Kid Spends $100 On Season 2 *MAX* Battle Pass With Brother's Credit Card! (Fortnite)

FaZe Kay
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My Little Brother FaZe Jarvis Bought the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass with Brothers Credit Card! New Free & Max Level Rare Skins!
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Feb 20, 2020




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Comments 80
Trayvon Hall
Trayvon Hall Day ago
Guns are giving report to me
Liam Vasquez
Liam Vasquez 2 days ago
Forrestbump23 6 days ago
Jarvis should just play fortnite on cam but just hide his name
Alexandru Chelaru
You have your own money
Evan Vargas
Evan Vargas 11 days ago
I got Deadpool
Cloak Toxic
Cloak Toxic 14 days ago
Yar the best i been watching yall since 2011
ATA_Amir 12
ATA_Amir 12 22 days ago
He threwded him lol
Ethan Tran
Ethan Tran 22 days ago
Who is watching when the storm is a tsunami
Mike Be lit
Mike Be lit 22 days ago
R3TR0 Gaming Clan
R3TR0 Gaming Clan 22 days ago
why does he hide the toggle pickaxe button its probably o like jarvises keybinds
Mustafa Mustafa
Mustafa Mustafa 23 days ago
1:10 hole braa
Windedsupreme _
Windedsupreme _ 24 days ago
CEO of saying eded
Abel Rodriguez
Abel Rodriguez 24 days ago
Abel Rodriguez
Abel Rodriguez 24 days ago
Jarvis is playng
Austin Roberts
Austin Roberts 25 days ago
Is Kay on PlayStation or Xbox.
Ethan Michel
Ethan Michel 25 days ago
Why don't you play this good in zone wars with faze
Marius Cheairs
Marius Cheairs 27 days ago
you are like 25
Maria Perez
Maria Perez 27 days ago
They are mythicas
Giovonni Cornelison
V g by
sebastien leon
sebastien leon 27 days ago
Faze kay you are getting wayyyyy better
Nadia Ornelas
Nadia Ornelas 27 days ago
AIM ASSIST 27 days ago
Faze Kay binds are the default builder pro those are Jarvis binds
GilburtGames YT
GilburtGames YT 28 days ago
Literally all the comments 0:49 he just threwdeded him
Csa_ dubz
Csa_ dubz 29 days ago
He just threwdeded
No content get 100k subs Sub to me I will sub back
different colour because of legendary and just gold
Tom Month ago
HOLY season 2 has been delayed for sooon long that it was out even in the old faze house
xavier kong
xavier kong Month ago
Wow faze kay how did you become pro at the game
Phill Hubble
Phill Hubble Month ago
I clickbaited a school of kidsp bc it is £8 for 1000 v-bucks and 950 vb for BP
Donovan Colin
Donovan Colin Month ago
You know what is funny in the fist game there is bots
xd Alex
xd Alex Month ago
who else heard jarvis said ''i was just downloading fortnite''
Maria Vargas
Maria Vargas Month ago
Bro he said he has been downloading it he’s been brother
I am poor Mclinden
He’s trash
Mythic _Stacks
Mythic _Stacks Month ago
pre record
Mythic _Stacks
Mythic _Stacks Month ago
OG Phylosity
OG Phylosity Month ago
Did you guys just hear Kay say I want to hidet that
Clapz _bullet
Clapz _bullet Month ago
Kay ligit thinks he has no money 😂😂
Woods Family
Woods Family Month ago
I don't have skins
Grxvity 55
Grxvity 55 Month ago
Faze Kay be like he just throudeded him
aisling fitzgerald
"He just threwdeded him" Big brain Frazier ²⁰²⁰😂🤣😄😆 0:48
Germain Fleeting
Can jarvis gift me the battle pass my useer name is SiphonicTitan17 and I dont have a mike
Wendy Bercande
Wendy Bercande Month ago
And stop it on 1:09
Wendy Bercande
Wendy Bercande Month ago
1:04 why are some other seasons skins inside
Aqua ForcedMe
Aqua ForcedMe Month ago
is it just me cause i cant see the guns
AIMI _Thegoat
AIMI _Thegoat Month ago
Pls can I try out for faze yr my fav RUvidr and it would mean the world
Lorenzo Casula
Lorenzo Casula Month ago
ye i think Jarvis is playing bc kay doesn't play like that
ms102 gaming
ms102 gaming Month ago
Jarvis spending money on battle pass Kay your insane bro
nailakhan1 Month ago
Yo Fraser
Finlay Clifford
Finlay Clifford Month ago
Faze jay looked like a baby when he lost
Tom Bobo
Tom Bobo Month ago
Please tell me why Jarvis said that he was downloading Fortnite whenever he was banned I don’t get it🙀
Zeinedin Mohsen
Zeinedin Mohsen Month ago
Zeon 3
Zeon 3 Month ago
He’s borrowing gameplays i know it
Juan Lopez mindegez
Bru fortnight really had to ban him bru henchmen have aimbot
Korab Imeri
Korab Imeri Month ago
Thats not a gold drumgun but a mythic drumgun
DrXman08 Month ago
Tilted towers a new place😂😂
Obby maker
Obby maker Month ago
Rashed Alsuwaidi
Lil Mays
Lil Mays Month ago
Guys u notice he playing on Jarvis settings
Jarvis binds holllllyyyyyyy brooooooooo damn dats crazzzzyyyyyyy
Lisa Leininger
Lisa Leininger Month ago
Faze Kay can I join Faze
kalum charles
kalum charles Month ago
I just shredded him bro did you see tha🤣😂😅🤣🤣🤣🤣
ricardo williams
Andrew Rocci
Andrew Rocci Month ago
Jarvis can not play loser
Dash Dash
Dash Dash Month ago
Bot thats a mytick🤬 you dumb
Muhammetali Yakit
Ed is kaya favourite word
Sponge_yt Month ago
want to 1v1?
Dominic Watson
Dominic Watson Month ago
Jarvis was playing because the settings
Robin Creek
Robin Creek Month ago
At 6:38 you can see jarvis move his right arm lol 😂
Andreas Mavriyannakis
kay may in truth be a good youtuber, but he doesn't know how to talk. "He threwdeded him."
0:46 he just throughted him
LIL E the king Gg
How did he go from chapter 1 to chapter 2 season 2
Shade Ammos
Shade Ammos Month ago
3:16 look at Jarvis arm proof he was not playing
FaZe Jarvis
FaZe Jarvis Month ago
Pre recorded dumbass
The yuck boys
The yuck boys Month ago
Grammar on 1:10
Antonio Ricketts
Frazier go back to school you to dumb
Clixzy Month ago
Since when did kay have jarvis’ custom binds??
Savagegamer9403 Yeet
He throodid him😂
Anquan Montgomery
I no
Zachary Vanstone
Oh yeah he is
Zachary Vanstone
No he’s not
bot 986
bot 986 Month ago
I thought Jarvis got banned
cb .revenge
cb .revenge Month ago
That’s Jarvis’s setting 🤔
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