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Today in GTA 5 Thug Life I kick people out of my car in various situations and funny moments in GTA 5 Online!
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Comments 80
Max Makes
Max Makes 5 hours ago
What that car called
Mace Windu
Mace Windu 9 hours ago
Anonymous(the one who was in his car )is my cousin
Angel Massa
Angel Massa 11 hours ago
Christopher Alvarez
I love you XpertThief so much
Tristan Walls
I would trust u no matter what make me look dumb I'll still trust u
Charles Ruth
Charles Ruth 4 days ago
You remind me of trump
ALEX 2011
ALEX 2011 4 days ago
I like that part when he said oh hell no
Kebit Laz
Kebit Laz 4 days ago
Green light homes
Trenton Brinson
Trenton Brinson 5 days ago
Brah u should put one of yo songs as a theme song for yo vids. Plz
mr.ketchup 01
mr.ketchup 01 5 days ago
This channel sucks bro
Romeo Ayala
Romeo Ayala 5 days ago
You know what you should do you should get a remote bomb on your car and then tell someone to pick you up than jump and explode them
Jevon Fonville Gwennetta Fonville
400K Subscribers Slicc Five Star Franklin Michael And Trevor Part 600 🏆🎉😱🥳⭐️🏦🚗
YRN_ RaZe2
YRN_ RaZe2 5 days ago
Oh wait nvm 😂
YRN_ RaZe2
YRN_ RaZe2 5 days ago
Bro ik I’m late but u need to get them and drop them into the military base 😂
DJ AngelPlayz
DJ AngelPlayz 6 days ago
What is that car name
Hi this is me just doing random gaming stuff
The reason no police boats spanned at first is because your car identifies as a car and not a boat so the game thinks your a car event tho your above water so that’s why there not spawning
Andrew Gunson
Andrew Gunson 7 days ago
your way to lethal
I took one more L to my loser streak
Kenneth Wilburn
Kenneth Wilburn 7 days ago
What console does this dude play on?
How did that guy walk out of police front door
Amanda R.
Amanda R. 8 days ago
Omg You are irritating 😭🤣😂😂 lmaooo
Can I Get 2.9K Subscribers?
I've been watching you for years, and still say "Thug Life" Everytime you say the intro
Micheal Scott From Scranton
Why does your voice get whiter the deeper into the video
RageDarkPrince 9 days ago
16:00 he said nmsl, which means “ur moms dead” in chinese
RageDarkPrince 9 days ago
And he’s also calling himself ur dad
Ethan Scott
Ethan Scott 10 days ago
I like ur vids but it a little bit rude
JJ Smith
JJ Smith 11 days ago
Exspirt you’re a funny guy
RAJEAM 11 days ago
How do you join "The Crew"
its all about the game
Take a fire truck and spray people with the water cannon until they die
Kirishima fan bro
Kirishima fan bro 13 days ago
Just so y know delixos can go under water
Julian de Vries
Julian de Vries 14 days ago
watching gta brings back memories of kwebbelkop
Mike Wazawski
Mike Wazawski 14 days ago
Xpert got a solid sub for including everyone 😤😤👑
Dan Krupalla
Dan Krupalla 14 days ago
Can u add me in a moders game
Dan Krupalla
Dan Krupalla 14 days ago
Can u give me a money drop plz
oh yeah yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah yeah 14 days ago
Omg just emty personal vehicle
Kevin Thompson
Kevin Thompson 15 days ago
It would be an awesome troll to use the cargobob to try and catch other players flying in a plane. Then drop them in the ocean lol.
Ezra niga hahahhah
Ezra niga hahahhah 15 days ago
Stop killing my fortnite fried which is Anonymous
Ezra niga hahahhah
Ezra niga hahahhah 15 days ago
I mean friend
Dr JiBIhiBdy
Dr JiBIhiBdy 15 days ago
Should have kick them out on top of a police helicopter
GamingWithDemoy 17 days ago
I think it’s crazy that police don’t arrest u in this game lol
Muhammad Asif Khan Jadoon
Why you so toxic
ッDangerッ 17 days ago
This is soo cool
KingLeonMMXII 19 days ago
1:38 you Said we are going to destroy this Bike and where going t call the cops instead of calling lester
NinjaCalvin Xx
NinjaCalvin Xx 19 days ago
With the deluxo you can go on water because if you go to water it hover over and the cops will think you in boat and the police boat will come
Can you do more fortnite vids
Bert21597 20 days ago
You should just press 'Empty personal vehicle' instead of changing the passenger settings bro👌🏻 Quicker💯
Giant Pig
Giant Pig 20 days ago
U r the best gta youtuber
Michael Marquez
Michael Marquez 20 days ago
I think I woke up my family laughing so hard haha
Timothy Sondej
Timothy Sondej 22 days ago
19:38 best edits ever
Roger Cox
Roger Cox 22 days ago
next time you picking someone car just drop them in the deep river in the city that way they dont know you going to drop them there
Justin VanMeter
Justin VanMeter 22 days ago
put a sticky bomb on helicopter / plane, take people for a flight... as soon as you jump blow them up and parachute away
Zombie Killer
Zombie Killer 23 days ago
Funniest yet
Mia Moore
Mia Moore 23 days ago
There's no WiFi so I cannot play GTA5
Soap 24 days ago
How is it that you destroy personal vehicles and don't have to pay for it
Lloyd Robinson
Lloyd Robinson 25 days ago
how did you get rich on gta
Jonkotime 25 days ago
Why does your laugh sound like your choking
Predator Gaming
Predator Gaming 25 days ago
XpertThief can you give me money please I just started this game and I want to get cool stuff like you and my parents won’t spend money on GTA V so can you help pls
jacen447 28 days ago
Ur toxic
UnclePuPu 29 days ago
I always thought he said "We be goin hey I'm on Instagram"
Brandon Holman
Brandon Holman 29 days ago
You know you can click empty personal vehicle instead of changing to no one and back to passenger
richard dalaney
richard dalaney Month ago
So boring
Ashton Fielder
Ashton Fielder Month ago
I been it your booty thing
Ikee Glenn
Ikee Glenn Month ago
I do it all the time
Marvosio69 Month ago
Heres a video idea. Let the people play the game and leave them alone?
Marvosio69 Month ago
Wait. You're not white?
warren hall
warren hall Month ago
Doesn’t work been trying most the morning all goes wrong at the jukebox must be patched.
banana Month ago
You should do a thing where you put sticky bombs on the bottom part of a plane wing and then give it to someone and when they take the plane blow them up
Josean Thompson
Josean Thompson Month ago
I'm pretty sure you already did this just in a different car.
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Month ago
Yari Allaert
Yari Allaert Month ago
22:52 do you see the avenger down there? Thats me
Jeremy Permenter
wise words at the end man. Good stuff
Shrwd Envlpe4
Shrwd Envlpe4 Month ago
Can u drop money bc I need help with bussniz
Julian Scott
Julian Scott Month ago
Go to the military base and drop someone off
Julian Scott
Julian Scott Month ago
Never mind
oscar brieva
oscar brieva Month ago
I can't believe how they just clone the deluxo in like 5second
oscar brieva
oscar brieva Month ago
Real Tee Gee
Real Tee Gee Month ago
dude didnt hit one car XD XD
JKH007 Month ago
Bad orange boi
JKH007 Month ago
14:18 what the hell going on wit his arm?
Soxciz Month ago
Am I the only one that says we be looking like a Ham on instagram On the intro
Alex Carcamo
Alex Carcamo Month ago
Can someone do bogdan heist glitch with me Plzzz I beg
Wait Month ago
Young pskater skater
Really good video i enjoyed what you said at the end :)
Sarah amri
Sarah amri Month ago
0:19 did he say thug life or f**k life
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