this the workout commercial?
Life of Dragonslayer
Sailor Gacha
Sailor Gacha Month ago
I love Sydney so much
Cloudyday Gaming
Moslimin O. Polaus
"Who does she likes? That's a bunch of guy. " 😂
Grade UNIVERSE Month ago
Tempo is the best
Толя Корник
Make the next reaction on ABBA please.
Matias Palohuhta
Greg Silverman
Greg Silverman Month ago
I’m A Banditø
Greg Silverman right
Tianaz Bryant
Tianaz Bryant Month ago
Look at lil lucas getting so big and handsome
OH Global
OH Global Month ago
I know I feel so proud of him 😊
Kortney H
Kortney H Month ago
Sydney is my 14 year old daughter. Lol 😂
Maddie Carradine
xariagotcurlzz Month ago
6:53 I was getting mad at that kid 😂
andresgc770 Month ago
I love that the kid that's been on Modern Family for years now is also the most uptight one of the bunch. You'd think Hollywood would've corrupted him by now lol
Maria Month ago
@Esmee the son of gloria and jay
Esmee Month ago
@Maria oh ok who is he on mf?
Maria Month ago
@Esmee Jeremy Maguire😄
Esmee Month ago
Imi D
Imi D Month ago
i’m not sure i get it but she is definitely a gay icon
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