Kid Spends $100 On Season 2 *MAX* Battle Pass With Brother's Credit Card! (Fortnite)

FaZe Kay
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My Little Brother FaZe Jarvis Bought the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass with Brothers Credit Card! New Free & Max Level Rare Skins!
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Comments 80
Charlie White
Charlie White 3 hours ago
Love the way ur using jarvis setting on fortnite a bit obvious.
Kian Moteizadeh
Kian Moteizadeh 7 hours ago
The other gold is mythical
dark games
dark games 9 hours ago
Kay said I hittidid him
Michael Cusmano Jr.
Michael Cusmano Jr. 12 hours ago
That is a mithik
Daniel Burr
Daniel Burr 14 hours ago
I got the battle pass
Phoenix IOS
Phoenix IOS 16 hours ago
If Jarvis wasnt banned ;;((
James Walsh
James Walsh 18 hours ago
They were mithical
leanne hinson
How let me try 0:47 oh that’s how you do it
Glassy flew
Glassy flew Day ago
Do u guys know that Jarvis was playing
Louie Jackson
Don’t 😢 cry
a lazy one
a lazy one Day ago
Faze_kay 1v1 me my user is SMD_Jason
Dominik Delgado
Dominik Delgado 2 days ago
Jarvis is playing because Frazier doest play on custom. And Jarvis builds fast
Carmen rivera
Carmen rivera 2 days ago
Please be back on fortnite
Carmen rivera
Carmen rivera 2 days ago
Yeah please
try me
try me 2 days ago
Epic:u are highly recommended here Also epice: wait is that jarves /u are highly unrecomended here
Kooper Scanlan
Kooper Scanlan 2 days ago
Can you gift me the battle pass my username is LatteScar
Temuulen Oyuka
Temuulen Oyuka 2 days ago
geez kays accent
Dakota Hutchison
Dakota Hutchison 2 days ago
Faze Kay said :trowdid of
Joey Malin
Joey Malin 2 days ago
There are mithick
Ģirts Melbārdis
Mai username reinisbtw2 mai level 65 pliz get mi level 100
Stephanie Phelps
Stephanie Phelps 2 days ago
So you are a kid?
Fabian Hernandez
Fabian Hernandez 3 days ago
MrLimLam 3 days ago
0:47 “he just threwded him”
#OrestisChannel LoveWolt
Dude jarvis was playing
Dime Dimeski
Dime Dimeski 3 days ago
you fraeza tocksick
sakoras 3 days ago
Guys u know Jarvis gifted him the battlepass it means he played
Jennifer Baldwin
Jennifer Baldwin 4 days ago
Javis I what to 1v1 you my on fortnite ilovetrez
Jennifer Baldwin
Jennifer Baldwin 4 days ago
Javis I what to 1v1 you I love trez
Monique Cromartie
O that's his phone
b banks
b banks 5 days ago
Hahs Hshshs
Hahs Hshshs 5 days ago
Jarvis cant play because he’s band
Soccer Skin
Soccer Skin 5 days ago
No one: Jarvis: breaths Kay: Jarvis you’re insane bro how did you do that?!
XRgamer •
XRgamer • 5 days ago
The different coloured guns are mythics
Stacho yt
Stacho yt 5 days ago
Jason Holland
Jason Holland 5 days ago
i think jarvis is playing too he cant hide it from us
Jackson Spence
Jackson Spence 6 days ago
I wish I got the whole battle pass
Laura Morris
Laura Morris 6 days ago
I love your via
Laura Morris
Laura Morris 6 days ago
Erickah Bland
Erickah Bland 6 days ago
I think face drivers is playing
Timothy HASSELL 6 days ago
OK you said I dropped adopting
TTvElias bunzz
TTvElias bunzz 6 days ago
4:30 i that looks like Jarvis
Sharde Rayhan
Sharde Rayhan 6 days ago
Can you add me in fortnite my My username is jubier1234 And my username in my ps4 is JUBIER SHARDE
Killian Murphy
Killian Murphy 7 days ago
I think there are make in sure that they now Jarvis is playing
X1F7 HaLo 45
X1F7 HaLo 45 8 days ago
Why won’t Jarvis get a new xbox and make a new acc
Donna Rivera
Donna Rivera 8 days ago
it can't be j because he is band
Gabrielle Serrano
why not jarvis will play fortnite but hell make a new account
Abdul Sidike
Abdul Sidike 9 days ago
Kay: I'm not telling Jarvis! When Jarvis comes in: season 2 is out!
「Pastel Cløud」
In my opinion the easiest way to get vbucks is smart-vbucks.website it always seems to work for me! !
Noor Muhammad
Noor Muhammad 9 days ago
At 1:10 look at solo saying holy broo
Noor Muhammad
Noor Muhammad 9 days ago
Josh Mugisha
Josh Mugisha 10 days ago
Can I join the face
Christina Jørgensen
Do you baned
Blace Sloan cooper
Blace Sloan cooper 10 days ago
The different color gold or mythic
ALFADDIN ALI 10 days ago
Oliver Arlove
Oliver Arlove 10 days ago
Oliver Arlove
Oliver Arlove 10 days ago
rowan stephens
rowan stephens 10 days ago
Faze Kay that's not U that Jarvis
Lysch van Lammeren
Lysch van Lammeren 10 days ago
May i join Faze add me:Mega3Son
Dope Life
Dope Life 11 days ago
He keeps I mean
Dope Life
Dope Life 11 days ago
He creeps on using affects and it keeps on making me think he won
Dope Life
Dope Life 11 days ago
He keeps i mean
Michael McCracken
Michael McCracken 11 days ago
There is 6 mythics
Jayden Lindsay
Jayden Lindsay 11 days ago
Why did you bye all the Tears
Prezton playz
Prezton playz 12 days ago
Can you give me battle pass pls (epic id assassin10197) pls my friend is bullying me😭😭😭
Cheyanne Edwards
Cheyanne Edwards 12 days ago
At 0:00 the video started
Howard, Sue & Oliver Roberts
my name is Ollie
Topij100 12 days ago
Show your settings
Matthew Graham
Matthew Graham 12 days ago
No way your that good Kay
Unique Pacers
Unique Pacers 12 days ago
Who realized that the keybinds was Jarvis setting
Boaz Meijerink
Boaz Meijerink 12 days ago
Kay is just not that good
The Mafia
The Mafia 13 days ago
Jarvis is playing I mean srry faze Kay but u anit that good at editing and u can’t really build😂👏👍
Mr FORTNITE player 123
This isn't your game play
Joseph Zapata
Joseph Zapata 13 days ago
Tradeline Direct
Tradeline Direct 13 days ago
You can tell Jarvis is playing because he's starring at the screen really hard and he's squinting.
Alphawolf &king
Alphawolf &king 13 days ago
They are mythical and gold
Angel Gonzales
Angel Gonzales 13 days ago
It’s obviously Jarvis because faze Kay is not that good and it has Jarvis settings
Bykiller989 Yt
Bykiller989 Yt 14 days ago
Why do you add Ed to everything
Michael Fultz Jr
Michael Fultz Jr 14 days ago
How is he going to say kid he a Adult
Jentekeprot !
Jentekeprot ! 14 days ago
7:42 he is crying
briana Coleman
briana Coleman 14 days ago
It is mythic
Cesar Reyes
Cesar Reyes 14 days ago
So no ones gonna notice the camera
Nobody Ray
Nobody Ray 14 days ago
Two different colors of gold one is missing is the lighter color in the other one is just plain gold is the darker color
Ben McElligott
Ben McElligott 14 days ago
Kay is a god at fort nite
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